250+ Hard Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

Here are hard bible trivia questions and answers that can help you understand the Bible better and clarify certain biblical events that may have been confusing you.

The Bible is the holy book of the Christians and contains many historical events dating some 3,000 years back, and is the most popular historical book ever sold. It also holds messages of old prophets, God, his son, Jesus Christ, and many of His apostles.

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As a book with ancient recordings and also very important to the Christians, it is important that they have knowledge of the book’s content, adult and children alike.

It can be easy to forget the contents due to many distractions which is why we have prepared these hard bible trivia questions and answers for you to freshen your memory and learn more.

If you think you understand the good book well enough we are calling on you to put it to the test by engaging in the over 250 hard bible trivia questions and answers compiled in this article.

It is also a good way of learning about the bible as a Christian, understand and acquire certain knowledge of the bible to share with others.

The hard bible trivia questions and answers are designed for group (friends & family), and individual bible studies. It can be used for Sunday school, teaching the young ones about the Christian faith and helping them understand it better.

This isn’t only for Christian or church use alone, if you are just an individual searching for knowledge on anything or curious about the bible and the Christian faith you can also find the hard bible trivia questions and answers useful.

It may also be used for research purposes if you are looking to enter the ministry or do some humanitarian work. You could also use them as quiz in bible study or Sunday school classes to inspire and teach members.

If you are new to this Christian-bible thingy, then you may not even understand what hard bible trivia questions and answers may mean.

So, for the sake of clarity and to inspire you to learn further we have given answers to some of the questions that may confuse you below:

What are bible trivia questions?

Bible trivia questions are bible questions or information that are considered to be of little value but they actually involve obscure facts.

Are bible questions hard?

Bible questions usually have difficulty levels ranging from easy and medium for kids and teenagers then hard for adults. If you are just starting out to learning and understanding Christianity, you may want to start from easy and gradually progress from there to gain the foundational knowledge.

However, if you are already involved in the religion then follow the difficulty level as it is listed but you could always try harder or test your knowledge by going for a level higher than yours.

So, whether bible questions hard depend on how well versed you are as a Christian and the level of bible questions you want to study.

How do I create bible trivia questions and answers?

Firstly, you need to know your way around the bible then begin to conduct research looking for trivia questions and creating their answers. You will need a notepad while doing this to write out these trivia questions and their answers.

Afterwards, you should proceed to print it out or post on your blog if you have one so that others can have access to it and learn from it since that is the main purpose of creating bible trivia questions and answers.

With these out of the way and clarity well expressed, it’s high time we dived into the main subject matter. Learning the hard trivia questions and answers and how they can help you grow spiritually and in general knowledge empowerment.

Let’s get going…


Hard Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

The following are the compiled over 250 hard bible trivia questions and answers, go on, test your biblical knowledge.

Question: How many baskets were leftover after Jesus fed the 5,000

Question: The high priest of Jerusalem that put Jesus on trial, what was his name

Question: According to the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus’ first public sermon happened where?
On the mount

Question: Who were the first apostles Jesus called to follow him?
Peter and Andrew

Question: Paul is from what tribe?

Question: How many people entered Noah’s ark?

Question: What did Joshua command to stay still?
The sun and the moon

Question: Who let the Israelites return to their homeland?
Answer: Cyrus.

Question: How many plagues are in Exodus?

Question: What is the longest chapter of the bible?
Psalm 119

Question: The first murderer in the bible is who?

Question: Which place is called “Zion” and “the city of David”

Question: Who took Judas Iscariot’s place as a disciple?

Question: What area of Palestine did the tribe of Judah lived after the exile?

Question: Jesus rose from the dead on what day?
Third day

Question: Which group was the ruling council of the Jews that plotted Jesus’ death?
The Sanhedrin

Question: How many sections and divisions does the bible have?

Question: Which two rivers border Eden in modern-day Iraq?
Tigress and Euphrates

Question: The Trinity was revealed when?
At Jesus’ baptism

Question: Moses received the commandments at which mountain
Mount Sinai

Question: Jesus’ meeting of a woman at Jacob’s well was in which town?

