5 Military Boarding Schools in California

This post illustrates the various Military boarding schools in California. If you are an intending military student looking to study in California, then you are at the right place. Keep scrolling for more information.

A military school or academy is any educational institution that prepares qualified candidates for service in the officer corps. It provides academic training in a military environment. The environment is defined by the country concerned.

The first military academies were established in the 18th century. These academies produced specialized corps such as military engineers and artillery with scientific training

There are three types of the military academies. They include:

  • Pre-collegiate level institutions
  • University level institutions
  • Cadet officers institution

Pre-collegiate institutions

The is a military school that tutors kids of different ages either elementary, middle, or high school students in a military environment. This training includes military drills. Most of these military academies are boarding schools and they are either run privately or owned by the government of the state or country

Due to the nature of the military school environments and the kind of training the students to go through, most parents threaten their unruly kids with the idea of sending them to a military school to teach them good behavior.

University level institutions or Adult institutions

This is a college-level military academy of higher learning. These military academies may or may not grant university degrees. This is peculiar to only a few countries. Some countries grant it while others don’t grant it.

In the US, graduates have a major field of study and they earn a bachelor’s degree in that aspect just like other universities. While in British academies the graduate does not achieve a university degree but instead the whole of the year is dedicated to military training.

Cadet officers institution

This academy is especially for those preparing officer cadets for commissioning into the armed services of the state.

California is a western US state that borders Oregon to the north, Nevada, and Arizona to the east, and the Mexican state of Baja California to the south. It is the most popular and third-largest US state by area. California is home to notable universities such as Stanford University, the University of Southern California, the California Institute of Technology, and the Claremont colleges.

Aside from normal colleges, California is home to some notable military boarding schools for students who are aspiring to study in a military environment and also attain military qualifications.

Most of the schools offer a full-year boarding option as well as a day option for interested candidates.


Admission Requirements into Military Boarding Schools in California

  • Candidates must have a strong CGPA and test scores.
  • You must be a US citizen.
  • You must be at least 17years of age.
  • You must be single.
  • You must not be pregnant.
  • You must not be legally responsible for child support.
  • You must get a medical examination.
  • You must take the candidate fitness assessment test.
  • You must submit your transcripts and your statement.

How Much Does Military School Cost in California?

Military school cost depends on the school itself and it also depends on whether the student will be a day student or a boarding student.

The cost of military schools in California ranges from $25,000 to $50,000 yearly.

Must I Become a Soldier if I Attend a Military Boarding School in California

Attending a Military school does not guarantee that you would be a soldier at the end of your program.

There are so many reasons why people attend military schools. These reasons are listed below:

To build Character

This is the major reason why many people choose to go to military schools. Military schools help to build the character of students.

These traits include honesty, self-discipline, courage, and boldness. Any student that passed through a military school is often known to possess these traits.

Remain Focused

The learning environment of a military school helps students to be focused and avoid distractions. Students who have difficulty in time management and focus will benefit immensely from this.

Technology is a big distraction in our teen lives. But going to a military school helps students to adjust to a world without freedom, distractions, and technology overindulgence.

Leadership skills

The leadership skills acquired in a military school are top-notch.  The kind of training that students undergo in a Military environment prepares them for outstanding leadership qualifications.

A student’s leadership skills will be honed at the fullest in a military school.

With the above reasons, I believe you are convinced that attending a military school does not guarantee that you’ll be a soldier after your military training. You can decide to further your education in any field of your choice.

What is the Age Requirement for Military School in California?

The age requirement for military schools in California is at least 17 years of age.

Military Boarding Schools in California

  • Army and Navy Academy
  • California Maritime Academy
  • California Military Institute
  • Oakland Military Institute

1.       Army and Navy Academy

Army and Navy Academy is an all-boys college school in California. The academy is located in Carlsbad California. It is one of the Best Military boarding schools in California.

The academy has the best Teachers who teach passionately and In a well-structured environment conducive for learning. As a result, the academy is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

The school is available for day and boarding students and also for grade 7-12 boys. The school’s tuition fee is $42’800 for boarding students and $24,500 for day students.

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2.       California Maritime Academy

California Maritime Academy is located in Vallejo California 30 miles south of San Francisco.

It is a mixed-gender academy and one of the Best Military boarding schools in California.

The academy is one of the Degrees granting academies in the United States. The academy prepares students for numerous maritime careers and the skill they acquired applied aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear.

Their tuition fee is approximately$7500 per semester. Accommodation can be on-campus or off-campus depending on the student’s choice. Non-California residents pay an extra cost of $372 per semester.

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3.       California Military Institute

California Military Institute is located in Perris California. It is affiliated with the California Cadet Corps and is one of the Best Military boarding schools in California.

The academy is attended by just 1100 students from grades 5-12. It offers a variety of recreational activities such as sports, football, field and track events, basketball, cheerleading, and so on.

The institution emphasizes community development and personal responsibility. Because of this reason, the academy participates in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life by showing support and raising money for the program.

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4.       Oakland Military Institute

Oakland Military Institute is presently located in  Oakland, California, United States. It is a charter school founded by the mayor of the city in 2001.

With the mission to provide a structured academic program for cadets to develop into great leaders, outstanding scholars, and good citizens of the country, they remain one of the Best Military boarding schools in California.

The academy is for grades 6-12 and it is duly accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges(WASC).

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5.       St. Catherine’s Academy

St. Catherine’s Academy is an all-boys Catholic military school Located in Anaheim, Orange County, California. It was founded in 1889 by the Dominican Sisters of Mission San José.

Being one of the Best Military boarding schools in California, the academy offers outstanding military training and drills in conjunction with excellent academic performance and a solid spiritual foundation.

Their mission is to bring up student’s with a foundation for success through a formation program that is deeply rooted in Dominican Charismthat emphasizes faith, leadership, academics, and service.

The academy’s tuition fee ranges from $12,500 – $16,500 depending on the area the student wants to be, either day or boarding school.

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6.       Discovery Challenge Academy

Discovery Challenge Academy is Located in Lathrop California. The academy specializes in intervening and reclaiming the lives of students who are at the risk of not graduating high school.

These students are trained and instilled with lifelong values, dreams, education, and self-discipline that I needed to succeed as a citizen of a country.

The estimated cost of attending the academy is $22,000. It is regarded as one of the Best Military boarding schools in California.

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