Top 13 Non Physical Jobs That Pay Well

Physical jobs come with plenty of stress and if you don’t want that you can switch to any of the non physical jobs that pay well and work conveniently from wherever you are. 

The world has gone digital and traditional businesses and companies that cannot keep up with the trend are doomed to fail. The digital space is vast and teeming with endless opportunities few of which have been explored and implemented. If you think the opportunities of the internet have been fully explored, then you need to think again because not even the tip has been fully explored.

Many businesses were able to fully reach their potential with the advent of the internet and also new ideas were born forth through it that have contributed to and changed the world. These days, some traditional companies are closing up their physical spaces and fully going digital, so all of their operations including employees will all go “non-physical” and work from home or work online.

Jobs that require physical presence are really stressful compared to jobs that don’t, you will have to go through the hassle of going to and from work, keeping up an appearance for your boss and co-workers, and it is not flexible. Non-physical jobs are highly flexible, you won’t have to go through the stress of going to a physical working location daily, and you get to work from the comfort of your home or any other place.

Working from home or doing non-physical jobs may appeal to you for several reasons. This gives you more freedom in your daily routine, the opportunity to work for companies in another state or country or to pursue other interests while still earning a steady income. As an insurance agent or medical coder, for example, some non-physical jobs require specific technical skills or degrees.

In addition to technical skills, some non-physical or work-from-home jobs require artistic skills, such as writing or design. In the search for a new remote job, you have a variety of options. As a work-from-home person, you get to wake up whenever you choose not because an alarm clock went off, but because you are ready to start your day.

You can get out of bed and make a cup of coffee, take your time reading the newspaper, magazine, or novel before sitting down at your computer to work for a few hours, and earn some substantial cash – all while still in your pajamas. If this appeals to you then keep reading the blog post.

In this article, we have discussed the non physical jobs that pay well – they can also be regarded as online jobs that pay well – if you are already in the workforce and want to change to a more suitable career then you should consider going for a non physical or online job. The same goes for people who are yet to enter the workforce, you may want to consider going for a degree program that would get you an online job.


What is a non-physical job?

A non-physical job is a job that you won’t be present physically, you will be a full-time employee working from home, mostly online.

How to find non-physical jobs that pay well?

To find non-physical jobs that pay well or online jobs that pay well you will need to reach out to local businesses, show them your skill, and how much you’d offer them if you work from home. You can also head to freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to seek clients and they do pay well.

Non Physical Jobs That Pay Well

Listed and discussed here are the non physical jobs that pay well which you may consider kick-starting a career in.

1.      Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer is one of the non physical jobs that pay well, you can decide to go freelance and offer your services to various companies, organizations, and clients in general or you can just work with a particular company or client. Going freelance and working with different people will offer you more pay, better exposure, and build your experience with working and dealing with different people.

Whether going freelance or not, whichever one you chose, you can work directly from the comfort of your home or any other place that is convenient for you. However, there has to be a medium for active communication between you and your client so that you can clearly create what they need.

Visual material is created by graphic designers, both in print and digital formats. They also work on advertising projects such as newsletters as well as digital media projects such as film, website or app design, product packaging, or architectural designs. A firm, client, or art director will provide a graphic designer with a statement or idea that they want to visually represent. After that, the designer combines text, graphics, and color to create the visual element.

Average Salary: $18.26 hourly

2.      Web Developer

This is one of the top growing jobs in the digital space and also one of the non physical jobs that pay well. Traditional businesses migrating to the digital space usually create a website and even new businesses need a website to offer their services and so on. Aside from businesses creating websites for their services, individuals also own websites to further market themselves and their brands.

To do this, they require the skill of a website developer who will program the site to suit the taste and style of the client as well as fulfill the purpose of the services they want to offer.

Average Salary: $71,626 per year

3.      Programmer

Programming is also one of the skills conceived with the invention of the internet and it involves writing code that powers software applications. Using different computer languages, a computer programmer can build, test, and fix programs. As a programmer, you can specialize in different kinds of applications that fall under mobile programs development or software as a service.

You will also be responsible for tasks such as translating program designs into code, be a master of computer languages, and test and troubleshoot programs. You can decide to work freelance or be attached to just one client or company, whichever one you choose to do, you can totally work from home as it is a non-physical job

Average Salary: $67,099 per year

4.      Medical Coder

This is one of the non physical jobs that pay well and the duties of a medical coder include performing coding and abstracting on outpatient medical records. It really isn’t a hard job and it is in fact one of the fun jobs that pay well and also one of the low-stress jobs that pay well.