Question: Who crafted an idol for the Israelites to worship while Moses was away?

Question: What idol did Aaron craft for the Israelites to worship
The Golden Calf

Question: Apostle Paul wrote how many books?

Question: How was Jezebel killed?
Thrown out of her window

Question: Ahab had how many sons in Samaria?

Question: Sarah, the wife of Abraham, lived how many years?

Question: What is the name of the well Abraham and Abimelech fought over?

Question: In the Song of Songs, how much is the bride’s dowry?
1,000 silver pieces

Question: Paul was warned of the plot against him by who?
His nephew

Question: What is the name of David’s chief counselor

Question: Who was the queen that crowned Esther as queen?

Question: To create the plague of frogs, who stretched his rod over the waters of Egypt?

Question: What are the names of the three sons of Adam and Eve?
Answer: Cain, Abel, and Seth

Question: What was God’s sign to Noah that he would never destroy the earth again?
Answer: A rainbow

Question: Through what did God speak to Moses in the desert?
Answer: A burning bush.

Question: What is the bible’s shortest verse?
Jesus wept – John 11:35

Question: Jesus rose back to life on which day of the week?

Question: Did Jesus write any book directly

Question:  What were men trying to do at the Tower of Babel?
Answer: Build a tower to reach Heaven

Question: How many of Jesus’ brothers are named in the Bible?
Answer: Four

Question: Is Jesus’s sister ever named in the Bible?
Answer: No.

Question: Who was Jesus’ most famous cousin?
Answer: John the Baptist

Question: Who was the enemy who took the Ark of the Covenant?
Answer: Philistines.

Question: What happened to the idol which was beside the Ark in the enemy’s temple?
Answer: It fell over and broke

Question: Name one of Jesus’s brothers.
Answer: James, Joseph, Simon, or Judas

Question: David wrote the entire book of Psalms. True or False
Answer: False. The Psalms are a collection by many writers, but David contributed the most.

Question:  In what language was most of the Old Testament given?
Answer: Hebrew.

Question:  In what language was most of the New Testament given?
Answer: Greek.

Question: Which human author wrote the most books?
Answer: Paul wrote 13 books.

Question: Which human author wrote the most words in the Bible?
Answer: Moses wrote 125,139 words.

Question: What was most likely the first Gospel written?
Answer: Mark.

Question: Who were Noah’s three sons?
Answer:  Shem, Ham, Japheth.

Question: What was the name of Abram’s handmaid?
Answer: Hagar.

Question: When the Israelites were in the desert hungry, what did God send to feed them?
Answer: Quail and manna.

Question: The spies sent into the land of Canaan, what did they see that made them scared?
Answer: Giants

Question:  Who were the only two Israelites allowed to go into the Promised Land after many years?
Answer:  Joshua and Caleb

Question: King Solomon wrote which books of the bible?
Answer: Songs of Solomon, Proverbs, and some Psalms

Question: When Saul conquered the Amalekites, what person did he keep as a prisoner instead of killing as God said to?
Answer: The king, Agag.

Question: Which books of the Bible record all the kings?
Answer: 1st and 2nd Kings, 1st and 2nd Chronicles

Question: How many kings of Judah were there?
Answer: 20

Question: How many kings of Israel were there?
Answer: 19.

Question: Who conquered Judah and took Daniel to their country?
Answer: The Babylonians.

Question: Who was the last king Daniel served under in the Bible?
Answer:  King Nebuchadnezzar’s.

Question: What happened to the kingdom after Solomon’s rule?
Answer: Darius

Question: What were the names of Daniel’s three friends
Answer: Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego.

Question: When they refused to bow to an idol, where were they thrown?
Answer: Into a fiery furnace.

Question: What was the name of the demon Jesus cast out of a man in the Gerasenes?
Answer: Legion.

Question: How many people saw Jesus after he came back from the dead?
Answer: Over 500 people

Question: What was Paul’s other name?
Answer: Saul of Tarsus

Question: While on the road to Gaza, an apostle shared the Gospel with an Ethiopian officer what is the apostle’s name?
Answer: Philip.

