50+ Clean Funny Christian Jokes And Stories

Here is an article on clean Funny Christian Jokes and stories to make you bring out the “Ha” in hallelujah, and also cause your side split just like the red sea. Wait, you just doubted me? Okay, follow me closely then to see what I am saying.

As a Christian, maybe you even graduated from the top Christian universities in the USA, you are wondering where you can get funny Christian jokes to make you laugh out loud, look no more. You are definitely in the right place.

Sometime back, while I was trying to figure out some Bible trivia questions, it seemed so hard that I needed something to cool my nerves and make the energy flow, and you know what I got?

Yeah, your guess is right. I just used my audio bible apps to listen to some funny Christian jokes that made me laugh like never before.

You may take free online bible courses or even attend one of the best Christian universities in Canada, but these funny Christian jokes I am about to share with you might not be seen there.

Do you think working in one of the low-stress jobs is the only way to have fun? Wait till you engage in funny Christian jokes and stories.

Though people say that there are questions about God and the bible that cannot be answered. Well, I think that if you graduate from one of the best Christian universities in the UK, you should be able to attempt them. Who knows, you might still answer them, including the funny Christian jokes.

Are you now ready for the ride?

You can still put a call to the cavalry because you will be needing help to get up from the ground as you read through these funny Christian jokes. Wait! I said cavalry, not calvary.

I wanted to start now on the funny Christian jokes, but let me answer a few questions that might be disturbing you below. We also have an article on Bible study lessons with questions and answers in case you want to check it out too.

Are Jokes Bad For Christians?

Jokes, biblically speaking, are not bad for Christians except in cases where it is being used to belittle or degrade another. As Christians, our words should always edify, and not belittle.

Now, to buttress further, proverbs 17: 22 says “a joyful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones”

What Should Christians Not Joke About?

Inasmuch as funny Christian jokes are not bad, it is important to know that there’s a boundary as Christians don’t engage in all forms of jokes.

Christians should not engage in coarse jesting and crude jokes. Also, there should be no filthiness or foolish talks among the Christians.

Funny Christian Jokes And Stories

Now that I have done justice to your questions above, let’s move into the clean funny Christian jokes and stories.

