75 Questions About God and the Bible that Cannot be Answered

In this article, you will learn questions about the bible that cannot be answered and also questions about God that cannot be answered.  Have a great read!

Every discipline, field of study, religion, etc. all have unanswered questions, so you being a Christian and having many questions about your belief is no wrong thing. However, unlike science where you get to conduct experiments and get answers the same cannot be said for religious beliefs.

These questions are spiritual questions and as a religious person, you have to be very careful in trying to answer them.

There aren’t any experiments to perform to get an answer regarding any confusion or question you may have concerning God and the Bible. You’ll have to go through the good book to get an answer to any question that plagues your mind and thoughts.

All religion has got this book that guides and regulates them, Christians too got theirs and it is the Holy Bible. It is more like a historical manuscript containing deeds of ancient people, prophets, Jesus, and so on.

It is also the book that guides the Christians, teaching them to live as good people and so on. This book, the bible, is large and contains contents that are quite hard to understand, and they – Christians – claim you have to be filled with the Holy Spirit to grasp its content and meaning.

Naturally, when reading any historical book it is normal to have a lot of questions, and because of how connected the bible is to humans the questions cannot be helped. You see many questions like “who wrote the bible?” “Where did God come from?” and so on.

Now, we have compiled a list of questions about God and the bible that cannot be answered not to make Christianity much more confusing for you than it already is but to expose you to certain questions about the religion left unanswered and if you can find a way around answering it.

Reading this article will also help you know the kind of questions to ask your pastor or church leader who is much more versed spiritually than you are. And you may get answers to these questions that have so confused you for a long, long time by asking the right people.

Now, let’s get down to business and learn about these questions about God and the bible that cannot be answered.

Questions about God and the Bible that cannot be Answered

The following are the questions about God and the bible that cannot be answered;

  1. Was Jesus a fictional character?
  2. Why are there so many hypocrites?
  3. Why is the God in the bible so mean?
  4. Aren’t all religions the same?
  5. As we are commanded “to overcome evil with good”, may we not safely infer that God will do the same?
  6. Can that be just which is not merciful?
  7. Does divine justice demand the infliction of pain from which mercy recoils?
  8. As we are required to love our enemies, may we not safely infer that God loves his enemies?
  9. If a man does wrong in returning evil for evil, would not God do wrong if he was to do the same?
  10. If God loves only those who love him, what better is He than the sinner?
  11. Why does God allow suffering, pain, and daily atrocities exist?
  12. How did Noah fit the millions of species on this planet into an ark?
  13. How does the bible explain the earth to be 6,000 to 8,000 years old but dinosaur bones are at least 65 million years old. In fact, the recently found dinosaur bones are estimated to be around 47 million years old.
  14. When Jesus died on the cross he spent three days in hell to pay for the sins of the world, then why do humans need to go to hell and pay for them again after we die?
  15. Was Jesus’ sacrifice not worthy enough to pay for our sins that we too have to pay it? Making us pay it two times over
  16. In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction, why did God kill Lot’s wife by turning her into a pillar of salt when he is all-merciful?
  17. What is the purpose of hell?
  18. If hell is supposed to correct our sins, why do we need to stay there forever?
  19. Why did God test Abraham’s faith by using his one and only child?
  20. How do we feel the fiery flames of hell when we die? Technically the brain is dead when death happens thus no way for the body to send electrical impulses to feel.
  21. If there was just God in the beginning and he created all things, why did he need to create angels that had the prosperity to defy him?
  22. How could there be so much divorce in Christian marriages if they are sanctified by God? “What God hath made, let no man put asunder”
  23. Since God and Jesus are the same people, sharing the same mind, knowledge, and power, then why did Jesus beg himself in the garden of Gethsemane?
  24. The bible states that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven, then why are there wealthy Christians?
  25. According to the bible, the creations of God were perfect, which would mean the earth is a perfect place. Why does He need to create another perfect place, heaven, and use it to entice us to believe in him?

So, these are the questions about God and the bible that cannot be answered but if you think they can then knock yourself out. As a Christian most, if not all, will tamper with your belief but the questions are already here and there is no running away from it.

Whichever way it might go, this content is an educative one designed to open your mind and expand your knowledge of the scriptures.

30 Questions about the Bible that Cannot Be Answered

Here, we will discuss some of the questions about the bible that cannot be answered and you can explore the answers yourself by extensively studying the scriptures or asking a pastor or your church’s spiritual leader to help you out.

