10 Dallas Theological Seminary Free courses

It’s a world of many possibilities, so it’s not an anomaly that there are thousands of religions and teachings. These things were foretold even before our generation was born. Theological seminaries aid in bringing clarity of facts and purpose to a confused world like ours and that’s why you can find Dallas theological seminary free courses to clear your heart of any confusion beclouding your mind.

However, Christianity is one of the strongest religions of all time because Jesus Christ the chief cornerstone is the most popular man that ever walked our Clime.

And this brings us to Theology. Theology is literally defined as the study of God, or gods, and the truthfulness of religion.

There are so many things, beliefs, structures, ideas, beliefs, religions in the world today that’ll blow your mind that you begin to wonder how these things originated and have come to thrive amongst us today.

This is why theological seminaries and colleges are here today; to tell the gospel of Christ as He wants it, to help men eliminate false doctrines with no actual Biblical backup, doctrines that pollute the heart of men and turn their minds away from the chosen Messiah, the risen Christ.

And then, Dallas theological seminary is one of the sanctioned seminaries that has churned out so many powerful men of God, men who have been set apart as revivalists for a broken world, men who help men align their minds to Christ and follow as He bids forsaking all worldly desires and fixing their eyes on the cross where the remission of our sins was made.

Ever been confused and yearning to go deep about God and religion, then Dallas theological seminary free courses are available to point you towards the path of clarity and deep understanding.

There are so many of Dallas Theological Seminary free courses that you can take and we’ve taken the time to list some of them here for you. So here!


Dallas Theological Seminary free courses

  • Evangelism
  • Can you trust your Bible?
  • How to read the Bible like a Seminary professor
  • Genesis
  • The gospel of John
  • Names and Aspects of God
  • Thessalonians
  • Understanding God’s Covenants
  • The Life of Christ
  • The Story of Scripture


This is a new course that you may be so interested in, especially if you’ve been feeling low and passive about your Christian faith. This is one of the Dallas theological seminary free courses that’ll walk you through the hurdles of sharing your beliefs and salvation with people around you, especially in a world of so many vices.

You may be so broken at everything happening around you and feel sober but the only thing you can do to help the world is praying and getting everyone around you to believe in Jesus Christ through whom we have perfect peace.

The course is a seven-session course taught by Dr. Barry Jones who’ll open your eyes to an overview of Christian evangelism.

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Can you trust the Bible

There are so many people with doubts about the Bible today. So many!

‘Can you trust the Bible’ is an eight-week course amongst so many other Dallas theological seminary free courses. It is taught by three of the Seminary’s most esteemed tutors/scholars.

This course will teach you the history of the Bible, how it was canonized, and open your eyes to whether or not you can wholly trust it as the unfailing word of God.

The Bible records so many supernatural acts of God that the ordinary human mind will not easily trust except by the revelation of the Holy Spirit. This is a very rare offer to clear your heart of every doubt and make up your mind on the efficacy of God’s word.

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How to read the Bible like a Seminary Professor

Have you ever been lost trying to catch at least a glimpse of what a Bible passage talks about? Well, so many Christians are caught up in that dilemma today because the Bible is not just to be studied like a novel, if it were not so then so many Christians would have read all of the Bible comprehensively, and just like you can easily tell a novel from the first chapter to the last, then it would have been easy to tell the Bible that way too.

However, a simplification of the ability to read the Bible well is one of Dallas theological seminary free courses, which is termed ‘How to read the Bible like a Seminary Professor’.  This course runs on a four weeks program and it is taught by Dr. Howard Hendricks (1924-2013) one of the most celebrated teachers in the history of Dallas theological seminary.

This course will equip you with powerful techniques to study God’s word just as Dallas theological seminary professors during their personal study.

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For so many years, scientists tried to figure out how life came to be. And in their quest to find answers, so many of them came up with different theories and hypotheses on the creation story and the origin of life.

The scientist, Charles Darwin even proposed the theory of Evolution which for a while looked feasible until certain assumptions he made were seen as false.

You don’t have to stay confused and yearning for answers when you can easily clear your mind with one of Dallas theological seminary free courses titled Genesis.

Genesis will teach you the creation narrative and the patriarch and explain everything that you’ve ever found confusing in the book of Genesis. At Dallas Theological Seminary, it is taught by Dr. James Allman, Professor of Dallas Theological Seminary old testament studies.

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The Gospel of John

The gospel of John is a very interesting book of the Bible that some Christians even map out special time to study intensively. As is popular, the subject of John’s gospel is Jesus Christ so studying the gospel of John is more like studying about Christ.

