40+ Best Schools For High Functioning Autism

Does your child have high-functioning autism? If yes, they should be enrolled in a special needs school where they can learn and develop in the best environment. In this article, I have curated a list of over 40 schools for high functioning autism to help parents whose children are on the spectrum make better decisions on the best school for their autistic child.

This topic reminds me so much of The Good Doctor. You can’t say that you haven’t heard about it or seen it. It is a drama about an autistic guy who has always wanted to be a doctor in order to help others. He got what he wanted and got really good at it, maybe almost supernatural because he could see and detect medical conditions in the human body that other experienced doctors and even machines could not see.

Well, that’s basically the whole summary of the movie. Forgive me if I didn’t give a more thorough explanation, everything I know about the drama – The Good Doctor – came from watching Facebook videos and YouTube Shorts of the drama. But anyway, you get the connection I am trying to make here, don’t you?

Autism is a disability and your child having it doesn’t mean that they do not have dreams to chase or they do not deserve an education. In fact, they deserve it even more than non-disabled people because getting an education would boost their confidence and put them in the same rank as their peers.

So, as the parent or guardian to an autistic child, you’ve got to give them the best education and encourage them to come out of their shell and pursue their dream. This begins with giving them the proper education and enrolling them in a suitable special needs school where they will meet others like themselves and be taught by expert special needs teachers.

You don’t have to go through the stress of looking for suitable special needs schools as I have curated more than 40 schools for high functioning autism that you can enroll your autistic child in. Further details on each of the schools like the class sizes, location, and so on are provided as well. So, you just have to read through it and then contact the school that you think is best for your child.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a broad term used to describe a group of neurodevelopmental conditions. Parents of autistic children are faced with bigger responsibilities in caring for their child, they cannot be sent to regular schools, and selling one’s house and relocating isn’t uncommon either.

It is a daunting task selecting a school for an autistic child and this is because you have to be extra careful with the choice one makes. The choice of school may go on to have a profound and lasting impact on the child’s life and family.

While this article discusses the best schools for high functioning autism, those with normal autism can still find it useful. In addition to the schools here, we have an article on autism programs in public schools for parents to find more options. When your child graduates from high school and wants to pursue college, they can apply for college scholarships for autistic students to receive financial support that will support the cost of their college education.

You’ve probably never heard of high functioning autism and before it confuses you any further, let’s take a look at the definition below.

What is High Functioning Autism?

High-functioning autism is not a medically diagnosed thing, it is simply a term used to refer to people with autism who read, write, speak, and manage life skills without much assistance. People with high functioning autism have developed their language and independent living skills.

How To Find High Functioning Autism Schools Near Me

To find high functioning autism schools near you, here is what you need to do;

  1. The fastest and easiest way to find schools for high-functioning autism close to you is by making use of a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! To narrow the search down, include your location such that it will look like “high functioning schools in Florida” or your current location.
  2. You may ask the nurses or doctors of the hospital in your area since it is a medical condition they might know the best school suitable for autistic kids.

Without further ado, let’s get into the main subject matter.

14 Schools for High Functioning Autism

The best schools for high functioning autism are fully discussed here as well as links to reach out to the school of your choice.

  • Temple Grandin School
  • Franklin Academy
  • The Holmewood School
  • Gateway Academy
  • Center Academy
  • Alderwasley Hall School
  • Gretton School
  • Ripplevale School
  • New Hope Academy
  • Kennedy Kreiger Institute
  • Jacana School for Autism
  • Roehampton Gate School
  • Trafalgar Castle School
  • Lionsgate Academy

1.      Temple Grandin School

Accredited by the National Commission on Exceptional Schools (NECS), Temple Grandin School is one of the top private schools for high functioning autism. It is a non-profit school dedicated to offering a supportive, socially engaging educational environment for autistic and other neuro-diverse students to develop their minds and talents to the fullest.

The admission process to enter this school is quite stressful, students will have to take a tour of the school which includes a Q&A time, and meeting with the staff members. If you meet up with the school’s admission criteria you will be allowed to continue with the application process.

The admission application includes completing an application form (parent and student sections), submitting copies of all prior evaluations, treatment plans, and school records, as well as, recommendations from previous teachers.

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2.      Franklin Academy

Established in 2001, Franklin Academy is one of the schools for high functioning autism. Using a competency-based curriculum makes it possible for students with high functioning autism to pursue collegiate goals, professional aspirations, and satisfying lives with meaningful relationships.

