11 Best Federal Government Jobs Without Degree

In our contemporary times, you’d hardly get a good job if you don’t have a degree. But is that always the case? Well, I got good news for you. There are federal government jobs without degree that you can get now.

These jobs are entry-level government jobs and no experience is needed for you to get them as you will be trained on how to go about the job. You will be placed under the federal payment roll so you will get paid when other federal workers get paid.

In this guide, I’ll share with you trusted hacks on how to land federal government jobs even when you don’t have a degree.

Meanwhile, look through the table of contents for an overview of what to expect from this article.

Are there Federal Government Jobs Without Degree?

Yes! There are a lot of federal government jobs you can get without a degree. In the next few lines, I’m going to share some of them with you. Do take your time to read through.

Federal Government Jobs Without Degree (No Experience Needed)

Here below are some of the federal government jobs we found you can do without a degree or prior experience.

1. Census-Taker

Census Takers are employees of the U.S. Census Bureau who visit people at their homes to help them complete their questionnaires during the ongoing census. T

Basically, Census takers help to collect important data and then report back to the U.S. Census Bureau. The U.S. The Census Bureau takes this data to make sense of the population’s needs.

Census Takers only need a High School diploma to fill these positions. In 2020, during the last census, Census Takers made around $18.55 per hour.

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2. Deputy Librarian

Library assistants work in public libraries, shelving books, assisting patrons, and assisting students in finding the materials they need to finish their curriculum.

A High School diploma plus a postsecondary certificate is usually all that is required to work as a Library Assistant.

Last year, the average annual income for Library Assistants was $30,560.

3. Social Service Assistants

Working as a social worker is one of the best federal government jobs without degree.

Social Service assistants work for government agencies and help needy people obtain services such as housing, social workers, and mental/physical care.

To work as a Social Services Assistant, a high school diploma is usually required.

The average income for Social Services Assistants was $35,960 in 2019 and it is projected to hit $50,000 by 2022.

4. Accounting Technicians

Accounting Technicians perform clerical work to guarantee that their company has access to the most up-to-date tax and financial data.

They keep track of their organization’s financial activities, handle payroll, generate invoices, prepare budget reports, and manage payroll. While many Accounting Technicians have a Bachelor’s degree, anyone with a High School diploma can work in this area.

Accounting Technicians earned $41,230 per year in 2020 and can earn up to $60,000 by 2022.

5. Court Clerks

Court Clerks aid lawyers, judges, and court personnel in holding smooth and effective trials in both local and federal courts. Court clerks keep track of data, appoint jurors, and keep track of proceedings.

A High School diploma is required for entry-level Court Clerks, while other positions in the judicial system may require a Bachelor’s degree or a postgraduate credential.

According to a report, the average wage for court clerks ranges between $60,130 to $65,000.

6. Data Entry Clerk 

Working as a Data Entry Clerk is one of the federal government jobs without degree you can get now.

Here’s why they are in high demand: keeping government institutions working smoothly and efficiently requires a high level of organization. This is when Data Entry Clerks come in handy.

So Data entry experts organize and digitize important files, update client accounts, and, in some situations, provide phone or in-person customer assistance.

Data entry clerks aren’t required to have a four-year degree but are usually expected to have prior customer service experience and knowledge of Microsoft Office and Excel.

In 2019, Data Entry Clerks earned an average of $34,820. It is expected that by 2025, Data Entry Clerks will earn at least $70, 000.

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7. Mailers

Mail Carriers carry mail and goods to people’s homes on a regular basis for the United States Postal Service. They are the backbones of their communities, cultivating relationships with local residents and representing the USPS.

Mail carriers do not require a bachelor’s degree, but they must pass a written exam to be hired.

Mailers earned around $52,150 in 2019 and it is expected that they will earn almost twice of that in the next five years.

8. Supply Agents

The United States Military is the most well-known federal employer of Supply Technicians. Supply Technicians are in charge of the delivery and storage of items for the organizations for which they work.

This work requires excellent organizational, attention to detail, and writing skills.

The average salary for Supply Technicians in 2019 was $47,348 and may grow exponentially in the coming year.

