Top 13 Easy Government Jobs That Pay Well

If you want to get a job in the public sector a compiled list of the easy government jobs that pay well has been discussed in this blog post. These easy government jobs usually require a degree, certificate, or diploma to get and they come with loads of benefits which are also discussed here.

What does it even mean for a job to be easy?

Truthfully, for a job to be considered “easy” simply depends on how passionate you are about it. In some cases, economic factors could also play a major role. That is, you are earning a reasonable amount which is capable of taking care of your needs and all that and because of this, it is an easy job. But removing economic reasons, passion makes any job easy for an individual.

For instance, some of the hardest and stressful jobs in the world are been done and it is people that do them. The people in the military love their job because they are passionate about serving their country and keeping their citizens safe. However, the rigorous training they go through would make someone else cringe and wonder why this set of individuals would subject themselves to such.

But since they are passionate about it, the training that seems very hard to you may not seem so to them at all.

In any case, let’s get back to the main subject matter. Easy government jobs that pay well.

It seems there is a platform or an agency that analyses the difficulty of a job and then goes ahead and tags them as either easy, hard, or difficult.

Oh, I just checked and the people who analyze the difficulty of a job are called job analysts. These guys do a lot of rigorous research which includes going through a lot of employee and employer data and then coming up with jobs that are easy of difficulty. There are other criteria used to check this but they will not be discussed here.

The government is the largest employer and presents a vast number of career opportunities in all fields of study. No matter the course you study whether medicine, computer science, social science, law, etc. the government has job positions for all these careers. And depending on the country, a government job has to be the best thing ever.

Government jobs are flexible and come with a range of other benefits such as taking an expense-paid vacation, settling your student loan debt, paying tuition fees for your kids, or offering them scholarships, and there’s also a pension. Government jobs make a high appeal for many job seekers and depending on your education, experience, and skillset you could secure a high-paying position.

Let’s go ahead and define government jobs and discuss the requirements to apply for one.


What Are Government Jobs?

A government job is a post in any government department or organization that undertakes some action on behalf of the government. The job, role, or position has to report to or enhance a federal, state, or local government and be executed under one of these.

Requirements To Apply For Government Jobs

The requirements to apply for government jobs differ by the country and state. If you are interested in working with the government, you should visit the government website of your country or state, check for open positions and the requirements to get the job.

The requirement to apply for government jobs also depends on the nature of the job. Security personnel won’t have the same job application requirement as a programmer and this one also won’t have the same requirement for a health practitioner and so on.

However, there are still some general requirements such as;

  1. Possessing a qualification such as a degree, diploma, or certificate related to the career path or job role you are applying for.
  2. Possessing the job experience you want to apply for as well as the skill set could get you a job with the government, even without a qualification. But your experience in the job has to be wide and in-depth.
  3. Have a CV or resume and an ID

Usually, the requirements to apply for a government job shouldn’t be as tough as applying for a job in the private sector. In some cases, just as you would apply for a job in the private sector is also how you would in the public sector.

How To Find Easy Government Jobs That Pay Well

I mentioned this somewhere above, something about visiting the government website of your country and looking through open job positions. Well, there are also other ways to find easy government jobs that pay well.

Firstly, you could ask people who already work with the government if there are open roles that you could apply for. Vacant job positions in the public sector are usually announced by newspapers and news broadcasting networks on televisions, radio, and social media platforms. So, you may want to keep an ear and eye out on these platforms.

Implement these ways in searching for easy government jobs that pay well and if you meet the job requirement you should apply immediately. Without further ado, let’s go next to the easy government jobs that pay well.

Easy Government Jobs That Pay Well

Here, we have compiled the top easy government jobs that pay well and discussed them further below. The national average salary of each of the jobs has also been provided.

1.      Customs Officer

Customs officer is one of the easy government jobs that pay well and they are the people that monitor ports of entry into countries and every country have one. They go through combat and rifle training like the military but if this seems too much for you, you can apply for a role in the administration position.

Furthermore, customs officer also carry out inspections on passenger’s luggage and cargo, collect taxes and duties and ensure that all materials arriving into the country are safe and legal. So, you can always find them at seaports, borders, and airports.

Average salary: $70,400 per year.

2.      Auditor

An auditor is an individual, usually a bachelor or master’s degree holder, whose duties are to review financial statements and ensure they are correct and comply with regulations. They are in demand in the public sector due to their skill and knowledge in preparing tax returns and organizing financial records.

They are equally excellent at identifying and suggesting cost-efficient methods and producing reports so that stakeholders can understand the financial operations of the organization. An auditor is one of the easy government jobs that pay well and with a bachelor’s degree, you can get the job.

Average salary: $89,300 per year.

3.      Registered Nurse (RN)

Working as a registered nurse can easily pass as one of the easy government jobs that pay well. As a registered nurse, you can work in a government hospital and the job is easier than private ones and the pay is usually higher. The common duties of an RN include administering medications to patients, assisting doctors in developing treatment plans, and reading patients’ vital signs.