Admission here is pretty easy, students and parents don’t need to take a physical tour of the campus, there is a virtual tour available on the website that you can just click and watch. If you find the school suitable you can go on to complete the application online.

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3.      The Holmewood School

This is one of the schools for high functioning autism based in London admitting students from 7-19 years old. Irrespective of any language, communication, and social difficulties that a student demonstrates, Holmewood School ensures that the students get all chances to achieve their full potential in life.

If you are interested in this school, you will need to use the inquiry form found on the school website then proceed to email copies of your child’s data to the school which will be reviewed by the admissions panel. If the panel believes they can care for your child’s needs then you will be invited to take a tour of the school to confirm it is suitable enough.

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4.      Gateway Academy

Located in Arizona, USA, and accredited by Cognia, Gateway Academy is one of the best schools for high functioning autism. With a vibrant, fun, exciting learning environment that celebrates individuality, fosters creativity and curiosity, and encourages all personalities to shine, Gateway Academy is where every parent should consider enrolling their high functioning autistic child.

The private school admits students into grades 6-12 and it is the first of its kind in Arizona. To enroll your child into this school you will need to review the admission standards, areas of concern, required testing, and assessments for admission.

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5.      Center Academy

Looking for autism schools in Florida to enroll your child with high functioning autism? The Center Academy should be on your top list of schools for high functioning autism that will better cater to the needs of your child. The academy was established in 1968 as a private school designed to provide education for children in grades 4-12 with Asperger’s Syndrome.

The admissions process is easy, the prospective students and parents only need to visit the school to meet with the director to ensure the environment is the right place for their child. The Center Academy has 3 different scholarship programs designed to offset students’ tuition and encourage them to learn and become the best version of themselves.

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6.      Alderwasley Hall School

Alderwasley Hall School is one of the schools for high functioning autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and communication difficulties located in England, United Kingdom. It provides an exceptional education to students aged 5-20 years old and transforms them into happy and healthy students with a sense of belonging and purpose.

To enroll your child into the Alderwasley Hall School, you will need to call the school to arrange a visit to the school and let your local authority know that you’d like to enroll your child in the school for an assessment. From here, the process will take its course. Follow the provided link below to get the schools’ contact information to reach out to them.

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7.      Gretton School

Gretton School offers day and weekly boarding options to children and young people aged 5-19 years old with high functioning autism. With a broad curriculum based on holistic development and the development of life and social skills, Gretton can bring out the best in students and offer them amazing opportunities to excel in the world.

You can physically visit the school for the usual school tour before enrolling your child in the school or use the virtual tour section and take an online trip around the establishment. For students to be admitted they must be diagnosed with high functioning autism or autism spectrum disorder and take the baseline assessment.

Gretton School is one of the best schools for high functioning autism that you may consider enrolling your child in to receive the best care and education. Also, it is located at Waterloo Place, St.James. London.

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8.      Ripplevale School

Operating since 1971, Ripplevale School is recognized as one of the best schools for high functioning autism in the UK. It is an independent day school accepting boys aged from 6-18 years old diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other associated conditions. The school aims to encourage students to build appropriate personal, social, and employable skills allowing them to become confident, independent, and aspiring young individuals.

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9.      New Hope Academy

This is one of the top schools for high functioning autism serving students in grades 6 to 12 and ages 11 to 21 diagnosed with autism and other learning and emotional disability. The objective of New Hope Academy is to give kids a secure, therapeutic, and educational environment in which children can develop their abilities to become effective learners, gain personal insight, and learn coping methods.

While trying to reach their academic and social-emotional potential, students receive school credit. The academy is located in Illinois and is accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education. It has a West Campus in Arlington Heights which serves students in grades 6-12, and an East Campus in Glenview which serves students in grades 9-12.

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10. Kennedy Kreiger Institute

Kennedy Kreiger Institute is one of the best schools for high functioning autism. The programs at Kennedy Kreiger Institute are geared toward preparing students for effective return to their communities after graduation.

The institute offers different educational offerings which include a K-8 program, Kennedy Kreiger High School, the LEAP program, the Montgomery County campus, the public school partnership program, and the physically challenged sports and recreation program. These programs are provided by the institute to help youngsters with special needs feel included.

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11. Jacana School for Autism

Jacana School for Autism is a special education school located in Jacana, Victoria, Australia. The school is a Victorian State Government specialist school that serves the educational needs of primary, middle, and secondary students with autism from age 5 to 18 years of age. Each class has a number of 8 students with three teachers for each classroom who are supported by speech and occupational therapists, school psychologist, and specialist teachers.