Question: Peter raised a woman named Dorcas from the dead. True or False?
Answer: True.

Question: Where did Peter stay during his ministry in the city of Joppa?
Answer: In the house of Simon the tanner.

Question: What did Peter’s vision about the unclean animals mean?
Answer: That all people can be made clean through Jesus.

Question: Which two birds did Noah send out of the ark as messengers?
Answer: Raven and dove

Question: Lebanon was popular for which kind of tree?
Cedar tree

Question: In what manner did Stephen die?
He was stoned to death

Question: What illness was Mephibosheth suffering from?
He was lame

Question: The names of Abraham’s brothers were?
Haran and Nahor

Question: At the time of Jesus’ birth, which roman was in charge of cultivation at Syria?

Question: Apostle Paul on the Areopagus or the execution of Jacob, which happened first?
The execution of Jacob

Question: Who was Bernice
The wife of King Agrippa

Question: What was the name of Priscilla’s husband?

Question: What was Aquilla’s job?
He was a tentmaker

Question: The goddess of Ephesus who was worshiped the most, what was her name?

Question: Who was Ahasveros?
A Persian kind, Xerxes 1

Question: What was the name of the great-grandson of Boa?

Question: What is the name of Moses’ wife

Question: Timotheus grandmother was called?

Question: What does Jahwe-Schammah mean?
Answer: God himself/Ezekiel 48,35

Question: When was the Passover feast celebrated?
The 14th day of the first month

Question: Where did Jacob call the place he fought God?

Question: Peter’s first letter was addressed to who?
Dispersed strangers

Question: What was the name of Job’s mother?

Question: Ezra had what job position in Israel?
Land cultivator

Question: What were the two columns called on the temple built by Solomon?
Jakin and Boas

Question: Paul left his coat where?
He left it in Troas, Carpus.

Question: What was shown on the high priest’s headband?
Answer: Holiness of Jahwe

Question: How many years went by before Paul moved back to Jerusalem?
14 years

Question: What spirit possessed the girl in Philippi
A python spirit

Question: Where can the 10 commandments be found in the Bible?
Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5

Question: What are the nine (9) fruits of the Holy Spirit?
Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control.

Question: Where in the bible can you find the Lord’s prayer?
Matthew 6

Question: Who went with Paul on his early missionary journey?

Question: What was the name of the woman who hid the spies at Jericho?

Question: What reward did Jesus say the twelve apostles would get for leaving everything and following him?
Answer: He said they’d sit in twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel

Question: After Solomon’s rule, what happened to the kingdom?
It split into two

Question: What tribe of Israel received no inheritance of the land
The tribe of Levites

Question: Who was Abraham’s nephew?

Question: Which missionary was described as having known the holy scriptures from an early age?
Answer: Timothy

Question: Who escorted the slave with the letter to Philemon?

Question: Before King Nebuchadnezzar was restored as king, what happened to him?
Answer: He went mad and lived as a beast

Question: Who was the father-in-law of Caiaphas, the high priest at the time of Jesus’ death?

Question: What did Melchizedek give to Abram?
Bread and wine

Question: According to the Gospels, which literary genre does Jesus implement to help preach his message?
Answer: The parable

Question: How does Judas notify the Roman Officials of Jesus’ identity?
Answer: Judas kisses Jesus

Question: What are the two tribes not named after the sons of Jacob?
Manasseh and Ephraim

Question: Who requested the body of Jesus for burial?

Question: How did Samson die?
Answer: Pushing over the temple pillars, killing himself and many Philistines.
Joseph of Arimathea

Question: Ananias and Sapphira died after lying to the Apostles about their offering. True or False?
Answer: True

Question: How many deacons were chosen to help the apostles to distribute food to widows?
Answer: Seven.

Question: Jesus would sometimes “spit” as part of his healing miracles. True or False?
Answer: True. The Bible describes him spitting three times.

Question: How many days was Lazarus dead before Jesus came to visit?
Answer: Four days.

Question: Who helped pay the bills for Jesus and the disciple’s ministry?
Answer: Several women who Jesus had healed.

