The Most Complex Subjects According to the Students

During the course of their academic life, a student comes across a host of subjects. Some they might enjoy, while some they might find boring. Usually, the reason that students find a subject boring, or outright repulsive, is because it is complex. No one likes to get involved in complexities, but these subjects require students to do just that. 

But the problem is, even if students are not huge fans of these subjects, they HAVE to study them. Not only that, they are also required to do homework or write papers on these subjects, which can be greatly frustrating. Thankfully, there are free essay examples all over the internet. If you want any free essay samples for college, you can easily get one. In this era of the internet, it is quite easy to get your hands on material that you need, especially if it is research material for your assignments or diploma. 

Complex Subjects

These disliked subjects were usually the culprit behind a decreasing grade. Your GPA takes a hit, because of the fact that these subjects are compulsory.  Let us take a look at some of the most complex subjects that students have to deal with.


Be it school, college or university, this subject has scared many. While school just saw basic level calculus, which was pretty scary in itself, higher-education mathematics, at the graduate and postgraduate levels, has the ability to snatch your sleep, peace, and confidence. How do people even submit a dissertation for this subject? 


Let us be honest. How many of us actually understood what was going on in this subject? Gravity and electricity were enough to make you wish you had never met Physics. And to think people get PhD in this subject! The writer of the book, prescribed to your course, must have been nothing less than God. 


Most people fail to build up strong chemistry between themselves and this subject. Just when you begin to think that it cannot get worse, you get introduced to organic chemistry, which is a nightmare.


This subject usually does not make its appearance until you are well into college or university. Of course, this is not a subject that you HAVE to study, unless you willingly wander into it. But even people who wish to pursue a career in architecture, have a tough time figuring this subject out.

Foreign Languages

Studying a foreign language might sound “cool”, but it is quite a daunting task at hand. Already, by the age of five, children lose their ability to grasp Languages quickly, which means anytime after that, language learning is a time taking process. Factor in other complex aspects, like gendered nouns, elaborate verb conjugations, and it is enough to make a grown man cry. 

Why So Difficult?

Unfortunately, the biggest reason that students find maths and physics complex is that the teaching faculty fails to make it interesting, but these subjects are application-based subjects. But if all you are being taught in class is the theoretical part, the subjects might turn very abstract. This holds true for the other subjects as well.

All Hail The Internet

Thanks to the internet, these subjects can be easily understood now. With live online labs and similar other equipment, it is a breeze to get through these subjects. There is enough material out there to help all kinds of learners: be it a visual learner or a spatial learner. You just need to know where to look.


The purpose of writing an article like this is to highlight that students have to deal with these subjects even if they don’t want to. Usually, it is the internet that turns saviour before an exam. While your institution might not have the greatest teachers, the internet certainly has. You will be able to find a tutor in the form of YouTube, as you rush from one lesson to another. No matter how tough the subjects, students sail through, because they cannot give in to fear of these subjects.