Top 20 Slow Paced Low Stress Jobs

There are different kinds of slow paced low stress jobs for people who don’t want to go through the usual haggle and struggles of a tough job. They want to relax and work in a comfortable and convenient working environment.

If you are a person that can’t handle stress then you should really consider the type of job you’d be looking for and if you are going to be getting a degree, you should also think about the career aspect of the job, analyze every part of it before going on to pursue a degree in that field. As a calm person, you shouldn’t think about doing medicine or engineering because these are tough fields and are highly demanding.

There are actually slow paced low stress jobs that you can consider doing and if it requires you to get a degree, you should go for it. In fact, some of these slow paced low stress jobs do not even require employees to get a degree but you will be trained by the company before fully acquiring the job so you can be equipped with skills to become productive in the organization.

Also, you can start a business with some of the slow paced low stress jobs listed here, like, go entrepreneurial and establish your own business, that is, if you can. So, if you hate being stressed out, scroll through the slow paced low stress jobs discussed below and make your pick.


Least Stressful Jobs That Pay Well

Hate stress but still want to work and earn good pay? Then one of these jobs is for you:

  • Landscaper and Groundskeeper
  • Web Developer
  • Librarian
  • Elderly Companion
  • Dog Walker
  • Transcriptionist
  • Proofreader and Editor
  • Interior Designers
  • Freelance Writing
  • Archivist
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Animal Caretaker
  • Compliance Officer
  • Artist
  • Baker
  • Florist
  • Caretaker
  • Drafting Technician
  • Book Reviewer
  • Data Entry Clerk

1.      Landscaper and Groundskeeper

This is one of the slow paced low stress jobs with duties that include mowing lawns, removing trash, maintaining trees, shrubs, and flowers, and keeping the environment of clients clean. Aside from being a less stressful job, it is equally fun and exciting, and adventurous.

Another advantage that comes with the job is that you get to exercise your body and spend time outside, which according to much-approved research, is great for your body. The job doesn’t require you to have a degree of any kind but good communication skill is essential and also being good at what you do.

2.      Web Developer

On our list of slow paced low stress jobs is Web Developers, although you’re going to need a degree before getting into this field it is actually worth it if you don’t want a job that would stress you. Also, getting a degree would make clients trust your skill more and offer you top projects to handle for them.

Web developers are professionals who build and maintain websites, they can work anywhere they are comfortable with including their home which makes it a perfect job option for people who don’t want a stressful job. Furthermore, web developers are in high demand as almost every business and individual wants to own a website, so, you don’t have to worry about getting employed after graduation.

3.      Librarian

The job of a librarian has to be the least stressful job ever which is why many libraries employ older people to work there and they absolutely enjoy it. The environment is calm, well, you won’t be seen making noise in the library in the first place, so it is always calm and a cool place to work.

Although some libraries would prefer employing individuals with a degree in the field or something related to the field if you’ve got experience of the job, you can still go on to do it. Also, you will receive on-the-job training to learn how it is done and efficiently run a library.

4.      Elderly Companion

This job is particularly for college and high school students who want an after-school job, they get to make money in the least stressful way. After a stressful day at school, they go to work caring for the elderly ones and it comes with little to no stress and they also use the avenue to rest as the environment is usually calm.

As an elderly companion, your duties include preparing meals for the elderly, driving them to appointments, keeping them company, and completing other daily tasks. The job comes with a lot of downtimes that you can use to watch movies or chat with them.

5.      Dog Walker

The job description of a dog walker is pretty clear, you simply walk dogs, and how refreshing the job is. Anyone can take on this job, it is easy, low stress, fun, adventurous, and it is a form of exercise. It is a job that gets you outside and you can take it on with other responsibilities like schooling.

6.      Transcriptionist

This is one of the slow paced low stress jobs and it isn’t very common. The job of a transcriptionist is to listen to audio and type what you hear and deliver the written document to the client. Yes, that’s it, and you get paid on how you desire to charge.

You don’t need any experience or degree to do this job but you do need to know how to use a computer, type correctly, and have a good hearing ability.

7.      Proofreader and Editor

Proofreader and Editor are some of the slow paced low stress jobs that you should consider doing if you don’t like stress. The job is especially for people who have an eye for typos, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors. With this skill, you will check and review content such as blogs, books, posts, articles, etc. before they are published.

8.      Interior Designers

This is one of the slow paced low stress jobs and also one of the easy fun jobs to do. It is relaxing, flexible, and you get to go out and meet different kinds of people. The job of an interior designer is to create functional and beautiful rooms and spaces in people’s homes and offices.

You don’t need a degree for this but an eye for creating beautiful stylish, functional spaces. Although getting a certificate, diploma, or an associate degree from a community college or a vocational institute will expose you to bigger clients who will entrust you with bigger projects.

9.      Freelance Writing

Writing is a relaxing job and one of the slow paced low stress jobs that you may want to engage in only if you enjoy writing. Freelance writing is a job that allows you to work from anywhere that you are comfortable with including in your home. It is also a great job for introverts.

10. Archivist

If you have a thing for history books and manuscripts then an archivist is the job for you, the duties include appraising, preserving, processing, and taking catalogs of records and books that are rich in history. You will be working with old books, manuscripts, old motion pictures and footage records, and maps.

The tools you will be working with are really old, some dating back thousands of years so you need to be careful while handling them. Being an archivist is one of the slow paced low stress jobs another added advantage is that you get to learn new things.

