12 Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Here are the best paying jobs in energy that may want you to consider pursuing a career in the energy field.

The energy field has immensely contributed to the development of our world, converting fuels, wind, water, and sunlight to electricity is a really huge feat in the history of humankind. The energy field is almost as vast as the medical field and has provided jobs for a great number of people. You can earn a degree in the field of energy at an accredited institution and design tools and gadgets that will help keep the earth clean.

Individuals are also contributing to keeping the world clean and making it even more habitable for humans, animals, and other organisms to keep existing. The main headers of the clean earth are the renewable energy engineers who design instruments that can be able to convert natural things like wind and sunlight into the energy we need without harming them in return.

Also, there aren’t many energy engineers and they are in high demand right now. In fact, renewable energy engineering is one of the top futuristic business ideas and the industry is on the verge of exploding into a trillion-dollar industry. You may want to make use of this information diligently and think about pursuing a career in the energy sector.

There are lots of opportunities, high salaries, and benefits that come with being a degree holder of a career that is on-demand in the workforce. Armed with your degree and a good resume, you should easily land a rewarding career in energy. Once you’re ready, here are some resume examples to help you craft a good one for yourself.


Is renewable energy a good career?

Renewable energy is indeed a good career, with a degree in the field you are already sought after by many companies who are gradually pushing towards the energy field. The pay is good and there are other benefits you will enjoy such as health insurance.

Here are some reasons to consider pursuing a career in renewable energy:

  • Plenty of job opportunities: Despite the decline in job opportunities in other sectors due to the pandemic, some sectors have been thriving well, including the energy sectors. This demand is expected to continue rising in the next years, so starting on a career in this field is an excellent idea. This career also has plenty of job opportunities abroad with growing demands in South America and Asia. 
  • Varied career choices: Working for the sector doesn’t just require skills, but it also comes with various specialties to choose from. So, if you’re interested in creating, designing, maintenance, or research, the sector should have something to suit you.  
  • Job security: Governments all around the world have steadily invested on creating jobs in renewable manufacturing. With renewable energy sources effectively reducing electricity costs coupled with carbon emission targets needed to reach by various nations, sustainable sources will most likely overcome other sources. More jobs in this sector are expected to be added each year. 

Benefits the environment: While this is a given, it’s an essential benefit that’s worth noting. A career in this sector will help you make a difference in the world and to everyone.

Do renewable engineering jobs pay well?

Jobs in the renewable energy field pay from $76,000 a year to up to six-figure salaries.

Let’s take a look at the best paying jobs in energy.

Best Paying Jobs in Energy

In no ranking order, the best paying jobs in energy are;

  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Environmental Engineering Technician
  • Architectural Engineer/Manager
  • Chemical engineer
  • Nuclear Technician
  • Materials Engineer
  • Geoscientist
  • Wind Farm Site Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Renewable Energy Consultant
  • Solar Energy Technician
  • Solar Construction Manager/Engineer

Petroleum Engineer

With a median salary of $137,720, petroleum engineering is one of the best paying jobs in energy and in this current age, they are needed now more than ever. These engineers assist the oil and gas sector to find and harness petroleum resources which also includes designing, building, and constructing more efficient ways of extracting or refining or finding new repositories of oil and gas.

You’d need at least a bachelor’s degree in petroleum to be in this career path and you can choose to work in the office or on-site to oversee the extraction and refinement of petroleum.

Environmental Engineering Technician

One of the best paying jobs in energy, environmental engineering technician, plays an important role in the energy sector by developing modern ways of managing pollution and keeping the environment much safer. Aside from that, they also create and enforce rules and regulations that companies and the public will have to abide by to also keep the environment safe.

As an environmental engineering technician, you can design ways or even eco-friendly machinery to reduce or eliminate the damages that can sometimes be caused by energy production. To be on this career path, you will need a bachelor’s degree. The median salary is $50,620.

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Architectural Engineer/Manager

With a median salary of $144,830 annually, an architectural engineer or manager is one of the best paying jobs in energy. The job of these professionals is to design and build energy-efficient buildings that utilize less energy and fewer resources thereby reducing waste.

Their job also includes making detailed plans, lead research, and be on the lookout for technical accuracy all of which are directed to the reduction of energy use. Earning a bachelor’s degree as an architectural engineer can get you into this career path.

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Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineering is one of the best paying jobs in energy with a median salary of $97,360 per year. The expertise of chemical engineers is vital in the chemical production process and with the introduction of battery-using technologies, demand for these individuals is further on the rise.

From large-scale manufacturing to testing new techniques, chemical engineers are at the forefront of energy advancement.

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Nuclear Technician

Nuclear technicians are one of the best paying jobs and the individuals are trained in special equipment to work in energy production by overseeing levels of radiation to maintain a safe environment. The world has gone digital and almost, if not all, these devices, machinery emit one form of radiation or the other which is harmful to human health and the environment.

The nuclear technicians are in charge of monitoring the radiation rates of these mechanisms and ensuring the effects are as low as possible. Their expertise is required in making and designing certain equipment in the energy industry.

The median salary is $82,080 and you need, at least, an associate’s degree from a technical school to enter this field.

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Materials Engineer

Materials engineers exist and they are among the best paying jobs in energy with a median salary of $93,360 per annum. These professionals perform a variety of functions in order to make products better including the components of a tiny computer to huge infrastructural materials.

