10 Free Online Summer Programs for High School Students

In this article, you will find a number of free online summer programs for high school students available on the internet for students from all over the world.

Summer programs aid students greatly in their pursuit for academic excellence and is one of the best ways to have students engaged in productive academic activities during holiday breaks.

Online courses undoubtedly have become the most widely patronized courses across the globe because of their availability to all and sundry. Country and current location of students do not limit them from taking most online courses as they are not location bound.


Free Online Summer Programs for High School Students

Below is a detailed list of schools across the globe that offer free online summer programs for high school students.

  • Husson University Early College Access Programs (ECAP)
  • K12 tuition-free online summer programs for high school students
  • Princeton Summer Journalism programs
  • National history academy online for high school students
  • Norwich University of arts summer workshops
  • Bentley University summer athletic camps
  • University of Pennsylvania programs for high school students
  • University of New Hampshire upward bound summer programs
  • Girls coding summer immersion programs
  • Telluride Association Summer Programs(TASP)

Husson University Early College Access Programs (ECAP)

Husson is among the best schools to study free online summer programs for high school students. with Husson’s Early College Access Programs(ECAP), you get a headstart as senior and junior high school students enroll in tuition-free programs to earn credits that count towards a degree program.

ECAP is only open to high school senior and junior students who want to study free online programs and have a cumulative GPA of at least 80 or its equivalent.

Students who have been accepted into ECAP can enroll for 2 courses in a single semester for a maximum total of 21 points within a span of two years; this depends on space availability in chosen courses. some courses have special requirements a student must meet up with to be enrolled.

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K12 Tuition-free Online Summer Programs for High School Students

With summertime you can explore career courses, students to enter grades 9 – 12 in the fall can attend the academy for tuition-free online summer programs for high school students and earn credits while still exploring high-demand career fields in their different schools of learning.

Three categories of tuition-free programs are available in the academy and they are as listed below

Business and Marketing Programs

Students have a chance to explore both business and marketing programs and choose which area to pursue in the programs.

Students are taught the basics of marketing, human resources management, and financial management. they are also required to complete projects to gain a professional on the work of these business functions in real businesses.

Healthcare Programs

Students are also introduced to different aspects of health care and medical science, they study them and take decisions on the part to follow. Students are taught different concepts which include; disease prevention, personal health management, and social work.

They are also required to complete projects to gain a complete understanding of the different aspects of health care.

IT Programs

Students are also introduced to different and diverse technological related careers and they make their choices on which careers to follow; the careers are: networking information support, web and digital communications, and programming and software development. They are also required to complete projects on their different courses to ensure professionalism.

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Princeton Summer Journalism Programs

The Princeton Summer Journalism Programs are open to students from historically underrepresented backgrounds who have an interest in journalism a 10-day journalism program every August on the campus of Princeton University where students will be exposed to different varieties of opportunities available in the field of journalism.

PSJP students would visit Princeton from their town or state and stay in Princeton undergraduate dorms, attending professional workshops and lectures and learning skills to produce their own newspaper.

Students also get the opportunity to tour big news organizations like the New York Times and Huffington posts and Bloomberg also covering a professional sports event; cover news events in the Princeton area; they also film and produce a short documentary; attend a film or theatre production;  and to conduct an investigative project; author a group blog; and report, write, edit and design their own newspaper, which is published on the program’s last day.

All costs incurred in any type of transportation, feeding, housing, technology, and resources are covered in the program.

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National History Academy Online for High School Students

National history academy is ranked among the best schools for free online summer programs, it is open for high school students interested in law, history, and government of the united states.

National history academy puts students in an inspiring and desirably conducive learning environment. each week students spend two days visiting historic sites and delving deeply into the major themes related to the challenging issues the US faces as a country today.

The academies website allows the students classroom interactions with professionals.

Four sessions are held yearly in their free online summer programs for high school students, and students can participate in as little as 1 program and as much as 4 programs.

The four programs are listed below in chronological order:

  • July 6- July 10 – “James Madison, the ‘Federal Negative,’ and the Making of the U.S. Constitution”
  • July 13- July 17 – “A Nation Divided: The United States and the Challenge of Secession”
  • July 20- July 24 – “Martin Luther King and the Struggle for Black Voting Rights”
  • July 27- July 31 -“Democracy and Women’s Rights in America: The Fight Over the ERA.