To start a career in this field, you will need a degree, diploma, or certificate to properly equip you with the adequate skills to do the job effectively. You don’t need to go through the stress of earning a bachelor’s degree in this field, an associate degree is substantial enough to get you working in a health care facility or insurance company.

Medical coders can’t do freelance unlike the others on this list, they must be attached to a particular company and this is because they deal with sensitive data that concerns health.

Average Salary: $49,204

5.      Insurance Agent

This is one of the non physical jobs that pay well and if you are tired of the rigorous hassle that comes with the traditional working style, then you may want to consider switching to being an insurance agent. The duties of an insurance agent or broker are to provide customers with a variety of insurance plans and assist them in selecting the policies that best suit their requirements and circumstances.

There are different types of insurance agents, there are agents who specialize in providing health insurance and there are others that are specialized in covering damage of properties. You will develop positive working relationships with clients, approach them via cold calling and direct mail to inquire about their insurance situations and future needs, and deliver policy needs.

Average Salary: $55,651 per year

6.      Online Tutor

Online tutor is actually a real thing, aside from your teachers and professors that make use of online learning platforms to tutor students, there are platforms built to tutor students online in a wide range of academic subjects from primary to tertiary institutions. One of these platforms is, the website that provides learning services to primary and secondary school students from all over the world in English language teaching.

There are other websites like this, some focusing on a particular subject and others teaching a wide range of subjects. There are online tutors on these websites available 24/7 to teach you, help you study, review test and assignment subjects, and further explain subject areas where students are having trouble with.

To be an online tutor, you must be good at the subject you want to teach. You can be a graduate, an undergraduate, or just someone skilled or experienced in a particular subject. You will also need a computer and a stable internet connection.

Average Salary: $24.30 per hour

7.      Freelance Editor

This is one of the non physical jobs that pay well, if you have an eye for spotting mistakes on articles and regularly itching to just edit it while reading then you should consider a career in this job. Aside from being one of the non physical jobs that pay well, it is also one of the fun jobs that pay and you could work from home and earn a fat check monthly.

As a freelance editor, you won’t be tied down to a single client or company, you get to spread your wings, meet different kinds of people, explore various ideas, build your expertise, gain more exposure, wide experience, and make more money.

Average Salary: $22.83 per hour

8.      Blogger

Blogging is one of the non physical jobs that pay well and one of the perks of this job is that you really have no boss or client in any way. All the non-physical jobs listed here are flexible, that is, you get to decide your working hours and how much you work in a day or hours but you still need to answer someone but blogging doesn’t have that, it is truly flexible.

To become a blogger doesn’t need a degree but you will need to go through some training on how to use the right tools the right way. However, if you can plan, research, write, and edit articles to actually solve a problem then you should consider being a blogger.

Average Salary: $18.83 per hour

9.      Grant Writer

Grant writers cultivate and build relationships with donors through their work. Additionally, they create and maintain a schedule of reporting deadlines as well as draught proposals, donor appeals, and acknowledgment letters.

Grant writing is one of the non physical jobs that pay well allowing you a gracious amount of flexibility and work from anywhere that is convenient for you which could also be your home.

Average Salary: $46,577 per year

10. Freelance Marketing Consultant

Freelance marketing consulting is one of the non physical jobs that pay well and it is also a fun job that gives a fat check monthly with a low amount of stress. With the help of executives and high-level managers, freelance marketing consultants develop a strategic positioning plan.

It is also their job to create a written marketing plan addressing core initiatives and recommend product positioning approaches for each new offering.

Average Salary: $32.89 per hour

11. Virtual Assistant

With companies and other various businesses going fully digital, there is a higher need for virtual assistants. Virtual assistants as the name implies are on the other side of a computer or smartphone somewhere in one part of the world taking the calls of a manager or CEO of a company, scheduling meetings for them, and generally assisting them in their job.

If you can handle it, you can be a virtual assistant to more than one person and build your expertise and experience and earn more money. You’re basically doing the job of a normal assistant or secretary only in this case you are virtual.

Average Salary: $500 – $2,000 per month

12. Technical Writers

This is one of the non physical jobs that pay well and also a fun one too that comes with low stress. Operational procedures and manuals are written by technical writers who develop them from the ground up. Technical design specifications and test scripts are researched, developed, and documented, and electronic documentation is produced alongside hard copy guides.

Average Salary: $34,343 per year

13. Transcription

On our final list of non physical jobs that pay well is a transcription and it is an in-demand online job that requires you to convert audio files to text. Your task is to listen to a set of audio tracks and type up what you hear. There is a need for fast typing, decent grammar skills, and patience as you may receive files with a lot of background noise and varied accents from time to time.

Average Salary: $45,000 per year

These are the top 13 non physical jobs that pay well and I hope they have helped help you decide on a career.