15 Easy Licenses And Certifications To Get

If you wish to advance your career, this article will give you easy licenses and certifications to get higher salaries, gain promotions, switch careers, or gain jobs. You can complete courses for these certifications within a very short period of time.

One of the major ways of increasing your chances of landing rewarding jobs is by earning licenses or certifications. Yes! This is possible as you will gain more skills that are in high demand by employers. In addition, you will gain comprehensive knowledge and experience about the career field you wish to enter.

Nowadays, you can take certificate courses that meet your needs from reputable universities in the world from the comfort of your home. You do not have to quit your job or education while taking these courses.

These license and certificate programs can help you to land more profitable jobs, get fat paychecks, and increase your chances of promotion at your workplace.

In this article, we will highlight the in-demand easy licenses and certifications to get you that promotion, higher salary, or job you have been seeking.

Why license and certificate programs?

If you are seeking new jobs or trying to advance your career, then license and certification programs are the best bet for you.

The benefits of acquiring license and certificate programs are explained below:

1. Gain more skills and knowledge

What other way can you hone your skills and gain comprehensive knowledge in a certain career field if not by taking certificate courses? Certification and licensure programs have proven to build the skillset and knowledge of students and working professionals.

The good thing about certificate programs is that the more certifications you acquire, the more you widen your knowledge and skills. Gaining more skills will enable you to be more efficient in your career field.

So, consider taking easy licenses and certifications to get yourself better placed in your career.

2. Gain credibility

Like we said earlier, licenses and certifications will increase your efficiency in a career field. Being very efficient shows that you will more than good at what you do.

Employers usually seek employees who are very efficient. Therefore, you stand a better chance of landing jobs due to the efficiency you build from gaining certifications in recognized programs.

3. Have a competitive advantage

Companies seek applicants who hold certifications relevant to their business. They also encourage their employers to acquire more certifications in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

If you have the right certifications in your cv/resume, you will stand a better chance of gaining high-paying jobs in related industries than other applicants.

For working professionals, acquiring certifications will give you an edge over your colleagues whenever your organization is considering promoting its employers.

4. Be part of a new community

Whenever you take licensure and certification programs, you become a member of the awarding body. Keep in mind that many professionals from fields related to your career are members of the same body.

By taking classes and workshops with other professionals, you get to build connections and become a part of a new community

5. Increase your earning potential

Earning a higher salary appears to be one of the highest benefits of acquiring licenses and certifications.

If you gain certification, you will have a better chance of being promoted. A promotion at your workplace means a higher wage for you.

On the other hand, gaining certifications before seeking jobs may qualify you for a higher salary than the average employee in an organization with your work experience.

How long will it take me to get easy licenses and certifications?

The type of certification and the body offering the certification program determines the duration it will take you to gain that certification.

Some bodies offer coursework that you can complete between two (2) to six (6) weeks.

Generally, most certificate programs take between four (4) to six (6) weeks to complete. You may also find certificate courses that may last for more than six (6) months to two (2) years.

Some of the certificate programs may require you to take classes in person while others may require you to take the program online. Most certification classes take place during the evenings or weekends.

Easy Licenses And Certifications To Get

If you are seeking jobs or working as a professional, it is ideal that you acquire as many licenses and certifications. The reason is that you will gain more skills and working knowledge after completing certification programs.

Depending on your career field and the job you are seeking, there are a variety of certificate programs that you can complete. Some of the certification programs can be completed in less than six months while others can last for up to two years.

Therefore, the easy licenses and certifications to get rewarding careers are explained below:

1. Information Technology (IT) certifications

The advent of technology has created more jobs in the field of information technology. Today, the field of information technology offers some of the most profitable careers.

Professionals in information technology work with the hardware and software of computer systems. If you gain certifications in IT, you will have more knowledge and in-demand skills necessary for career advancements.

Ensure that the certification you wish to pursue is relevant to your career and future goals in the field of information technology.

Information technology certifications are one of the in-demand easy licenses and certifications to get in the world of technology.

2. Human Resource certifications

Human resource managers work in organizations to recruit staff and manage staff affairs.

Having past educational qualifications and work experiences is beneficial for human resource management but a human resource certification will place you better in the field.

Pursuing a human resource certification lets you learn the basic principles of human resources and how they relate to an organization and its employees.

Human resource certifications are one of the easy licenses and certifications to get as it takes not more than six months to complete the program.

3. Language certifications

Language certifications are usually important when you are living and working in another country whose official language is different from your own.

When you take language classes, your communication skills in the new language will improve and you will interact better with your employer and co-workers.

