15 Fun Jobs That Pay Well Without A Degree

There are fun jobs that pay well without a degree, that is, you won’t need a college degree to enter professions of these kinds and you get to have fun while working and earning a fat check monthly.

You will never work a day in your life if you love what you do, as the proverb says. Going to work in a place you enjoy will help the days fly by, having fun while working is a great spice of life that many people overlook. People who often overlook this go on to work jobs that aren’t their calling or do not enjoy doing but due to some issues, mainly poverty, they have to do it for the money.

You might as well have fun if you are going to spend the majority of your waking hours working, right? You can make a good living doing something you enjoy. You will detest boring work if you’re paid peanuts to accomplish it while there are several high-paying jobs without a degree or experience. What’s worse is if you earn a degree in a field you do not love and have to spend the rest of your life working in a field you don’t love.

Well, you can still correct that by going for a master’s degree program in the field you enjoy or go for another bachelor’s degree but you see the amount of stress that is accompanied by it. You must go for what you love from the onset so that you can have fun while doing what you love and still earning a lot of money.

While it is common among many people that without a degree they won’t get a job that would pay them well, a very little amount of people are elsewhere enjoying the opposite. There are cool, fun jobs that pay well without a degree, yes, you don’t need to have a degree to enter these professions.

Mostly, the requirements for such jobs is that the job applicant must agree to on-site or on-the-job training to learn how the run the job efficiently and effectively. The training usually runs for a few days to one month and you will be taught how to handle the job straight on, no theory, tests, or exams like the regular school setting.

Everyone has to work to earn money, as it is a necessity, but earning a degree isn’t, and if you don’t fancy getting a degree but still want a fun job that pays well then you are at the right place. Not every job requires employees to have a degree before they get employed and in this post, we have discussed these jobs.


What makes a job fun?

What makes a job fun is the environment, a relaxed workplace with a good sense of teamwork, good communication, and personality make a job fun. What also makes a job fun is the amount of passion you have for the job and how much you really enjoy doing it.

Easy Fun Jobs That Pay Well Without A Degree

The following are the fun jobs that pay well without a degree;

  • Travel Agent
  • Toy Designer
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Physical Therapy Aide
  • Firefighter
  • IT Security and Network Technician
  • Stationary Engineer
  • Artist
  • Medical Coder
  • Medical Assistant

1.      Travel Agent

A travel agent is a person whose job is to provide travel-related services for the general public, you can work in a private or government-owned establishment or go freelance. The job of a travel agent is really fun, you get to meet new people, and help them plan their dream vacation all of these without having any degree. But you need to have good communication skills and also be well versed in using digital tools, especially computers.

Being a travel agent is one of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree but as I mentioned earlier, you have to be passionate about the career, else it will be misery. If you love doing research, are passionate about advising people where to go and have a good time, and also advising people on the best places to stay in any city, then this is the profession you should consider entering.

Median salary: $36,990

2.      Toy Designer

This profession is pretty crystal clear, you harness your creativity to creating and designing different kinds of toys for kids of different ages. Toys are part of every child’s development and it gives these little ones so much joy and it is never a dull profession as well.

Designing toys is one of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree. You really don’t need a degree or education of any sort for the job. All that is needed is your creativity and inspiration. You will always look forward to going to work every day just because of how exciting it is.

Median salary: $87,923

3.      Fashion Stylist

The job of a fashion stylist is almost similar to that of a toy designer they both use their imagination, creativity, and inspiration to bring their ideas to life through the medium they work with. If you are passionate about making people look their best and have a fashion talent, then you shouldn’t think twice about kick-starting a career as a fashion stylist.

If you are a natural at it then there is no need to get a degree but to sharpen your skill you can enroll in a fashion school that takes 1-2 years to complete. It is one of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree and you should really consider it.

Median salary: $51,867

4.      Physical Therapy Aide

A physical therapy aide is someone who works alongside a physical therapist, assisting the therapist in making records, prepare treatment areas, sterilize tools, and scheduling meetings. Although you don’t need a degree for this job you need to get an education that will instill you with the skills you need to be an efficient physical therapy aide.

You can enroll at a vocational training institute and earn a certificate or a two-year community college and complete an associate program. If you are good at interacting with people then you should look into this career, it is one of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree.

Median salary: $26,000

5.      Firefighter

Are you a risk-taker? Do you enjoy taking risks and helping keep people and property safe? Then you should consider going for this profession. A firefighter is one of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree, you get to help people and earn a fat check while doing that.

