Top 9 Dog Grooming Schools in Florida

Love dogs and pets? You can enroll in the dog grooming schools in Florida and learn the proper methods and techniques to take care of dogs, either for clients or for you.

Growing up with pets such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, etc. gives children a greater sense of responsibility, boosts empathy, and increases their understanding of the cycle of life. Owning a pet as a child actually helps to improve their development and you can just feel and see the love between these pets and children.

The same works for adults who own pets, they are more responsible and it is directed to a living creature that actually can’t survive without them.

If you love pets and want to show greater care for them or own one and want to learn how to better care for it or planning on getting one and have no idea on how to take care of it then this article is for you. This post explains what a grooming school is and has further gone on to discuss the best grooming schools in Florida.

Dog grooming is the practice of taking care of dogs, which includes hygienic care and cleanliness as well as enhancing its physical appearance for shows and competitions. A person who does this is a dog groomer and you earn money by doing this.

Dog grooming is a booming industry that’s growing rapidly in the United States and around the world. We do, after all, adore our furry friends. Some grooming tasks are more difficult, and you may not have the expertise or tools to perform them yourself and that is where a professional dog groomer comes in.

In addition to knowing the ins and outs of grooming dogs, a professional groomer has the experience and equipment to back it up. The dog grooming schools in Florida can prepare you for a career as an expert dog groomer and you will receive a certificate or diploma after completing the dog grooming courses.

Become a pet groomer by acquiring the necessary knowledge and training. The industry is highly competitive and the pet grooming schools in Florida are ideal for a variety of reasons.


What is a Dog Grooming School?

A dog grooming school is a school where you are equipped with skills, knowledge, and techniques to properly care for dogs and become a qualified professional at it and make money off it.

What are the Benefits of Dog Grooming Schools in Florida

There are many benefits that come with attending dog grooming schools in Florida, they are:

  1. Financial Aid Opportunities: Some of the dog grooming schools in Florida offer financial aid opportunities such as scholarships, bursaries, and long-term loans to students who want to pursue a career in dog grooming.
  2. Quality Qualification: Attending dog grooming schools in Florida will equip you with the skills you need to progress in your career as well as provide you with a recognized qualification that can get you employed anywhere or start up your own dog grooming business.
  3. Flexible Learning Options: The dog grooming schools in Florida offer flexible learning options that you can choose from, allowing students to study at their own pace.
    It is also designed to help students, especially already working individuals, to still focus on their jobs or other responsibilities while taking dog grooming lessons.

How many dog grooming schools are in Florida?

Florida is a large state with lots of educational institutions and other establishments such as dog grooming schools. There are 11 dog grooming schools in Florida including Dog Groomer Academy and Merryfield School of Pet Grooming.

How to become a dog groomer in Florida?

There is no standard schooling required to become a dog groomer in Florida, you simply need to have an interest in the field and enroll. You can become a dog groomer in Florida by going through an official dog grooming program or be an apprentice to a professional dog groomer.

The former is a better and safer option. The formal program has a comprehensive curriculum and graduate is more likely to earn a higher salary.

Best Dog Grooming Schools in Florida

  • Dog Groomer Academy
  • Animal Behavior College (ABC)
  • Academy of Animal Arts & Sciences
  • Merryfield School of Pet Grooming
  • Golden Paws Dog Grooming School
  • Woof Gang Academy of Grooming
  • Pets Playground Grooming School
  • All About Dog Grooming
  • Afurdable Pet Grooming School& Resort

1.      Dog Groomer Academy

Dog Groomer Academy is one of the dog grooming schools in Florida with the aim to provide students with advanced education in the field of pet grooming, as well as skills necessary to properly care for and manage dogs. The most up-to-date techniques of dog grooming will be taught to you through the Dog Grooming Training program.

The Academy offers a Professional Dog Groomer Diploma that educates students in pet grooming and teaches them the necessary skills to take care of their pets in a professional manner. Their knowledge of dog grooming will range from basic to advanced, such as how to bathe a dog in the American Kennel Club style and how to clean a dog, and what it takes to run a dog grooming business.

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2.      Animal Behavior College (ABC)

Animal Behavior College is one of the dog grooming schools in Florida, founded in 1998, and offers a dog grooming certification program available to students in both online and on-campus learning formats. The program is completed in one year and offers you the opportunity to create long-lasting relationships with clients and their dog’s pets.

