How to Obtain an Associate Degree in 6 Months Online

Hello everyone looking for how to obtain an Associate Degree in 6 Months online, in this post we would take our time in breaking down what it takes, if it is possible to obtain an associate degree in 6 months online, if they are indeed relevant for individuals to partake in, and how to obtain an associate degree in 6 months online.

We would love to ensure that everyone that gets on this website gets to have the information dished out in easily digestible, easy-to-understand bits, and this post would not be any different, as we love to stick to tradition.

So our advice is for you to sit back, relax, and let us take you on this cruise around how to obtain an associate degree in 6 months online, and we assure you that this will be a worthwhile adventure.

What is an Associate Degree?

For those who are truly not in the know, an associate degree is an undergraduate degree program that is awarded at the finishing point of the course after the completion of secondary education after meeting the required grades for admission, an associate degree varies from 6 months to 2 years as regards the time of completion of study which is determined by the institution plus governmental policies on education.

For those—like me—that are interested in when it first happened, well in the case of the associate degree, the first-ever associate degrees were awarded in the United Kingdom in the year 1873 before becoming an evasive specie in the United States in the year 1898, one thing about the variation of the associate degree in the United States is that in the US, the associate degree may allow transfer into the third year of a bachelor’s degree.

Associate degrees have been introduced into a multitude of countries for some time now, countries such as Australia, Brazil, and Canada, while continents such as Europe, Asia, and some parts of Africa.

But with the beauty of the inter-connectivity between computers that we so fondly call the internet, we are opened to a world of possibility which includes studying any course be it management, sciences, or arts from any part of the globe as long as the student has the financial capacity to fund it.

For students who are truly willing to know how to obtain an associate degree in 6 months online, our website has related articles (with the majority of them not being online-based courses) such as Houston TX’s top schools to earn an associate degree in Nursing.

You can also get an associate degree for free online, and for those who have the desire to progress in the field of civil engineering, the 2-year online degree programs present prospective students with the opportunity to study in the field of their dreams.

The management degree programs in the construction field are online degree programs that present associate degrees to students and individuals who want to become degree holders in the said field.

Is it possible to obtain an Associate Degree in 6 Months Online?

Yes, it is possible to obtain an associate degree in 6 months online, a lot of universities and resource certificate issuing websites have a myriad of degree programs whose completion period is within 6 months.

Therefore to obtain an associate degree in 6 months online, you have to first meet the requirements set by the institution, pass the required entrance examinations, and then be finically buoyant enough to complete the registration process.

Are online associate degree programs relevant?

As long as education qualifications are still highly regarded as a standard for irking out a living on this planet, and also to justify how non-illiterate an individual is then an associate degree program is and will be relevant in the grand scheme of things on this planet.

As I stated above, an associate degree is an undergraduate program that is issued upon the completion of the degree program, with the requirement being met for admission. Therefore, an associate degree is an undergraduate program that is completed in a quicker time frame than the regular online programs on offer in the traditional higher institutions of learning.

The benefit of the associate degree is that for starters there are cheap options such as the online civil engineering degree programs, not to mention there are master’s degree courses with certificates that are online based and free, and for international students, there are also free online degree courses with certificates that they can take from the comfort of their home.

How to Obtain an Associate Degree in 6 Months Online

Associate’s degrees require the completion of 60 credits, which can take anywhere from one to three years to complete. A six-month program is considered accelerated, and each semester needs a heavier course load. Part-time is defined as a three-year program.

Choosing a Career in Education

The first step is to identify your area of interest. Substance addiction therapy, business administration, and cyber security are subjects that are rapidly increasing at Intercostal Colleges.

Selecting a Program

The next step is to determine if in-person or online schooling is more suitable for your needs. Through online programs, an increasing number of students are gaining access to post-secondary education. They don’t require relocation, can work around any schedule, and are accessible to everyone with an internet connection!

It’s important to note that none is superior to the other. Both online and off, universities and certificate issuing websites work hard to provide a comprehensive education. They also make sure that students participating in their online programs have access to all resources, such as Student Services and Financial Aid.

