6 Military Boarding Schools in Alabama

This blog post provides information on military boarding schools in Alabama that your parents may consider enrolling their child into. Just like every other state in the U.S, the state of Alabama also has its own share of military academies. 

The military boarding schools in Alabama are typically for children between the ages of 15-17 or grades 9-12. Some of the military schools may also accept children under this age and grade but then, they won’t have to be boarding students as they are still too young and need to be under their parents’ care. So, they would have to be day students attending a military academy.

Military boarding schools have this stereotype of putting students through hard-core military training and drills. This is not entirely true. Students may go through training but only for the purpose of physical fitness and help them excel in sports and become better athletes.

What many people do not consider about military schools is the excellent academics they offer these students. These schools also make use of the high school curriculum but much better. Each student’s academic performance is a big deal but they also go on to offer these students real-life skills that can pave the way for a career for them.

They are also equipped with other qualities such as self-discipline, building character, leadership, respect, and set them right to become responsible members of society. Students are also equipped with survival and self-defense skills. You may want to consider enrolling your child into a military academy rather than a typical high school due to the skills they’ll gain and their contribution to society.

There are many military academies in the United States but here, we have provided information only for the military boarding schools in Alabama. This article will be helpful to residents of Alabama who are looking to enroll their child in a military academy in Alabama. This can also be helpful to parents from other U.S states who want to enroll their child in a military boarding school in one of the U.S states, you may want to start considering Alabama.


Admission Requirements Into Military Boarding Schools in Alabama

For your child to get accepted into any of the military boarding schools in Alabama, they must meet the eligibility requirements laid out by the school. Typically, the requirements aren’t tough to meet and in some cases, it only requires an interview just between the parent and admissions officer.

Also, since there are different military boarding schools in Alabama, the admission requirements may differ from school to school which you should just keep in mind. Below are the common admission requirements to get into one of the military boarding schools in Alabama.

  1. Ensure that your child is within the accepted age range or grade of that particular military school before applying
  2. Must be a resident of Alabama and a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident
  3. Applicant should be free of felony charges and no pending court proceedings
  4. Physical and mental capability to participate in the program
  5. Should be free from the use of illegal drugs or other substances
  6. Complete then submit all supporting documents such as application form, official transcripts from other schools attended, etc. as required by your preferred school.
  7. Pay the application fee, if any.

How Much Does Military School Cost in Alabama?

The cost of attending a military school in Alabama depends on various factors. If it is a public charter school then it is free to attend and students won’t pay any fees, not even application fees. However, if the academy is privately owned then you’re going to have to pay for tuition and other fees.

The public charter military school typically does not accept international students but the private ones accept international students. Now, the tuition fee at privately-owned military schools in Alabama depends on where you are from. Residents of Alabama pay less while students from outside Alabama but from other U.S states and international students pay more.

The cost of a military school in Alabama for Alabama residents starts from $6,000 per year while non-residents and international students can be charged $12,000 and above.

Must I Become a Soldier If I Attend A Military Boarding School In Alabama?

No, you mustn’t become a soldier after graduating from a military boarding school in Alabama.

What Is The Age Requirement For Military School In Alabama?

Every military school in Alabama has its own age requirements however the typical age is between the ages of 12 and 15. The military boarding schools in Alabama have been discussed below, scroll ahead to see the age requirement for each of the military schools in Alabama.

Military Boarding Schools In Alabama And Their Age Requirement

Details to all military boarding schools in Alabama have been provided in this section. Have a great read.

  • Southern Preparatory Academy
  • Marion Military Institute
  • Central High School NJROTC
  • Homewood High School AFJROTC
  • Samford University AFROTC
  • Auburn University NROTC

1.      Southern Preparatory Academy

On our first list of military boarding schools in Alabama is the Southern Preparatory Academy formerly known as Lyman Ward Military Academy. It was established in 1898 as a private military school in Camp Hill, Alabama. It is an all-boys academy for grades 6-12 with a curriculum designed to educate and train future generations of leaders and instill leadership and character development.

Middle school and high school students preparing for college may want to consider applying for the academy. It also accepts students into other career fields, trade school, and the military. Application for admission is done all year round while new cadets are admitted in August and July of each year at the beginning of each academic semester.

Southern Prep is a military high school, boarding school, private school, and a college prep school all rolled atop a 300 acres campus containing two athletic fields, a parade field, two 5-acre lakes, three dorms, double tennis courts, swimming pool, gymnasium, indoor and outdoor rifle ranges, library, JROTC building, dining hall, and more which you will see when you are finally accepted to study with them.

