10 Cheapest Military Schools for Troubled Youths

Do you have a troubled youth at home, and you are looking for the cheapest military schools for troubled youths to enroll the person without breaking the bank? Seize your search! Because you just stumbled on an article that will help you find them easily!

The world we live in today is made up of youths that are mentally deranged, depressed, and frustrated due to some circumstances they constantly find themselves in. Some of these circumstances can be drug abuse, broken homes, behavioral problems, and lots more.

These categories of youths find it hard to live an everyday adolescent life and are constantly involved in one mischief or another. Some even wind up behind bars, thereby stopping them from enjoying the full benefits of being a youth.

 Youths like this are called troubled youths. It may seem as if these youths cannot be redeemed back to their original self, but the truth is they can still be salvaged from whatever they are deep into to productive and focused youths. That’s why this article is coming our way, to tell us that there are military schools that you can enroll your troubled youth into, at a meager cost.

And as we all know, the military is a much-disciplined sector, and taking your troubled youth to a military school to be brought to order would be one of the best things you can do for that teen to make them focused and disciplined.

There are free programs designed for troubled youths fighting addictions, drug abuse, and broken homes. You can enroll them into these programs to make them focused and better adolescents

You can also enroll your troubled youths in free military schools without spending a dime. Without wasting much time, let’s talk about these schools in the next section.

Cheapest Military Schools for Troubled Youths

Cheapest Military Schools for Troubled Youths

There are numerous military schools for troubled youths that are affordable; I will be talking about most of them in this section. They are as follows;

  • Fishburne Military School
  • Massanutten Military Academy
  • Camden Military Academy
  • Missouri Military Academy
  • Hargrave Military Academy
  • Riverside Military Academy
  • Florida Air Academy
  • Oak Ridge Military Academy
  • New Mexico Military Institute
  • Southern Preparatory Academy

1.       Fishburne Military School

Fishburne aims to provide each cadet with a sound academic foundation, a healthy mental and physical environment, and leadership training for a better understanding of the obligations of honor, citizenship, and self-discipline.

Fishburne Military School accepts students in grades 7-12 and provides two types of enrollment, namely:

  • 7-Day Boarding
  • Day Student

7-Day Boarding

This plan is for students who want to attend Fishburne full-time during the school year, except for leaves requested by parents or guardians, then approved by the school, and, of course, during holidays and leaves on the school calendar.

Day Student

As a Day Student, you attend all scheduled school activities, including lunch formation and physical training, then go home at night. This option is only available to students who live in Waynesboro and its surrounding areas.

They involve their students in various academic activities, athletics, summer sessions, and The  US Army   Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC)


7-Day Boarding $38,400

Day Student $18,900

International $45,900

2.       Massanutten Military Academy

Massanutten Military Academy has a long tradition of helping students reach their full potential. Their holistic approach to education not only allows students to excel academically but to grow as well-rounded human beings. They focus on character development, leadership, and service to help students develop to their fullest potential. As part of the MMA curriculum, all high school cadets are enrolled in the Army JROTC program. Utilizing the resources and structure of this program, they can provide leadership skills that will last a lifetime.

Massanutten Military Academy offers a full STEM Curriculum, Honors Courses, and AP Courses, as well as Dual Enrollment Courses. The average class size at MMA is 10 Cadets.


5-Day Boarding Student $28,000

7-Day Boarding Student $32,500

Day Student $20,000

International Student $45,000

3.       Camden Military Academy

This is among the cheapest military schools for troubled youths that enrolls young men in grades 7 through 12 and offers a post-graduate year. The academic program at the high school level offers college preparatory, honors, and dual-enrollment curricula. All high school students must earn 24 units for graduation. These include four units of English, four units of math, four units of science, three of which must be lab sciences, four units of social studies, and two units of a modern foreign language – French and Spanish are offered. Students must also take a course in computer literacy and JROTC. Additional units must be earned from approved academic electives.

The military program at Camden Military Academy provides one of the most beneficial aspects of campus life. The student body is organized into a Corps of cadets comprising four companies. Cadets live in their company area within the dormitories. Two TAC officers are assigned to each company and closely supervise the activities and life of the cadets within his company. He monitors each cadet’s academic progress, conduct, and overall development and is readily available to cadets seeking advice or counsel.


Domestic – $26,995 per year

International – $37,995 per year

4.       Missouri Military Academy

Accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS), Missouri Military Academy is an all-male, college preparatory military boarding school with a diverse domestic and international student population.

Their rigorous program empowers young men to reach their potential as future college graduates, citizens of character, and leaders in their communities. Their 360˚ Education fosters academic excellence, a healthy lifestyle and physical development, leadership and life skills, positive character development, and personal motivation.

MMA offers STEAM-based learning in science, math, and the arts. Qualifying cadets are also able to earn two years of transferable college credit through MMA’s Triumph program – created through an alliance with nearby William Woods University. 