Completing Your Program

It’s easy to complete your program enrollment. They recognize that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education. They don’t expect students to have a perfect high school GPA or a big list of achievements on their resumes.

Instead, all they ask is that you arrive with an eagerness to learn and a willingness to broaden your horizons! To get out on the right foot, all you need is perseverance, curiosity, and determination.

Before getting your associate’s degree, you’ll be required to complete a range of entertaining and practical curricula over a few semesters. Assignments, reading materials, and the occasional test will all be part of this. You’ll have no trouble earning your associate’s degree if you stick to these assignments.

Top 15 Associate Degrees in 6 Months Online

In this section we will have a very intricate look at the 15 associate degrees in 6 months online; we would look at what they entail, their requirements (if possible) and have a general feel of what the degree is and where they can be found on the internet.

So without taking so much out of your busy schedule, here are the 15 associated degrees in 6 months online as we all love to optimize the benefits that are gotten from the interconnectivity between computers.

1.      Business Associate Degree Online – Penn State World Campus

It is a given that the entrepreneurs, marketing majors, and soon-to-be business executives all got into this field by having a start in a degree in business administration.

Students that venture into the field of business administration are exposed to a very challenging field upon completion of the online baccalaureate degree program; this challenge makes the students to be more analytical, especially in their decision making, turning them into problem-solvers and creative powerhouses.

The Penn State World Campus is an excellent institution and provides students the right opportunity to study Business Associate Degree Online, as they have an excellent track record of having excellent lecturers and resource materials.


2.      Criminal Justice Associate Degree Online – Ashland University

Criminal Justice degree is an associate degree in 6 months online, what I mean is, that it is an associate degree that can be completed from start to finish within 6 months and is offered by Ashland University.

The criminal justice degree presents a world of opportunities to students that decided to venture into this field of study, opportunities that are not limited to law enforcement, psychology, and cybersecurity.

The associate degree in 6 months online for the criminal justice degree program is as diverse as it is specific as many programs grant students opportunities to specialize in studies that speedily prepare them for several ready-to-grasp careers after graduation.


3.      Computer Science Associate Degree Online – Franklin University.

For those interested in an associate degree in 6 months online and who seek to dovetail quickly into the technological niche, the best bet for such is to venture into computer science programs which are offered and taught at very high standards by Franklin University.

According to Forbes, computer science graduates potentially earn the most immediately after graduation as it is reported that they earn $59,000 per year on average.


4.      Accounting Associate Degree Online – Herzing University

Every business needs, no are dependent on an accounting team that is top notch or at least a go-to accountant that has the fine skill of sorting out the numbers and paying the vendors as at when due, that is why I included this important field of study in the “how to obtain an Associate Degree in 6 months Online”.

For those whose desire is to crunch the numbers, work with money, and help organizations spot opportunities and potential problems, an online accounting degree at Herzing University is what you desire to become the top dog.


5.      Emergency Management Online Associate Degrees – Northeastern University

Unknown to a lot of people, the emergency management degree is more often than not listed under a public administration degree. But the reality still stands that earning a baccalaureate in emergency management has been known to be beneficial especially for those inspiring to work within any of the numerous government agencies of the world.

Therefore those seeking to know how to obtain an associate degree in 6 months online, why don’t you head to Northeastern University and watch your dreams turn into reality;


6.      Environmental Policy Online Associate Degree – American Public University

This program offered by the American Public University is by all intent and purpose designed to focus on the relationship between the Entrepreneur and his business venture with the public government-run agencies whose ultimate goal is to ensure the protection of the society and the environment.

There is a reason I added this very important course presenting it to those who are looking for how to obtain an associate degree in 6 months online, as it is, these are quick degrees that have courses that are related to sustainability and finding ways to tackle environmental challenges currently being faced on the planet.

