Top 9 Music Schools in India

Curated in this blog post are the music schools in India for those who are interested in studying music in the country, this post presents you with a wide array of options to choose from.

Music is one of the most popular forms of art, there is nowhere in the world with humans where music does not exist and if you have a talent or potential for it then it is best you grow it. Whether you excel at playing musical instruments or in the vocal arts, there are schools where you can go to develop yourself and kick start a successful career in the industry.

And if you cannot do any of these but still want to become involved in the music industry, you can take MBA degree programs and become a business person, like a manager or financial advisor, in the music field.

Going to a music school presents you with varieties of opportunities and offers you a platform where you can expand yourself through explorations.

You also get to meet other aspiring artists like yourself, work closely with industry experts and professionals, and you may even be lucky to meet and/or learn directly from a musician you have always admired. And at the end of the day, you too can become an expert just like the people you have learned from.

With this, you can decide on pursuing a music degree, earning a certification, or getting a diploma from one of the best music schools in India highlighted in this post. India has many music schools and colleges offering excellent music programs, sieving through that many amounts of research can be overwhelming for you, thus, the creation of this post.

With details given for each of the music schools and programs, you can easily find one that meets your best interest. And if you want to expand your options of where you can study music, you can check our previous articles on the best music schools in London and the best schools in Canada for music. We also have a published post on the best online music lessons for kids to help groom their musical potential early.

Unlike the music schools in New York, the music schools in India are not competitive to get into and this is because a majority of the population are not interested in studying music, they’d rather study medicine, physics, aeronautical engineering, and other tough programs. So, this presents a good opportunity for those that want to study music in the country.

With little to no competition, the student-to-teacher ratio will be low, admissions can be easy, and there will be more than enough resources to go around. But even at that, you need to satisfy every entry requirement to get accepted into that music school.

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Requirements for Music Schools in India

The following are basic requirements you need to have to pursue a music degree in India:

  1. You must have completed high school or earned a bachelor’s degree depending on whether it is an undergraduate or graduate program.
  2. Get transcripts from high school and/or previously attended institutions
  3. You may be required to come for an audition, present it via Zoom, or submit it as a file.
  4. Be able to play, at least, one musical instrument and have some experience in music.
  5. Get your reference or recommendation letters
  6. A statement of purpose or an essay may be required
  7. Complete application form and application fee
  8. Passport-sized photograph
  9. Prepare for an entrance test.

Cost of Music School in India

The average course fee for a bachelor of music in India is between INR 15,000 to INR 1 lakh per year. The fees vary by school and degree type.

music schools in India

Best Music Schools in India

Find from the list below the best music institutes in India that best meets your interest.

  • The Calcutta School of Music
  • Angels Music Academy
  • KM Music Conservatory
  • Shankar Mahadevan Academy
  • Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM)
  • Mumbai Music Institute
  • Taal Institute of Music and Fine Arts
  • Sangeet Music Academy
  • True School of Music

1.     The Calcutta School of Music

Among the most popular music institutes in India is the Calcutta School of Music which trains a little above a thousand students yearly in a wide range of musical disciplines covering both Indian and Western, Classical and Contemporary music. Individuals of all ages with a music talent are accepted into the school.

Applicants are requested to prepare for an entrance examination and an audition at a scheduled date before they can be accepted into the school. Courses offered by the school include Junior Music Class, Violin, Senior Choir, Drum Kit, Flute, Electronic Keyboard, Saxophone, and many others. No degree is offered here.

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2.     Angels Music Academy

Angels Music Academy is one of the best music academies in India with over 100 notable alumni, offers online and on-campus programs, and provides varieties of bachelor and diploma programs.

This is the place for individuals aspiring to become professional DJs, sound engineers, musicians, or composers. There are over 400 music courses all designed to bring out maximum value among students.

The academy offers BA in Music, Music Performance, and Music Production. Diplomas are offered in Sound & Visuals, Opera & Western Vocals, and Hindustani Vocals. You have to be at least 18 years old to apply and you will be interviewed as part of the admissions process.

The tuition varies according to the program, fees for sound engineering and music production are Rs 1,75,000 while the fee for opera & jazz is Rs 40,000. See a breakdown of the tuition here.