There’s no way you can read the bible and not have questions or get confused along the line especially if you are newly exploring Christianity. It is just normal when you are exploring a new field or something as complex as religion, feel free to indulge in the questions below.

  1. Why does an all-powerful God have to send plagues to the Egyptians before they let the Israelites go? He could have just made it happen, instead of making all those people suffer due to the sole decision of their king, Pharaoh.
  2. Why is the God in the bible so mean?
  3. The good book says God is love, why then is hell created?
  4. If God has two wills why is double-mindedness condemned in the bible?
  5. If an angel became a devil by sinning, was Adam’s the original sin?
  6. If human reasons are “carnal and delusive” as mentioned in the bible, why then did God say “come now and let us reason together?”
  7. If God has two will why then does the bible say “He is of one mind”
  8. Can the good actions of finite man merit an infinite reward?
  9. Can the bad actions of finite man merit an infinite punishment?
  10. Since infants have no beliefs and good works, which are essential for eternal salvation, how can they be saved?
  11. Will, not the devil and all his works not be destroyed?
  12. God created everything according to the good book, why did he have to create the tree of knowledge of good and bad and put it right in the middle of the Garden of Eden?
  13. Why did the old lady that God healed one Sunday needed her walker to get around again the next Sunday?
  14. What makes Elijah and Enoch so special they went to heaven without dying?
  15. Using the question above, the bible quotes “no human flesh shall see the kingdom of heaven” how did Elijah and Enoch able to make it up there?
  16. What good is it for us to have free will if the intention is for us to not use it?
  17. What does Jesus look like?
  18. In the book of Luke chapter 19 verse 27, Jesus says, “But those mine enemies, which would not that i should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” Does this mean that Jesus wants Christians to kill off non-believers?
  19. If you do believe that children are innocent in the eyes of God, then it would be okay to suggest that doctors who perform abortions are winning souls for God
  20. Why are more evil things committed in God’s name than anything else?
  21. If heaven is a place free of sadness, pain, and suffering, how then can you stay happy in heaven with the knowledge of other humans burning in an eternal lake of fire?
  22. At the beginning of creation, how did humans multiply?
  23. Did God create other people aside from Adam and Eve?
  24. Did humans multiply through incest which God condemns?
  25. Why didn’t God give Abraham and Sarah a child much earlier?
  26. When did Joseph, the father of Jesus, die?
  27. Did Mary, mother of Jesus, die?
  28. Is Christ, by any sense, the savior of the unbelievers?
  29. If Adam was created immortal, could he ever have died?
  30. How did the Holy Spirit make the Virgin Mary get pregnant?

Here are the questions about the bible that cannot be answered, although some religious clerics have tried to answer these questions while some were accepted, others weren’t.

Let’s see the questions about God that cannot be answered…


20 Questions about God that cannot be Answered

  1. Is God a partial being?
  2. Who made God?
  3. Can God destroy himself forever?
  4. If God is love, then why is there a hell?
  5. Why doesn’t God just prove his existence?
  6. What particular proof is there that God exists?
  7. Why does God allow suffering, pain, and diseases to exist?
  8. Why won’t God heal amputees?
  9. What is God’s gender?
  10. Why can’t God forgive people for their sins after they die?
  11. God wants everyone to follow and worship him, those who don’t will burn in hell forever. What kind of attitude does God portray?
  12. Using the question above, if a human behaves that way they are labeled as tyrants, why is God not labeled as a tyrant too?
  13. Since God wants every man to follow and worship him, why doesn’t he just create us programmed that way?
  14. Why is there no evidence of the miracles performed by God?
  15. If God is not the father of sinners, why should sinners pray, saying “Our Father, forgive us our trespasses”
  16. As the wisdom of God can never change to folly, nor his power to weakness, will his goodness ever change to hatred?
  17. Where did God come from?
  18. Did God have any siblings, mom, or dad?
  19. If it would be right for God to punish all men eternally, would it not be wrong for him not to do it?
  20. Is Jesus really God?

With this, we have ended this article on questions about God that cannot be answered and the questions about the bible that cannot be answered. I do not know where or how you can get answers to the questions listed here but you may want to start with talking to a spiritual leader of your church.

We come across these questions every day but neglect them for one reason or another and the truth is they cannot be neglected forever, face the truth as “it is the only thing that can set you free”


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  1. I have recently posted a podcast that easily answers a good many of these and will be posting either a blog post or podcast episode in the near future answering the rest. Thank you for the list, you’ve made my research for such questions easier! Please visit my site and find your answers, they are there!

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