With their in-depth understanding of metals, ceramics, plastics, and other materials they use their expertise in these materials to create new materials for various machinery to make them lighter and conserve fuel. They also work hand in hand with solar and wind engineers to design better materials for trapping sunlight and wind.

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These professionals study the physical aspects of the earth and they are typically employed by energy-producing industries to help aid in the safe and efficient extraction of petroleum resources from the earth. The profession is one of the best paying jobs in energy with an annual salary of $92,040 and to follow this career path, you’d need a bachelor’s degree but a master’s will land you a much higher position.

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Wind Farm Site Manager

As a wind farm site manager or engineer, you are tasked with using your expertise to oversee wind energy harvesting and a wind farm site. They are also tasked with overseeing the staff deployed to these wind farm sites therefore, strong leadership abilities are a must-have to qualify for this job.

Wind farm site managers or engineers must ensure that the creation of electrical energy from wind energy while working to ensure the safety of the wind farm and the integrity of the equipment. It is one of the best paying jobs in energy and has a median salary of $110,630.

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Financial Analyst

As a financial analyst, you can work with renewable energy companies and be in charge of the finance department, taking records of money spent on energy equipment, pay staff, and take care of any financial problem that may arise in the future.

With their skills as financial analysts, they can go on to help the company push the right energy product in the right place, help the company make more informed decisions when it comes to expanding, and also ensure it is done to drive profit into the company.

Financial analysts who work with energy companies are among the best paid in the field with a median salary of $85,439.

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Renewable Energy Consultant

This is one of the best paying jobs in energy and it involves working with clients to determine the renewable system that is good for their home or workplace. As a renewable energy consultant, you must have expertise in modern renewable energy so that you can effectively assist your clients with their energy needs.

As a renewable energy consultant, you have landed one of the best paying jobs in energy and could earn an average of $66,015 per year. A bachelor’s degree should be enough to set you up in this career path.

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Solar Energy Technician

Solar energy technician is one of the best paying jobs in energy at a median salary of $52,559 and the job of these solar energy professionals is to direct the support of solar boards and solar establishments. In the wake of introducing a solar energy framework, solar energy experts are frequently entrusted with the upkeep and support of these frameworks.

They also work nearby to investigate issues with solar energy frameworks and perform routine support tasks on these systems. As solar energy turns out to be more famous, solar energy professional jobs will keep getting more popular.

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Solar Construction Manager/Engineer

This is one of the best paying jobs in energy and it involves creating, designing, overseeing the construction of solar plants or the installation of solar panels. Being involved in this career path means you must have an in-depth understanding of general construction practices and information specific to the correct installation of solar panels and battery systems.

The median salary is $70,126 and to work as a solar construction manager or engineer one must earn, at least, a bachelor’s degree.

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These are the best paying jobs in energy and to get these jobs you must have earned the proper degree from an accredited higher institution of learning.

Careers in Renewable Energy Engineering

Renewable energy is a clean and unlimited source of power or fuel harnessed from various sources such as wind, sunlight, water, and organic matter. The minimum education level for this field is a bachelor’s degree and an authorized certificate or license provided by the government of your country.

As a renewable energy engineer, you will be equipped with critical thinking and problem-solving skills to effectively use the principles of math and science to performing varieties of tasks in the renewable energy industry. These tasks or jobs include wind turbines, geothermal plants, and solar photovoltaic cells.

The salary range of a renewable energy engineer ranges from $50,000 to over $100,000 yearly. The renewable energy engineering field also has a range of careers that may interest you, such as:

  • Solar Installer
  • Wind Farm Developer
  • Wind Turbine Fabricator, Installer, Operator
  • Solar Sales Engineer

Solar Installer

You will be tasked with installing solar panels and other solar systems around homes and office buildings. A piece of strong knowledge of construction, mechanics, and electrician is a good start to begin a career in the renewable energy engineering field.

Wind Farm Developer

This career will task you in constructing and developing wind turbines, work closely with other engineers, and even be in charge of developing a wind farm project from scratch.

Wind Turbine Fabricator, Installer, Operator

This job requires one to be in charge of setting up, supplying, and servicing the huge turbines that generate electricity. Just doing general maintenance of wind turbines and you get to work closely with a wind farm developer as well as other renewable energy engineers.

Solar Sales Engineer

You get to start up a career selling solar panels and other solar systems and equipment to companies, schools, offices, and others who need it.

Careers in Renewable Energy UK

The popular careers in renewable energy in the UK are;

  • Renewable energy consultant
  • Wind turbine technician
  • Solar engineer
  • Solar sales engineer
  • Renewable energy electrician
  • Wind engineer
  • Wind energy project manager
  • Wind turbine service technicians
  • Project manager renewable energy
  • Waste manager
  • A senior renewable energy advisor

The salary range of these jobs is £50,000 to £65,000 per year.

Entry Level Jobs in Renewable Energy

If you are a fresh graduate of renewable energy engineering with no experience in the field, you will be given entry level positions which usually include on-site training to develop your experience of the field. The entry-level jobs in renewable energy are;

  • Solar installer
  • Electrical analytical design engineer
  • Plant technician
  • Maintenance technician
  • Plant operator
  • Field coordinator
  • Office administrator
  • Plant process engineer
  • Plant manager
  • Project finance analyst
  • Solar electrical technician
  • Project manager

Type of Jobs in Renewable Energy Sector

There are different types of jobs in the renewable energy sector many, if not all, of which have been listed in the other subheadings above.


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