10 Best Autism Programs in Public Schools (USA)

Autistic kids deserve the best, which is why we have written this article to feature the best autism schools in USA where you can find the best autism programs in public schools. You may want to consider enrolling your child on the ASD spectrum in any of the schools.

Children with autism require special attention from teachers and this is obtainable at schools. Public schools have the license to offer special services to children with autism, to meet their diagnostic, medical, and educational labels.

Autism is becoming more rampant as the years roll by but there are still some misconceptions about the disorder that makes it difficult to choose the best autism school for an autistic child.

It is believed that putting an autistic child in a public school comes with drawbacks because it is somewhat difficult to adapt to the unique needs of the kids in a public school, there is a lack of specificity on the needs of the child but this is still not to say that public schools are written off for children living with Autistic Spectrum Disability(ASD).

There are so many factors to be children for autistic children which makes it difficult to let them study in a traditional educational environment like other kids. Children with autism stand higher risks of being bullied than normal children so the best school for an autistic child is not the one that offers the child the best education, but the one where the child is morally and emotionally supported.

Some of the services offered comprehensively at a good autism school are as follows:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Special education
  • Physical Therapy
  • Adaptive Physical education

There are quite so many autism programs in private and public schools and the choice of one depends on the preference of the parents on what’s best for the child.

It is not easy to come to a decision anyways in cases of school for an autistic child but these schools outlined below are good options for you because they promise the best programs for autism in public schools.

Best Autism Programs in Public Schools
(Best Autism Schools in USA)

  • The Autism Academy of Learning
  • Camp Hill Special School
  • Land Park Academy
  • The Forum School
  • Heart Spring School
  • Imagine Academy
  • Lions gate Academy
  • The Victory Center
  • Carrie Brazer Center for Autism and Alternative Approaches, Inc., Miami
  • The Jericho School

1. The Autism Academy of Learning

The autism academy of learning is located in Toledo, Ohio. It is one of the best autism schools in USA that you can consider for your child.

There are other disabilities that are taken care of at the academy apart from Autism. So, in a way, the school could be seen as an all-around public charter school for people who have been diagnosed with any form of autism or disability at all.

At the academy, there is adequate provision of vocational skills, daily management skills, and a solid foundation in behavior and development that’s very necessary for the growth of the child. Emphasis on academic learning at the school is very strong and students are adequately taken care of all around.

Teachers are skilled at good interaction with the students and understand each child’s basic needs as the case may be. The school is one of the few schools that offers the best programs for autism in Public Schools. You can visit the school Website here.

2. Camp Hill Special School

The school is located in Glenn Moore, Pennsylvania, USA. It is a great school for autistic children and children living with cognitive and developmental disabilities closely related to autism. They have professionals who are skilled at training autistic children and bringing out the best in them.

Residential and day programs are available at the school and a transitional program for young people between ages 18 to 21.

It has been listed as one of the best private special needs schools in the United States by Masters in Special Education. Camp Hill Special School is easy of the schools in the USA that offers the best programs for autism in private schools and even public schools. More information can be directly accessed on the School Website.

3. Land Park Academy

Land Park Academy is one of the schools that offer the best programs for autism in Public Schools, hence, it is one of the best autism schools in you will find in the usa.

The school is located in Sacramento, California and offers a great educational program on behavior and human development for people within the Autism Spectrum.

They work on the children under their care to make them ready for traditional public schools using various therapies and individualized education plan (IEP) goals. Fees are relatively affordable. It was recently listed as a recognized educational resource for kids living with Autism in California.

It is very well trusted that Land Park Academy numbers as one of the schools that offer the best programs for autism in Public schools. You can visit the School Website here.

4. Lions Gate Academy

The Lions gate academy offers the best programs in Autism in Public schools.  It is notable for helping students or children with high-functioning autism overcome their challenges in developmental and mental disabilities.

The school already has more than 45 reviews on Great Schools ranking.

They make available each child’s Individualized Education Plan(IEP) and Personalized Learning plan(PLP) through viable steps that enable the students to gain a solid education coupled with real-life skills for use in their life endeavors.

The hassle of choosing a good school for autism is quite much but Lions gate can easily be decided on as a school that offers the best programs for autism in Public schools. Follow this link to visit the school website.

5. The Victory Center

This is one of the schools that offer the best programs for autism in Public schools. Some of what they provide for the students are intensive and comprehensive, one-on-one academic instruction to children from three to fifteen years.

