Christian Universities in the UK

There are several Christian Universities in the UK. A Christian University is an educational institution dedicated to teaching students in a Christian environment.

Most Christian universities in the UK are church-owned schools that were maybe founded by a Pastor or a denomination. Most of the schools are focused on theological training but go ahead to make open the opportunity of students bagging an undergraduate and postgraduate degree.

So Christian universities are residential while some are not. Each Christian university differs from the other on maybe doctrines and precepts but all based on the firm root of a deep belief in Jesus Christ, the savior of humanity.

In most Christian universities in the UK, morals are high, academic discipline is expected of the students, and students graduate at the end of their studies refined in God’s word, academic excellence, character, and learning. Some of the Christian universities in the UK are listed below.


Are there Christian Universities in the UK?

Yes, there are Christian Universities in the UK. More than 15 universities in the UK are managed by churches and religious organizations and found their precepts on the foundation of basic Christian faith and doctrine.

Some of them began in the 19th century and others as well continued till this present moment. Yes, there are Christian universities in the UK.

Requirements to apply to a Christian University in the UK

There are different requirements for the courses depending on the course the person intends to study. Some courses will ask for minimum grades in certain subjects especially in GCSE subjects and maybe other requirements in GSCE for different courses.

The ability of the candidate is an indicator of the person’s academic ability and has a long way in determining the academic performance of the student. The United Kingdom is a great place to study and academic excellence is taken very seriously.

The general requirements for admission into a UK Christian university include the following:

  • At least two subjects should be taken at the Advanced level if the candidate is an A’Level student.
  • Many universities are open to the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) although it is not compulsory.
  • Some courses are open to students who have taken GSCE and have distinctions or credits in both English Language and Mathematics, respectively.
  • Some universities put students through a criminal record check
  • Every other requirement varies from school to school and also from course to course.

 Christian Universities in the UK

  • Trinity School of Theology.
  • Highland Theological College.
  • Lewis College of Business
  • London School of Theology
  • Central State University
  • Moorlands College
  • Westminster college
  • St. Mary’s University
  • All Nations Christian College
  • Spurgeon College, London
  • Wilberforce University
  • Carver College

 1. Trinity School of Theology

The Bible College of Wales is one of the Christian universities in the UK. The school offers nondenominational training for ministry and outreach through its Trinity School of Theology. It is situated in Rugby in Warwickshire.

The college is non-residential so students can find their places in residence around the school for easy access to the college. The Bible College of Wales believes in a holistic education that incorporates every facet needed for a complete college experience, these different experiences can be grouped into academic, spiritual, and practical.

The school which is one of the Christian universities in the UK was founded in 1924 by Rees Howells and was under operation by his son Samuel until 2004.

The Bible College of Wales has a long-standing tradition of religious education and Christian living amongst students. It is one of the Christian universities in the UK.

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2. Highland Theological College

Highland theological college is a co-education school that places very high value on learning in a Christian academic environment. The school is one of the Christian universities in the UK. The Highland Theological College UHI is a co-education school that teaches an evangelical and reformed model of the Christian faith.

As a worshiping community, The Highland Theological College is keen on spirituality, academic excellence, and intellectual inquiry. Students are involved in outreaches to local churches in the area and especially in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, acting as educators and religious leaders. It is one of the Christian universities in the UK.

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3. London School of Theology

The London School of Theology is one of the Christian universities in the UK. It is a small, interdenominational college that prides itself on its excellent performance in academics, missionary work, and ardent commitment to the scripture.

It was founded in central London in 1944. It has grown through several years of experience and learning to come to its current state of glory. The London School of Theology currently operates and runs out of the Northwood section of London.

There are a lot of students in the school from about 22 nationalities and different denominations counting up to denominations, it promises an intimate and diverse campus environment.

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4. Lewis College of Business

The Lewis college of business was founded in 1928 by African-American Violet T. Lewis. It is one of the historically black colleges or universities in the Detroit area of Michigan. The school offers courses in various academic areas spanning courses in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, and Office Information Systems.

Lewis College of Business offers programs for first-degree and Master’s degrees. Applications are open for new intakes all year round and students can enroll at the beginning of any semester.

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5. Central State University

Central State University otherwise called CSU for convenience is located 4 hours outside Detroit, Michigan in Wilberforce, Ohio. It is one of the Christian universities in the UK that was established in 1856.

The university is in affiliation with the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Central State University incorporates three faculties: the College of Education, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Business and Industry.

Each of the faculties offers a Bachelor of Art or Science degree in several majors at the end of the academic program. Examples of the degrees offered include Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Bachelor of Science in Economics, Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, and Bachelor of Music.

Central State University accepts applications year-round and students can enroll at the beginning of any semester. It is one of the Christian Universities in the UK.

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6. St. Mary’s University 

St. Mary’s University although a public university is one of the Christian universities in the UK. It is located in Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, in South West London. The school was originally founded in 1850 and is generally acknowledged to be the oldest Roman Catholic University in the United Kingdom.

With an average number of 6000 students, the school boasts of its inclination to Christian morals and doctrines in training youth during their undergraduate and postgraduate studies. It is affiliated with the University of Surrey and the University of London.