U.S. Boarding School Cadets – Tuition, Room & Board: $38,000 (full year); $19,000 (midterm enrollment)

Day School Cadets – Tuition, Room & Board: $6,500

International Boarding Cadets – Tuition, Room & Board: $38,000 (full year); $19,000 (midterm enrollment)

5.       Hargrave Military Academy

They offer a comprehensive program of college preparatory studies that sets a foundation of knowledge for lifelong learning. Encourage creative abilities in drama, music, writing, and other co-curricular programs. Establish a structured schedule that allows enough time for study, athletics, recreation, rest, and spiritual growth. Build habits in study, self-discipline, and time management practices that pave the road for success beyond Hargrave. Foster an environment where students respect others regardless of their socio-economic background, racial or ethnic identity, gender, political viewpoint, or religion.

They provide opportunities for physical development and teach sportsmanship through team sports, intramural programs, and recreational activities. Maintain a military program that provides organization, structure, routine, discipline system, and leadership opportunities to challenge and develop Cadets’ potential. Provide faith development through individual prayer opportunities, voluntary participation in Bible study, dedicated devotion time, and access to spiritually-based extracurricular activities. Help students develop their potential and gain self-confidence through an appropriate recognition of achievements.


Day Cadet $16,900 before tuition assistance

Boarding Cadet $42,000 before tuition assistance

International Cadet $52,000 before tuition assistance

6.       Riverside Military Academy

This is one of the most affordable military schools for troubled youths that is a private, boarding, preparatory school located in Gainesville, Georgia, near the beautiful northeast Georgia Mountains and just an hour north of Atlanta. They serve young men through middle school in grades 6 through 8 and high school in grades 9 through 12

At Riverside Prep, they proudly implement a military model of education, refined and focused to bring out the absolute best in your son. Similar principles that are applied in the development of great military men are utilized and carefully optimized with the specific goal of building SIMPLY GREAT MEN.

The experience is designed to identify the very height and breadth of potential, unlock and maximize strengths, craft exemplary character, and prepare students for a lifetime of leadership, accomplishment, and fulfillment.


Boarding Cadets – $53,300

Day Cadets – $17,950

International Cadets – $61,650

7.       Florida Air Academy

Here at the Academy, they are proud to look at the whole student. Their academic team works with each student, and their family, to find the right place in the academic program at Florida Prep. They work together to create students who are strong in academics, responsibility, integrity, leadership, and character. They look at each student as an individual and help to create the best plan for success.

A strong curriculum is the backbone of their academic program with alignment to state and national standards. They work hard to set themselves apart and create learners for the future. With a structured environment and small class sizes, students are given every opportunity to be successful in the classroom and are prepared for the future. At Florida Prep, their goal is to create students who love learning and learners who dream for the future.


Boarding fees start from as little as $35,00

Day student fees from as little as $12,000

8.       Oak Ridge Military Academy

This is the next cheapest military school for troubled youths on the list. Oak Ridge Military Academy is a co-ed military boarding school sitting on a 100-acre campus, nestled into the heart of the Piedmont foothills of North Carolina. Since 1852, thousands of lives have been changed on these grounds – the unique relationships formed in this environment last a lifetime.

They are a unique community of caring educators and mentors who come alongside youth to help meet their needs and build them into successful student leaders. ORMA creates an environment that fosters sound values, encourages learning, and provides opportunities to practice positive influence today so they will shape cultures tomorrow. This vision is rooted in the belief that Character, Knowledge, and Influence are the building blocks of Leadership.


Day Students Full Year $20,000

5-Day Boarding Students Full Year $30,000

7-Day Boarding Students Full Year $35,000,

9.       New Mexico Military Institute

This is the next cheapest military school for troubled youths on the list. The New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) was established in 1891 as a public military junior college in Roswell, New Mexico. Known as “the West Point of the West,” NMMI operates under the auspices of the State of New Mexico, under a dedicated Board of Regents that reports to the Governor of New Mexico. The school enrolls nearly 1,000 cadets at the junior college and high school levels each year from 45 states, 2 U.S. territories (Puerto Rico and American Samoa), and 35 foreign nations.

The institute is a globally recognized, secondary and post-secondary learning institution for young men and women that instill excellence in leadership, academics, and physical development within a structured environment empowering students to thrive in a dynamic world.

Tuition: The NMMI cadet experience is valued at $42,858 per year

10.   Southern Preparatory Academy

This is one of the cheapest military schools for troubled youths that has existed for 125 years, and they have educated and trained future generations of leaders. As a military boarding school in Camp Hill, Alabama, the school is dedicated to creating a positive environment where their students live and learn without the distractions found in public schools. Their Corps of Cadets class size is small on purpose about 125 young men; this forges a close-knit environment between their students, who are navigating the same new challenges.

Southern Prep is renowned for their exemplary academics, commendable military traditions, competitive athletics, and innovative signature programs. They are not just a military high school; they are a boarding school, private school, college prep school, and an all boys’ school rolled into one. Since 1898, they have provided their students with the discipline and structure needed for focus, self-reliance, and success.

Tuition: $30,000


These schools that I have talked about are ready to accept any interested person who wishes to enroll without bothering about high cost of academics.