6 Military Boarding Schools in Arizona

Looking for a military school to send your kids to? This blog post is centered on the military boarding schools in Arizona, their admission requirements, and how to apply for them.

It is a known fact that parents or guardians looking for a disciplined school to enroll their kids always choose military schools as their first choice.

Many people mistake military schools to be boot camps where they can send their deranged kids for rigorous training. This is not true at all.

Military schools are very different from boot camps or juvenile prisons. They are not for troubled kids. Military schools hardly accept kids that are mentally deranged although they have corrective measures that are already put in place in the case of such events.

Military school is not a Theraupatic setting. If your kids are struggling with drug abuse or negative behaviors, they may not be able to help them adjust. They will likely continue such behaviors in school.

Parents are not encouraged to force their kids to enroll in military school. He or she should be a Willing participant.

A parent can attempt to force their kids but remember that when they get there and begin to exhibit negative behaviors, it could cost them to be expelled and lose their tuition at the school.

Therefore, whatsoever may be your reason for sending your kids to a military school, this article will Guild you on how to make proper decisions that will not affect your kid’s future.

Arizona a southwestern US state is known to harbor some of the best Military boarding schools in The US.

Although these military schools may not be directly affiliated with the US Military, they use the military approach in a way that is organized to teach and interact with their students.

Many of these schools have ranking systems and students get to move up in rank during and after military drills and training.

These schools maintain very strict academic standards and the goal is to make sure that their students get the best in academics and character development.

Due to these standards, students who are having a hard time mentally will find it difficult to adjust to these already set standards.

After studying in a military boarding school, you can decide to either further your education in College or become military personnel.

Many students who finished at a military school get enrolled in some of the best universities in the world. This is as a result of their high academic performance while at the military boarding school. They end up becoming great scholars, Leaders, and Good Citizens of the Country.


Admission Requirements into Military Boarding Schools in Arizona

In other to be admitted into a military boarding school in Arizona, applicants are expected to meet the following requirements.

  • You must be a Citizen of Arizona or The US
  • You must be physically and mentally fit to enroll in the Military school
  • You must not be involved in any felony or court charges
  • You must not be married or Pregnant
  • You must meet the age requirement as stated by the military school
  • You must participate in a medical examination
  • You must complete and submit all documents required by the school.

How Much Does Military School Cost in Arizona?

The cost of studying in a military boarding school in Arizona depends on so many things. The location of the school, the standard or quality of education, and also the learning environment all contribute to the cost of the school.

However, the annual cost of military boarding schools in Arizona is from $25,000 and above.

Must I Become a Soldier If I Attend a Military Boarding School in Arizona?

It’s not compulsory for students who finished military boarding school in Arizona to Become soldiers.

They can go ahead to study in various fields of their choice be it Engineering, Science, Art Or Social Sciences.

It all depends on the kind of future they want for themselves. Many of them have moved on to become great leaders in the Country and Some others decide to further their training and Become Renowned Soldiers and Generals.

What Is The Age Requirement for Military School in Arizona?

Every Military school in the United States Has Its age requirements for military students.

The generally accepted norm is from Grade 6-8 which includes kids Between the ages of 12-15.

Military Boarding Schools in Arizona

  • Girls Leadership Academy of Arizona
  • Apollo High School NJROTC
  • Cactus High School AFJROTC
  • Catalina High Magnet School AFJROTC
  • Thunderbird High School NJROTC
  • University of Arizona NROTC

1.      Girls Leadership Academy of Arizona

The Girls Leadership Academy of Arizona is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is a girls’ school and its mission is to raise students who have great confidence and leadership qualities enough to study and excel in College.

Being considered as one of the best military boarding schools in Arizona, the academic program of the school is rigorous and allows students to participate actively in their roles.

The school’s graduation rate is 80% and it is considered higher than the state’s average graduation rate.

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2.      Apollo High School NJROTC

Apollo High School NJROTC located in Glendale, Arizona has a Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps unit that focuses on Academics, Physical Fitness training, Patriotism, and Team Work. It is one of the best military boarding schools in Arizona.

Apollo High school has various teams where its students can participate in. These teams Include the Sea and Land Team (SALT). This team is responsible for camping trips for cadets

The cadets also volunteer in community development and services. All these are aimed towards bringing up cadets who are responsible and possess outstanding leadership skills with brains.

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3.      Cactus High School AFJROTC

Cactus High School AFJROTC located in Glendale, Arizona harbors a team of dedicated air  Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets.

Being one of the best military boarding schools in Arizona, the school focuses on training the cadets on community development and service, leadership skills, and quality education.

They also teach their cadets things that are outside the classroom by making provision for field trips and volunteering opportunities.

In general, Cactus High School produces cadets who are trained all around.

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4.      Catalina High Magnet School AFJROT

Catalina High Magnet School AFJROT located in Tucson, Arizona is well known as the academy for Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps unit. The academy has very high standards and they compete annually for the drill team state championship.

As one of the best military boarding schools in Arizona, Discipline and Community development are the major components that make the academy stand out amongst the others.

As a result, every year, the academy turns out graduates that grow up to become well-equipped youths.

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5.      Thunderbird High School NJROTC

Thunderbird High School NJROTC located in Phoenix, Arizona is a place of abode for Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets. The cadets in this military academy participate in community service and development.

Being one of the best military boarding schools in Arizona, the academy lays great emphasis on Outstanding academics and Good morals.

In addition to this, the cadets are involved In extracurricular activities that help them develop their social skills and interaction with other people.

There are also various opportunities for the cadets to explore the world through field Trips and events.

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6.      University of Arizona NROTC

The University of Arizona NROTC located in Tucson, Arizona is home to Naval Reserve Officer Training Corp that are highly respected in their field. It is one of the best military boarding schools in Arizona.

Their cadets are trained and expected to Excel both academically and physically. Scholarships are also made available for students who are interested in joining the academy.

The university has specialty programs for different fields in the Navy. They also have affiliations with the NROTC. These clubs are for cadets who are interested in becoming naval aviators and submarines.

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