12 Best Online Dmin Programs

If you are interested in getting a doctor of ministry degree but don’t want to go through the hurdles of a theology school, this article is about to open your eyes to some of the best online dmin programs that you can take to give your career a head start!

Before I get into this article properly, you must be curious to know what a dmin program is, don’t worry, I will satisfy your curiosity. DMin or D.Min which is the abbreviation for doctor of ministry is a terminal doctoral degree that is designed to provide practical ministry training for pastors and other ministry professionals.

This degree aims to help those in full-time Christian ministry sharpen their ministry skills, facilitate interactions with fellow clergy, and deepen their understanding of Scripture and the historic Reformed tradition. Most often, in the US, the prerequisite for a DMin is a Master of Divinity.

For many pastors and missionaries, the call to serve Christ comes unexpectedly, often without any warning, much less a plan to earn a Doctor of Ministry or any other degree. But it also happens that after some time working, serving, and studying on your own, it becomes clear that to be the best pastor you can be, further education is a must.

Many pastors stop at the Master of Divinity degree, but for the highest level of professional development and education, the Doctor of Ministry degree is the standard for church executives and ministry leaders. There are several theological schools as well as conservative colleges that religious candidates can easily enroll in if interested in getting any theological degree.

Apart from going to theological or seminary schools to get a doctor of ministry degree, you can also get this degree at home through online DMin programs. You can get this degree online and at the same time juggle other life priorities that are important to you.

Students most often enter the Doctor of Ministry program after they have already started their service the call comes first and then the realization that they need more training and guidance to meet the needs of their communities. That makes an online DMin a natural choice. Online or low-residency programs allow a working pastor to earn his doctorate without leaving his church, moving family, or otherwise interrupting his life and ministry to move or study full-time. There are other ways to get a free doctorate in theology online.

This article is being written to talk about this online dmin program in detail. Without further ado, let’s delve properly into these DMin programs.

Best Online Dmin Programs

Best Online Dmin Programs

There is numerous online doctor of ministry programs offered by different schools all over the world. In this section, I will be listing as well as talking about the best of the schools that offer these online DMin programs one after another. They are as follows;

  • Bethel University
  • George Fox University
  • Regent University
  • Drew University, Madison
  • Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Phoenix Seminary, Scottsdale
  • Luther Rice College and Seminary
  • Piedmont International University
  • Apex School of Theology
  • North Greenville University
  • Grace School of Theology
  • Liberty University
  • Lexington Theological Seminary
  • Indiana Wesleyan University

1.       Bethel University, Saint Paul, Minnesota

This is the first school on our list that offers online Dmin Programs. Bethel’s Doctor of Ministry program helps students become scholars, teachers, ministers, and leaders with the confidence and vision to engage the church and society in ways that could transform lives. Students can choose from two program delivery options: fully online or online with on-campus intensives. Some of their options are;

  •  Doctor of Ministry in Biblical and Theological Engagement
  •  Doctor of Ministry in Church Leadership
  •  Doctor of Ministry in Congregation and Family Care
  •  Doctor of Ministry in Transformational Leadership

Delivery – Online

Finish in as few as – 3 years

Estimated tuition – $16,056-$18,720 depending on the concentration

2.       George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon

This is the next school on the list that offers online DMin Programs. They offer two Dmin Programs namely; Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual Formation and Doctor of ministry in Semiotics, Church, and Culture. The two programs is a three-year program, delivered online and flexibly.

Tuition cost for the entire program ( Leadership and spiritual formation)

$23,864 (plus $2,100 per Retreat intensive)

Tuition cost for the entire program ( Semiotics, church, and culture)

$23,864 (plus $2,000 per in-person Advance intensive)

3.       Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia

This is the next school on the list that offers online DMin Programs. They offer two concentrations of doctor of ministry namely;



Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) in Chaplain Ministry & Leadership program: This program prepares students to minister as chaplain leader. Be equipped to lead other chaplains in ministry, partner with organizational leadership, and build and evaluate effective chaplain ministry programs.

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) in Christian Leadership & Renewal program: This program emphasizes senior-level leadership tools and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. It focuses on the nuts and bolts of effective Christian leadership and addresses some of the advanced skills and complex issues faced by ministry leaders.

Location: Online

Total Credit Hours: 36

Tuition: $12,726

4.       Drew University, Madison

This is the next school on the list that offers online DMin Programs. Their theological school offers online Dmin programs with different cohorts such as; Courageous Leadership in a Changing Culture and Pastoral Identity & Partnerships

Courageous Leadership in a Changing Culture: This is a radically different degree designed for the engaged and curious leader committed to speaking and leading in congregations and the public square in relevant and courageous ways.

At Drew, students and faculty are committed to developing responsive leadership in these challenging times. The DMIN program brings together religious leaders and Drew Faculty to develop courageous, gospel-inspired responses that are rooted in the Bible, theology, and visions of the beloved community

Pastoral Identity & Partnerships: Through this degree, students can be a part of a learning community that will adventurously seek the larger global possibilities of pastoral presence and leadership and strategically will think about the partners pastors need to accomplish that larger project. This cohort is for pastors, not-for-profit leaders, and chaplains who have been in work for 3 years or more and are seeking new ways to understand themselves and their theological contribution to the global good.

