10 Best Online Dental Assistant Programs

The online dental assistant programs offer students from all over the world the opportunity to study irrespective of their schedule and learning speeds while it offers a level of flexibility that is not available if students opt for the alternative.

Innovations in existing technologies have made it easier for people to achieve a great number of things easily and the study of the various online dental assistant programs is categorized as one of those achievements.  The internet has made communication between distant places happen almost instantaneous and this has been the platform on which students have gotten themselves educated.

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How to become a Dental Assistant?

To become a dental assistant, you must complete a one- or two-year program at a community college or vocational school and have a high school diploma or GED. You must also perform an externship or volunteer as a requirement for becoming a dental assistant.

Benefits of Online Dental Assistant Programs

Enrolling in an online dental assistant training program has several advantages in addition to aiding people in need, such as:

  1. Helps the student develop an extensive knowledge base, the online dental assistant programs ensure that students enrolled learn all they need to in the field of dentistry.
  2. Participants upon graduation can be easily assimilated into the workforce seamlessly; this is made possible by the fact that the online dental assistant programs have an academic duration of one year.
  3. You get to enjoy a well-balanced work-life relationship as studying in any of the online dental assistant programs gets you to study around your schedule instead of having to be physically present in a classroom.
  4. You get to experience more attention that is centered and designed to be individual-centric; this is achieved by having direct emailing addresses to the facilitators of the online dental programs you are currently enrolled in.
  5. The online dental assistant programs teach you to learn self-discipline. Knowing that procrastination is the enemy of progress, you learn to have more self-control and push yourself to become a better person.

Online Dental Assistant Programs

10 Best Online Dental Assistant Programs

1.      Oregon State University

A non-credit bearing dental assistant certificate is one of the many job training choices provided by Oregon State University’s department of professional and continuing education, which was developed in collaboration with Pearson Education.

The clinical chairside dental assisting program trains students for entry-level positions in the field. Oral anatomy, dental surgery, tooth and oral cavity structure, and dental disease prevention are among the subjects covered. Despite the fact that the majority of dental assistant students finish all course requirements in six months, students have up to a year to finish their self-paced courses. Students who meet the requirements can elect to work as externs at a neighborhood dental office. Graduates are eligible to take the radiation health and safety and infection control tests offered by the Dental Assisting National Board.

2.      Indiana University—Purdue University—Indianapolis

Students must finish a total of 31 credit hours of coursework over the course of two full-time semesters at the prestigious school of dentistry at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis to be eligible to acquire a dental assistant credential online. Distance learners conduct the majority of their coursework online and engage in mandatory clinical rotations at local dental practices.

Preventative dentistry and nutrition, asepsis technique and microbiology, practice management and ethics, and dental therapeutics and medical crises are all required courses. More than 1,000 hours of education are provided through a combination of clinical encounters, classroom work, and laboratory work. Graduates are eligible to sit for the certification exam for dental assistants, the Dental Assisting National Board Examination. A number of bachelor’s degree programs at IUPUI accept earned credits as well.

3.      University of Georgia

A self-paced dental assistant certificate program is available online through Education to go and the University Of Georgia Center for Continuing Education at any time of the year. The 150 hours of eLearning course material, as well as the necessary textbooks and supplies, are all included in the program fee.

There are no requirements for enrollment in this open enrollment program; however, students should be able to type quickly and have access to Microsoft software (an operating system not compatible with Apple Macintosh computers). Business communication techniques, records administration, processing dental insurance, office supplies and inventories, and other fundamental, introductory information for dental industry workers are all covered in eight-course components. There are no on-site components needed for this entirely online program. Graduates might pursue office management and administrative positions in dental practices and clinics.

4.      Rutgers University

Rutgers University-New Brunswick’s administrative dental assistant certificate program equips graduates with the skills necessary to work as administrative assistants in dental offices at entry-level positions. Students can request an additional six months at no additional cost to finish the program at their own speed. The program is offered by the Center for Continuing Studies in partnership with Education to go (ed2go).

After completing the curriculum, students are equipped with knowledge and competencies in information management, insurance processing, bookkeeping and collection, dental terminology, and interpersonal and commercial communication. Students also improve their knowledge of the DENTRIX® software. All of the course materials, textbooks, and other resources are included in the price of ed2go programs. For this qualification, the school does not need on-site clinical encounters.