Question: What was John the Baptist’s cloth made out of?
Camel’s hair

Question: Who returned to Israel to build up the walls of Jerusalem?
Answer: Nehemiah

Question: An Israelite saved her people from being murdered and became the wife of a king, what was her name?
Answer: Esther

Question: How did Esther get to talk to the king?
Answer: Went in to talk without being summoned first.

Question: Who was David’s son that started a rebellion against him?
Answer: Absalom.

Question: David abandoned what city?
Answer: Jerusalem.

Question: When David and Absalom’s armies battled, what happened to Absalom’s hair?
Answer: It got caught in a tree.

Question: Absalom was killed by who?
Answer: Joab.

Question:  Because he killed Absalom, how was Joab punished?
Answer: He got demoted as captain.

Question: What was David’s second sin recorded in the Bible?
Answer: He took a census of the people in his nation.

Question: Who anointed Saul as King?
Answer: Samuel.

Question: What is the first commandment?
Answer: “You shall have no other gods before me.”

Question: What is the second commandment?
Answer: “You shall not make for yourself a carved image”; Thou shall not make idols.

Question: What is the third commandment?
Answer: “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.”

Question: What is the fourth commandment?
Answer: “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.”

Question: What is the fifth commandment?
Answer: “Honor thy mother and father.”

Question: What is the sixth commandment?
Answer: “Thou shalt not kill.”

Question: What is the seventh commandment?
Answer: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

Question: What is the eighth commandment?
Answer: “Thou shalt not steal.”

Question: What is the ninth commandment?
Answer: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

Question: What is the tenth commandment?
Answer: “Thou shalt not covet.”

Question: When the people demanded Saul make a sacrifice to God, what did he do?
Answer: Made the sacrifice.

Question: Which group of people is righteous enough to inherit the Kingdom of God?
Answer: The Gentiles

Question: Which insect did John the Baptist eat in the desert?
Answer: Locusts

Question: The Book of Revelation is written by who?
Answer: John

Question: Who worked as a tax collector before preaching the word of God?
Answer: Matthew

Question: In the Acts of the Apostles, who is Stephen?
Answer: The first Christian martyr

Question: In 1 Corinthians, which is the greatest of the imperishable qualities?
Answer: Love

Question: In the Gospel According to John, which apostle doubts Jesus’ resurrection until he sees Jesus with his own eyes?
Answer: Thomas

Question: Which Gospel mostly speaks on the mystery and identity of the person of Jesus?
Answer: The Gospel According to John

Question: Which biblical narrative is connected to Palm Sunday?
Answer: Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem before his death

Question: Which Gospel is written by a doctor?
Answer: Luke

Question: What is the name of the village where Christ turned water into wine?
Answer: Cana of Galilee

Question: The Apostle John and Moses wrote how many books?

Question: Which book is also called the book of a second chance?

Question: Which men came from the East to worship baby Jesus
The Magi

Question: Which disciple walked on water?

Question: Who is the mother of all living?
Answer: Eve

Question: In which town did Jesus drive an evil spirit out of a man who called him the Holy One of God?
Answer: Capernaum

Question: Who sacked the Syrian camp?
Answer: Lepers

Question:  How long is the famine that Elisha prophesizes?
Answer: 7 Years

Question: At what age did Jesus start his ministry?
Answer: 30

Question: What miracle did Jesus perform on the Sabbath?
Answer: Healing the man who was born blind

Question: What Roman Governor presided over Judea during the trial of Jesus?
Answer: Pontius Pilate

Question: What did Felix feel when Paul told him of Christ?
Answer: Fear

Question: How many days after birth is circumcision performed according to the Laws of Moses?
Answer: Eight

Question: Who must we become like to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?
Answer: Children

Question: According to Paul, who is the Head of the church?
Answer: Christ

Question: Which city mentioned in Revelation is also an American city?
Answer: Philadelphia

Question: Who did God say would worship at the feet of the angel of the Church of Philadelphia?
Answer: The false Jews of the synagogue of Satan

Question: What happened when the crew threw Jonah overboard?
Answer: The storm calmed

