15 Ways to Teach English Online to Chinese Students for Profit

You can teach English online to Chinese students either as a side hustle or full-time job and earn a reasonable income from working from home.

English is a universally spoken language, it is spoken in every nation on earth and, in some cases, used to assess a person’s intelligence. If you have a skill or knowledge that you want to showcase to the world and get accepted quickly, using the English language will get you out faster and worldwide. The importance of speaking fluent English and writing it correctly cannot be stressed enough.

The ability can get you international jobs and connections or if you want to study abroad, it will also come through for you as you have to take an English proficiency test if you are from a Non-English speaking country. People from native English-speaking countries do not go through so much stress that a non-native go through when it comes to proving their English speaking and writing capabilities.

However, those English native speakers can actually make use of their natural skills to make money online from the comfort of their homes. And this is by teaching English online to learners, both adults, and children. Although not only English native speakers can become online English teachers but many websites require them more often.

Being a native English speaker isn’t the only requirement that you must possess to teach English online and earn more, there are other requirements too. Take a quick look at them below.


Requirements to Teach English Online to Chinese Students for Profit

To teach English online, teachers should satisfy the following requirements;

  • English teachers must possess a professional TEFL, CELTA, TESL, or TESOL certification.
  • Be a native English speaker (differs by website) or fluent English speaker
  • Possess prior teaching experience (differs by websites)
  • Hold a four-year bachelor’s degree in education, English, or any field (not mandatory for some websites though).
  • A desktop computer or laptop that is compatible with Mac or Windows OS with a high-quality webcam
  • A headset with a microphone for clearer communication.
  • A fast internet connection
  • Have a proper environment, that is, a proper space to conduct your classes with a clean and appropriate background and quiet space. Adequate lighting and brightness are also considered.

So, you see that being a native English speaker isn’t a major requirement by some websites so is possessing prior experience and a bachelor degree but websites like these are very few and, in most cases, pay less.

Online English teaching websites are a thing and students and learners from all parts of the world, interested in developing their English fluency, can join. Online learning is now the innovative way of learning, people are getting all sorts of accredited degrees this way and you shouldn’t be left out of it as there is so much to gain.

This blog post is specifically designed for teachers who are capable of teaching English online to Chinese students, whether adults or kids. And also, for Chinese students who are looking for ways to develop their English speaking and writing abilities, these websites are great resources and comes with many benefits.

Neither student nor teacher needs to leave their home, all the learning and teaching can be done in environments that are convenient and comfortable for learning and teaching. The tools to participate are the typical digital tools, a laptop, tablet, or PC with clear cameras, a working headset, and a stable internet connection.

Through the listed websites below, you can teach English online to Japanese students and earn a reasonable amount of money without giving up your existing responsibilities. This means that you can combine the online teaching job with the one you are currently doing or take the online teaching as a full-time job, your preference.

Websites to Teach English Online to Chinese Students

  • EF English First
  • iTutorGroup
  • Magic Ears
  • Gogokid
  • iTalki
  • Cambly
  • Preply
  • Classtalk
  • S-Lessons
  • Palfish
  • Eigo Power
  • Lime English
  • VIPX
  • I Coach U

1.      VIPKID

VIPKID is used by thousands of learners from all over the world to learn English online and the website is one of the ways to teach English online to Chinese students. The website is flexible for teachers and has a high pay rate of $14 to $22 per hour and as a teacher, you can set your own schedule and conduct a one-on-one class with a student.

In addition, the website helps you to plan lesson curriculums so that you don’t waste time planning all of that and instead just concentrate on teaching. Teachers must be TEFL certified with a bachelor’s degree in any field and commit to the six-month contract of the platform.

Apply Here

2.      EF English First

English First is one of the oldest companies for online teaching and by signing up as a teacher on the website you can teach English online to Chinese students and earn $10-$17 per hour. You can teach adults or young pupils either as a group or a one-on-one option and work with a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

The teaching curriculum is also pre-planned for you to focus solely on teaching. You must have a teaching certificate and a bachelor’s degree in any field to work on English First.

Apply Here

3.      iTutorGroup

iTutorGroup is an online education company with its headquarters in Shanghai, China, and may also be known as Tutor ABC. To teach English online to Chinese students on this website, you must be TEFL certified with a bachelor’s degree. You can conduct one-on-one classes or a group classroom of no more than six students.

Here, materials are also provided for you and you may be teaching Chinese students or adults. The pay per hour is from 5 – 22 dollars and you can earn bonuses as well which gets better the longer you keep working with the company.

Apply Here

4.      Magic Ears

If you are from any of the native English-speaking countries and need a hassle-free side hustle to earn from, you may consider signing up on Magic Ears and teach English online to Chinese students. Classes are conducted one-on-one paying up to $26 per hour. You will only be teaching young Chinese learners aged 4-12 years old.

It is actually a Chinese-based company and you don’t even need a bachelor’s degree to become a teacher but you must have a teaching certificate like a TEFL or TESOL.

Apply Here

5.      Gogokid

Gogokid is always on the lookout to employ people who can teach English online to Chinese students. The classes here are one-on-one sessions and you will be teaching kids from the ages of 4 to 12 years old. It is a good choice among parents who want to kids to learn English from a young age. To take up this job, you need to hold a bachelor’s degree, be a native English speaker, get a teaching certificate, and have 2 years of teaching experience.

The requirements to teach on Gogokids is by far the toughest but the pay is reasonable at $14 to $25 per hour along with the bonuses you can earn depending on your performance ratings, experience, and a number of hours online.

