13 Student Jobs in Germany for Local and Foreign Students

Here, you will find the compiled list of student jobs in Germany for English speakers, local and foreign students, Indian students, and even online jobs for students to make money and support their education in the country.

Education is expensive especially for foreign students and there aren’t many opportunities out there to help offload tuition expenses. As an individual who wants to go study abroad, you need to have a required amount of money which, to an average person, is a lot.

Although there are scholarships for international students their requirements are very high and, also, not many of them provide this scholarship. Some students who can’t afford international studies are forced to collect loans from financial institutions or work while studying.

The last option of settling tuition fees is why this article is written but this time Germany is the country in use. This article exposes student jobs in Germany both for the locals and foreign students, just in case you are planning on going to Germany to study, you could work these jobs to earn more money.


How can a student make money in Germany?

A student can earn money in Germany by taking up jobs which could pay around 10 – 15 EUR per hour to 1700 EUR per month. Some of these jobs are;

  • Working in a company
  • Internship
  • University jobs
  • Bartender/waiter
  • Freelancer

Payment for these jobs vary by your location in Germany

Is it easy to find a job in Germany as a student?

The ease or difficulty of finding and getting a job in Germany depends on the student category which you fall into. It is hard for international students to get employed than it is for German students and this is because German employers are more likely to employ someone who speaks their language perfectly and understands the local context.

Can I work in Germany without speaking German?

Yes! You can work in Germany without knowing how to speak German. There are English-speaking jobs in Germany.

However, before you think of working in Germany while studying either as an international or domestic student, you have to consider your chosen program first. You cannot apply for a tough program like computer science, law, medicine, or engineering and think you can be able to work while studying.’

It is usually impossible, these courses are tough therefore your total concentration is required so, you just might not be able to work while studying. But if you are smart enough to fix work in between the tough lectures, then go for it.

The student jobs in Germany listed here are jobs you can get in Germany without a degree or any form of academic requirement. You are still studying thus don’t have a degree yet and they are simple menial jobs that don’t even require you to own a degree before getting them

The only requirement that employers may want is that you are able to speak German or English, depending on what the business owner wants and/or market audience that is being targeted at the moment.

Finally, as an international student in Germany, you are allowed to take up part-time employment while studying. However, there are laws put in place by the government that foreign students who want to take up a part-time job while studying must abide by. These laws are;

  • You are permitted to work for a total of 120 full or 240 half days in a year as a student.
  • According to the university rules, students aren’t allowed to work for more than 20 hours a week during term. But during vacations students can take up full-time employment.
  • You need to get a work permit from the “Agentur für Arbeit” (Federal Employment Agency) and the foreigner’s authority. The permit will include details of the maximum limit of work a student can take up.
  • Regulations are tougher for students enrolled in a preparatory or language course. As such, you will only be allowed to work during lecture-free periods and only with explicit permission to do so from the foreign authority.
  • Another concern is the tax. Students who earn less than 450 Euros monthly and who work for less than 50 continuous days over a period of one year are exempted from paying any taxes/social security contribution.
  • Working for more than 20 hours weekly is often discouraged by many universities but if you exceed the timing you will be required to pay health, unemployment, and nursing care insurance.
  • You cannot undertake self-employment or freelance

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Working within a university is far better, the wages and working hours are different, and you get to work for longer hours but getting a job at the university is difficult.
  • To look for jobs check the university bulletin board and university career centers, online job portals, and ask friends and fellow students.
  • Complying with the federal laws listed above is very important and if you flout them you could end up on a plane back to your country. So, abide by the rules, keep the checks in place, and have your work permit in place.

Without further ado, let’s get on with the detailed list of student jobs in Germany…

Student Jobs in Germany for Local and Foreign Students

The following are jobs in Germany that international and domestic students can do to earn money while studying;

  • Academic Assistants at the University
  • Off-Campus Jobs
  • English Tutor
  • Industrial Production Assistants

Academic Assistants at the University

This academic assistant job is one of the student jobs in Germany and is typically open to graduate students who are enrolled in a full-time or part-time program at the university. Your job is to assist a professor in marking copies, giving tutorials, or prepare research literature.

As mentioned earlier, this is on the top of the list of student jobs in Germany to have. The pay is higher and you can do more hours. Graduate research students with excellent academic performance usually get this job and, also, you have to apply early to get it.

Related jobs in this section include;

  • Library supervisor
  • Literature researcher
  • Tutorial assistant
  • Teacher/research assistant

Off-Campus Jobs

On the list of student jobs in Germany, this is among the less paying which is the only downside of the job. The pros include offering students the opportunity to explore the city, unwind after a school day, meet new people, and the tips aren’t so bad.

Related jobs here include:

  • Waiter/waitress or bartender at Bars, Café’s, etc.
  • Babysitter
  • Cashier
  • Filling office documents
  • Trade fairs

English Tutor

Germany is not an English-speaking country and many of the populace wants to learn how to speak and write English correctly for a number of reasons especially academic and business reasons. To study in other countries, they need to take an English language proficiency test and submit the results to qualify for admission or to make their business reach a global scale, English speaking abilities are also necessary.

Being an English tutor is on the list of lucrative and high-paying student jobs in Germany and international students who are native English speakers or have excellent English proficiency can jump on this job opportunity.

Industrial Production Assistants

If you are an international or domestic student in Germany and want to gain real-life working experience and, of course, earn money too then this job is for you. It is another high-paying job on the list of student jobs in Germany. Your job is to assist in an industrial production company in any department where you’re more productive.

These are the student jobs in Germany for local and foreign students. I hope you weren’t expecting them to be much in the first place. This is just so much you can do while studying to get your degree.

Student Jobs in Germany for English Speakers

English students in Germany should get in here now, listed here are the student jobs in Germany for students who are native English speakers or have strong English proficiency. These jobs are;

  • Home Delivery
  • Call Centre Officer
  • Retail Shopping Assistant
  • English Language Tutor

Home Delivery

This is one of the student jobs in Germany for English speakers and it is pretty explanatory. You can work for a logistics company, restaurants, or online shopping company and deliver customer goods to where required.

Call Centre Officer

This is another of the student jobs in Germany that English speakers can jump on. Basically, all you have to do is answer the phone, analyze customer requests or complaints, and manage them effectively. For this job, diplomatic and interpersonal skills are often required.

However, since you are fluent in English the English callers will be redirected to you.

Retail Shopping Assistant

Help English customers find their way around the store, help them with information concerning a product they are looking for, and help them in finding a product. You need to have good communication skills to work here.

English Language Tutor

Teach the English language to German students or business people who want to go off to other countries.

Not very many jobs out here in Germany for English speakers, there are very few of these jobs as businesses prefer to employ locals or domestic students.

Online Jobs for Students in Germany

Online jobs for students in Germany aren’t very much as they usually require permanent roles but you can check out freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr and only take up temporary jobs. The jobs in this category may include:

  1. Content writer
  2. Social media manager
  3. Influencer
  4. Online tutor
  5. Graphics design

You can offer all of these skills online and get paid while studying in Germany.



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