Top 3 Accelerated Nursing Programs In Ontario

This article is “a full guide” on everything about Accelerated Nursing Programs In Ontario. It contains the program requirements, the cost, the duration, etc. So, if you have been on the lookout for this topic, then, I must tell you that you have hit a huge goldmine.

Nursing is one of the healthcare professions that take care of individuals, families, villages, or communities so that they can attain or recover optimal health, and general quality of life.

Nurses over time have stood out from other medical professions because of their approach to patient care, training, practicing, etc. and it has been noted that nurses constitute a greater percentage of the healthcare environment, notwithstanding the international scarcity of qualified nurses.

Nurses work together with doctors, physicians, therapists, patients’ families, etc. to achieve their aim which is treating illness and recovering optimal health. However, there are still some jurisdictions that allow nurses to treat patients independently in some settings.

An average registered nurse in the United States according to the U.S Bureau of labor statistics (BLS) earns about $77,600 per year or around $37.31 per hour. This makes the career more interesting, and fascinating.

I understand that you studied some other course, but now you want to acquire a degree in nursing. You have even taken free online nursing courses, but the duration is longer than expected.

You are now asking if there are no accelerated nursing programs in Ontario that you can enroll in, get the skills and degrees needed, and then move on to be among the type of nurse employers wants to hire.

Your friend has told you about the accelerated nursing programs in New Hampshire, and the one in Pennsylvania, but you are much interested in the ones situated in Ontario. Well, look no further. I came to give you massive help through this article on everything concerning accelerated nursing programs in Ontario.

I want to go on and list the accelerated nursing programs in Ontario with their requirements, but someone who just bumped into this post may be confused about what exactly an accelerated nursing program is, and why should it be recommended for one to enroll. So, let me quickly give a brief explanation.

Whether you are a single mom studying with nursing scholarships, or you attend evening nursing programs due to the nature of your work, I’m here not just to explain what an accelerated nursing program is, but also to show you reasons why you should get advanced degrees in nursing.

Accelerated programs are programs that allow students to fasten up in their proposed course of study instead of undergoing the normal duration. This is more like spending about 12 months in a course of study that the duration is about 36 months.

Accelerated nursing programs entail nursing degree options that fast-track the duration of the students to earn their bachelor’s in nursing (BSN) or Master’s in nursing (MSN) quicker than usual. These programs are designed in such a way to take a lesser period to achieve your aim as a nurse.

Having laid the foundation, let’s now see the accelerated nursing programs in Ontario and what it takes to enroll. We also have articles on accelerated nursing programs in Texas and accelerated nursing programs in Michigan, just in case you want to explore those ones too.

Accelerated Nursing Programs In Ontario

Accelerated Nursing Programs In Ontario

There are many reasons why students seek to get their second degree from Ontario. One of these is because Ontario has colleges that are leading forces in technology and workforce development which makes their students involved in innovation projects and mind-blowing research.

Another reason is that there are many hospitals in Ontario with an increasing need for skilled workers. To this effect, qualified and skilled nurses who graduate from accelerated nursing programs in Ontario are employed at a faster rate. Working as a nurse in Ontario, you earn an average of $111,700 per year.

Listed below are the accelerated nursing programs in Ontario. Stay with me as I thoroughly explain all needed to know including their costs, requirements for the program, duration, mode of study, etc.

1.      McMaster University- Accelerated Nursing Programs

McMaster University is one of the institutions that offer accelerated nursing programs in Ontario through their accelerated stream.

The school offers students who want to acquire a degree in nursing at an accelerated pace an opportunity through the accelerated (F) stream which is a condensed version of the BScN Basic program, designed for students who have already completed at least two years of university study i.e. four full terms.

For you to apply, you must have successfully completed specific university credits in human anatomy & physiology and biochemistry and the completion must be within four years of enrolling.

The duration to complete the BScN program for the students in the (F) stream is five back-to-back academic terms. And upon completion, students who wish to engage in the professional practice of nursing and use the title “registered nurse” are required to take the qualifying examinations with other requirements as stated by the licensing body, the college of nurses of Ontario (CNO).