Jesus Christ called John his beloved so he was more like a favorite child/disciple so what it means for you to read John’s gospel is that it’s more like reading the gospel of his favorite disciple which is a way of strengthening your relationship with the risen Christ. It runs for a period of eight weeks and it is taught by Dr. Mark Bailey Dallas Theological Seminary Chancellor.

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Names and Aspects of God

Naming is not just something that happens without backup incidents. There’s always a causative factor, just like when a couple undergoes a difficult time in begetting a child when the child is born, the child is likely to be after the series of events that took place before she/he was born and then maybe the miraculous move of God in saving them or showing up for them.

It’s the same with God’s names, the names of God hold several mysteries of His being which are not just open for you to see except you witness him personally.

The names and Aspects of God is one of the Dallas Theological Seminary free courses available to you on the Dallas Theological Seminary page. It is a five-session course taught by Dr. Scott Horrell. It will deepen your knowledge of God and open your eyes to many of the revelations of God’s incommunicable attributes.

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The book of Thessalonians in the bible is a powerful book. It’s a book that’ll give you faith, hope, and assurance in God that in spite of a crazy world, God still loves His own and will always grant His peace to them.

Thessalonians is one of the Dallas Theological Seminary free courses available for anyone who yearns for God’s encouragement to deal with daily issues with a mindset of eternity in a broken world.

It is taught by Dallas Theological Seminary President and professor of Bible exposition Dr. Mark M Yarbrough.

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Understanding God’s Covenants

Throughout the Bible, covenants are very dear to God and one thing that helped the children of Israel to triumph in their adversity is because of God’s covenant to them. God has made promises to His People and as is obvious he’s a promise-keeping God as much as He’s a covenant-keeping God.

This course is one of Dallas Theological Seminary courses that run for just six weeks. Although the duration cannot be equated to the high level of impact that’s available to anyone who takes this course. This course is an eye-opener to the God we serve.

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The Life of Christ

Jesus Christ had a remarkable life! Imagine one man who trod this earth without sin! Who even after knowing who His enemies were, prayed for them and even allowed one of them in the person of Judas Iscariot to follow Him about and feigning a disciple.

This course is a course every Christian should yearn earnestly for, it will broaden your mind and understanding of the words and works of Jesus Christ as you journey through Israel seeing in your mind’s eyes the places where Jesus Christ walked, the things he did, and how he did them. It is a nine-week course taught by the late Dr. J Dwight Pentecost who passed beyond in 2014.

This Dallas Theological Seminary free course can be found here

The Story of Scripture

The story of Scripture is amazingly an amazing story. However, our understanding of the English language which is almost a common language through which thousands of people all over the world read the scripture has a way of affecting an understanding of the Scripture.

This is one of Dallas Theological Seminary free courses that’ll open your eyes to the structure of the Bible, the effect of the English language in our understanding of the Scripture and the focal point of every verse it contains.

The Bible is a wonderful book that contains all of the above poetry, history, letters, wisdom, and psalms yet all points to one person. This is important for us to understand so that we don’t interpret the Bible based on just our own head knowledge.

It runs for a period of thirteen weeks and it is taught by Dr. Mark Yarbrough- President of Dallas Theological Seminary.

If you want to understand any of the under-listed, then this course is for you!

  • The creation narrative found in Genesis 1–11
  • The Mosaic Covenant and the rest of the Pentateuch following Genesis
  • The Covenant Kingship especially through the Davidic Covenant.

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Dallas Theological Seminary FAQs

What denomination is Dallas Theological Seminary?

Dallas Theological Seminary is a non-denominational Seminary in Dallas Texas with campuses and regional locations all over the U.S and the world.

It was founded in 1924 and the motto of the Seminary is Teach truth, Love well.

It is an evangelical Seminary school.

What translation does Dallas Theological Seminary use?

Dallas Theological Seminary is not just restricted to a particular Bible translation. Professors, scholars and alumni of the Seminary use any of the translations of English Bible versions including: New International Version (NIV), the New King James Version (NKJV), the New Living Translation (NLT), The Message (TM), the New American Standard Bible update (NASB), the English Standard Version (ESV), the International Children’s Version (ICV), the New Century Version (NCV), the Holman Christian Study Bible (HCSB), and the NET Bible.

Is Dallas Theological Seminary hard to get into?

In as much as you should know that it’s not so hard to get into Dallas Theological Seminary, you should also know that it’s not easy either.

If you desire a thing you’ll work hard for it, maybe in the natural turn of events, it may seem hard but your hard work and persistence will speak for you. You’ll need SAT scores around 3.15 and you’ll truly need to throw your mind into it and work damn real hard. You can do it!

How much does Dallas Theological Seminary cost?

On average, tuition at Dallas Theological Seminary costs about $17,130.


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