10 Best dance schools in Lagos Nigeria

In this article, you will find information on the best dance schools in Lagos Nigeria. If you live around Lagos and want to hone your dancing skills, enroll in one of the schools that we have made available for you here and start learning immediately.

Dance is an art as well as an important part of human life. It involves the movement of the body in a rhythmic manner usually to music so as to express an idea or emotion. Dancing is something that you cannot separate from humans because they do it unconsciously. The same goes for singing too.

On the other hand, dancing can be excellent to stay physically fit for all ages, shapes, and sizes. By dancing, you will improve your muscle tone, strength, endurance, and fitness levels.

While people dance, not everyone can dance very well. If you want to learn how to dance very well, you start by picking a style. Afterward, you dedicate some time to learning on your own. However, the best and fastest way to learn how to dance is by taking classes in a dance school.

In a dance school, you will not only learn how to dance but will also learn the diets that you will eat to keep your body in shape so as to be a stellar dancer.

Are you living around Lagos and do you have a talent for dancing? Can you dance a little but wish to learn more? If your answer to these questions is YES, then we have for you in this article the best dance schools in Lagos Nigeria.

What do dance schools in Lagos do?

Having the talent to dance may not be enough if you do not hone your dancing skills. You can only hone your dancing skills under the guidance of a mentor who is a professional in the field.

Below are the things that Lagos dance schools do:

Strength, control, and coordination: In dancing, it will take you a lot of muscle strength and control before you can execute the technical skills that professional dancers have to master. Most dance moves will require you to move your arms differently from what the lower body is doing at that time.

Additionally, a dance school will help you learn how to use physical and mental control to complete exercises that look very simple before a non-dancer.

Discipline: Lagos dance schools do not only teach you how to dance. They also inculcate in students the act of discipline as this is paramount to having a successful career as a dancer. You will learn not only to respect your teachers and fellow students but also the dance space.

Spatial Patterns and Musicality: Here, you will have enough room around your body to dance using your arms and legs without having to run to anybody. You will also learn how to move the room in lines, circles, diagonals, and even in zig-zags. In addition, you will learn how to dance to the beat of the music. By attending a dance school, you get to learn about spatial awareness and patterns.

Artistry: As you learn how to dance from tutors, you will be given the opportunity to display your dance skills. Here, you will apply the knowledge gained during classes as well as your inherent skills. Developing artistry lets students think outside the box and execute their own dance ideas.

How much does it cost to go to a dance school in Lagos?

Depending on the dance type like zanku, shaku shaku, skelewu, ballet, salsa, alanta, shoki, you need to know what influences the price of learning how to dance.

For example, popular dance classes including salsa, ballet, and Zumba are less expensive because of the competitive market. If you wish to enroll in rare dance classes like rumba, waltz, or belly dancing, you will have to pay very high.

According to Superprof, the average cost of dance lessons in a Lagos dance school is ₦3000 per hour.

On the other hand, the average cost of a dance class depends on the location, experience of the dance instructor, dance style, and the type of dance class. Depending on where you live in Nigeria, these factors will determine the amount of money you will spend on learning how to dance.

The average cost that will be charged for private dance classes will depend on the average cost of living for those in your area.

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How much can I earn as a dancer in Lagos?

The amount of money you will earn as a dancer in Lagos depends on several factors. The factors include your level of experience, the dance style, and the dance school.

According to Myslarayscale, the average salary of a dancer in Lagos is ₦158,000.

How do I find a good dance school in Lagos?

Today, the advent of technology has made almost anything that you seek easy to find. As a Lagosian, you would normally search for any service you need on the internet, place an order for it, or locate the service.

Anyone looking for a good dance school in Lagos would normally search for that on the internet. Fortunately, you do not have to search for a good dance school online as we have compiled the best dance schools in Lagos for you in this article.

Top Dance Schools In Lagos

If you live around Lagos and you have a talent for dancing, you can enhance your dancing skills by enrolling in any of the top dance schools in the city.

Here are the best dance schools in Lagos:

  • Apex Dance Company
  • Corporate Dance World
  • QDance Centre
  • Active Danzz Studio
  • Dance Afrique Studio
  • Beta Dance Academy
  • Ayanjo Dance Company
  • Robotics Dance School
  • Dance Afrique Studios
  • SPAN Dance Academy

1. Apex Dance Company

Apex Dance Company (ADC) is a professional dance school in Lagos, Nigeria that was established in 2014. The school achieves and maintains global standards in DANCE and Art through the creation of over 50 pieces that are rich in contrasts and appealing to a wide audience.

ADC teaches a wide range of dance styles that combines different genres of dance forms to develop a unique style with music in telling stories. At ADC, you will get to learn salsa dance, contemporary dance, modern dance, hip-hop, and ballet. Additionally, the school focuses on three main parts including dance, customer, and photography.

Apex Dance Company comes into the list of the best dance schools in Lagos and in Nigeria because it has eight (8) principal dancers and forty (40) membership dancers who are trained by the Society For the Performing Arts in Nigeria.

In addition to this, ADC has partnered with reputable names in the industry including Yinka Davis, Toni Braxton, Jeffery page, Sarah Boulos, Shane Sparks, Battery Dance Company (USA), etc.

Some of the dance productions from ADC include Span at 10, Kakadu the Musical, “LOVE IS” the Musical, and Wishes and Horses.

