How to write an Essay: Top Tips for Perfect Performance

How to Write an Essay Guide: Tips for Beginners

If essay writing is a new sphere of interest for you and you are afraid of even starting to analyze the issue, we want to calm you down. Essay writing is a wonderful journey you will definitely like if you check our tips on how to write an essay.

If you are the one who fears to start writing thinking that this is a complicated path with numerous barriers and pitfalls, we assure you that such a position is incorrect. Essay writing may please you even if it may require some time and effort. Believe that the satisfaction you will get after seeing a completed ideal piece of writing is worth it.

Anyway, even if you still cannot write your own essay after learning our tips about effective writing, you can always consider alternatives and buy custom essays online. But let’s put that aside and dive into learning about the essay writing process.

If you have been assigned with essay writing or need to write an essay for any other purpose, you always have to start with the topic. You need to understand what you are going to write about. The essay writing procedure is easy, and you may successfully follow it.

We have developed a list of stages you will have to come through. Check each stage, complete it, and enjoy a perfect outcome at the end. Moreover, being guided by our tips, you may also remain highly satisfied with the process, and who knows, maybe essay writing will become a part of your future profession. Just check the guide below and enjoy it.

Preparation Stage

Any essay writing process requires you to prepare for it. As soon as you are assigned with essay writing task, you need to develop a clear idea of what you will do. Check the following steps you may need to complete:

  • Make sure you understand the assignment. Read the instructions and ensure that you have a clear vision of what you need to write. If you have some doubts or questions regarding the assignment, you need to contact your professor for clarifications.
  • Develop a topic. If you do not have a set topic to write about, and you are free to choose what to focus on, you need to think of your topic and define it, remembering that it should be narrow enough to focus on one particular idea and at the same time be broad in the way of information expression.
  • Conduct research. It is impossible to write a perfect essay without research. Even if you think you know the topic perfectly, you should conduct some basic research to confirm nothing new about it. Also, the sources you will find may help you provide evidence and justify your writing.
  • Develop a thesis statement. A thesis is an essential part of your essay as it underlines the major idea you will support throughout the writing. Remember to return to your thesis in the flow of writing to remain focused.
  • Develop an outline. An outline will help you remain focused and logically structure your ideas.

Follow the Instructions

Each essay has unique instructions. Some of them are freer for a writer to develop personal strategy and focus on the aspects one considers important, while other instructions are stricter that put a writer in specific frames. You need to check instructions attentively to ensure that you pay attention to each detail that matters.

The instructions may contain the essay type, which is numerous, the length, and the citation style. You may find some important information about the structure or required readings. Never ignore instructions if you want to write a perfect essay that deserves the highest grade.

If you see that the instructions you have are too extensive and you have no time to check them and write an essay in the future, you may ask a team of professional writers to complete an essay for you. Just contact the custom writing team and enjoy a custom essay delivered to you without any effort on your side.


Even though the major part of your essay and the core idea of your writing is delivered in the main body of your paper, the introduction plays an essential role in the essay writing process. The focus of many essay writing tips is laid on the introduction because it is the part that convinces the reader either to continue checking your essay or to leave it aside. A good introduction contains the following features:

  1. Striking ideas that motivate a reader to continue reading to know what will be at the end.
  2. The background helps understand what ideas the essay starts with and predict what points one may focus on. No need to refer to terminology or complicated expressions. The introduction should be light and easy to understand.
  3. Thesis statement should define your idea not to leave any doubts about what the paper is about.

Mind the Structure

A clear structure should be seen to help a reader to know that the whole essay will be perfectly structured; a good structure simplifies reading. You need to mind the structure of the whole paper, the structure of the sections, the paragraphs, and even the sentences.

If each point is perfectly and logically structured, the reader will easily perceive your idea. Make sure that each previous paragraph slightly shifts to the idea of the next paragraphs. Use transitions, but do not oversaturate your paper with them.

Develop an Outline

It is always easier to write papers that have a clear structure. When you write an essay, you are free to decide which points to include. This is a perfect opportunity to create an essay that will be perfect considering your preferences and points of view.

List the idea you want to disclose in your essay, confirm that they flow logically, and start writing an essay following this particular outline. Here are some steps that may help you develop an outline:

  • Develop a thesis statement and topic sentences that reflect your ideas and support your thesis.
  • Ensure that each point in your outline focuses on some particular idea; do not try to cover several ideas in one paragraph
  • Think about transitions
  • List the sources you will use to support your ideas under each point

Feel Free

Do not try to write the whole essay from the first attempt. You do not have to start writing and do not stop until you finish. This is your creativity, your process, and you can manage it as you wish. You may develop an outline, have some tea, and only then return to writing.

You may write a paragraph and do not continue working on your essay till the next day. Remember the deadline and plan your work wisely to ensure that the essay writing process makes you pleased and inspired.


Concisely write your conclusion. Restate the thesis and summarize the main idea of the paper. No need to write anything new here unless you are required. These tips on how to write an essay are helpful and can assist you in your work.