To become a registered nurse you have to go through university and pursue a nursing degree and work at a hospital for a while. After graduation, you will need to obtain a license that allows you to practice nursing by sitting for a test.

Average salary: $61,700 per year.

4.      Air Traffic Controller

This is one of the easy government jobs that pay well and you don’t have to pursue a four-year degree to qualify for the job. You can earn an associate degree, which takes 2 years to complete, at a community college as an air traffic controller and gain practical skills that you can use to work in the government sector.

Possible government agencies to work with are the Air Force, Air National Guard, or the Air Education and Training Command. The duties of an air traffic controller include directing traffic and monitoring aircraft in flight, overseeing takeoff and landing of aircraft, communicating weather and air stability data to pilots, keeping aircraft well separated, and more.

Average salary: $68,000 per year.

5.      Human Resources Specialist

Human resources are tasked with organizing the success of a company from the foundation. They oversee the recruitment and selection processes, know the right people to put together in a team, know who to assign projects to and who should lead the team. HR does a lot of decision-making that is detrimental to the success of an organization.

They also handle employee training, facilitate promotion and firing of employees, and ensure that all employees follow rules and regulations. If you are a degree holder in Human Resources Specialist, you may consider working with the government and putting your skill to use by selecting just the right people to work in the organization.

Average salary: $66,350 per year.

6.      Budget Analyst

Holding a bachelor’s degree in budget analysis can get you working with the government in no time and it is one of the easy government jobs that pay well. As a budget analyst, working with the government entails you building their budgets and organizing their finances as well as monitoring government spending and producing budget proposals.

It is a budget analyst that works for the government that goes through financial aid requests and estimates the financial needs of future projects.

Average salary: $80,900 per year.

7.      Compliance Officer

A compliance officer is one of the easy government jobs that pay well and it entails making a government organization comply with the federal, state, and local rules and regulations. They also go on to educate new and old staff on the latest compliance information, prepare and file compliance documents, carry out investigations, and identify risks.

Average salary: $82,400 per year.

8.      Political Affairs Officer

Political affairs officer is one of the easy government jobs that pay well and the duties include working closely with politicians, analyzing political trends, and developing solutions to traditional issues. They also monitor the actions of governmental groups, prepare briefings, and maintain databases of secure data.

Average salary: $117,294 per year.

9.      Physician

As a physician you can work either in the private or public sector and because of the flexibility of working in the public sector, some physicians work in both private and public hospitals. Physicians are involved in a wider scope of the medical field such as psychiatry, oncology, surgery, emergency medicine, cardiology, hematology, etc.

Physicians are responsible for diagnosing patients’ illnesses and developing treatment plans, reviewing patients’ test results, assessing patients, and providing care instructions to nursing staff.

Average salary: $242,615 per year.

10. Computer Scientist

The government has many exciting career opportunities for computer scientists and as a professional, you can be employed to design, develop, and test systems and software ranging from military to aerospace applications. A computer scientist isn’t just one of the easy government jobs that pay well but also one of the most sought-after jobs in the world.

You can work with the military, engineering, medical, or business sector of the government. Every field in the government requires a computer scientist. Getting a degree, at least a bachelor’s degree can easily get you a job in the field or many years of experience.

Average salary: $166,500 per year.

11. Mechanical Engineer

Remember how I said that the government is the largest employer and presents a vast number of career opportunities in all fields of study, well, this is it. As a mechanical engineer, you can work in the government sector and it is even easier here. You can work with the army, air force, and defense departments.

Working in any of these departments you get to employ your mechanical skills in a range of activities such as installing, operating, maintaining, designing, developing, testing, and repairing mechanical systems and equipment. You would need at least a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering to get this job role in a government department.

Average salary: $132,649 per year.

12. Civil Engineer

This is one of the easy government jobs that pay well and their job is typically to design, build, and maintain infrastructures and systems. As a civil engineer working with the government, you get to design, build, and maintain various government facilities and other infrastructures for civil and military purposes.

Civil engineers also assess the hazards and risks of developing a new project and prepare cost estimates.

Average salary: $87,362 per year.

13. Federal Investigator

As a federal investigator, your job is to carry out criminal investigations and other kinds of investigations that are under federal jurisdiction. It is one of the easy government jobs that pay well and you can earn a degree in criminal justice to be involved in this career path.

Federal investigators also gather evidence, make arrests, and work with state and local law enforcement professionals to solve cases efficiently.

Average salary: $62,600 per year.

These are the top 13 easy government jobs that pay well and I hope they have been helpful. Some of the jobs listed here are also top in-demand jobs such as computer scientist and with a degree and/or in-depth job experience, you can work in any organization, whether private or public.


Is it easy to get a government job?

Some countries have more government jobs than others but the sector is the largest employer and if you see a job role that you fit into, just go ahead and apply. Also, check the platforms I have mentioned above to see how you can find government jobs that pay well.

Can students get government jobs?

Yes, you can get government jobs as a student. In most cases, the job is mainly to pay for college and there are specific government jobs of that kind which we have published.
Spot it in the recommendations below.