Address: 6 Modupe Johnson, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

2. Corporate Dance World

Corporate Dance World is a dance agency located in Lagos, Nigeria. It was established in 2008 to promote dance in the Nigerian culture.

The school also aims to enhance and showcase dance styles with uniqueness and creativity to a standard that the whole world will enjoy.

At Corporate Dance World, you will meet dancers from different parts of the world who go on to perform on the international stage. The school believes in unifying Nigeria through dance and offers an opportunity for you Nigerians to embrace dance as an art.

If you are an up-and-coming dancer or choreographer who wishes to hone your dance skills, then Corporate Dance World is a sure bet for you.

Address: Behind Conoil Filling Station, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

3. QDance Centre

QDance Centre (QDC) is a branch of Creative Culture Support Foundation together with a sister company (YK Projects) that was founded in 2014 in Lagos State, Nigeria. The dance school functions as a creative hub that applies artistic competence, human resources, innovation, and creativity to train dancers.

QDC aims to create new interests for dance art in Nigeria and worldwide. Although new, the dance school has become a notable creative agency among other dance schools in Nigeria and beyond.

QDance Centre administers its work through a four-pronged approach, also known as the QDance ACTS: Artistic, Community, Talents, and Services.

Statistics show that QDance has worked with over 200 artists to train more than 100 young people including the disabled. The agency also has over 10,000 active followers online and more than 1500 direct clients both locally and internationally.

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Address: No 13 Manuwa Street, Ikoyi, Lagos State Nigeria

4. Active Danzz Studio

Active Danzz Studio is a reputable dance school in Lagos State, Nigeria. Over the years, the school has been teaching young Nigerians how to hone their dance skills and become professionals in performance art.

At ACtive Danzz Studio, you will learn a variety of dance styles including Tango, Zumba, Salsa, Ballet, Pointe, Hip Hop, and traditional dance.

If you live within Lagos and you want to learn performance art, then Active Danzz Studio has got you covered.

Address: 8C, 1 Layi Yusuf Cresent, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria

5. Dance Afrique Studio

Dance Afrique Studio is another notable dance school in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is the only dance school on the Lagos mainland where young Nigerians can acquire high-quality ballet training from world-class instructors.

The school aims to use dance and fitness to impact lives in Nigerian society. Dance Afrique Studio offers dance and fitness classes and training to children (ages 3 – 10) and adults. The dance classes that Dance Afrique offers include Classical Ballet, Salsa, and Zumba.

Additionally, Dance Afrique Studio is the best place for your rehearsals, castings, auditions as well as Film, TV, video, commercial shoots, classes, workshops, and courses.

Address: 16 Olufunmilayo Street, Dideolu Estate, Ogba, Lagos State, Nigeria

6. Beta Dance Academy

Located in the busy city of Ikeja, Beta Dance Academy is one of the best dance schools in the area. While other dance schools in Lagos are expensive, Beta Dance Academy is relatively cheap.

The dance school aims to nurture, support, and train prodigies who go on to become professional dancers. For cheaper dance classes, go to Beta Dance Academy.

Address: Alagbado, Kola Bus Stop, lkeja, Lagos Nigeria

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7. Ayanjo Dance Company

In the Nigerian entertainment industry, cultural dances are beginning to faze out and there is a need to bring them back to life. This is where the Ayanjo Dance Company comes in. Ayanjo uses dance to tell histories in Nigeria.

The purpose of establishing the Ayanjo Dance Company is to teach young Nigerians the different cultural dances in the Nigerian culture. However, the dance school teaches modern dance styles by connecting tradition and modernity with its work.

The company also offers a wide range of customers to suit every dance style. If you want to learn cultural dance, then Ayanjo is where you should go to. You can visit Ayanjo Dance Company here.

Address: Ogudu Road, LGA, Kosofe 100242, Lagos

8. Robotics Dance School

Robotics Dance School is a dance academy in Lagos that grooms great dancers in Nigeria. The school offers dance classes all week round.

Robotics Dance School offers both private and on-site dance classes to young children and adults. At school, you can learn afro dance, ballet, salsa, etc.

Address: Tete Street, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

9. Ultrabest Dance School

Ultrabest Dance School is a dance school in Lagos, Nigeria that specializes only in ballet. The school aims to bring ballet to a more culturally diverse audience by celebrating black dancers in ballet.

At Ultrabest, you will be trained to become a world-class ballerina. The school will teach you the basic steps of ballet, the routines of ballet, and tips on how to become a professional ballerina.

Ultrabest Dance School offers private and group dance classes for children and adults through competitive level dancers.

Address: 16 Olufunmilayo Street, Dideolu Estate, Ogba, Lagos State, Nigeria

10. SPAN Dance Academy

SPAN Dance Academy was established by a non-profit organization known as Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria (SPAN) in 2007. The organization set up the dance school so as to create a global standard for performing arts education in Nigeria.

SPAN offers a dance program that lasts for a period of two (2) years. Each year comprises three terms. Upon completion of the program, you will be an expert in several dance styles.

Aside from dance, SPAN offers other opportunities in theatre and visual arts to thousands of Nigerian youths who are interested in the entertainment industry.

If you wish to enroll in the two-year dance program at SPAN Dance Academy, it will cost you a total of ₦70,000.

Address: 13 Davies Street off Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos