9 Free Online Pentecostal Bible Colleges You Should Know

Here is a list of top free online pentecostal bible colleges on the internet today open to receive application and participation from Christians from all countries of the world.

The world today is dominated by Christians and Moslems as the two major religions of the world though there are several other types of religions still in existence.

These two major religious bodies are in active-teaching to help build up the faith of the believers and possibly teach or convert non-believer who is willing to come close.

In this article, I am going to be pointing out a number of free online pentecostal bible colleges dedicated to teaching the Christian faith to all and sundry and offering even diploma and degree certificates in this regard.

While there are many Bible colleges on the internet today, not all of these colleges are free and some of them are affiliated to some particular, orthodox, charismatic, pentecostal, or particular denominational churches thereby teaching not only the bible but also some doctrines they believe should be taught.


Is Bible college free?

Just like every other college, Bible colleges are not supposed to be free but they can choose to be. There’s no obligation mandating a bible college to offer its courses for free or award diploma and graduate degrees without any pay.

However, there are several bible colleges that offer tuition-free online education and I have listed them here for your benefit.

What is the best online Bible college?

There are several online bible colleges on the internet today. some of these colleges are accredited while most are not but they all do their best to offer sound bible teachings to improve the Christian faith of their students.

As a better of fact, there’s no centrally accepted grading system that has graded these bible colleges to tell which is the best and why but to me, the best online bible colleges on the internet today are those that are accredited and yet offer tuition-free education and free online bible courses with certificates of completion.

Is there any free online bible school in Canada?

Yes, there are several free online bible schools in Canada, and Christian Leaders Institute is one of them. These schools offer several free bible courses and some of them accommodate not just only Canadian students but also other students from different parts of the world.

Free Online Pentecostal Bible Colleges

  1. Christian Leaders Institute
  2. BiblicalTrainings Institute
  3. The Prophetic Voice Institute
  4. AMES International School of Ministry
  5. Jim Feeney Pentecostal Bible Institute
  6. Northpoint Bible College
  7. Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology
  8. Grace Christian University
  9. Northwestern Seminary

Christian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders Institute is one of the best free online pentecostal bible colleges on the internet today based on random ratings.

The institute believes that their bible school will help believers grow in competence, confidence, and credibility to reach the world for Jesus Christ. So with this, this bible college offers several free online bible school courses open for all.

There are over a hundred different bible courses on their database and the school has successfully graduated several students across almost all the countries of the world.

The school ensures its courses and classes are free as they solicit for financial support via freewill donations to sustain their activities.

To register to be part of this free bible college, you have to own an or at least have access to an internet enabled device like an andriod or iOS device or a laptop. Registration and student account creation is compulsory and free.

BiblicalTrainings Institute

BiblicalTeachings is one of the popular free online pentecostal bible colleges found on the internet today though while some of their online courses are free, to obtain a diploma from the institute you need to pay a certain sum.

The Foundations Bible Diploma provides a structured way to learn the Bible at a foundational level. It requires a 33-week commitment at a price of $495 with a diploma of Completion certificate at the end for successful participants.

The Prophetic Voice Institute

The prophetic voice institute is a free online pentecostal bible college committed in teaching the bible and training participants for minitry works all for free!

This institute is headed by Dr. Joseph Kostelnik who explained that he started the free online bible college to fulfil the vision God gave him to train one million believers for the ministry, who will also use what they’ve learned to train others.

This institute is however affiliated to Dr. Joseph’s church but you do not need to be a member of his church to benefit from the college.

For anyone to access the courses therein the person must sign up as a student and have a student account on the platform.

AMES International School of Ministry

AMES International School of Ministry is a free online pentecostal bible college that has been in operation since 2003 and has trained thousands of bible scholars across the globe.

The school has over 20 different online bible courses open to students across the globe all for free.

AMES International School of Ministry is considered one of the largest online bible colleges on the internet with a student capacity of over 80,000 coming from countries across the globe.

Once accepted into the school, you can take part in their several free online bible courses and obtain printable certificates at the end of each. You can for a token of just $20, obtain transferable college credits and can aswell go ahead to obtain a bachelor of Biblical Studies degree from this college.

Jim Feeney Pentecostal Bible Institute

The Jim Feeney Pentecostal Bible Institute is an online penticostal bible college that teaches the bible from a Pentecostal-Charismatic Perspective and the institute has several ready-on-the-go online bible teachings that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.

The instituted was founded in 2004 by Pastor Jim Feeney and it is affiliated to his church as his sermons and church teachings are part of the courses on this platform.

Northpoint Bible College

Northpoint Bible College is one of the free online pentecostal bible colleges on the web today, with a sole purpose of teaching and training students for Pentecostal ministry for the spread of the Christian gospel.

This bible college offers its bible courses through the Classcentral online learning platform and for reasons known to them, there is currently just only one of their courses on this platform at the moment. Thought the course is free, it focuses more on building capacituy for leadership rather than exclusive bible teachings.

Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology

Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is a tuition free online pentecostal bible school offering several masters and doctoral diplomas through completely free tuition education.

The school also has many free ebooks and sveral free online bible courses that students can take from any part of the world even without having to some cases create an account with the school.

Trinity is a non denominational, Bible-based, New Testament pattern, Bible seminary where Baptists, Pentecostals, Charismatics, or Christians of any persuasion is welcome to apply and study, if admitted.

While tuition at Trinity is totally free, you will be required to pay a one-time registration fee as a new student.

Grace Christian University

In my own view, Grace Christian University is the best online bible school at the moment.

Grace christian is a complete christian university offerin both on-campus and online degrees from bachelos to masters up to the doctoral degree level.

Grace Christian University is also the oldest bible christian university et college as it has been around for over 80 years since inception.

Northwestern Seminary

Northwestern Seminary is on online bible institute that claims to offer the most affordable and time efficient way for bible scholars to earn an online accredited seminary degree from anywhere in the world.

The school offers both traditional and accelerated degree programs taking just about 90 days to complete.

Free Online Pentecostal Bible Colleges
The Holy Bible


Taking and obtaining free online certificates from bible colleges around the world isnt a myht. This is why i took my time to put togethere these free online pentecostal bible colleges found on the internet today alongside their various application links to aid you with reaching out to these schools easily to take part in any of their progras.

Be it free online bible courses with certificates or tuition free online bible related degree and seminary degrees; you can get all of that as rightly listed and explained on this article.



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  2. This is Steve Sammons. I am the CEO of BiblicalTraining.org. I just want to point out one clarification on the comments you have in your post about BiblicalTrainin.org. All of the classes and lectures are free; all of them. If a user would like a certificate they simply need to meet the requirements and pay an administrative fee. But all of the content is available for free.

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