IB Maths Revision Courses Get You Ready For What’s Next

After high school, you begin the rest of your life. You start courses that will prepare you for the next step in your professional career. You might not know for sure just what that will be, but there may be some type of math requirement – even if it is just a basic one. Taking an IB Maths Revision Course can set the stage for a successful future and help you pass the IB exam at the same time.

The Different IB Maths Courses

There are resources to help you through all four types of IB Maths courses. Whether you are taking a standard level or a higher level course, you can rest assured that you can find the resources you need to pass your exam with flying colors. Each course caters to a different type of mathematics student. Which one are you?

Applications & Interpretation 

The Applications and Interpretation courses come in standard and higher levels. Course loads are 150 hours and 240 hours, respectively. The standard course is denoted by SL and is best for those students who do not have a strong math background.

SL is also for those students who do not plan on continuing forward in a math-related career. The higher level is denoted by HL and is for those with a stronger mathematics background but still do not plan on pursuing a career that requires it.

Analysis & Approaches

The Analysis and Approaches courses are also available in standard and higher levels. The course loads are the same as Applications and Interpretation, with 150 hour (SL) and 240 (HL) hour course loads. The SL option is for students with a moderate mathematics level.

These students may also be considering a career in a field related to mathematics. The HL option is for students who have strong levels of mathematics and are interested in studying higher levels of math for careers like engineering or applied mathematics studies.

Why IB Maths Revision Courses?

After high school, you might wonder what the next step will be. Whether you plan to continue on in a career that requires a strong math background or not, courses such as those from Revision Village can prepare you for even the basic of functions.

In addition to the IB Maths revision courses, the expansive offering has everything you need to pass your exams successfully. From coursework to practice exams, IB past papers are the perfect platform to experience what the exam will be like. These IB past papers are prior exams that provide the perfect practice – you won’t be caught off guard by how the exam is structured.

If you want to pass your exam, we recommend looking into a tutor or any of the online resources provided through Revision Village. Visit the IB Maths section to learn more about the four courses, the breakdown of the hours, and more.