If you enroll in the online program, you will work with professional dog groomers to gain hands-on skills and also apply all the theories you’ve learned in a practical field. Successful completion of the program will earn you an Animal Behavior College Certified Pet Groomer (ABCPG). The tuition fee ranges from $3,799 to $6,195.

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3.      Academy of Animal Arts & Sciences

This is one of the dog grooming schools in Florida offering six grooming programs that offer a diploma upon completion. The programs are Junior Groomer, Kennel Technician, Basic Groomer, Professional Pet Groomer, Advanced Groomer, and Master Groomer all of which are designed to equip students with the necessary skills to run a successful business in the pet and dog grooming industry.

You may go for any of the programs of your choice and their tuition fee ranges from $4,500 to $7,200 and they are completed in 2 months. Students will have to buy the equipment they’d use for the hands-on dog grooming training.

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4.      Merryfield School of Pet Grooming

Merryfield School is one of the top grooming schools in Florida offering flexible day and evening programs for students to choose the best learning option that suits their schedule. The grooming program here prepares students for a career as Top Professional Pet Groomer. You will learn how to efficiently and professionally groom dogs in a salon, on the road, or at your home.

Mastering pet grooming involves learning how to work with grooming equipment, dealing with customers, cleaning ear canals, and combing and brushing fur to remove tangles. The program also includes training first aid and styling as well as learning about skin diseases and how to perfectly use scissors.

In 10 months you will complete the program and become a professional dog groomer with a reputable career in the industry.

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5.      Golden Paws Dog Grooming School

This is one of the dog grooming schools in Florida and it uses a unique teaching style which is a step-by-step process designed and refined by one of the nation’s top instructors, Jacqueline Rauch. The instructional material is arranged and organized to develop quality styling, skills, outline shaping, blending, balance, and proportion, and how to apply those skills to breed design, control methods, proper handling, and speed techniques.

Students are taught to master all the basic and advanced grooming skills with an emphasis on fine finishing skills. You will also learn how to start a successful business in the dog grooming industry. The total program cost for the professional dog styling program is $6,780 and the professional dog bathing program is $2,000.

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6.      Woof Gang Academy of Grooming

Woof Gang is one dog grooming school in Florida with the goal of elevating the grooming profession and educating students in an environment that promotes the interrelationship of education, business, and paraprofessional enterprise.

The pro groomer program teaches students all the essentials to become a dog groomer and quickly begin a paid career at a grooming facility. Classes are taught verbally through lectures, book study and video demonstration, and hands-on training.

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7.      Pets Playground Grooming School

The Pets Playground Grooming School is one of the top dog grooming schools in Florida and also offers cat grooming lessons too. Classes are offered in English, Spanish, and literature and for those who work full time but still want a dog grooming qualification or simply want to get the skills, they can enroll for the weekend classes on Saturday and Sunday.

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8.      All About Dog Grooming

Yes, this is the name of a dog grooming school in Florida, and just as the name suggests, it is all about dog grooming. The dog grooming program can be completed in 90 days minimum and up to a maximum of 365 days after which you get a certificate as a reward for your training.

By joining this school for dog grooming skills you will be equipped with the skills to professionally bath, clip, and scissor-style or more than 30 common dog breeds and mixes.

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9.      Afurdable Pet Grooming School& Resort

On our final list of best grooming schools in Florida is the Afurdable Pet Grooming School& Resort. The school offers hands-on training and students get to choose which of the programs they want to enroll into. There are three programs Professional Groomer, Assistant Groomer, or Just for Fun-Groom Your own Pet Courses.

The program is completed within 12 hours to 200 hours and comes with hands-on training and a tote bag.

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This brings an end to the top 9 dog breeding schools in Florida, people within the state of Florida will find this blog post more useful.

FAQs on the Dog Grooming Schools in Florida

How much does dog grooming school cost?

The cost of dog grooming schools in Florida and other countries ranges between$600 and $7,500.

What is the best dog grooming school?

The best dog grooming school is Penn Foster, it is rated as overall.

How long do you have to go to school to be a dog groomer?

The length of time you spend at a dog grooming school depends if you go for an apprenticeship or certificate program. While the apprenticeship program lasts between 6-10 weeks while the certificate program takes 2 months to 1 year to complete


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