Question: Where was the book of 2 Timothy written?
Answer: Rome

Question: Who said, “The time of my departure is at hand”?
Answer: Paul

Question: What animal is slain for the feast of Passover?
Answer: The lamb

Question: Which plague of Egypt fell from the sky?
Answer: Hail

Question: What was the name of Moses’ sister?
Answer: Miriam

Question:  King Rehoboam has how many children?
Answer: 88

Question: Who was King Solomon’s mother?
Answer: Bathsheba

Question: Who was Samuel’s father?
Answer: Elkanah

Question: Who was the disciple that Jesus loved?
Answer: John

Question: Was John the Baptist a disciple?
Answer: No

Question: How many Gospels are in the New Testament?
Answer: Four

Question: What are the four Gospels in the New Testament?
Answer: Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John

Question: Who is the book of Acts addressing?
Answer: The churches

Question: How many horses appear in the book of Revelation?
Answer: Four

Question: What color are the four horses in the book of Revelation?
Answer: White, Red, Dark, & Pale

Question: Which disciple was crucified upside-down?
Answer: Peter

Question: What two men in the Bible never died?
Answer: Elijah & Enoch

Question: Who is the oldest man in the Bible?
Answer: Methuselah

Question: Who is Methuselah’s father?
Answer: Enoch

Question: How long did the Israelites wander through the wilderness?
Answer: 40 years

Question: How many times did Noah send out a dove from the Ark?
Answer: Three times

Question: What did the dove bring back that let Noah know that the water was receding?
Answer: A freshly plucked olive leaf

Question: Who was pregnant at the same time as Mary?
Answer: Elizabeth

Question: What were the gifts the Wise Men brought when they went to visit Jesus?
Answer: Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh

Question: In the Old Testament, which prophet foretold of Jesus’ birth?
Answer: Micah

Question: Who was the first hunter mentioned in the Bible?
Answer: Nimrod

Question: Who was the only female judge mentioned in the Bible?
Answer: Deborah

Question: Which woman washed Jesus’ feet?
Answer: Mary Magdalene

Question: What language is the New Testament originally written in?
Answer: Greek

Question: What does “Christ” mean?
Answer: Anointed

Question: What religion did Jesus Christ practice?
Answer: Judaism

Question: In the book of Genesis, why did the Lord decide to destroy mankind in a flood?
Answer: They had become wicked and had evil in their hearts

Question: How many pairs of each “clean” animal did Noah take on the ark?
Answer: Seven pairs

Question: How old was Noah when the flood began?
Answer: 600 years old

Question: Where did the ark come to rest after the flood?
Answer: The mountains of Ararat

Question: What was the covenant God made with Noah and his sons?
Answer: To never again send a flood to destroy the Earth

Question: Who was the judge who defeated the Midianites with only 300 men using torches and horns?
Answer: Gideon.

Question: Who was the judge who took a Nazarite vow from birth and fought against the Philistines?
Answer: Samson

Question: With what did Samson kill 1,000 Philistines?
Answer: A donkey’s jawbone.

Question: How many times did David spare Saul’s life?
Answer: Twice.

Question: Where did David spare Saul’s life the first time?
Answer: A cave.

Question:  Where did David spare Saul’s life the second time?
Answer: In a campsite, where Saul was sleeping.

Question: Name three women in the bible whose names begin with “R”.
Answer: Rebecca, Rachel, Ruth

Question: Which king had a sundial?
Answer: Hezekiah

Question: Which disciple found a coin in the mouth of a fish?
Answer: Peter

Question: What was Harn’s father called? What were his brothers called?
Answer: Noah, Shem, Japheth

Question: What is Jesus’ other name?
Answer: Emmanuel

These are the 250+ bible trivia questions and answers that you can use to test your bible knowledge, for discussion purposes among friends and family, and for teaching others.

The questions and answers are simplified for all kinds of readers to understand, and if you want to print it out you can also do that.



  1. I am starting a bible study class tomorrow and they will be every Tuesday evening. I am a beginner and thought this would be a great way to read and study the bible with other eager baby christians. Do you have any suggestions on study sheets, references and or how to begin and which book to begin with?

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