Tuition: $23,688

5.       Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, North Carolina

This is the next school on the list that offers online DMin Programs. They offer a Doctor of ministry in Biblical and Theological Studies as well as other disciplines like; Pastoral Care, Next Generation Ministry, nonspecialization and a host of others.

The DMin in Biblical and Theological Studies trains students to rightly interpret, study, and proclaim theological truths of the Old and New Testaments in a local church context. Students in this program will receive advanced training in studying theological topics such as the Doctrine of God and the Doctrine of the Christian Life, as well as theological concepts found in the Old and New Testaments.

Credit Hours: 31

Duration: 3 years

Modified Residency and Residential  

Tuition: $10,500 per year

6.       Luther Rice College and Seminary, Lithonia, Georgia

This is the next school on the list that offers online DMin Programs. The Doctor of Ministry is a post-graduate degree designed to provide the student with advanced competencies and biblical insights into the practice of ministry, as you are actively involved in vocational Christian ministry.

The quality and success of a Christian ministry are very often determined by the minister’s ability to think critically, biblically, and theologically; to communicate that thinking in oral and written fashion; and to apply that thinking in real-life ministry.  The Doctor of Ministry program is designed to facilitate these qualities in the student. It is a 30-credit hour program and the degree can be completed 100% online

Tuition is $396 per credit hour

Tuition: $4,806

7.       Piedmont International University, Winston Salem, North Carolina

This is the next school on the list that offers online DMin Programs. Their piedmont divinity school offers Dmin programs such as Masters of Divinity studies. The Master of Divinity (MDiv) program is designed to prepare competent Bible expositors who are qualified to serve effectively as pastors or leaders in a variety of  Christian ministries and to prepare students to pursue advanced degrees such as the Th.M., Ph.D., and D.Min. The curriculum gives both a basic foundation for the work of the ministry and a balanced, well-rounded biblical and theological perspective.

3 Year Program

Available Residentially

Available Online

Tuition: $5,850

8.       North Greenville University, Tigerville, South Carolina

This is the next school on the list that offers online DMin Programs. The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program is designed for current and future leaders who seek a professional degree with opportunities for research, teaching, and even greater ministry impact. This unique degree incorporates intensive academic studies as well as applied courses in which students implement what they learn in a ministry setting. Students in the program also benefit from faculty mentors who offer not only insights from their area of academic expertise but decades of practical field experience as well.

Delivery: Online

Cost per credit: $460

Duration: 3 years

Tuition: $10,800

9.       Grace School of Theology, Conroe, Texas

This is the next school on the list that offers online DMin Programs. The Doctor of Ministry program at Grace School of Theology is designed to broaden your vision, deepen your theological foundation, and enhance your practical ministry skills. Courses are planned to challenge you and enrich you both personally and professionally.

All courses are offered in an intensive block format, with each course consisting of three parts:

Pre-Residency (approximately two months) — preliminary reading and other assignments

Residency — one-week intensive classroom interaction, offered remotely/online

Post-Residency (approximately two months) — a final course assignment that applies what you have learned to life and ministry.

Delivery: Online

Number of credit hours: 30

Tuition: $3,600

10.    Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

This is the next school on the list that offers online DMin Programs. Our 100% online Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree program can help advance and sharpen the student’s ministry skills by providing them with a deeper understanding of biblical principles and outreach strategies so they can serve in a variety of pastoral roles. With many specialized tracks for different fields of ministry, they can customize their studies to get the training they need and step out into the field with confidence.

Below are the specializations

  • Biblical Studies – Online
  • Chaplaincy – Online
  • Church Revitalization – Online
  • Discipleship – Online
  • Evangelism & Church Planting – Online
  • Expository Preaching & Teaching – Online
  • Ministry Leadership – Online
  • Next Generation Ministry – Online
  • Pastoral Counseling – Online
  • Spiritual Formation – Online
  • Strategic Christian Ministry – Online
  • Theology and Apologetics – Online
  • Urban Ministry – Online
  • Worship – Online

Delivery: Online

Credit Hours: 30

Duration: 2 years average

Tuition: $8,051

11.    Lexington Theological Seminary, Lexington, Kentucky

This is the next school on the list that offers online DMin Programs. Our online D.Min program is run as a cohort program. Students progress through their theological studies with a community of peers. This collaborative and community-focused ministry program encourages spiritual and academic growth through real-world study and experience. Most of the D.Min courses are taught online. A few courses are taught on-site at LTS, as required intensives. Students also take active learning roles in their community congregations.

Credit Hours: 30

Duration: 3 years full time

Delivery: Online and in-person

Tuition: $9,120

12.    Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana

This is the last school on the list that offers online DMin Programs. The Doctor of Ministry (DMIN) program at Wesley Seminary allows students to build the program that best fits their area of interest and ministry context. The program is designed to allow students to earn a doctorate while continuing their current ministry.

The program is built to provide a balance of biblical studies, church history, theology, the development of the spiritual life, and ministry practice.

Duration: 4 years

Tuition: $13,000


Now that you have seen these schools that offer the doctor of ministry program online, you can enroll in any of these schools’ online dmin programs and give your career a head start.