15 Ways to Teach English Online to Japanese Students for Profit

Here is how you can teach English online to Japanese students and earn an income. You can use this as a side hustle while still focusing on other things and since the teaching is done online, it is sure to be flexible.

Remote or distance learning is quickly taking over from the traditional model of teaching and learning, it grew quickly as Covid-19 was declared a pandemic and schools had to be shut down. Universities, colleges, high schools, and other institutes of learning had no other choice but to adopt the online mode of delivering education.

The remote mode of teaching did spark innovation among bright minds and through it designed various platforms whereby individuals from non-English speaking countries can go here to learn how to read and write fluent English. The traditional way this is done is that the English teacher has to fly all the way from their original country into these countries where they are required.

Although this is still done it has reduced drastically with the widespread use of distance learning tools. The former way is also expensive and challenging to recruit English instructors, but thanks to the internet, it has been made easier and cheaper.

The English language is the most used or most spoken language in the world and all international universities require it as a major prerequisite before you can be admitted into any of their degree programs. Japan isn’t an English-speaking country just like every other Asian country.

Although a minority of Japanese speak English it just isn’t enough to be classified as an English-speaking country and more want to learn.

English is the international language and businesses all over the world know that to succeed on a global scale learning English is a major prerequisite. This makes the need for English speakers to be in high demand in many developing countries, especially Asian countries.

You can decide to hop on these platforms, teach the English language to Japanese, and make a profit without leaving your comfort zone. All teachings are done online the tools you’d need are your 120 hours Teaching English as a Foreign Language ‘TEFL’ certificate, PC, proficient English speaking and teaching skills, a headset, a Paypal or Payoneer account, and a stable internet connection to get started.

Are English teachers in demand in Japan?

Japan is in high demand of English instructors and to be recruited, a bachelor’s degree is required or the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification.

How much money can you make teaching English in Japan?

As an English language teacher in Japan, you can earn between $1,700 to $5,000 monthly.

Just in case you start wondering why you’d want to teach English online to Japanese students in the first place, here are a few of the things you stand to gain:

  • Earning potential is high (up to $25 per hour)
  • Gain teaching experience in the ESL industry that could help land you a teaching job in Japan
  • No lesson planning
  • No commute
  • The work schedule is flexible
  • Students are polite, attentive, and respectful
  • Gain more insight and knowledge on the Japanese culture.

Now, let’s get down to these platforms where you can teach English online to Japanese students…


Top 15 Platforms to Teach English Online to Japanese Students

  • Café Talk
  • English Everywhere
  • Eigox
  • E-communication
  • Mainichi Eikaiwa
  • English Hunt
  • Eigo Power
  • Magic Ears
  • Italki
  • EF (Education First)
  • Amazing Talker
  • Preply
  • Vipkid
  • Cambly
  • S-Lessons

Café Talk

Café Talk is one of the top platforms where you can teach English online to Japanese students with more than 46,000 students tutors usually have a lot of work to do. To get started, all you need to do is apply for an account, complete your profile, take an interview, and you’re in, you can start teaching.

Café Talk also offers other language lessons and teachings in other areas of study such as music, arts, and other unique and engaging lessons. Tutors must make use of Skype on a PC or tablet to deliver lessons and it is not permitted for tutors to make use of smartphones to deliver lessons.

Apply here

English Everywhere

This is also another way to teach English online to Japanese students, English Everywhere is a website where you can teach English online to Japanese students and earn over $15 per hour. To get started you need to go through three application stages which includes:

  1. Once your application is accepted, the website will ask to do a short connection check of your webcam and internet connection
  2. You will go through an interview and lastly,
  3. Do an unpaid interview lesson of 30 minutes to test your teaching skills, student support, and suitability to online teaching.

Immediately you pass these application processes, you can become a tutor on English Everywhere start teaching Japanese students English and earn.

Apply here


On Eigox you can teach English online to Japanese students, it is an online English school based in Japan and hires English teachers from all over the world who can help Japanese student learn English on Skype. Although Eigox pays lesser but the application requirements are much lesser and less stressful compared to the other platforms on this list.

A lesson length is 25 minutes, which you can schedule flexibly, with a pay rate of $1.50 for Filipino and non-native tutors while native and Japanese bilingual tutors are paid $5.40 per 25 minute. Pay rates increases gradually depending on teacher’s work performance.

There are three ways you can deliver lessons on Eigox: free talk, textbook-based learning, and online material-based lessons.

Apply here


Looking for a way to earn money online via teaching? Look no further, you can sign up on E-communication, teach English online to Japanese students and earn a profitable income. This platform happens to be among the highest paying ones, you can earn up to $20 per hour.

Tutors are required to commit to, at least, 20 teaching hours per week but their application requirements are demanding and high too. Requirements include having business experience, Japanese speaking skills, and native English proficiency.

Apply here

Mainichi Eikaiwa

Mainichi Eikaiwa, just like the other platforms on this list, is where you can earn money when you teach English online to Japanese students, but unlike the others on this list, the requirements are high, the teaching time is more, and the pay is low.

The platform prefers tutors mostly from the UK, United States, Australia, Canada, and South Africa. For every 50-minute lesson, tutors earn 1,500 yen which is equivalent to $13.74. Other requirements include:

  1. A minimum of 12 month of English teaching experience
  2. Must have completed college or university and earned a degree
  3. Applicants with a teaching certificate will be given priority
  4. Be creative and have a cheerful personality
  5. Be capable of preparing suitable lessons for each student based on his or her needs and goals
  6. Be available to work 5 days a week and 3 consecutive hours per day
  7. Possess some basic knowledge of Japanese language although this isn’t a necessity.