The academy has Signature Programs designed to provide various opportunities for the young men enrolled there to help them discover their full potential. These programs are flight training, drone training, drone demo team, and scuba training. Class sizes are kept small to build an effective student-teacher relationship. International students are also welcome to apply.

The annual fee is $24,645 which covers everything aside from uniforms and personal spending money.

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2.      Marion Military Institute

Marion Military Institute isn’t a boarding high school but a military junior college which still makes it a military school. It is public chartered and was founded in 1842. It is the official state military college of Alabama and the oldest military junior college in the United States. This school may be recognized as a full-fledged military school but it is divided into the military path and civilian path.

Marion Military Institute is a post-secondary institution that is completed in two years and educates and develops cadets as future leaders through an immersive experiential military environment. Students are equipped with intellectual, leadership, character, and physical development to ready them for success in four-year colleges, the U.S service academies, and in military and civilian careers.

The admissions requirements to enroll in this institute completely differ from that of military boarding schools which are typically high schools. Applicants are required to have an ACT score of 16 or 860 in SAT (verbal and math) and a 2.0 CGPA. Other required documents to submit are:

  • Complete application form and the $30 application fee
  • Birth certificate or proof of U.S. citizenship
  • Copy of social security card
  • Copy of immunization record
  • Official high school and college transcripts
  • Verification of ACT or SAT scores.

To apply for Marion Military Institute, you must have completed high school. The tuition for Alabama residents and non-residents is $9,319 and $12,319 respectively.

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3.      Central High School NJROTC

The Central High School Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is located in Phoenix City, Alabama. The school takes academics and extracurricular activities very seriously and is a firm grasp on its code of conduct. Physical fitness training is conducted twice a week and cadets earn promotions through hard work and discipline.

The courses of study here are Naval Science I-IV and Aeronautics and there are also different teams such as the academic, air rifle, athletic, color guard, drill, honor guard, and orienteering teams to ensure things are done accordingly and in order.

Central High School NJROTC is one of the military boarding schools in Alabama accepting both boys and girls from grades 10-12. There is no tuition here.

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4.      Homewood High School AFJROTC

Homewood High School is a high school that offers an Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program. The school is located in Homewood Alabama and aims to educate and empower all students to maximize their full potential. The cadets here operate within an incredibly structured and smoothly running chain of command.

Students who participate in the AFJROTC program take pride in their selfless service to the community and physical training, drill, and academic achievement, hold various volunteer positions throughout the school year and go on field trips.

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5.      Samford University AFROTC

Samford University was established in 1841 as a private Christian university in Homewood, Alabama. This higher institution of learning is has a comprehensive Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps which serves residents of the Birmingham area. The AFROTC is an educational program for both men and women who want to pursue a commission in the US Air Force and at the same time study for a college degree.

This program isn’t for students still in high school rather for students who have completed high school, aspiring to go to a college, and still want to serve in the US Air Force. You can take part in this unique experience for up to two years as a college freshman and sophomore with no military commitment.

So, you can pursue programs such as medicine, computer systems, engineering, space operations, law, intelligence, etc., and become a U.S officer.

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6.      Auburn University NROTC

Auburn University is a public land-grant research university in Auburn, Alabama established in 1856 and houses a comprehensive Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC). The mission of Auburn University’s NROTC is to develop and train individuals preparing them for careers in the Navy and Marine Corps.

The program focuses on students’ academics, training drills, leadership, and community involvement in order to provide students with the necessary skills to lead sailors and marines in defense. Officers are developed mentally, morally, and physically and are instilled with the highest ideals of duty, loyalty, and the core values of honor, courage, and commitment.

To join the NROTC at Auburn University, there are two basic ways to do that. The first way is by applying to, being awarded, and accepting the National Four Year Naval ROTC scholarship. The scholarship will go on to cover your tuition and a monthly stipend to cover living costs.

The second option to participate is through being a College Program participant which allows students to join the NROTC without being on scholarship. Applicants must be within the age bracket of 17 to 22, must have completed high school with a grade C or higher or still a high school senior, be a U.S citizen, and a resident of the state of Alabama.

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These are the military boarding schools in Alabama that you can consider enrolling into. Some are for high school students, others are for college students and this is done so that you can choose whichever one fits your needs.