  • I just bumped into one of my high school classmates, and she mistook me for Jesus Christ. She shouted, “Jesus, is this you?”
  • Eating Suya with a friend that paid for it is better imagined than experienced. You will be asking Jesus, “Lord is it the right time to pick another piece?”
  • When you want to sleep at home, you switch off the small radio. But when you are in church, in the midst of 10 loudspeakers blasting in your ear, you sleep peacefully like a baby. This is called demonic soft work.
  • If you don’t have money now, and won’t mind getting twenty thousand naira, send your account details fast so that I can add them to my prayer points.
  • Do you know that pidgin was first used in the bible? Go to genesis 13:8 “we be brethren”
  • As a girl bearing JOY, your boyfriend shouldn’t ask to see you at night. If he does, tell him “JOY cometh in the morning”
  • Instead of feeding 5000 hungry people as Jesus did, many pastors are being fed by 5000 hungry people. Am I lying?
  • Sometimes, I wish my account balance can rise as Jesus did.
  • Almost all the girls found on social networks are beautiful, but when you meet them physically, you will give your life to Christ.
  • How will the feet that did not carry you to church, carry you to heaven?
  • Them to me: at 25, you should have your own car, your own house, an established business, etc. Me to them: relax friends, Jesus is over 2000 years old and still in his father’s house.
  • Churches should enforce rules that stop the usage of bible apps. Some men are just checking livescores.
  • Nowadays, before people share their problems with me, I list out all my own. We then end up praying for one another.
  • Can I go to hell? No! Satan still has that restraining order against me.
  • I have never seen an inscription on a tombstone that said “died because I didn’t forward to 10 persons”
  • Not everyone who checked up on you actually cares. Some want to confirm if their witchcraft worked.
  • That embarrassing moment when you are sitting beside your crush in the church, suddenly, your little brother shows up with twenty naira on his hands… “Brother, mummy said you should use it for offering”
  • Dear lord, tell the angel making my white garment in heaven to make it fitted, not like the one I see in Nigerian movies. I can’t be in my father’s house and be wearing a maternity gown.
  • Faith is when you are unemployed but you wear a suit and carry a briefcase walking around the down and confusing your enemy.
  • GOD is like oxygen. You can’t see him, but you can’t live without him. Be humble!
  • When the church cameraman is your friend, you appear more frequently on the church screen than the preacher.
  • My brother came back to the house with his girlfriend and has been eyeing me to leave the house so they can have privacy. I’m not going anywhere; I don’t support evil.
  • The way some people will be busy taking notes in the church will make you think they are going to read it later.
  • Some girls’ prayer point is to marry a God-fearing man, but two weeks into the marriage, they request an iPhone instead of the King James Bible.
  • Every morning is another day to go out and hustle, otherwise, you will continue shouting every Sunday “I RECEIVE”
  • Ruth and Esther made the first move to the men who married them. Now, they are the only women who have books in the Bible. My sister, drop your pride!
  • Happiness is when you are sitting next to your landlord in church and haven’t paid your debt. Then, the pastor suddenly tells you to say to your neighbor “neighbor, Jesus has paid my debt in full”
  • Preach because you are chosen, not because you are unemployed.
  • Stop squeezing your money before you put it into the offering box, God is not an officer.
  • When LOT’S wife turned back and became a pillar of salt, who turned back to confirm it?
  • There is nothing like natural death in Nigeria. Whenever someone dies, an enemy is responsible for it.
  • My sister, do not allow yourself to be deceived by these men. Not all men in suits are rich, some are in the choir.
  • A slay queen’s Facebook name at 18 is Mhiz Pwetty Chomzy. At 28, it becomes Boss Lady Chommy, and at 38, it becomes Chioma Jesus
  • They said I can never love someone who I have not seen, but I smiled and responded, I have not seen God, but I love him.
  • Have you ever imagined what the world will look like if people fear God the same way they fear soldiers?
  • When your ex-name is glory, and the person you are currently dating is glory too, it means you are moving from glory to glory.
  • If you have toasted over twenty-five girls and they did not agree, it’s a clear sign that womanizing is not your calling. Why not try evangelism?
  • We just finished easter. By this time 2000 years ago, Judas Iscariot received an alert.
  • Even on the last day, some girls will still snap pictures in front of heaven’s gate and caption it “chilling with my fellow ghost pals, too much sauce”
  • You distract people by coming late to the church and walking to the front like contestant number one.
  • Sometimes, I wonder how people who were owing Lazarus felt when Jesus raised him up from death.
  • How did Methuselah live for 969 years on earth without internet or electricity? What exactly was he doing?
  • Faith is when your neighbor shouts that he can’t wait to complete the buying of a car because he just bought a key.
  • The more you meet people, the more you understand why Noah allowed more animals into the ark than humans.
  • Whenever I see the maps at the back of the bible, I get confused. It seems pastors are hiding the directions to heaven because they don’t preach about it.
  • When I enter the plane and get to the sky, I will just escape through the back door and enter heaven.
  • Adam was the fastest runner in the race because he was the first in the human race.
  • I sometimes think that atoms are catholic because they have mass.
  • If Mary had Jesus and Jesus was a little lamb, does that mean that Mary had a little lamb?
  • Have you wondered how Jonah’s wife reacted when he was narrating how the fish swallowed him and after three days vomited him in Nineveh?
  • What kind of man was Boaz before he married Ruth? Well, he was completely ruthless.
  • Have you wondered what we have that Adam never had? Ancestors!
  • God created man before woman because he didn’t want advice on how to do it.
  • They asked me, why do we answer “Amen” instead of “Awomen”, and I replied, it is the same reason we sing ‘hymns’ instead of ‘hers’
  • Nobody can be compared to Abraham as regards knowing people. That man knew a LOT.
  • Pharoah was athletic because he had a court.
  • What do you call a prophet who is also a chef? Habakkuk
  • What type of ship do believers want to enter? Discipleship, worship, and fellowship
  • Do you know Moses was the first man to download things from the clouds into a tablet?
  • they told us there were no cars in the time of Jesus, but how come the disciples were gathered in one accord?
  • One beautiful Sunday morning, a reverend said to his congregation; we will be changing our style of service, but all will depend on you. A $100 sermon will last for five minutes, a $50 sermon will last for fifteen minutes, and a $20 sermon will last for an hour. Now let’s take the offering and see which one I will deliver.

Funny Christian Jokes And Stories – FAQs

Below is one of the frequently asked questions about funny Christian jokes and stories. I have answered that to help clear you well.

What Are One-Liner Christian Jokes?

One-liner Christian jokes are as follows;

  • Do not let your worries overwhelm you. remember that Moses started out as a basketcase
  • Some people show kindness, politeness, and sweet spirit until you try to sit in their pews
  • Many people desire to serve God, but only as advisers
  • The good Lord didn’t create anything without a purpose. How about mosquitoes?
  • It is easier to preach twelve sermons than to live one
  • When you get to your wit’s end, you will discover it is a dwelling place for God
  • People have a big problem. They want to sit in the front of the bus, they want the middle of the road, but then want to sit at the back in the church.