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3.     KM Music Conservatory

KMMC is the first music conservatory in India and offers varieties of programs to individuals of all ages. The conservatory is renowned for its programs in musical performance, musical theory and analysis, music history, and music technology offered in full-time and part-time formats.

It is affiliated with the Middlesex University in London allowing students who complete the two-year diploma at the conservatory a direct entry into the BA (Hons) Music degree at Middlesex University.

This allows students of KMMC to earn a widely recognized degree in the UK. Courses offered at KMMC include musical theater, Russian piano studies, audio engineering, electronic music production, composition, and many others. It also provides a unique 3-month online course that you can take from the comfort of your home.

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4.     Shankar Mahadevan Academy

At Shankar Mahadevan Academy music courses are outlined in various categories to help you find one that perfectly fits you. There are courses for beginners, music for children, movie songs, teacher-led courses, and self-study courses. All of these courses are live, online classes for you to enjoy flexibility, convenience, and learn at your own pace.

Courses include Hindustani Vocal, Carnatic Vocal, Hindi Movie Songs, Keyboard, Piano, Konnakol, Guitar, Voice Gym, Rhymes to Swaras, and many others. To join the class, you need to meet the system requirements which include a Windows 7 computer with an in-built or external webcam, internet connection, audio headset, and Zoom.

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5.     Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM)

SAM is a prestigious music academy in India located in the heart of Chennai. It boasts of a diverse, dynamic, and comprehensive learning environment for students who want to study music and a course structure, curriculum, and expert faculty that prepares students for success in the music industry.

It offers programs in Diploma in Audio Engineering & Music Technology, Diploma in Music Performance, Combined Emphasis Program, and Online Foundation Program.

Some of the alumni of SAM include Patricia Ramon, Denis Stern, Arvin Bharga, David Loubeh, Lukas Mantel, and many others. The school has three intakes in the year January, May, and September.

International students are accepted and their application fee is $100 while Indian students pay INR 5000. Once you complete your online registration you will be interviewed over the phone. Scholarships are also provided to all students who meet the screening requirements.

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6.     Mumbai Music Institute

This is one of the best music institutes in India offering varieties of music courses to make you a professional in no time. The courses are categorized into production, engineering, and composing for Bollywood, collectively, they offer courses in pro music production, studio sound engineering, vocals, and masters in sound engineering. Some of these courses are offered online.

The institute boasts of top-notch equipment and an experienced faculty that provides real stage exposure to students setting them on the path to success in the music industry.

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7.     Taal Institute of Music and Fine Arts

Taal Institute of Music and Fine Arts is an institution in India that gained popularity within a short time. In less than one year of its establishment, it opened up two branches in Bannerghatta Road and Koramangala. There are over 1,000 students and 21 expert faculty members training students in a range of art and music disciplines.

Music courses are violin, keyboard, drums, Carnatic music, playback singing, Hindustani classical music, tabla, pads, and guitar. Other programs in dance and visual arts are also offered at the institute.

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8.     Sangeet Music Academy

Sangeet Music Academy is a music school in India located in Hyderabad that offers lessons and a platform for aspiring artists. The academy offers music lessons to all experience levels and individuals of all ages. There are classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Classes offered are Carnatic music, Hindustani classical, guitar, piano, vocals singing, and drums & table. All of these classes are offered online in a relaxing and convenient environment.

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9.     True School of Music

True School of Music is located in the heart of Mumbai, India where the next generation of music producers, sound engineers, composers, artists, and DJs are trained. The school offers classes in drums, guitar, keyboard, music production, western vocals, Hindustani playback vocals, and instrument producer.

It also has an online learning platform known as the True School Online where online music courses are made available to students in other parts of India and from anywhere in the world.

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Now that you have known all the best music schools that India has to offer, which one will you be applying for? I am sure it will be one that best meets your interest and offers you countless opportunities to grow your talents into a successful career.

Whichever of the schools you are going for, learn more about the specific requirements and cost before you begin your application. Good luck.

Music Schools in India – FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How many music schools are in India?” answer-0=” According to Shishka, there are approximately 460 music schools in India comprising both private and public.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Is India a good place to study music?” answer-1=” Given the diversity in culture, India is a fairly good place to study music, after all, Bollywood is one of the top entertainment industries in the world.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Do music schools in India accept international students?” answer-2=” As an international student looking to study music in India, your best shot would be to apply to music colleges or universities in India that offer degree programs in music.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]