As a firefighter, you will be responsible for extinguishing hazardous fires that threaten life, property, and the environment as well as rescuing people and animals from dangerous situations. Becoming a firefighter doesn’t require any degree, you can enroll at a vocational institute, and also receive on-the-job training to equip you with adequate skills to do your job efficiently.

Furthermore, the profession requires you to be strong, empathetic, and teamwork-oriented.

Median salary: $49,080

6.      IT Security and Network Technician

This is one of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree even though it looks like a profession that needs a doctorate, you can actually proceed to gain extensive education in the field if you want to be employed by top-tier companies, but you can begin without a degree and earn a high amount of salary monthly. If you love the digital space, digital tools, and are fascinated by computers and their systems then this is your calling.

The job duties include monitoring security on networks, applications, and operating systems, troubleshooting basic network infrastructure, installing wired and wireless networks, and finding threats to hardware. To a non-tech or non-computer enthusiast, this seems like a long, stressful job but to a computer and digital lover, this is a fun, passionate job.

IT security and network technicians have fun at their job, tracking down malicious cyberattacks, erasing viruses, and making your computer and networks safe from hacks.

Median salary: $160,000

7.      Stationary Engineer

This is one of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree but you have to get trained to gain the necessary skills to work efficiently. Stationary engineers are also called operating engineers or power engineers and they are individuals that are technically trained to operate, maintain, and supervise industrial machinery and equipment.

You should consider this job if you love huge machines, love fixing machines, or are generally mechanically inclined. You can work in both private and public establishments or in other settings like a plant, ships, hospitals, etc. where you will maintain and repair machines such as generators, stationary engines, and boilers.

Median salary: $59,890

8.      Artist

Artists create artworks, whether digitally or hands-on, to exhibit and sell in galleries. Every artist loves their job, it is fun, exciting, and helps them express themselves in uncommon ways. If you are a painter, graphic designer, sculptor, potter, etc. you should consider turning it into a career as it is one of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree.

All artist works freelance because they get to set the price of their work and determine their income levels.

Median salary: $—-

9.      Medical Coder

Medical coders are in charge of reviewing patient records, filing insurance claims, and being experts at healthcare documentation. The profession actually requires you to hold a qualification and a vocational institute or community college can get you that as well as equip you with the adequate skills to be a medical coder.

A community college will offer you an associate degree while a vocational institute will offer you a certificate, they are completed in 2 years and 6 months respectively. It is one of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree and if you like being in the healthcare field, this is your chance.

Median salary: $38,000

10. Medical Assistant

A medical assistant basically assists a physician, they take patient records, schedule meetings between patients and physicians, sterilize the operation room and tools, take calls, and generally assist the physician. If you’ve always loved to be in the medical field, this is your chance to get a fun-filled, exciting job that still pays well.

Median salary: $34,800

These are the fun jobs that pay well without a degree, you have to have a passion for a job for it to be fun.

Fun Jobs That Pay Well Without A Degree UK

These jobs in the UK pay well without a degree:

  • Videographer
  • Travel Agent
  • Interior Designer
  • Pastry Chef
  • Graphic Designer

1.      Videographer

Videography is one of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree in the UK, formal qualifications aren’t required for the job and you can always start small and develop your skills from there. You can start as a camera assistant or production assistant and gradually get the qualified skills to become a videographer.

Median salary: £32,000

2.      Travel Agent

If you are in the UK and looking for a fun job that pays well without a degree then you should consider being a travel agent. You will need to be skilled in research and handling travel arrangements for clients anywhere in the world.

Median salary: £32,000

3.      Interior Designer

Before starting this profession, you must possess unique creativity and a passion for art and design, although you won’t need a degree a formal qualification like a diploma or certificate will help polish your skills and teach you more techniques. Your duties will include creating beautiful indoor spaces.

Median salary: £44,000

4.      Pastry Chef

This is one of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree in the UK, if you have a passion for baking delicious bread and pastries then this is the profession you should dive into. You can own your own restaurant or bakery or work in one.

Median salary: £38,000

5.      Graphic Designer

Graphic designers use computer software to create visuals and graphics for clients or to convey information to the public. You can work for marketing companies or go freelance and offer your services to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Median salary: £40,000

These are the top fun jobs that pay well in the UK and you may want to look at starting a profession in one of them if you don’t want to sit around getting a degree.