7 Free Online Audio Bible Apps and Sites

Are you a Bible lover but prefer audio Bibles? Then this blog post on free online audio bible apps and sites is for you.

In the days of the apostles when the first bible was written, the congregation usually hear the bible with their ears. The books of the apostle were read out loud for the congregation to hear and receive.

Whether you are a Bible lover or you love Carrying the bible everywhere you go, listening to the bible is a great experience too.

By listening, you are participating in the ancient way of listening to God’s word read aloud.

We can enjoy listening to the word of God anytime and anywhere we are with or without internet access.

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Knowing this leads to the question.


What is an Audio Bible?

An audio bible also known as spoken Bibles is Bibles that are recorded in audio format. They provide the listener with the ability to listen to the bible without reading it from a text.

The first audio bible was recorded by Alexandra Scourby in the 1950s for the American Foundation of the Blind. It was recorded on cassette tape.

Now, Audio Bibles are recorded on CDs, DVDs, and other media.

Advantages of Audio bible

Listening to the bible is a whole new experience. The following are advantages of the Audio Bible. They include:

  • It helps you connect with God more closely compared to reading texts.
  • You learn better by listening to the bible
  • Listening to the bible slows you down and therefore allows you to take in all the details you need.
  • It also saves time
  • It gives you the insight you can miss while reading the Bible only.
  • It makes the listener feel more alive.
  • You can listen to the bible while doing chores.
  • It helps for proper pronunciation of words in the bible.
  • An Audio Bible is very portable and you can carry it anywhere you go.
  • Audio Bibles reach those in remote areas of the world who can’t read.
  • Having audio bible in different languages make the scriptures personal.

Below are the reasons why you should listen to the bible

Engage Holistically with Audio Bible

You will agree with me that when you hear something many times, you tend to remember it. The same goes for listening to the bible being read.

When you listen to the bible, you are directly practicing the ancient tradition. It feels nice to step back, close your eyes and hear the word of God being read to you just like the Christians and Jews experienced in the time past.

You engage effectively with Audio bible

Reading is like a challenge to most people. They find it difficult to be focused and they find themselves rereading a particular Verse over and over just to get a grasp of what that Verse is about.

Also, the bible has so many unfamiliar contexts that make it difficult to read.

But having an Audio bible relieves you of the stress. By listening, you give your kind a break and concentrate fully.

You engage differently with Audio bible

When listening to the bible read to you, you can engage with the emotional and mental aspects of the passage. Your inflections bring the texts to life and you engage differently compared to texts.

Engage more with audio bible

So many people find it different to meet up with their quiet time and other morning chores.

Having an Audio bible can go a long way to help you achieve that. You can listen to an audio bible while running or Washing or doing some other activities. As a result, you take care of your busy and soul at the same time.

Also, the peace and quietness that is maintained while listening to the word of God are unparallel. It is one of the sweetest moments of being a child of God. To feel even more connected to God, you can engage in any of these free online bible courses and earn a certificate when completed.

Free Online Audio Bible Apps and Sites

  • NIV Bible
  • Audio Bible offline
  • Bible. Is
  • Audible
  • The Bible app
  • The Study Bible
  • Talking Bible

1.       NIV Bible

NIV Bible is one of the free online audio bible apps and it offers listeners verses of the bible that can be played anytime anywhere despite the internet access or signal.

It is free and doesn’t contain ads. It also has an interface for reading and listening at the same time. It also has various languages apart from the English language. Users who prefer to listen to other languages can do so with the app.

While listening or reading, you can highlight your favorite verses and make notes in them.

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2.       Audio Bible offline

Audio Bible offline is another free online audio bible. It is an app for the regular study of the old and new testaments. The verses are available in many versions and translations.

There is also provision for scripture reading plans based on mood, purpose, or situation. These plans include schedules for women, men, children, spouses, young adults, and Newlyweds.

It is also worthy of note that this app includes a search feature where users can search for tags with emotion such as love, anger, hope, fear, patience stress and so many others.

It also provides reminders for scripture reading and it is embedded with a playback feature through the built-in audio player.

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3.       Bible. Is

Bible. is is another free online audio bible that is also known as a dramatized audio bible. The audios are recorded in different ways and some of them express emotions in the way they are read.

Users are required to download the audio before listening to them. It gives access to various languages. Due to its user-friendly interface, the users can easily access the settings and change the language of scripture of their choice.

The verses can be shared on any Social Media platform too.

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4.       Audible

Audible is an app that has access to audio from various versions of the bible. It is one of the highly preferred free online audio bibles.

The app allows you to download and listen to the audio embedded in it. Although it is free, not all verses are free. Few of them require a subscription before you can have access to them.

What made the app popular is the quality of the audio. Also, the audios resume wherever you stop. It does start afresh.

It is a great app for listening to God’s word.

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5.       The Bible app

The Bible app is another great free online audio bible that is very popular. It has over 100 million downloads worldwide and over 2 million positive reviews on PlayStore.

You can either read the verses or listen to the audio of the verse o line or better still download the Audio and listen to it offline.

The app has a community where you can share ideas and verses with like-minded people and connect with them spiritually.

It has different versions of the bible as well as different languages. You can also create images with the bible quotes and share them with friends.

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6.       The Study Bible

The Study Bible is one of the free online audio Bibles that has three different versions of the bible, ESV( English Standard Version), NAS( New American Standart), KJV( King James Version).

You can listen to the audio of each version. It also offers a question and answer section where different questions and comments from various aspects of the bible are asked and discussed.

You can download any of the verses and listen to them.

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7.       Talking Bible

This site is one of the free online audio bible sites that allows users to listen to the word of God through Audio.

There are bible translations made available in different languages for users to choose from.

Their mission is to make sure that the bible is recorded and listened to by people who can’t read and those who are blind.

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The above blog post has dealt with the various free online audio bible sites and apps and I hope that anyone that has read this post will find it very useful. Feel free to check our website study abroad nations for more thrilling information.

Free Online Audio Bible – FAQs

Are Audio Bibles Manipulated?

No, they are not manipulated because it is exactly what is written in the bible read out loud.

Can Audio bibles be Downloaded for Free?

Most of them can be downloaded for free. Some others require you to pay a small subscription to access all their contents while leaving some contents too free of charge.