10 Best Down Syndrome Schools in Florida

Down syndrome is challenging both to child and parent, let us help you find the best down syndrome schools in Florida to reduce some of your worries.

Getting a suitable school for kids with special needs can be challenging and it is the dream of every parent to get their child into a school that fits them. And whether special needs or not, this is a daunting task for every parent out there. With this article, we hope to solve that issue or, in a way, reduce the workload for you.

The purpose of this blog post is to help parents, guardians, and even teachers find the right school for their kids, ward, or student who is physically or mentally challenged. Such individuals are special and shouldn’t be thrown into any type of school. They are special, therefore, should be in a school for special needs so that they can be treated right.

The teachers at this school are rigorously trained on how to effectively efficiently educate, train, and care for these special kids. This is one of the major reasons why they can’t just be enrolled in the regular school. Their curriculums and teaching style are different and so is the environment.

The environment of these kinds of schools is specially designed to stimulate creativity, learning, and adventure in these special children. It is also designed for them to feel comfortable in their own world and learn at their own pace without pressure from teachers and/or fellow students.


What is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is a genetic condition in which a person has an extra chromosome (chromosome 21) that causes mild to severe physical and developmental problems. The syndrome appears to be the most common identifiable cause of intellectual disability, making up around 15 – 20% of the intellectually disabled population.

There is no cure for individuals living with down syndrome.

How to Join A Down Syndrome School in Florida

There’s no special requirement in joining any of the down syndrome schools in Florida. You simply need to identify with the school that you want to enroll your child into the school, but your child has to fit into the category of the special needs they cater for.

During the application process to enroll your child, you can be asked by the school to provide their health record as well as their academic records from their former school if they attended one. Parents will also be required to take a tour of the school and that is typically how to join a down syndrome school in Florida.

Down Syndrome Schools in Florida

The down syndrome schools in Florida listed here are dedicated special needs schools that support down syndrome. Some are also regular schools that provide some support for down syndrome. Listed and further discussed below are the down syndrome schools in Florida. A wide array of them has been compiled for you to have as many options as possible.

1.      North Florida School of Special Education (NFSSE)

The North Florida School of Special Education, also known as NFSSE, is one of the down syndrome schools in Florida. It is located in Jacksonville. NFSSE is on a mission to discover and foster each student’s unique abilities revealing their highest potential within an engaged community.

The school isn’t just for kids with down syndrome but for anyone between the ages of 6-22 with intellectual and developmental differences. The aim of the school is to prepare students to join the workforce and demonstrate independence to the best of their ability. Scholarships and financial aid opportunities are also available to support students.

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2.      Arbor School of Central Florida

Arbor School of Central Florida is one of the best down syndrome schools in Florida. The school uses a sensory-based curriculum and a therapeutically-based learning approach to meet the educational needs of children, not just with down syndrome, but also with dyslexia, high-functioning autism, SLD, and other developmental disabilities.

The school also has certified, professional therapists that work hand in hand with the teachers and use occupational therapy, speech, and language therapy, and music therapy, and art to bring out the best in your child and ensure that all aspects of the child’s needs are met. Arbor School of Central Florida is partnered with some organizations that offer scholarships and financial aid and scholarships to students.

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3.      Livingstone Academy

Livingstone Academy is one of the non-profit, private down syndrome schools in Florida with four locations in Brandon, Riverview, Seffner, and Valrico respectively. It was founded in 2003 and established to serve the educational needs of kids with autism, SLD, Asperger’s, ADHD, and down syndrome.

Each of its academic centers enrolls 1th through 12th grade students. The school is partnered with the McKay, Gardiner, and FTC Scholarships to provide funding to parents who cannot afford the fees.

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4.      Divine Academy of Broward Special Needs School

Divine Academy is a private special needs school located in Hollywood, Florida. The school was established in 2005 and continues to offer social and life-long skills that will establish them for life. Only 4th to 12th grades are accepted and in-house therapies and before and after school care are also offered.

There are three different programs; the middle school, high school, and adult program. The middle school program is for children between the ages of 11 to 14 while the high school program is designed for children and young adults between the ages of 15 to 22.

And finally, the adult program is a program for young adults to support and provide them with the resources and opportunities they may need to assist them in transitioning into all areas of their lives through independent living training.

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5.      Center Academy

Center Academy is a private school established in 1968 for students with learning disabilities, down syndrome, dyslexia, and others. This school is, therefore, one of the down syndrome schools in Florida.

It uses a college prep curriculum for students in grades 4-12 designed to promote self-esteem, self-concept, and self-confidence as well as inspire students to give their best in any tasks they are engaged in.

To enroll your child into the school, you simply need to telephone the school director then set up a meeting to visit the school with your child for a tour of the school. Varieties of scholarships are also available for students to apply for.

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6.      Atlantis Academy Palm Beaches

Atlantis Academy is one of the down syndrome schools in Florida established in 1976. It is also designed for students with other learning disabilities and challenges. The student-to-teacher ratio here is low so that parents, teachers, and students can easily form a relationship that would benefit every child enrolled here.

It also boasts a relaxing environment, and an experienced, caring, and nurturing staff to help students boost their self-confidence and self-esteem as well as their social skills. Different learning methods are used to teach different students as everyone all has their diverse learning styles. The strategies are aligned with the academic level and learning pace of each of the students.

To enhance students’ school experience, they can engage in after-school clubs, tutoring, and summer programs.

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7.      Promised Land Academy

Promised Land Academy is one of the down syndrome schools in Florida offering education to students with learning challenges from kindergarten through 12th grade. It is a full-day, Christian school and is an ideal school for parents who would like to enroll their child in a religious institution. It offers a safe and loving environment where students are guided and trained by professional teachers to learn at their own pace.

The aside also has a team of expert and licensed speech and occupational therapists working closely with the teachers. And together they both address the physical, social, spiritual, and cognitive goals of each child.

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8.      Alpine Academy

The academy is one of the down syndrome schools in Florida and also addresses other unique learning abilities such as ADHD, autism, and behavioral and emotional needs in children. It promises a fun and nurturing learning environment as well as highly qualified teachers and behavior analysts to challenge, encourage, and educate students.

The programs here are designed to enhance academic skills such as reading, math, communication, social, self-care, self-management, and writing skills to enable students to lead a successful and productive life.

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9.      Reach Academy

Reach Academy is a private, non-profit school designed to serve students in grades K-12 with unique academic and social disabilities such as down syndrome, autism, dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning and developmental challenges. To assist students in reaching their full potential, the academy combines different methods of teaching, technology, and innovative strategies.

This school fits among the down syndrome schools in Florida and you should consider enrolling your child.

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10. Our Sacred Academy

Our Sacred Academy is a private school designed for children from K-12 with special needs, learning disabilities, and developmental challenges. The programs offered at the academy are interdisciplinary allowing students to engage in visual and performing arts, Spanish dual-language program, life skills training, sign language, and physical education to enhance their academic and social skills.

Our Sacred Academy also fits among the down syndrome schools in Florida. Children with Down syndrome can be enrolled into this academy to partake in their innovative program offerings and develop their potential to the fullest.

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These are the 10 best down syndrome schools in Florida, it is important that parents and children take a tour of any of the schools they are interested in to ensure it fits their child and would properly serve their needs. With this article coming to an end, hopefully, we have helped in taking off the task of looking for a suitable school for your child from your hands.

Also, look out for scholarships and financial aid opportunities while applying for admission.


Are there special schools for down syndrome?

Yes, there are special schools for down syndrome. The ones in Florida have been discussed in this article.