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Ames Christian University is one of the top Christian universities in the United States. The school borrowed the name from Fisher Ames upon whose legacy the name came to be. It is committed to taking the legacy of Fisher Ames forward, which is seen reflected in the courses and the mode of its curriculum.

Signing up to Ames Christian University means that you don’t only go to school for your college degree but rather get involved in Christian activities which leaves you with the option of getting closer to God as the years roll by.

There are different categories of programs to sign up for at Ames Christian University; programs ranging from free diploma courses to low-cost degree programs.

One very striking thing to take cognizance of is the convenience of time at the University. Students here are able to work at their own pace. It is very convenient for students to work through the courses at their own pace and leisure to gain more insight into God’s word.

At Ames Christian University, students are able to find new ways of appreciating God, serving God, and building a deeper walk with him. The university’s curriculum strives to impart knowledge and wisdom as God provides ideas for learning.

The University is located in Fort Myers, Florida. It is a typical learning center for over 75,000 students from around the globe, learning inspired by the Almighty God.

As a Christian University, the school strongly believes in the necessary salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ in the heart of many souls and the urgent need for men to rise to be ambassadors of Christ everywhere we find ourselves.

Most importantly, Ames Christian University has trained Students over time and is still training students for such a time as this and the need for the faith and trust of Christians in the Lord to be seen by the world and the ever-shining light of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to overcome the darkness that looms across different cities in the world today.

Ames Christian University is a place of personal growth in word and in deed for all-around success for the kingdom of God. Now, take a look below at some information about Ames Christian University that may interest you.


Ames Christian University reviews

There are quite a number of testimonials on Ames Christian University. There has been a lot of good things said already about the University from its alumni, scholars, and visitors and a few examples below will help you make up your mind on the type of school Ames Christian University is perceived to be. Read below:

‘’I just completed Biblical Management Principles and I can start to feel the Holy Spirit’s call to service. I would like to praise the Lord and thank Ames Bible College for helping me find my way again. Thank you.” Student A.D from Taiwan

‘’I have been working on Battle for the Body and wow what a concept. I have been a pastor for nine years and have barely even scratched the surface of all the knowledge. I am finding the wisdom is great and I like what I see. The lessons are challenging. If we only knew as pastors what God is really like, we would be a lot more effective in our ministries.’’ Student Pastor K.A of Oregon

‘’I have spent a good part of the day reading “Basic Bible Survey One” and it looks great! I have previously taken an old testament survey course and your course is more comprehensive” Student F. M from Norway.

“I am enjoying my studies very much. Thank you for allowing me to study God’s word with your Bible College… I have purchased myself a Strong’s complete dictionary of Bible words to help me in my quest…may God bless you and your good works. Thanks again” Student J.B from North Carolina

Ames Christian University Accreditation

About accreditation at Ames Christian University, the school is certified by the Academic Council for educational accountability which is a non-governmental agency designed specifically for the purpose of promoting integrity among Christian colleges and universities in the United States.

Academic Council for educational accountability which is otherwise called ACEA is a body of Christian educators and Christian training schools and programs which exist to provide credibility through association amongst each other.

ACEA is responsible for the provision of accountability and evaluation without compromising any school’s vision, mission, and calling.

However, for further clarification and indulgence, accreditation of universities and seminaries in the United States is a voluntary process with accreditation granted by private and non-governmental agencies and governmental agencies do not provide theological or ministry accreditation and nothing about federal or state accreditation of a religious institution is ever heard because the civil government has no authority to regulate religious teachings or which religious degrees upon completion of the education in that manner may be issued.

So basically, Ames Christian University does not have regional secular accreditation, so for those desiring jobs in secular places like schools, state-licensed counselors, and any other likely job, you may need to think if a degree at Ames Christian University is really what you want.

Ames Christian University Free courses

As a Christian university, Ames Christian University is committed to helping students find their feet in their desired area of specialization.

But then, as a result of an inability to cope financially on the part of so many people, Ames Christian University made available some free courses to students who are unable to afford some of the courses they wish to take or maybe just anyone with a particular interest in taking such course (not necessarily those financially incapacitated).

Benefits of the Ames Christian University Free courses

  1. You will have access to all courses for free
  2. Graduate without paying any money
  3. Obtain a certificate of completion fully for free
  4. Switch to obtain a degree from the university at any time.

Ames Christian University’s free courses provide a comprehensive path for students to be progressive after the end of each module. There are free Bible courses available at Ames Christian University.  Some of them include: How to receive God’s love, Bible basic courses, and several others.

Once you complete the free program, you will be e-mailed a PDF Certificate of Completion with your name and the date you graduated. However, you will receive NO Printed diploma, NO transcript, and NO college credits.

How to Apply for Ames Christian University Free courses

To apply for Ames Christian University free courses;

  1. Visit
  2. Navigate to ‘free program’
  3. Click on Register
  4. Fill in your details correctly
  5. Select ‘Free (non-accredited)’ under Programs
  6. Fill “from” on the space for “How did you hear about Ames?”
  7. Finally, Click on the Register button below the form.

You can as well click here to start registration right away.

How to access the Ames Bible College Student page

The Ames bible college student page is available online and will offer you all the help you need. The link will be right below this brief instruction but for now, take a proper look at this to gain a little insight before delving further into the extra information via the link.

  • It is expedient that you know that you can not graduate earlier than one year from your start date so be sure to take accurate precautions in your courses and do not rush at your courses. You can just take two courses every month.
  • Another thing you should know is that you just need to enroll in the program to have everything planned out for you perfectly and to enable your certificate to be processed for you upon graduation.
  • You must need to follow every instruction as this is instrumental to your educational success.
  • When you open the link below, click on the download center button on the left to go to the download center and thereafter download your first course which is titled “Foundations of faith”. There are other first courses too and you are at liberty to choose anyone you desire.
  • Afterward, read the first chapter and do the chapter Self-test
  • Academic Council for educational accountability Go through to the end of the coursebook to grade each self-test
  • Click on the exam center page and go to it and then print out the exam sheet
  • Print out and take the final exam
  • Print out the answer key and have your spouse or a confidante grade it
  • Then submit your grade result using the grade submission form on the left.

The link is here


Is Ames Christian University accredited?

In a way, yes! This question doesn’t really have a direct answer because in the US there is no law against seminaries accredited through their own Christian body which is where Ames Christian University falls in. Ames Christian University is accredited through the ACEA body which is Academic Council for educational accountability for Christian schools.

Ames Christian University


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