The school has facilities such as student gym, gardens, community learning hub, recreation learning space, appropriate playgrounds, and many more to stimulate learning among students and make the environment a conducive place of learning. One of the requirements for enrollment is a diagnosis of ASD from a certified psychologist.

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12. Roehampton Gate School

Roehampton Gate School is a special school in South West London, England that delivers specialized and highly individualized education for boys and girls from age 7-19 years old on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). So, whether your child has mild to moderate autism condition you may want to consider bringing them to this school. There are no more than 8 students per class and there is a high staff to student ratio with most students receiving one-to-one support.

To apply for your child, parents are required to visit the school, view the specialist classrooms, and meet with key staff members. In the admission for application process, parents will be required to provide copies of their child’s Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) and current reports concerning the child’s condition.

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13. Trafalgar Castle School

Are you looking for an all-girls boarding school in Canada with autism support? Here is Trafalgar Castle School for you to consider. Trafalgar Castle School is one of the boarding schools with autism support. It is an all-girls independent day and boarding school for students in grades 4-12. Boarding at the school begins in the 7th grade.

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14. Lionsgate Academy

Lionsgate Academy is a public school designed for students with autism, ADHD, other sensory processions disorder, and other learning disabilities. The school is complete with facilities, expert teachers, and therapeutic support service staff who work together with teachers and parents to identify the unique strength and challenges of students.

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These are the 14 best schools for high functioning autism, you can equally enroll your child with high functioning autism in a regular autism school but then it’s preferable you enroll them where they belong so you can see their growth.

Top 15 Boarding Schools For High Functioning Autism

Would you rather enroll your autistic child in a boarding school? Here are a list of schools to consider:

  • Franklin Academy
  • Seven Stars Asperger’s Boarding School
  • Dewey Institute
  • Monarch Boarding Academy
  • New Focus Academy
  • Gretton School
  • The Star Academy
  • The Holmewood School
  • Robert Land Academy
  • Bachman Academy
  • Cedar House School
  • The Gow School
  • Shrub Oak International School
  • The Black Mountain Academy
  • Trafalgar Castle School

Best 17 Schools for High Functioning Autism in the UK

Here are the best schools for high functioning autism in the UK:

  • LVS Oxford
  • Limpsfield Grange School
  • Alderwasley Hall Schooljigsaw School
  • Arc Oakbridge School
  • Beechwood College
  • Newbarn School
  • Springfields Academy
  • The Grange Therapeutic School
  • Holmewood School
  • Wolsey Hall Oxford
  • Appleford School
  • Harrison College
  • Falkland House School
  • Baston House School
  • Hillingdon Manor School
  • Gretton School
  • Snowflake School

Best 13 Schools for High Functioning Autism in Melbourne

Melbourne is in Australia and the following are the high functioning autism schools near you if you have an autistic child you want to enroll in a school, you may want to consider the ones listed below.

  • Giant Steps Melbourne
  • Kamaruka Education Center
  • Dookie Campus Secondary School
  • Jacana School for Autism
  • Eastern Ranges School
  • Bulleen Heights School
  • Eastern Ranges School
  • Jacana School for Autism
  • Jennings Street School
  • Oakleigh Grammar
  • Northern School for Autism.
  • Southern Autistic School
  • Western Autistic School

These are the best schools for high functioning autism by location and I hope they have been helpful, this, therefore, concludes this article.

PS: this article have been updated to include even more schools for high functioning autism.


Many questions must have come to your mind while reading this article and we have given answers to the common ones below:

Is high functioning autism a disability?

I mentioned above that high functioning autism is a term used to refer to autistic people who have achieved significant growth, that is, they have been able to develop their language and independent living skills to a much higher level compared to a normal autistic person.

However, the term “high functioning autism” is not a clinical diagnosis and is still regarded as autism which is a developmental disability. Therefore, a high functioning disability is a disability.

What type of school is best for high functioning autism?

The type of school that is best for high functioning autism is a special needs school or a normal school with a special needs program and expert teachers.

Is boarding school good for an autistic child?

Just like how every learning environment has its pros and cons, so does the boarding school for an autistic child have its as well. The best way to find answers is from a personal view, that is, ask parents who put their autistic child in a boarding school, and from their answers, you’d know if it is the right place for your child.

Also, before enrolling your child into the boarding school, you will take a tour of the environment and speak with the school’s staff, this also will offer you further insights into whether a boarding school is a right or wrong option.