10 List Of Dance Schools In Paris

If you live in Paris or are about to visit the place, here in this article is the list of dance schools in which you can enroll and advance further in your skill.

Before I go on to list the schools, let’s take a look at the overview of dance. Dancing is among the old form of art which involves moving part of your body in a rhythmic manner to align with the sounds coming from the music.

Someone once asked me; what is the benefit of even enrolling in the best dance school in the world? Will it yield anything? I smiled and nodded my head. The truth is that many are ignorant of how dancing is a great tool that can be used to change the world.

Dancing also helps one to stay physically fit, not minding your size, age, and shape. When you dance, you stretch and improve your muscles, upgrade your endurance and strength levels, etc.

As a graduate of a dancing school, you are open to many career opportunities within the entertainment industry. You can host shows, perform in movies, work with music stars, and even start your dance school where you give people training on how to develop and sharpen their dancing skills.

So, if you have a thing for dancing, you can look for a dance school in your vicinity where you will be given adequate training on how to maximize your skills. For instance, Nigerians can enroll in the best dance schools located in Lagos, the same applies to citizens of other countries.

What Is The Famous Dance School In Paris?

The famous dance school in Paris is The Paris Opera Ballet School founded in 1669 and located in Paris, 9th arrondissement, France.

How Do I Get Into A Dance School In Paris?

You can get into a dance school in Paris by first selecting the dance school of your choice. It is important to check out the reputation, reviews, history, rating, and general excellence of the school before choosing.

Then, apply and sit for the entrance exam, or any other required exam to be admitted. Most of the Paris dance schools are competitive, hence, requires that you score above average to get a chance there.


Dance Schools In Paris

Here are the various dance schools located in Paris. I will be listing and explaining them so as to enable you to have a broader view and gain more insights.

  • Studio Harmonic
  • Ecole Des Danses Latines Tropicales
  • Studio Massaro
  • Academie Des Arts Choregraphiques
  • Salsabor Dance Studio
  • Ecole De Danse Nathalie Gustine
  • Jacques Bense Dance School
  • Ballroom Dance Paris
  • Let Us Dance
  • Your Valse Dance School

1.      Studio Harmonic

Studio Harmonic is one of the dance schools found in Paris that aims at providing guidance and a suitable environment for both professional and amateur dancers. The school has classes for every level; from beginner to advance, and serves as a meeting arena for all who are interested in dancing.

Studio Harmonic is one of the largest Paris dance schools and has been in existence for over 30 years. It offers about 47 dance lesson styles and has over 100 teachers.

2.      Ecole Des Danses Latines Tropicales

Ecole Des Danses Latines Tropicales is another school in Paris that offers dancing lessons. The school offers classes for beginners to advanced levels, and the classes are taught by experienced and qualified teachers.

Aside from being a well-structured dance school in Paris that tends to give every student a solid foundation needed to move to another level, Ecole Des Danses Latines Tropicales also organizes kizomba classes, Salsa, and tropical Latin evenings.

There is the availability of free trial lessons in the school.

3.      Studio Massaro

Another dance school found in Paris is the Studio Massaro. This school has over 18 highly skilled and experienced teachers who help to teach over 40 hours of lessons per week.

The dance studio contains facilities like mirrors, sound systems, parquet floors, etc., and from time to time, the school organizes workshops and seminars.

Their dance lessons cut across; Cuban Salsa, Jazz, Oriental Dance, Yoga, Puerto Rican Salsa on 1 on 2, Dominicana, Chacha, Dancehall, Lindy Hop, Ground Bar, Brazilian Dances, etc.

4.      Academie Des Arts Choregraphiques

This is another school that offers dance lessons in Paris. It has classes for both children and adults. It was known as the temple of classical dance for about 30 years before the change of its name.

Academie Des Arts Choregraphiques teaches all forms of dance through renowned instructors. The school has rental dance halls, artists’ dressing rooms for rehearsals, castings, parades, photos, and many others.

5.      Salsabor Dance Studio

Salsabor Dance Studio is also one of the Paris Dance schools. The school provides dance classes that cut across bachata, salsa, kizomba, and all Afro-Caribbean dances.

Aside from dance school, Salsabor also has a studio in Paris, event service, and dance & vacation stays.

6.      Ecole De Danse Nathalie Gustine

Ecole De Danse Nathalie Gustine is another school that offers dance lessons in Paris. The school holds dance lessons for both adults and children every day, including Saturday.

It offers classical and modern jazz dance classes for children between the age of 4- 5years. The adults explore dance classes across classical, modern jazz, floor barre, gymnastics stretching, and others. Ecole De Danse Nathalie Gustine is a well-established dance school that has been organizing major dance shows at UNESCO for over 16 years now.

7.      Jacques Bense Dance School

Jacques Bense Dance School is one of the dance schools in Paris. It was established in 1935 and is located within the 9th, 10th, and 18th arrondissements of Paris. It teaches lessons across ballroom and tap dancing.

All personalized dancing lessons are taught by Mrs. Bense, the wife of the famous dancer, and the group lessons are limited to only 12 people to ensure comfort.

The school is open to all dancers, musicians, singers, beginners, and professionals, and welcomes all ages- adolescents and adults respectively.

To check out the school website, use this link provided here

8.      Ballroom Dance Paris

Ballroom Dance Paris is a new dance studio of ballroom & Latin established in September 2020 and based in the center of Paris. The school has a dance community comprising of over 100 members who fall into the category of beginners, advanced, solo, couples, e3x-professional dancers, etc.

The studio offers private dance lessons, group lessons, masterclasses, and even event services (wedding dance, team building, and many others)

9.      Let Us Dance

This is another dance school situated in Paris which offers dance lessons across dances at 2, hip-hop dancing, the mind NDL, and so on. It is located in the heart of the 11th and 19th arrondissements of Paris. There is the availability of discovery sessions, lessons classes, practice, and even dancing outings.

The school has about 215 members and a committed association. It has been in existence for over 10 years.

10.  Your Valse Dance School

Your Valse Dance School offers unique wedding dance lessons in Paris. It is the only waltz course and training that specializes in the preparation of the wedding waltz.

The school offers private lessons at home and helps to create a personalized service to meet the requirements of the bride and groom.

The school has been in existence for over 10 years, and if you are looking for a waltz idea that suits you or looks forward to a Viennese waltz on your wedding day, your valse dance school will bring it to reality.


I am sure that you have been equipped with all you need to know as regards dance schools in Paris. I have listed and explained them further for you to carefully make a good choice.

I wish you luck as you take dance lessons and advance your career to a new whole level.