The cost of the program is not stated, however, a regular visit to the website can help out in case of updates. The program requirements or criteria for application include:

  • You must possess at least a cumulative average of B in the last 2 full years of university degree credit courses taken. (Minimum of 54 units)
  • You must have a minimum grade of at least C (60%) on each of the following required courses:
  • 6 units of psychology, 3 units of which must be at the introductory level, and the other 3 units must be from the approved list.
  • 6 units of human physiology or 6 units of human anatomy & physiology- human physiology courses must cover all of the following systems: neuro, endocrine, cardiac, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, urinary, musculoskeletal, and acid/base balance.
  • 6 units in any of the following courses: biology, chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, kinesiology
  • 3 units of statistics.

Procedure for application:

  • You apply online at the Ontario universities application center (OUAC) using form 105D
  • You must complete the online CASPerTM at
  • You must download, complete and email the pre-requisite form using
  • You must submit your transcripts
  • If you are in the final year of your degree when applying or you are applying for a second degree, you do not have to submit your high school transcript.
  • If you are currently registered in a university program, you must provide an official transcript showing results for all courses along with your current semester results with all courses registered for the 2nd semester indicated on the official transcript.

It is important to note that late application will not be considered, so endeavor to make haste and provide all requirements.

To apply for the McMaster University- accelerated nursing programs in Ontario, use the link below

Apply Here

2.      University Of Toronto- Accelerated Nursing Programs

The University of Toronto is among the prestigious institution that also offers accelerated nursing programs in Ontario through their faculty of nursing.

The faculty of nursing trains nurses at the baccalaureate level and is internationally recognized for its educational programs and the quality of nursing research done by the leading faculty researchers.

The Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of nursing accelerated two-year bachelor of science in nursing (BScN) program brings about a long and rewarding career in health care as upon completion, graduates will be able to provide nursing care for the sick and vulnerable persons, provide health of individuals, families, groups, and communities, establish and maintain interpersonal and therapeutic relationships and partnerships, enact values of equity and social justice in addressing the social determinants of health, examining, synthesizing and incorporating multiple knowledge to provide care, collaborating as members of an interprofessional team, etc.

The duration of the program is two years and the overview of the tuition fees of the program can be seen here. Click Here

The program requirements or criteria for application are as follows:

  • All BScN undergraduate courses are compulsory.
  • Withdrawal from any course in the BScN program requires special permission and will lengthen your time to completion beyond the typical 2-year duration.
  • The evaluation of clinical performance for the courses with a clinical nursing practice component is on a “PASS/FAIL” basis.
  • Students receive a verbal mid-term evaluation and a written final evaluation of their clinical performance from their clinical instructors to be able to ascertain their performance levels

To apply for the University of Toronto- accelerated nursing programs in Ontario, use the link below

Apply Here

3.      St Francis Xavier University- Accelerated Nursing Programs

St Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia is also among the institutions that offer accelerated nursing programs in Ontario. It was recently introduced and available to university transfer applicants.

Here, students who wish to study nursing must select nursing as their first-choice program on the application and must meet both the academic requirements and complete the CASPer test by the applicable deadline.

Admission to StFX is competitive as meeting the minimum average does not guarantee admission. Admission is given using your academic performance and your CASPer score.

The overview of the cost of the program can be seen here, and the requirements or criteria for application are as follows:

  • You must have all required courses completed at the university level by September 1, 2022, and within 10 years of the program start date.
  • You must submit all transcripts by May 1, 2022. If you are in progress with a summer term course, this is acceptable so long as the final grade is available by September 1, 2022.
  • The required core and open courses must have a minimum grade of 65% each, with an overall average of 70% or higher.
  • You must complete the supplemental application form.
  • The core course requirements must be completed at the university level by September 1, 2022:
  • Six credits in human anatomy and human physiology, minimum of three credits in each. Lab component in both is required (virtual labs are accepted):
  • Three credits in microbiology
  • Three credits in English
  • Three credits in statistics
  • Fifteen credits in open electives completed at the university level by September 1, 2022.
  • Completion of CASPer by May 1, 2022.

To apply for the St Francis Xavier University – accelerated nursing programs in Ontario, use the link below

Apply Here


At this juncture, I believe you have been equipped with the necessary information ranging from the institutions offering the accelerated nursing programs in Ontario, their duration, cost of the program, requirements for the program, etc.

I also know that by following the guidelines given above, you stand the chance of securing admission to your school of interest. Check out how you will hone your nursing skills as a professional here.

I wish you luck as you apply!