Apply Here

6.      iTalki

Italki is one of the platforms where you may earn a decent living when you teach English online to Chinese students. This site lets you choose your own pricing and teaching hours, however, it is more difficult to become an instructor on this platform. The application process is simple, but you must have your supporting credentials ready, such as a teaching certificate with a degree.

iTalki is actually a website where you can learn a wide range of languages and not English alone. Classes are conducted one-on-one via video chat.

Apply Here

7.      Cambly

If you are no native English speaker, have zero teaching experience, don’t have a teaching certificate, and have no bachelor’s degree but still want to teach English online to Chinese students, then Cambly is the place for you. The website has no requirements to accept teachers unto their website, but there are tough rigorous processes that you need to go through before getting accepted.

Teaching is done via video chat or text and you can earn up to $10.20 per hour. The website works differently from the others here, there is no fixed curriculum, you simply go online, meet a student and teach them English either via text or video chat and correcting their grammatical errors to help them improve.

Apply Here

8.      Preply

Preply is an online platform that allows you to teach English online to Chinese students. It is a private teaching firm that has thousands of active pupils each year. Although English is not the only language or topic taught here, it is one of the most popular, particularly among Asians.

You can make up to $60 per hour as a tutor on this platform, but you must be a certified instructor for your application to be accepted.

Apply Here

9.      Classtalk

At Classtalk, you can teach English online to Chinese students between the ages of 6 and 10 years old. As a new teacher, the average pay is about $20 per hour and goes higher if you teach more classes every month. The platform also prepares teaching materials for teachers, so don’t worry about creating one.

The requirements include possessing one year of teaching experience, a teaching certificate, and a bachelor’s degree in education or any field.

Apply Here

10. S-Lessons

Are you looking for a way to make money from the comfort of your own home? S-Lessons allows you to teach Japanese adults and children English online and earn $10 to $15 per hour. There’s no stress, no commute; all you need is a computer, headphones, and a reliable internet connection to get started.

To work as an English tutor on the platform, you must have a bachelor’s degree, at least one year of teaching experience, and the desire to work at least 10 hours a week. The schedule is customizable, with each course lasting approximately 22 minutes.

Apply Here

11. Palfish

At Palfish you need to have a bachelor’s degree in any major or field, be TEFL certified, and be a native English speaker before you can be able to teach English online to Chinese students. You will be working with students as young as three years old, therefore, you need to have teaching experience to work well with these kids.

It has an application that is Android and iOS compatible. You can set your hourly rates between $10 to $30 per hour.

Apply Here

12. Eigo Power

You may teach English online to Chinese students of all ages on Eigo Power. It’s one of the sites that help kids learn English online. To become an online tutor here, all you have to do is show that you have great English speaking skills, and they allow non-native teachers. Teaching certificates and bachelor’s degrees aren’t required, it is quite similar to Cambly.

The industry average earnings are extremely modest, ranging from $5 to $12 only, according to the industry average.

Apply Here

13. Lime English

Lime English is a company with the goal of connecting Chinese students with English teachers. They are searching for teachers who can assist pupils with writing and reading rather than focusing on speaking. This is a fantastic option if you’re comfortable teaching and editing written English materials.

The bulk of the students are children between the ages of 5 and 12. You can customize your timetable to meet your specific needs. Bonuses are provided to teachers who work extra hours or have excellent ratings. A teaching certificate and bachelor’s degree are required to work here. The pay rate is between $16 and $25 per hour.

Apply Here

14. VIPX

VIPX is a component of TAL, which is one of China’s major public education databases and one of the websites to teach English online to Chinese students. The firm employs English teachers who can provide one-on-one tutoring to Chinese kids aged 4 to 15. With nearly 90% of teachers scheduled for sessions, this platform has one of the greatest booking rates on the market.

Cambridge and National Geographic will give you educational materials to use. Future Cloud, an interactive platform that allows students to contact directly with teachers, is used by the company. You will get 24 hours after each lesson to provide feedback on the student’s performance. A bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate are required. The pay rate is $20 to $22 per hour.

Apply Here

15. I Coach U

On our final list of websites to teach English online to Chinese students is I Coach U. it is a company that matches Chinese students with fluent English speakers. The Wuhan-based company creates online classrooms and tutoring sessions using an online education platform. You can teach a group of pupils at the same time or just one at a time. You may be able to work in onsite classrooms if you are an English teacher living in China.

You don’t have to plan your own lessons because the courses are already prepared. In addition, the organization has a technical support team that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with any streaming issues you may encounter throughout your courses. You must possess prior teaching experience, a bachelor’s degree, and a teaching certificate to work on the website.

Apply Here

These are the websites to teach English online to Chinese students, meet the requirements before applying as a teacher.

Ways to Teach English Online to Chinese Students

Here’s how you can teach English online to Chinese students;

  • Become TEFL certified or get an accredited and recognized teaching certification
  • Apply to online companies or websites where you can teach English online to Chinese students just like the ones above.
  • Factor in the time difference, depending on where you live in the world you might be expected to work mornings, evenings, or weekends.
  • Convert a space in your home into a virtual classroom
  • Plan your lessons, most of these websites plan lessons for you by the way
  • Know about your students’ interest
  • Encourage your students.


Can I teach English online to Chinese students without a degree?

Yes, you can teach English online to Chinese students without a degree, some of the websites here do not make having a degree mandatory to teach with.

How much can I make teaching English online to Chinese students?

The amount of money you make teaching English online to Chinese students depends on the website and the amount of work you put in but the typical rate is $20 per hour.

How can I teach English online in China?

Look for websites that allow you to teach English online to Chinese students, 15 of them have been outlined and discussed in this blog post, meet the necessary requirements, then sign up and start teaching.