How to Become a Reverend Doctor

Have you been searching online on how to become a reverend doctor and haven’t found any guidelines yet? Worry no more, because this article has all the details you need to become a reverend doctor!

Let’s give this article a head start by knowing who a reverend doctor is. Reverend is a title used before the name or rank of an officially appointed Christian religious leader. The reverend is an important figure within a church, regardless of the branch of Christianity the church follows.

In some Methodist churches, especially in the US, ordained and licensed ministers are usually addressed as Reverend unless they hold a doctorate in which case they are often addressed in formal situations as The Reverend Doctor.

Reverends are ordained and, as such, are allowed to oversee various religious events, which might include weddings, funerals, baptisms, and christenings. There are many reasons why people seek to become reverend, whether it’s because of devoutness to faith or a desire to unite loving couples together in matrimony. There are other opportunities to obtain a pastoral certificate online for theology students

With all these said, you can now set out on your journey to becoming a reverend doctor. But before you do that, there are specific things you need to do, before setting off to become a reverend doctor. You can also attend any good conservative college to get a doctorate which is required to become a reverend doctor.  Without further ado, let’s talk about how to become a reverend doctor.

How to Become a Reverend Doctor

How to Become a Reverend Doctor

If you want to learn how to become a reverend, you should go through these steps. They are as follows;

1.       Joining a Congregation

Before you go about becoming a reverend doctor, the first thing you should do is join a congregation or church of your choice

Join the church or organization that you want to serve in

 If you are not yet a member of a church or religious organization, then you will have to join one to get sponsorship for ordination. Find a church in the religious denomination that you want to serve in, and follow their laid-out tradition for becoming an official member

Become an active member of your religious organization

Once you have joined, strive to become an active member of your church by participating in the various activities of the church as much as you can. Get to know everyone, attend services, make friends, throw events, and overall, make yourself a key part of the community

Ask a clergy member about the process of getting ordained

You can ask an ordained clergy member to guide you on the processes of becoming a reverend doctor, since different denominations have processes they undergo, before ordaining an individual as a reverend doctor.

Get your church’s support for becoming ordained

In most organized denominations, you will need sponsorship from your congregation to continue with your religious training and become a reverend. Some denominations may ask you to go in front of a review committee that will question you about your beliefs and commitment to the church. During this process, be honest and open with them, even if there are negative things in your past. This is important for them to determine if you are the best person to represent the church. Some other churches might have less strict rules for sponsorship. This is very specific to each organization.

2.       Getting Educated and Ordained

Study the doctrines and beliefs of your denomination

If you want to be a reverend doctor, you must learn about the doctrines and various beliefs of your denomination. This takes years of study, but it’s never too early to start and your education will benefit from some preparation. For most Christian denominations, preparation includes reading the Bible and learning about church services and other key parts of Christian doctrine.

Attend college to increase your knowledge of theology

You must attend a theological or seminary college to prepare yourself for service. You will be able to expand your knowledge of religious belief and build your qualifications as a reverend by doing so.

Complete a seminary program if your denomination requires it

If your church requires it, you should complete a seminary program. Some denominations, especially Catholicism, require their reverends to attend formal religious training called seminary. This is usually a 3- or 4-year program, like college, where you will learn all about the practices and ceremonies of your church. You apply to seminary just like college and attend classes, take exams, write papers, and complete outreach work. If you pass your program, you will be eligible to become a reverend.

Intern at a church while you are at the seminary

You should do your internship at a church while you are taking the seminary program. With a church internship, you will serve at a church in your denomination and assist the local ministers or pastors with their tasks. This way, you will learn how to run a church on your own.

Pass your ordination exam to be ordained by your denomination

You must pass your ordination exam, and to do so, you have to study well, especially the bible, as you would be given majorly bible quizzes to answer.

Usually, the exam will be a meeting with several other clergy members, who will then spend a few hours asking you questions. If you complete this exam, you will be an ordained reverend.

Get a state license to officiate weddings.

Getting a state license to Officiate weddings would pave a way for your ordination work as a reverend doctor. Reverends typically serve as wedding officiators, but this requires a state license. Luckily, this is an easy process. The exact steps might vary for different states, but usually, you just have to submit paperwork to the county clerk and pay a small fee. Then you are legally allowed to perform marriages.

3.       Quick Paths to Officiate Weddings

Find an online ordination program

If you just want to be ordained as a reverend quickly without serving a congregation, then you do not need to follow any strict rules. You can do it online in a few minutes. Search for an online church that ordains ministers. There are tons of them. When you find one, you will be minutes away from getting approved.

Fill out the required paperwork to make your ordination official

On ordination websites, there is usually a simple form to fill out with your name, state, and contact information. Fill this in and submit it. After this, you should get an email confirming that you’re an ordained minister

Register with your state to perform weddings

 Since any ordained minister or reverend can legally perform a wedding, you’re qualified to get a state license once you get ordained online. Then you just have to contact your county clerk and ask if you need a license to perform marriages in the state. If you do, then provide your proof of ordination to get registered. After that, you’re legally allowed to perform marriages.


These steps that I talked about are the necessary steps that should be taken, to become a reverend doctor. So if you are interested in becoming one, you can follow these steps accordingly and become an ordained reverend in no time.