Apply here

English Hunt

English Hunt was originally a Korean ESL platform but have expanded into Japan and with a TEFL certificate, you can teach English online to Japanese students and even to Korean students. The requirements to become an online tutor on this platform is simple, you must have a bachelor degree in any subject and a either a teaching certificate or 4 years of teaching experience.

As an online tutor on English Hunt, you can earn up to $14 per hour with shifts typically in the afternoon at Korean time. Applicants must be US citizen and own a US bank account to receive payment.

Apply here

Eigo Power

On Eigo Power, you can teach English online to Japanese students of all ages. It is one of the platforms that support online English teaching for kids. The requirements to become an online tutor here is simple, you simply need to demonstrate exceptional English speaking skills and they also accept non-native teachers.

According to industry average, the industry average earning is quite low ranging from $5 – $12 only.

Apply here

Magic Ears

This is another platform to teach English online to Japanese students if you are interested in teaching children. Magic Ears is an innovative online English learning platform for students ages 4-12 and focuses on bringing classroom experience to every child.

The platform isn’t limited to only the Japanese but also to Chinese and other Asian citizen. The classes here are usually 1-1, the pay is okay and schedules are also flexible.

Apply here


Italki is one of the platforms where you can teach English online to Japanese students and earn a reasonable income. This platform allows you set your own rates and teaching hours but the downside is that it is harder to become a tutor here.

Application is easy, you need to have your documents ready though, like a teaching certificate or a degree.

Apply here

EF (Education First)

Education First is one of the largest organization in the world committed to teaching English online to Japanese students and others who want to learn English language for other purposes. The earning is up to $20 per hour and as long as you meet the tough requirements you can be employed and start tutoring Japanese students and others.

Only applicants from the US and UK can apply which is another downside of this platform.

Apply here

Amazing Talker

On Amazing Talker you can teach English to Japanese students at an hourly rate of $120 per hour and you can teach other languages aside English but it is the most in-demand. You need to have relevant teaching experience or certification and also pass the interview to be a tutor on this platform.

Apply here


Preply is one of the online platforms where you can teach English online to Japanese students. It is a private tutoring company with more than 100,000 active students annually. English isn’t the only language or subject taught here, but it happens to be among the most sought after course especially by Asians.

As a tutor, you can earn up to $60 per hour on this platform and you have to be a certified teacher for your application to be accepted on the platform.

Apply here


Vipkid is another way you can teach English online to Japanese students, the online tutoring platform has over 60,000 teachers and 500,000 students across 35 countries. The online English teaching services is not only for Japanese students but to children and adult from different countries.

The teaching schedule is flexible and you can set it on your own and the pay rates starts from $7 to $22 including incentives. The requirements to become a tutor here isn’t tough even undergraduates are qualified to teach.

Apply here


Cambly works differently compared to the other platforms listed here, there’s no fixed curricula instead you teach English to students through chat. In between conversation you get to teach English to students correct their mistakes and make them better at English all the while chatting via video chat or text.

No teaching experience, certificate, or bachelor’s degree is required to become an English tutor on Cambly you simply need to be a native English speaker. You can earn up to $10.20 per hour and it is all fun until you meet student who is shy and can’t keep up with conversations. The schedule is flexible only chatting with students online whenever you are free.

Apply here


Looking to earn from the comfort of your home? Register on S-Lessons, teach Japanese adults and kids English online and earn between $10 to $15 per hour. No stress, no commute, just your convenience, PC, headphones, and a stable internet connection to get you started.

To become an English tutor on the platform you must have a bachelor’s degree along with teaching experience of 1 year or more and intent to work at least 10 hours weekly. The schedule is flexible and a lesson time is around 22 minutes.

Apply here

These are the top 15 platforms where you can teach English online to Japanese students and even students or other individuals who want to learn English for business or general purposes can also refer to these platforms. Although the information provided here is designed for teachers, students too can make use of it to improve on their English speaking and writing abilities.

As an English tutor, wondering how you can find these Japanese students who want to learn English, we have also concocted an article on that to guide you on how to find such students.

How to Find Japanese Students who want to Learn English

In as much as you have followed one or two of the links in each of the platforms where you can teach English online to Japanese students and registered on the platforms, you are automatically connected to many Japanese students who will chose you based on your profile.

Very little of the Japanese population speaks English fluently and others want to learn to become fluent because it opens further opportunities for them. Those running a business or company must have a good understanding of English to operate on a global scale and due to their daunting responsibilities they do not have the time or the leisure to attend a school and this is where remote learning comes in.

The importance of English speaking and writing skills in the Asian world keeps getting high and this has made many parents refer to online platforms where their kids can become fluent in English. Trust me, there are lots of Japanese looking for English tutors online than there are English tutors looking for Japanese to teach English.

In as much as you have fulfilled the registration requirements of the platforms listed above you’d meet a Japanese student to teach sooner or later once your application is accepted. For your application to be accepted you already know the things required and if you do not know, here they are:

  • Teaching experience in any subject (English would be mostly preferred though) of at least one year
  • TEFL or any international teaching certificate
  • A bachelor degree in English or any program
  • Proficiency of English language
  • The intent to work the required hours.

To find Japanese students who want to learn English you must apply to a platform that provides online English teaching services specifically to Japanese students which have been outlined in this article. You will then proceed to apply for the position of an English tutor on the platform, although the platforms are different but their application processes are usually the same and it goes as follow:

  • Register an account and create your profile to allow potential clients (Japanese students) search for you.
  • Upload your qualifications on your profile to allow students see how qualified you are
  • Set your availability and pay rates.

That is pretty much all you need to do to become an English tutor and let Japanese students find you.

This article will guide you to earn from the comfort of your home, learn about other cultures, and gain more teaching experience.