10 Fastest Online Accelerated Bachelor Degrees

Here you will find a number of top fastest online bachelor degree programs that you can take and obtain a degree in a very short time of maybe 2yrs, a year, or even less.

So, relax and read thoroughly before you decide which bachelor’s degree to go for as this article will certainly help you make a good choice on acquiring the fastest online bachelor’s degree.

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Fastest Online Bachelor Degree

Thanks to the invention of the internet lots of progress have been made in every major sector/organization in the world and the education sector is not left out of this progress. The internet did make everything easy and the revolution that came with it is amazing and comfortable compared to archaic times.

Gone are the days when it is only through physical institutions that people could get a degree from, the internet has made it easier for people who are not, maybe, chanced or suffer some sort of disability to go online and acquire an actual bachelor’s degree.

We all know there are different kinds of degrees but in this case, it is just going to be a bachelor’s degree.

A bachelor’s degree is a type of undergraduate degree awarded to a student by his/her college or university upon completion of a course of study which, depending on the university or college and academic discipline, may last three years or more.

Now bringing it to the online aspect, an online bachelor’s degree is a degree awarded to a student who completes their course of study online and the period of getting this degree depends on the academic discipline taken by the student.

However, I do not feel that acquiring an online bachelor’s degree is lower than the one acquired offline (physically) I assure you that they are the same and can be used in the same situation.

Advantage Of Acquiring An Online Bachelor Degree Over An Offline Bachelor Degree

Getting a bachelor’s degree offline is stressful, you’ll get to attend classes daily unlike online where all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

To acquire an offline bachelor degree a designated place is needed hence the building “institution”, an online student could receive lectures anywhere that they are comfortable with.

Acquiring an online bachelor is not expensive, this is in comparison with what it would take you to obtain the same degree the conventional way.

Since you have acquainted yourself with what an online bachelor’s degree is and its advantages I will now dive into the main topic.

10 Fastest Online Bachelor Degree Programs

Unlike the traditional way of acquiring a bachelor’s degree which takes up to 3 years or more, getting an accelerated bachelor’s degree online takes half the time.

  • Business Administration
  • Health and Nursing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Radiologic Science
  • Information Technology
  • Liberal Studies
  • Mass Communication
  • Organizational Management
  • Professional Childcare Studies
  • Computer Technology Studies

The above-listed course of study can be taken by anyone that is, people already in the workforce or about to enter the workforce as it would sharpen the corporate skills of those already working and give them better chances of getting promoted.

For those about to enter the workforce, it will make them seek for better and higher job positions.

How To Apply For Online Accelerated Bachelor Degree Programs

Just as there are processes for applying to an on-ground university or college, there are also processes involved in applying for an online accelerated bachelor degree program and these processes are;

  1. The first and most important step is to apply.
  2. With your application documents, you will submit your grade reports, essays together with other supporting or requested documents.
  3. Personal materials such as a working email address, phone number, and other contact details.
  4. Your high school diploma or proof of graduation would be required.
  5. Academic GPA with high school transcript
  6. SAT or ACT scores may also be required
  7. Recommendations from counselor or teacher.

However, there are different and lots of online universities which differs thus their requirements are different and not all may require all of the process or materials I listed above while some may require all of that and lot more, feel free to learn more

Some Available Universities For Accelerated Degrees

  • Albertus Magnus College
    The college’s Online & Flex Programs are innovative, accelerated courses designed for working adults seeking to advance their skills or acquire new competencies. Students can earn 30 credits within a year by taking up to three courses in either six- or eight-week terms. Credit transfers of up to 90 credit hours are allowed as well.
  • Arkansas Tech University
    Their accelerated online learning focuses on business, technology, healthcare, and education with specialty on Agriculture Business, Applied Leadership, Child Development, Criminal Justice, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Interdisciplinary Studies, Public Relations, and Workforce Technology.
  • Becker College
    Becker College offers online degrees that can be completed in five, seven or 15 weeks. To get your degree fast, you can opt to enroll in a summer team or winter intersession. The program also runs a generous credit transfer program and accepts up to 90 credits.

As I mentioned earlier, the process of online application for a fast bachelor degree is almost the same as applying to a normal university the only difference being that it happens online and besides any university, you are applying to online have a section on their website to guide students through the process.

Conclusion To The 10 Fastest Online Accelerated Bachelor Degree Programs

These 10 fastest online accelerated bachelor degree programs in 2020 can be completed in one year or less, unlike traditional means which could take four years or more.

Now, the major advantage of taking these courses online is that they are faster, in fact, they are the fastest courses to take for a degree certificate online but you should also know that it majorly depends on how serious you take them.


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