11. Freelance Photographer

Photography is a fun, adventurous job and if you have a thing for sitting beautiful things and places, you should record them with a digital camera. Freelance photography is a flexible job, which means, you get to pick your working hours, this is why it is listed amongst the slow paced low stress jobs.

You can take photography as a side job, exercise, or for other recreational purposes. You don’t need a degree to become a freelance photographer, but you will be needing some high-end tech and software to make your photography stand out and make clients happy.

12. Animal Caretaker

This is an actual job and just as it implies, you simply take care of animals, all kinds of domestic animals which of course you aren’t allergic to. You have to be a natural animal lover to take this job, else, don’t bother going into it.

As an animal caretaker, you will be tasked with interacting with animals, bathing, grooming, and feeding them to make lives easy and convenient for them. You don’t need a degree for this job but to gain the skills to become an efficient animal caretaker, it is advised to enroll in a vocational institute and study pet care.

However, if you do want to advance in your career then go for a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, Biology, or Animal Psychology.

13. Compliance Officer

A compliance officer is someone responsible for monitoring the compliance of companies with the law as well as industry regulations and bylaws. Depending on your specialty, you can work in any industry, such as environmental or financial. The job of a compliance officer is easy and regarded as one of the slow paced low stress jobs, what you’ll mainly do is sit in an office and file paperwork.

14. Artist

If you are an artist, you are automatically a freelancer, you work when you want and when you can. It is a fun and rewarding career and also one of the slow paced low stress jobs because you mainly determine your working hours as well as income. Painting, sculpting, pottery making, etc. are different forms of artistic representation and they have been proven to bring calmness to the artist.

If you are a natural talent, it’s alright you won’t need a degree to work in the field but to get huge commissions and build a solid reputation in the field then you should consider getting a BSc in Fine Arts. Clients are more attracted to raw talents with degrees.

15. Baker

Bakers find baking a satisfying art and it is one of the slow paced low stress jobs. Baking is a form of art and a fun one at that, you get to put your hands to work and create amazing edible “works of art” such as cakes, bread, and other forms of pastries. Baking seems stressful to people who don’t bake but people who do find it highly satisfying and won’t leave it for anything in the world.

If you have a passion for baking but have no idea where to begin then you should consider enrolling in a vocational institute and earn a cooking certificate or enroll in a chef school or baking program. Whichever one you enroll in will give you adequate skills to get started as a baker.

16. Florist

Being a florist is one of the slow paced low stress jobs that lovers of plants and flowers should consider doing. It does require a sense of creativity which is required in arranging flowers to become a fully-fledged florist. With your skill, you can work in florist shops or establish your own business, whichever one you want to do gives low to the little amount of stress.

17. Caretaker

The job of a caretaker is to look after a building on behalf of the owner. Usually, the building will be close to where you live for proper monitoring of the building. It is a top-tier slow paced low stress job, you really don’t have to do anything especially if the building is close to where you live, you can always involve in other soft activities while doing the job of a caretaker.

This job comes with a lot of free time you don’t need to have any experience, degree, skill, or anything of the sort. Simply agree to the owner to look after the building, report any odd sighting to the owner and earn a fat check monthly.

18. Drafting Technician

This is one of the slow paced low stressful jobs, the drafter or drafting technician is responsible for creating detailed technical drawings or plans for machinery and other items such as buildings, electronics, etc. drafters convert the designs, plans, and layouts of engineers and architects into a set of technical drawings using computer software and manual sketches.

Engineers and drafters work together to develop preliminary design concepts into detailed engineering designs and drawings.

19. Book Reviewer

Yes, you get paid to simply relax and read a book. No stress, no hassle.

Authors require the skill of book reviewers to read their novels, give them feedback, and assist them in selling more copies. If you are a book lover this is for you, read books which you already love doing and get paid while having fun.

20. Data Entry Clerk

The role of a data entry clerk is to input data into spreadsheets, documents, or other data management systems. You can work from home or any other venues that are convenient for you, with no pressure, no stress, and no hassle.

The working schedule is flexible and the pay is equally good.

These are the top 20 slow paced low stress jobs that you should consider if you don’t want to work in a pressuring, high-demand environment. These jobs are the least stressful and will offer you flexibility and a working place that will benefit you health-wise.

Who should apply for slow paced low stress jobs?

If you don’t like stress, can’t handle stress then you should apply for slow paced low stress jobs.

FAQs on Slow Paced Low Stress Jobs

Are slow paced jobs boring?

Slow-paced jobs may or may not be boring depending on your working environment or if you are passionate about the job. But then, many slow paced low stress jobs, such as librarian, is boring.

Is there high-paying slow paced low stress jobs?

Yes, there are slow paced low stress jobs that pay well, some of them are:

  • Travel Agent: $23,000 – $105,000
  • Actuary: $85,600 – $140,000
  • Graphic designer: $35,100 – $71,500
  • Pet Sitter: $27,300 – $54,700
  • Ghostwriter: $33,500 – $99,500
  • Proofreader: $32,300 – $65,500
  • Artistic Painter: $59,300 – $69,700
  • Librarian: $37,800 – $89,200
  • Vehicle Inspector: $28,500 – $30,400
  • Judicial law clerk: $39,800 – $97,100

These are the high-paying slow paced low stress jobs and the figures besides each of them are their annual earnings.