5 Steps to get Ordained Online to Perform Weddings

Do you know you can get ordained online to perform weddings? Yes, you absolutely can get your ordination online and get to officiate the wedding of your loved ones. Keep reading to begin this exciting journey.

Traditionally, pastors and priests officiate weddings and it is pretty awesome but that is so in the 90s nowadays. These days, couples want to be wedded by their best friend, uncle, mom, dad, sibling, or other loved ones and it is cool seeing your best friend getting you married to who you are head over heels in love with.

To officiate a wedding between two people, you have to be ordained, regardless of your faith, it could be what the couple have always wanted or what you have always wanted to do, like some part of a bucket list. Well, now that you are reading this, get prepared to tick it off your bucket list as you will learn the steps to get ordained online to perform weddings.

Online ordination is absolutely a thing and you can get ordained in just a matter of minutes to perform a wedding, it is a quick process. Getting married sure sounds complex, but when stripped down to the simple requirements, it becomes very simple. The only things a wedding requires are; you, your partner, and the person who officiates the ceremony and makes it official.

This blog post is for the three of you – couples who are contemplating who should officiate their wedding, and prospective officiants who are unsure where to begin.

However, you who are interested in becoming ordained online to officiate a wedding do not, in any way, qualify as a minister to start a congregation. An online ordination for wedding performances isn’t the same as being an ordained minister to lead a church, for this, you need to attend a seminary or obtain a degree in theology or ministry.


FAQs on the steps to get ordained online to perform weddings

The following are the frequently asked questions on steps to get ordained online to perform weddings.

Is getting ordained online legit?

Is an online ordination legit? Yes, it is completely legit to get ordained online

How fast can you get ordained online?

The ordination procedure might take as little as a few minutes or as long as two weeks. If you haven’t received it by then, you can contact the ministry. You will be ordained as a pastor after everything comes into place.

Are there states in the US that do not recognize online ordination?

There are a few states in the United States that do not recognize or accept online ordination. The states include Tennessee, Virginia – and sometimes, Alabama, New York, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

Does online ordination expire?

Ordination, as far as I know, does not expire, although it cannot be awarded “for life” in order to be fully consistent with basic legal criteria. The majority of ordaining bodies – churches and religious groups – follow criteria that limit the ordination term to a set number of years.

Steps to Get Ordained Online to Perform Weddings

There are 5 really easy steps to get ordained online to perform weddings outlined in the proper fashion below:

  • Investigate the Laws Regarding Officiating a Wedding in Your State
  • Get Ordained Online by Visiting a Website
  • Start the Ordination Application Process
  • Complete the Form
  • Officiate a Wedding Using Your Certificate

Step 1: Investigate the Laws Regarding Officiating a Wedding in Your State

This is the first step involved to get ordained online to perform weddings. If your loved ones have requested you to be the minister at their wedding, it is critical that you research state regulations before becoming ordained.

However, you are free to get ordained regardless. Keep in mind that you must be familiar with state rules and licensing if you are asked to officiate. Certain states allow family members or friends to officiate at a wedding ceremony under the One-Day Marriage Designation. So you may conduct the wedding by getting ordained online and acting as a temporary officiate for the day.

Some places may require an ordination certification, which can be obtained from organizations such as the ULC. To find out what the criteria are in the state or city where the wedding will be held, contact the marriage officials there. The couple is now ready to say “I Do” after that has been clarified.

Step 2: Get Ordained Online by Visiting a Website

After doing your research and completing the first step, you can now go on to the second step on how to get ordained online to perform weddings.

You can find a few websites by doing a web search like “how to get ordained online”. For the majority of people, the Universal Life Church is a top pick, the American Marriage Ministries (AMM) is another viable choice. Examine the methods and what they offer in terms of a certificate, training, legal information, and other specifics.

States recognize your authenticity as an ordained minister to perform marriages if you show them an online certificate. A hard copy bearing the organization’s seal is also available. Check to see if the organization is secular and if it has any affiliations.

Check to see if the group is secular or if it has any religious ties. Look for a website of a non-denominational organization. Confirm the legitimacy of the organization. The United Lutheran Church (ULC) has been around since 1962, and its website has ordained several celebrities. Both the ULC and the AMM offer a free ordination process.

Step 3: Start the Ordination Application Process

The application process for online ordination is very easy and fast, you won’t even break a sweat to complete it. It is the third step to get ordained online to perform weddings and here is how you can go about it…

To apply for ordination, go to the ordination application page, make a thorough investigation of the many websites that provide online ordination services. Ensure to read all of the instructions for that specific site’s process. Check with additional sources and read reviews and feedback from people who have dealt with the organizations. Once you have finalized the site of your choice, move on to the next step: ‘Click to Apply’

Look for the section on the homepage where you can get ordained online; it is generally a big button. Look for options that say something like “become an ordained minister” or “apply for ordination” then press the button.

Step 4: Complete the Form

This is another easy step on how to get ordained online to perform weddings, let’s see how this part works…

Before you complete your application, you must fill out a form on the website. You don’t need to be concerned if you thought you’d have to fill out a form with several details. The majority of websites offer a simple form for you to fill out with basic information.

Required details are usually your legal name, date of birth, and mailing address, as well as a working email address and phone number, which are all required fields to be filled out. If the organization has a policy, read it, pay any fees that are due, and then submit your application.

It is really that easy. Ensure that all of the details on the form are correct in terms of spelling and contain accurate information. For instance, instead of a nickname, provide your full legal name. before you conclude the process, double-check everything. Your work is finished once you have finished this.

You will receive your certificate via email. The process of ordination might take an instant or as long as two weeks. If you do not receive it before then, please contact the ministry. You will become an ordained minister whenever everything falls into place.

Step 5: Officiate a Wedding Using Your Certificate

This is the 5th and final step on how to get ordained online to perform a wedding.

Remember, on one of the most important days of their lives, it is all about the couple, particularly if they are close friends. It is natural to feel nervous, especially if this is your first wedding as an ordained minister. There are few things you can do to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly.

To begin, make a script of the events so you will know exactly what to say. Then, to ensure that everyone understands the ceremony, organize a rehearsal. You may work out any kinks before the big day with these items.

Two elements must be present at the wedding ceremony in order for it to be lawful. The first is the “Declaration of Intent”, which is basically where the “I Do” are exchanged. The other is the “Pronouncement” which is where you declare the pair to be legally married. Following that, finish signing all of the wedding paperwork.

These five steps are all you need to follow to get ordained online to perform weddings, it is embarrassingly easy, fast, and beautiful too. Get started by using a computer or a smartphone with a stable internet connection, click on the provided links to register, fill the form carefully and correctly, get your certificate, and start officiating or performing weddings.