The school has taken care to incorporate programs that’ll be beneficial for the students into the school curriculum. There are small group activities that help the children build social and communication skills.

The skill level of the teachers and trainers is topnotch and children are happy all through their stay at school. Visit School Website here

6. The Forum School

The forum school is basically for children living within the autism spectrum. It is located in Waldwick, New Jersey.

It is not a public school, but a private, nonsectarian day school that prepares children with autism for the traditional public school or the traditional school of their choice.  It is designed to meet the needs of children up to age 16.

The teacher-student ratio is 1:2 and children are given intensive attention according to what they require for all-around development. The curriculum is prepared in such a way that the individual needs of each child are incorporated into the plan and no child is left behind to struggle.

Reviews on their Facebook page show the school’s effectiveness in making progress in leaps and bounds on social, academic, and life skills. Visit School Website here.

7. Heart spring School

The Heart Spring School was founded in 1934 in Wichita, Kansas, US. It was founded by Connie Erbert, a hero of Autism award for her selfless educational work in the autism community.

It is one of the schools that offer the best programs for autism in public Schools. Schooling at the heart spring School includes a multi-disciplinary program where specialists work together to serve the needs of children through classroom-based and residential education programs. Heart spring School accepts children of ages 5 through 21. Visit School Website here

8. Imagine Academy

A group of concerned parents came together to found Imagine Academy in Brooklyn, New York. These parents wanted to bring an integrated approach to their children’s education, hence the need to initiate an academy where their dreams for their children are brought to life. This dream turned Imagine Academy into one of the best autism schools in USA today.

Children who are autistic require special attention and need and this is exactly what Imagine Academy focused on when they founded the Academy. At Imagine Academy, every child’s emotional need is very important and is treated with immediate attention.

The academy has a comprehensive academic curriculum that takes care of the need of the children. Each child is offered a unique and intensive education and training on educational components such as sensory integration, fine motor activities, speech therapy, social skill building, and other educational training expedient for their developmental process and healthiness.

The school has received funding from the Disability Opportunity Fund which called it “a dream come true” for autistic children and their families. Visit School Website here

9. Carrie Brazer Center for Autism and Alternative Approaches, Inc., Miami

Autism programs in public schools are rare, so to say but are still there.

This is one of the nonprofit and nationally recognized schools for autism in America, precisely Miami. The school is open for students in elementary, middle, and high school that provides a major source of support for children on the autism spectrum.

The center has professionals who have licenses in speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc., the program is patterned to meet the individual needs of each child in diverse areas; developmental, educational, and emotional needs of the child.

In extreme cases, the center gives the children the opportunity of a 1:1 teacher-student relationship. The children at the institute are emotionally supported and shielded from any form of emotional trauma, which is one of the key problems of children living within the Autism Spectrum.

The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism and Alternative Approaches, Inc., Miami is easily one of the best schools that offer the best programs for Autism in Public schools in the USA. Visit School Website here.

10. The Jericho School

It was founded by parents and local business people in Jacksonville, Florida. It is not a public school anyway but prepares children and students living with autism for the traditional public school orb any school at all that they choose.

It is one of the best schools for autism in the US because it offers the best programs for autism in public schools and private schools. At the school, there is the provision of specialized, science-based education opportunities for autistic people and additional developmental disorders.

The curriculum allows the flexibility of the addition of verbal and applied behavior analysis(ABA) so as to provide students with individualized and comprehensive instruction.

The curriculum at Jericho has helped several autistic people overcome autistic problems and thereafter become productive and happy in their different lives. It is one of the schools in the USA that offers the best programs for autism in Public schools. There is the availability of an Individualized Education Plan which helps the child achieve important individual goals for the present moment and even in the coming years. Visit School Website here


What State has the best public schools for autism?

We found that the states listed below are just perfect for raising an autistic child the USA because of the resources available and the schools that can be accessed in these states.

  • Colorado
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Wisconsin
  • Rhode Island
  • Montana

Are Public Schools good for Autism?

Public Schools may not be ideal for raising a child living within the Autism Spectrum Because all the necessary details and attention may not be wholly put in place in order to fully help the child maximize his/her potential.

Public schools, just like private schools provide an appropriate educational and social setting for an autistic child. However, there may be some missing links to helping the child. There’s no guarantee that private schools are better. Each of them aims at helping the child grow in every necessary sphere of life.


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