5 Free Programs For Troubled Youth In Texas

In Texas, there are some free programs designed for troubled youths fighting addiction or drug abuse. These programs are designed by psychiatrists to serve as a form of therapy for these troubled youths and help them get better. If you are currently battling with any of these or you are a parent dealing with a troubled youth then, by all means, keep reading to find the help you need.

Youthful age is an age of rebellion, adventure, confusion, etc. and so much more, and making mistakes at this point in life is not uncommon. It could be mixing up with the wrong crowd or in between youthful adventures getting into the wrong things like drug abuse. This happens to a lot of people and it doesn’t mean that you cannot be saved. You can!

Or maybe you are a parent tasked with dealing with your troubled teenage child and considering sending them to military schools so they can get disciplined and become an upholding member of society. While this is a good idea that actually works, there are quite a few demerits that come with it.

So, before you make up your mind to send your teenage child to a military school, I’d advise you to look into programs for troubled youths. By “troubled” it could be that they are dealing with substance abuse, bad temper, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc. these programs could really help. However, it is up to you, the parent, or the youth themselves to make the final decision.

These programs for troubled youths are usually paid for but expert researchers on Study Abroad Nations were able to dig out the free ones. That means, this program can be attended without paying any money and the results will still be fantastic. This article highlights all of the free programs for troubled youths in Texas so that affected persons can easily find them.

However, not only Texan residents can apply for the programs since they accept individuals anywhere from the US. You simply have to meet the requirements to enter the program. Each of the programs has different requirements which you will find out soon.

There are also other alternatives that parents can attempt to deal with their troubled teenage child. There are a handful of cheap boarding schools for troubled teens and also other free boarding schools for troubled youths that can help make a difference in their life if they attend them.

Having said that, let’s get into the main topic.

free programs for troubled youth in Texas

Free Programs For Troubled Youth In Texas

Here, you will find free programs that are designed by expert therapists to help troubled youths in Texas and beyond to become better versions of themselves. Read on to see what these programs are called and how they operate to better the lives of troubled youths.

  • Arivaca Boys Ranch Programs
  • Texas National Guard Youth Challenge Program
  • Turning Winds Program
  • Elevations RTC Program
  • WinGate Wilderness Therapy Program

1.     Arivaca Boys Ranch Programs

The Arivaca Boys Ranch Program is one of the free programs for troubled youth in Texas. It is designed to help youths who are dealing with academic failure, general anxiety, behavioral issues, drug abuse, gaming addiction, trouble with the law, and reactive attachment disorder. The program is only for boys between the ages of 13—17 years old.

The program combines a unique equine therapy approach to help troubled boys and direct them toward the right path. This approach has been proven to reduce anxiety, develop trust, increase mindfulness and depressive symptoms, promote communication skills, boost self-acceptance, and build greater self-control. The elements of the Arivaca therapy program are individual counseling, weekly group therapy, self-reflection, and the equine program.

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2.     Texas National Guard Youth Challenge Program

This is the next program in Texas that is designed to help troubled youths and it is also for free. The program is offered by the Texas Military Department to teens between the ages of 16—18 years old who have dropped out of school or are on the verge of dropping out. The aim of the program is to reclaim the potential of at-risk youth through education, training, mentoring, and community service.

It is an educational program that takes 5 and a half months to complete and while in the program, you will be referred to as cadets. Although you will still learn as a normal student and work towards high school credit recovery, obtain your GED, or earn a high school diploma as the case may be.

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3.     Turning Winds Program

The Turning Winds Program has been operating for more than 20 years at setting troubled teens and youth on the right path. Turning Winds deal with teens struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues or other complex issues which their expert team of therapists can handle.

The program utilizes a unique blended approach to treatment by combining both outdoor experiences and indoor environments to prevent treatment fatigue and increase engagement. The goal of the Turning Winds Program is to help teens develop the skills and confidence they need to live a productive and happy life.

4.     Elevations RTC Program

Elevations RTC Program is one of the free programs for troubled youth in Texas designed for youths struggling with substance use, addiction, and negative behaviors. While getting treated to get become better, their academics are not set aside as they are also prepared to pursue higher education opportunities.

5.     WinGate Wilderness Therapy Program

And last but not least is the WinGate Wilderness Therapy Program although it is not located in Texas but accepts students from Texas who want to enroll in the program. This is a prestigious wilderness treatment program with more than 80 years of experience. The program is for youths between the ages of 18—28.

These are the 5 free programs for troubled youths in Texas which will fit the budget of low-income families who need professional help to deal with their troubled teenage children.