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Norwich University of Arts Free Online Summer Workshops

Norwich University of arts is undoubtedly one of the best universities in Norwich for free online summer programs for high school students. high school students between the ages of 14-19 can join free Summer School workshops with Norwich University of the Arts.

Students get various level of skills from designing album covers to sculpturing, expressive painting, and character design, the NUA staff and graduates teach new skills to the students who attend the workshop and help them to build a creative portfolio for university.

In this free online summer programs for high school students, the students join sessions to help them acquire the knowledge on how they could bring together a unique portfolio and explore the many opportunities that are available in the creative industries.

Attendees to the NUA Summer School programs will receive an official certificate that can be included in their Curriculum Vitae.

To get a certificate, all an attendee has to do is to attend a minimum of 6 workshops and send the university the outcomes from at least 3 workshops. below are the two most popular of their numerous programs:

2D Animation Character Design with Recycled Materials

What is needed? You will need to bring together some recycled materials for this workshop

Workshop skills to be learned: You will learn skills that can be used across Visual Effects, Animations, Games, Illustration, Art, and Designs.

An Introduction to Typography Design

Join BA Graphic Design lecturer Jamie Johnstone, for an introductory talk and workshop on the different uses of typography design across the creative industry.

What is needed? You will need to get together some small household materials for this workshop.

Workshop skills to be learned: You will learn skills that can be used across Illustrations, Graphics, and Fine Art.

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Bentley University Summer Athletic Camps

Bentley University has earned a reputation as the best university for athletic training camps in New England; their programs are one of the free online summer programs for high school students.

In Bentley University camp, students get the opportunity to learn the skills and strategies of different sports from professional and high qualified sports professionals.

In their 52 years of existence, they have remained among the best Universities enrolling in free online summer programs for high school students because of these special qualities:

Sports Staff: They run their programs with quality staff which includes quality and professional players and coaches from top college programs.

Sports facilities:

  • Natural and artificial turf fields
  • Olympic-sized swimming pool
  • Lunch provided each day (does not include clinic)
  • Camp t-shirt
  • Newly renovated fitness center
  • Six indoor volleyball courts and six outdoor grass courts
  • 12 full-size basketball courts (indoor and outdoor)

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University of Pennsylvania Programs for High School Students

The University of Pennsylvania’s free summer programs for high school students provide the students with a college-level experience that acts as a catalyst to facilitate the transition from high school to college.

Their free summer programs are one of the best as the students get first-hand information and training in the laboratory from professionals and also get involved in a wide range of social activities including excursions and professional trips.

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University of New Hampshire Upward Bound Summer Programs

The University of New Hampshire was created to help students to achieve higher education with the help of a federally funded college preparatory program; they run one of the best free online summer programs for high school students. The program accepts 114 new students annually.

For a student to be eligible for this program, the student must have been attending Farmington, Somersworth, Spaulding, Manchester Central, Memorial, or West High Schools.

In the six-week summer residential program conducted by the school, students live on the campus of the University of New Hampshire; taking academic courses, participating in professional activities, receiving tutoring, or attending career workshops and college visits.

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Girls Coding Summer Immersion Programs

Girls who code summer immersion programs have a reputation as the best in conducting free online programs for high school students meant exclusively for girls.

It is a non-profit organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology as they are here to eliminate gender discrimination in the programming and digital world at large. They get involved in project-based learning together with networking and the connecting and appointment of women into high tech companies.

Their free seven-week program of training is open both to current high school girls and sophomores. During the summer programs, girls will learn how to code and get exposed to jobs in the high-technology industry, the programs are held yearly in several cities of the nation.

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Telluride Association Summer Programs(TASP)

The Telluride Association Summer Programs(TASP) is one of the best free online programs for high school students; they yearly conduct a six-week professional education for high school students.
Students participate in seminars held by professionals and heads of the colleges and universities, and also in educational and social activities in and outside the classroom.
The program accepts all students who seek to join it, but it does not provide any type of certificates, grades, or college credits.
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free online summer programs for high school students


In this article is listed 10 free online summer programs for high school students and all necessary information, regarding eligibility and additional cost of participation in the various programs.

The application links to the various programs have also been provided accordingly to aid easy access.