It is known vastly for its highly rated teacher training programs and of its active involvement in a range of extracurricular activities including sports and other exercises. The Christian university is comprised of an Academic faculty and three institutes which includes:

  • Faculty of Sports, Allied Health and Performance Sciences
  • Institute of Business, Law, and Society
  • Institute of Education
  • Institute of Theology and Liberal Arts

The school is a go-to for a great academic experience in a Christian environment.

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7. All Nations Christian College

All Nations Christian College is one of the Christian universities in the UK.

It is located on the Easneye estate near Ware, Hertfordshire in England. In 1971, three colleges; Mt Hermon Missionary Training College which was founded in 1911, Ridgelands Bible College which was founded in 1919, and All Nations Bible College which was founded in 1923 merged to form All Nations Christian College.

It is validated by Open University. The primary course at the University is Biblical and Intercultural studies which are available as a certificate, Diploma, or BA (Hons) Degree. The college qualifications available at the school are internationally recognized by missionary societies and students can choose to be accredited by the Open University.

Postgraduate studies are also available at the university. It is one of the Christian universities in the UK built on the ethics of Christian principles and standards.

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8. Wilberforce University

Wilberforce University was founded in 1856 in Wilberforce, Ohio. The school which is one of the Christian universities in the UK sits prettily on a sparse serene ground just four hours outside of Detroit in Wilberforce, Ohio.

Wilberforce University is widely known as the sister institution of Central State University. It is the first predominantly African-American private university in the nation. There are a lot of students from different countries outside the UK.

Students are enrolled in the courses available at the university ranging from courses of study in business, communications, computing, and engineering sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. The option of dual degrees is available at the university too for different degrees. Wilberforce University accepts applications every Spring for Fall enrollment.

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9. Westminster College

Westminster College in Cambridge is a theological college of the United Reformed Church which was formerly the Presbyterian Church of England. The Christian University was founded in 1844 with its home at the time of its foundation.

The principal purpose of the school was to train ministers within the ordination but it has gone ahead to join with six other religious colleges in Cambridge to form the Cambridge Theological Federation that is in affiliation with the University. Westminster College is one of the Christian Universities in the UK.

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10. Spurgeon College, London

This is one of the Christian universities in the UK. Spurgeon College is an evangelical Baptist theological College in South Norwood, London, UK. It is affiliated with the Baptist Union of Great Britain. It was formerly known as the Pastor’s College and was originally founded in 1856 by Pastor Charles Spurgeon.

He founded the college with the vision and prospect of providing practical theological education, mission-centered. It was renamed in honor of the founder in 1923 after which it has already trained thousands of students.

The school offers a range of courses which includes online learning, a part-time degree course, several master’s courses. It is accredited by the British Accreditation Council. So many respectable men and women of today have passed through the university and they make up the Alumni body.

Some have gone on ahead in ministry while some others are into various businesses which are thriving in the marketplace. Spurgeon College, London is one of the Christian universities in the UK reputable for excellence in character, Christianity, and learning.

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11. Moorlands College

Moorlands College is a Christian university in the UK located in Sopley Dorset, and regional centers in Devon, Birmingham as well as Belfast in Northern Ireland. The school is a non-denominational Christian university that believes in the core beliefs of the Christian body. Degree courses taught at the university with the inclusion of both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are validated by the University of Gloucestershire.

The Christian university participates in the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework and received a Silver TEF award in 2018. The school is reviewed by the Quality Assurance Agency to ensure that they fully meet national expectations as a higher institution of learning.

Various courses are offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The Christian university has centers in three regions, Christchurch campus which is the main campus in Sopley, the South West regional center which is based in Torquay, Midlands regional centers which are based in Birmingham, Belfast in Northern Ireland.

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12. Carver College

Carver College was founded in 1943 in Atlanta, Georgia with the motto “Training to Transform.” The Christian university believes in the effective training of students for the edification of the body of Christ and humanity.

According to the college’s website, “The training Carver students receive first transforms their hearts and then equips them to go train and transform the hearts of others.”

The Christian university in the UK currently offers one major — biblical studies – and some minors which includes the following courses although not limited to them: Christian education, counseling, missions, pastoral ministries, systematic theology, women’s ministry, and practical training and evangelism.

Carver College is in the process of being able to offer a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. This the school has ensured by writing to Biblical Higher Education. Students also experience the thrill and fulfillment of traveling to various international destinations for mission trips. The destinations include places such as South Africa, Kenya, or the Caribbean.

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Can you go to a Christian university if you’re not Christian?

If you’re interested in attending a Christian university in the UK or any other country of the world and you’re unsure if to apply or not, the quickest way to get an answer is to send a message to the school to verify if the school accepts applications from non-Christian students.

While trying to settle for a choice of a university, you may be confused as to which one to settle for, you’ll see secular universities better than some Christian universities.

So, you may prefer a Christian university to a secular university, probably because the Christian University has a better academic environment and possibly meets up to your idealized University of choice spanning better options in finance, community engagement, and a good atmosphere.

Although the lectures may be taught from a Biblical point of view serious emphasis is placed on hard work and excellence because the students are expected to perform well in their academic pursuit according to Christian ethics and mode of conduct.


There are a thousand lot of Christian universities in the UK. And most of these universities abide by strict rules and standard necessary for quality education and efficiency.