9. Prison Warders

Becoming a correctional officer or prison warder is one of the federal government jobs without a degree.

A correctional officer’s primary responsibilities include maintaining order in jails and prisons by enforcing rules.

Basically, they look for contraband, manage detainees, and keep track of their actions. They help inmates get back on their feet and offer therapy to criminals. Officers inspect facilities to ensure that they meet the necessary requirement

The last time we checked, correctional officers earned $36,483 per year and it is projected to grow by 5% in the next two years.

10. Administrative Assistant

Another one on our list of federal government jobs without degrees is the Administrative assistant job.

Administrative assistants are employed in county, state, or federal government positions such as working for politicians, courthouses, or the armed services.

They typically answer phones, take memos and maintain files. They also greet clients and customers and may be in charge of sending and receiving correspondence and documents.

Administrative assistants create spreadsheets and presentations and provide support to senior management.

11. Subway Operators 

This is another federal government job you can get without a degree in the United States.

Subway operators’ primary responsibilities include driving trains or streetcars along authorized routes that are either above ground or below. Signals are used by subway and streetcar operators to determine when to stop, slow down, or proceed.

They basically deliver announcements about upcoming stops, destinations, and delays. Operators keep an eye out for debris or individuals on the rails and ensure that passengers are safe.

This year, Subway Operators earned $43,792.

How to Get a Government Job Without a Degree

Just like I said in my opening words, I reminded you how it is difficult to land any meaningful job without a university degree. And you can quickly agree with me on this.

However, you can land yourself some good Federal Government Jobs Without Degree. Yea. So, that’s what I want to show you here in this section.

Very quickly, here’s how to get federal government jobs without degree.

Use your skills and abilities

If you’ve ever looked at government jobs, you’ll know they have several hiring standards. However, each federal agency has its own procedures that you should study and learn before applying for a job in it.

So, to help you do this, ensure that your resume successfully highlights your college-level knowledge, skills, and abilities and that you outline relevant experience in extra questions.

Go for internships

If you’re resolved to work for the government, accept that the employment market is tough and that certain agencies are cutting staff. Some graduates are preparing for government employment by doing unpaid internships with their target agencies.

So In addition to your significant experience, seek internships with these government agencies. The internship may provide valuable networking opportunities. Also, be careful what obligations you take because federal rules limit unpaid work.

Surf through the Internet

Government agencies may provide options for kids in high school or college to earn full-time employment. Use the websites of the agency you want to work for to find possibilities while in school, including paid internships, and after graduation.

You can apply to the US government’s Recent Graduates program two years after graduating from high school. Veterans can get up to six years following graduation. There is a possibility of permanent employment through the program.

Polish your Personal Qualities

It’s really important you prepare properly before getting in for public service. Government organizations need candidates who can adapt to their culture and work long-term.

You need strong recommendations, no criminal record.

Also note that government jobs may need security clearances, financial background investigations, physical exams, aptitude tests, or other personal inspections. So it’s good to put all these into consideration.

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Where To Get Federal Government Jobs

If you are in the US, you can find federal government jobs on USAJOBS.GOV, there are a lot of jobs where no experience or degree is needed. Visit USAJOBS.gov if you want one. It’s the federal government’s job portal.

On USAJOBS, you can:

  • Find employment, including high-demand occupations.
  • Find government jobs for students.
  • Learn about non-US government positions.
  • Apply for Federal Jobs

How to apply for Federal Government Jobs

  • To apply, you need a USAJOBS profile.
  • So, create an account on the platform
  • A login.gov account is required for USAJOBS. Join login.gov.
  • Sign up with USAJOBS and upload your resume.
  • Find jobs that appeal to you.
  • Examine the job postings for eligibility.
  • Apply in USAJOBS.
  • Apply via USAJOBS to the federal agency with the job opening.


Aside from USAJOBS, some government agencies offer jobs on their own websites. Find a certain agency’s webpage using the A-Z Index of Government Agencies.

So we hope this article meets what you requested. If you have concerns or contributions as regards the article, kindly let me in the comment section.