Alternatively, you may obtain certification in a new language in order to teach other people who wish to hone their communication skills in that language.

If English is your second language, you may consider testing your proficiency and gain certification by taking these: Free Online English Tests with Certificates.

4. First-aid certifications

In some cases, casualties that require immediate medical attention like CPR do arise in a work setting. While knowledge in first-aid may land you jobs in a healthcare setting, you can apply your expertise at your workplace whenever there is a casualty like cardiac arrest or asthma attack.

A first-aid certification will teach you how to offer little medical attention that may save someone’s life before medical professionals arrive to attend to the person.

Most positions that are prone to hazards in manufacturing industries require applicants to have a first-aid certification.

5. Project Management certifications

Project managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of the six aspects of a project including scope, schedule, finance, risk, quality, and resources. They ensure that teams complete tasks within a set budget and deadline.

Every project needs to have soft and hard skills such as communication skills, decision-making skills, risk management skills, budgeting, project planning, and the ability to motivate other employees.

You cannot gain the aforementioned skills and become a good project manager if you do not take certification courses. If you are seeking project management roles or you are already in the field, consider taking project management certification courses to boost your career.

6. Software certifications

Software certifications are synonymous with IT certifications. Most companies always seek employees that have more software skills as this is relevant to managing most of their operations.

Depending on your career field, there is a wide range of software certifications you can earn. You can get software certifications in marketing, customer service, software engineering, data analysis, etc.

7. Government certifications

While a government license or certification is not required by most companies, it can help you to build connections that may boost your career.

A government certification is one of the easy licenses and certifications to get online for free within a very short time. Why not consider getting a government certification today?

8. Notary Public certifications

Notaries work in government to examine the true identity of signers of important documents, their readiness to sign documents without duress, and their knowledge of the details contained in the document. Documents that require the services of a notary include wills, deeds, and powers of attorney.

In some cases, notaries put the signer under an oath, declaring under penalty of perjury that the details contained in a document are true and correct.

If you are not a notary, gaining a notary certification may be helpful to your organization if they want to sign business deals or agreements.

9. Forklift Operator license

Forklift operators/drivers are part of the logistics team that operates heavy industrial vehicles in warehouses and factories, at railroad freight centers and ports, and on construction sites. This heavy-duty job requires mastery, else you may injure yourself.

Acquiring a  forklift certification is essential especially if you work in a manufacturing or construction firm where heavy machines are used to complete most operations.

If you are taking forklift certification courses, you will learn how to operate machines and how to manage work-related hazards.

10. Computer Programming certifications

Today, computer programming certifications are one of the most sought-after certifications in the field of information technology. The reason is that computer programmers earn very high salaries more than most IT careers.

According to Payscale, the average salary for computer programmers is $65,231 per year. This is actually double the salary of many careers.

While a computer programming certification program consists of rigorous coursework, the certification is easy to complete. If you are taking a programming course, you will learn basic programming languages including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You can complete programming courses between six (6) weeks to one year.

11. Marketing certifications

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a business. Employers seek candidates who possess the exceptional skills required to drive sales and close deals.

While working in a marketing role can give you experience, a marketing certification will give you more skills necessary for career advancement. You can get most of the marketing certification courses online.

Certificate courses on marketing will teach you social media marketing as the various social media platforms are used to drive sales.

12. Medical Front Office Administration certification

Medical Front Office Administration Specialists are the first point of contact that patients have whenever they get to a hospital or clinic. They compile medical records, schedule appointments, transfer lab results, and operate office equipment. In addition, MFOAS performs many administrative duties.

Gaining certification in this role will lead to career advancements in the health care field. Certificate courses on Medical Front Office Administration are easy to acquire and can be completed within 13 weeks.

13. Welding certification

Welding is one of the technical skills that are in high demand especially in manufacturing industries.

To enter the career, you will start first as an apprentice. Acquiring a certification in welding will give you more valuable knowledge and skills in the different types of welding.

Most of the welding certificate courses are offered in a traditional classroom setting. You may also some welding training courses online.

14. Behavioural Technician certification

Behavioral Technicians work in mental health facilities, medical centers, schools, and childhood development centers to develop treatment plans for patients living with autism.

These professionals teach children communication and daily living skills while recording and analyzing data.

Certifications in this field are easy to get and be acquired within 11 weeks.

15. Carpentry certification

Like welding, carpentry is one of those professions that you start first with an apprenticeship. Carpenters design all kinds of furniture for household and office settings. They are also involved in interior decoration.

While carpentry requires physical strength and stamina, you may not land high-paying jobs if you do not have a certificate. Carpentry certification courses can be completed in not more than 6 months.