13 Easiest Degrees To Get A Job With

This article contains the easiest degrees to get a job with after you graduate from college. It explains in detail all you need to know about the degrees and their career opportunities.

There are many easy-to-study university majors that pay well, however, few people know about them. Some are even surprised when I tell them that there are jobs you can get in the Federal Government without a degree.

Whatever the case may be, while choosing a degree to study, it is important to go for ones that can easily get you a job. The world has so much evolved that there are even jobs that pay well for introverts, same applies to those who don’t like stress as there are available jobs with good pay for them.

So, in this article, we will be exploring those easy degrees you can study, and still get good jobs with them. I implore you to follow me closely as I unveil all you need to know. You can also check out quick programs that lead to jobs with good pay if you are interested.

Why It Is Easier To Get A Job With Some Degrees

Some degrees are not too easy to get. It will involve a lot of hard work, discipline, sleepless nights, and so on. This led to many people avoiding those degrees, thereby making the handful who are in it to be in high demand, and open to numerous job opportunities.

Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A Degree Program

Just like when you want to send your application for college admission, there are things you check or do. The same thing applies when you are choosing a degree program. Some of the things you consider include;

Do I Have A Passion For This?

You should choose a course in which you have a passion or interest. This will go a way to keep you even when all things seem odd.

What Is The Timeframe For Completion?

Programs differ in duration. While some courses take 2 years, others can take 4 to 5 years. Checking the time you are willing to invest in a course is important.

What Is The Earning Power Of This Degree?

This is another factor to consider as anyone studying a particular degree intends to make a living from it.

Am I Financially Capable?

Another thing to check is your capability to foot your bills as some courses are very expensive to study, though worth it.

Graduate Employment Rate

You should also put into consideration the rate at which those possessing the same degree you are about to study get employed.

What Are My Performances Academically?

Your academic performances sometimes serve as a guide for you to know where you perfectly fit in. While some students who are good with mathematics and sciences can be advised to go for engineering degrees, it might not be so with those who dislike mathematics.

What Are My Values?

This is another factor you must put in check so as to be comfortable while studying for the degree. If you have a strong will against religion or politics, it is advisable to stay clear of courses relating to them.

Availability Of Institutions Offering The Degree

You should also check out the schools offering the degree you are interested in and know how to plan yourself.

Without any further ado, let’s delve properly into those easiest degrees to get a job with upon graduation.


Easiest Degrees To Get A Job With

Below are the various degrees which are easy to study, but guarantee a job upon graduation. Follow me closely as I list and explain them.

The data are gotten from deep research on sources like degree guides, and Bureau of Labour statistics.

  • Education
  • Computer Science
  • Health Science
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Statistics
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Psychology
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences

1.      Education

Education is one of the easiest degrees to get a job with upon graduation. There is always a high demand for college instructors all over the globe. The teachers prepare and instill knowledge in students who in turn help to transform society positively.

You can take education courses online or use the traditional classroom model, however, having a bachelor’s degree or equivalent certificate can get you an entry job into teaching.

2.      Computer Science

This is another easy degree that guarantees a job upon graduation. With the rise in technology, computer scientists and engineers are needed in every sector.

To get an entry job as a computer scientist, you must possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree. You will also be well-versed with technological software. If you are dealing with data management, having proficiency in Excel, MySQL, Power BI, and others are very important.

3.      Health Science

This is also a degree that leads to a promising career path. Healthcare administrators are needed in all parts of the world as people give ultimate care to their health.

People who major in health sciences can work in diverse places like hospitals, laboratories, doctor’s offices, rehabilitation clinics, government houses, etc. To be a qualified health administrator, you must possess a degree in health science from an accredited or recognized institute.

4.      Information Technology

Information Technology is another degree that looks like computer science but focuses on the interconnection of computer systems to effectively create, process, store, and exchange all kinds of data. The field is largely involved in all aspects of managing and processing information in a large organization.

The career opportunities in information technology are software programmers, system analysts, computer support specialists, computer scientists, database administrators, etc.

5.      Engineering

Engineering has a wide variety of opportunities. There are various categories to major in such as chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical, civil, and many others.

Aside from the good pay in engineering, there is also job security as engineers can work in diverse fields. To be regarded as an engineer, you must be certified by an accredited and recognized institution.

6.      Business Administration

Business administration is a sought-after course that equips you with all the skills and experience needed to successfully run a business or take up managerial roles in an organization. Having a degree in business administration opens you up to many career opportunities such as business manager, business developer, analyst, CEO, and many others.

You can also work in human resources, health services, finance, and communications companies.

7.      Statistics

Statistics is a degree that prepares students to become statisticians, data analysts, data scientists, etc. It is largely concerned with the collection of data to analyze situations, and project future occurrences.

Statisticians can work in a wide range of fields such as oil companies, hospitals, schools, private and government sectors, etc. Statisticians make use of software like python, math lab, excel, R programming, power BI, and many others to do their analysis.

The salary of a statistician is very attractive, and there is a high rate of job security.

8.      Finance

A financial degree equips students with an in-depth understanding of banking, trading, and economics. Having a degree in finance opens you to a wide range of job opportunities such as financial analyst, accountant, financial advisors, etc.

In every sector today, a team of finance or accountant is needed. This is to show you how high the demand for individuals in the finance sector is. Aside from the high demand, there is also the assurance of job security as you can even run your personal financial consults.

9.      Human Resources

To become a human resource professional, you need to be well-versed in marketing, communication, finance, management, business, and others. Going for a human resource degree is the best way to acquire all these skills mentioned.

As a human resource professional, you have a versatile qualification for training, hiring, and developing people’s skills. You can work as a training and development officer, human resources officer, occupational psychologist, and even office manager.

10.  Psychology

Psychology according to Wikipedia deals with the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. A degree in psychology gives a good foundation for a range of careers. These include working as a psychologist, social worker, psychotherapist, counselor, teacher, human resource manager, educational psychologist, and even taking up research roles.

11.  Communications

Acquiring a degree in communications helps students to enhance their writing and speaking skills as students are being taught about public speaking, media writing, digital media, intercultural communication, ethics, etc.

Individuals who major in communications can work in a wide range of industries such as marketing, journalism, public relations, film productions, broadcasting services, telecommunication, airways, etc. There are also many majors one can specialize in communication, however, marketing management and advertising management are promising majors.

12.  Marketing

Marketing is also one of the easiest degrees to get a job with upon graduation. It is largely involved with exploring, creating, and delivering goods or services which meets the need of consumers or target audience.

It is simply all activities a company engages with in order to sell and promote its products, services, and brands to the targeted audience. Every sector today needs a marketer, thereby the demand is very high. There is also a high assurance of job security in the field.

13.  Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical sciences deal with the study of the formulation, development, and manufacture of new drugs. It focuses on the design, synthesis, distribution, targeting, safety, and efficacy of potential therapeutics.

With a degree in pharmaceutical sciences, you can work as a primary technician, liaison, pharmaceutical manufacturer, pharmaceutical sales representative, regulatory specialist, chemist, clinical research associate, pharmacist, and many others.


At this juncture, I can say that you have known most of the things you need to consider when choosing a degree to study, and also some of the easiest degrees to get a job with upon graduation. I hope you make the most out of the details provided.