On average, these degree programs usually require as many as 120 credit units which are dependent on the university and the specialization that you have selected. So why don’t you take the next step and;


7.       English Online Associate Degrees – University of the People

Allowing students the opportunity to explore literature, the online English associate degree offered by the University of the People is though seemingly a broad subject grants students ample avenues to become ardent creative writers, study philosophy, and to an extent, study films and screenwriting.


8.      Finance Degrees Associate Online – University of the People

Indeed, numerous challenges that are faced by organizations are easily tackled by employing the right personnel for the job, which is why every business deserves to have within its ranks those personnel that are skilled in the ways of finance, such as accountants, planners, analysts, and managers.

To this end, the online finance associate degree programs offered by the University of the People which are absolute for those who are looking at obtaining an associate degree in 6 months online grant students the perfect opportunity to become specialists in the careers they are planning on venturing into.


9.      Fire Service Associate Degrees Online – Lake Superior State University

You know how brave you are to jump into a burning situation with the sole purpose of saving lives and properties—if possible—well those firefighters did not become such beacons of bravery and service overnight, nor was it an inherited trait (well some are). They all had to pass through the mill of the various fire service degrees which are available—and thanks to modern science—online.

Having a baccalaureate in fire science offered by Lake Superior State University presents you with the opportunity to understand the nitty-gritty of managing emergencies, hazard detection, and how to swiftly coordinate people and responses. Also, it exposes you to the latest technologies which are related to fire prevention and suppression.

Having been in a symbiotic relationship with law enforcement for God knows how long, students in the field of fire science are required to cover courses in legal studies and investigation as well. The only catch here is that it is not completed in 6 months but in roughly 2 years, to find out more;


10. Healthcare Administration Associate Degree Online –

With the increasing number of patients that require specialist care, the field of medicine now more than ever before is in the need of skilled doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners that will diligently take care of the abundance of patients filling the world’s hospitals, the good news is, there is an abundance of jobs available for administrators and managers in healthcare.

The field of healthcare administration is an ever-expanding field with the help of the rise of new and drastically improved modern technologies, which is why the field is in the need of more new specialists and skills for the latest medical improvements.


11. Health Science Associate Degree Online –

For you to be on the post on how to obtain an associate degree in 6 months online I understand that you want to discover how you can be the perfect fit for the field of healthcare, well I present to you the online health science degrees which are designed to quench your thirst.

This is a baccalaureate that grants graduates the ability to get into both the clinical and non-clinical settings of their respective fields of healthcare, but recently most bachelor’s degree holders proceed to have their master’s programs in fields such as occupational therapy, chiropractor studies, healthcare informatics, athletics, nursing, and other healthcare roles.


12. Forensics / CSI Associate Degrees Online – International Forensic Institute (IFS)

Watched any of those detective/crime-related movies and wanted to be in the field operating as a crime detective looking for clues in cracking that case? Well, you are on the right path as I have for you in the achievable associate degree in 6 months in the field of Forensics and CSI degrees online.

This baccalaureate in forensic science offered by the International Forensic Institute (IFS) exposes you to vast fields such as cybersecurity and network defense which are all dependent on you the field of specialization you choose.


13. Information Technology Associate Degrees Online – Keystone Online Studies

The broad field of Information Technology keeps getting better with each evolution, back in the days it used to be strictly for network administrators and computer engineers, but now it has morphed to include web developers and even web designers.

When it comes to the field of information technology it is important to choose a specific online degree that is perfect for your interest and strengths as this is one field that is broad, very broad.


14. Human Services Associate Degrees Online – John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Community services and social works are the focal points of the human services degrees which contains administrative roles and criminal justice positions. 10 majors have to potential to change the world and social work is a part of those 10, these tend to attract many to change the world by leaving their footprints in the right places. This curriculum on offer by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health focuses majorly on ethics, research, and theory.


15. Psychology Associate Degrees Online – Atlantic International University

Looking for a program that imbibes you with a knowledge of sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, and psychology theories then the psychology offered by Atlantic International University is what you have been looking for in the associate degree in 6 months online, this grants students an understanding of the different neuropsychology theories, development psychology, and behavioral sciences.