5.      North Carolina A&T State University

The dental assistant certificate program provided by North Carolina A&T State University in collaboration with Health Ed Today is perfect for people with hectic schedules. All course materials and textbooks are included in the program’s tuition cost, and students have six months to finish each component at their own speed.

As an open enrollment program, there are no strict criteria for entry, however, the school does urge students to work toward or already have a high school certificate or GED. Students in the curriculum acquire knowledge and abilities in clinical and administrative dental assisting, as well as introductions to the dental office, oral anatomy, dental equipment, and tooth structure, through interactive learning modules and activities. The school does not mandate hours of clinical practice. Graduates are eligible to take the radiation health and safety and infection control tests offered by the Dental Assisting National Board.

6.      Southeast Community College

Nebraska is home to roughly a dozen campuses and instructional facilities that make up Southeast Community College. In as short as 12 months of full-time education, SCC students can get a dental assistant credential either on campus or online. A minimum 2.5 GPA, completion of required courses, production of transcripts, a résumé, and documentation of CPR certification and health insurance are all criteria for admission.

All program graduates will be eligible to sit for the Certified Dental Assistant Exam, which will lead to licensing, after completing 300 hours of practical experience at a dental office or clinic that has been preapproved. Students gain knowledge and skills in management, radiological processing, chairside helping, laboratory operations, and business office practices.

7.      Sinclair Community College

Only 17 credits are needed to graduate with a short-term dental assistant certificate from Dayton, Ohio’s Sinclair Community College. A 2.0 GPA minimum, successful completion of a distance learning course, departmental permission, and admission to this technical certificate are all requirements. Graduates of a successful school may pursue licensure by passing the Ohio State Certified Dental Assisting test.

For the on-campus lab components of this hybrid program, students must visit the school one or two days a week. Here, they put their online learning into practice by developing and showing specialized dental assisting methods and abilities. Other curriculum components that may be completed online by students include radiography, office management, interpersonal communication, and introduction to dental terminology. According to SCC data, students typically finish the program in 32 weeks.

8.      California State University—San Marcos

Six dental assistant certificate programs are available online through California State University-San Marcos’ extended learning program for future dental professionals. These non-credit classes, are made accessible through a partnership with World Education, concentrating on professional development and test preparation.

The CSUSM dental assistant program can be finished in as little as six months. Students take studies in oral anatomy, dental technology, and surgical techniques in addition to classes on the history and law of dentistry. If they like, students can choose from additional curriculum choices that include a family care specialization or an externship at a nearby dental practice. Each student benefits from the assistance of a professional facilitator who can answer questions about the course material, certifications, and the dentistry business and assure mastery of it, even though programs are done independently and at their own speed.

9.      Monroe Community College

A quick track dental assistant certificate program is available online only from Rochester, New York’s Monroe Community College for dental assistants who are already working and pursuing professional licensing in the state of New York. The curriculum combines online lectures and learning materials with practical training that students get while working as dental professionals.

The manipulation of dental materials, chairside and specialty dental treatments, legal and ethical issues facing the profession, and pertinent biological science are all topics covered in online courses. The curriculum necessitates the completion of 15 credits and 500 hours of clinical practice on-site. Students may complete these necessary practical hours in a private dental office, clinic, or hospital environment with the sponsorship of a licensed dentist. The majority of students finish their academic and clinical requirements in 30 weeks.

10. Middlesex Community School

Middlesex Community College provides a wide range of extracurricular training opportunities through collaboration with the online learning platform Education to Go. The open enrollment aspect of these programs allows anybody to improve their abilities for personal or professional development purposes, but they do not grant college credit.

Two dental assistant certificate programs in clinical assisting and administrative assisting are among the 300+ programs and courses offered. These self-paced courses each take around six months to complete and have 240 and 150 hours of content, respectively. The administrative track focuses on the operations of a dental office, including bookkeeping and recordkeeping, insurance systems, and interpersonal communication, while the clinical assistant track places a strong emphasis on anatomy and physiology, patient care, and chair side skills. Both programs provide 100% online completion and exclude any on-site requirements.


The online dental assistant programs are one of the finest means of achieving your dreams of working in the dental medical field. It is obvious that you need not waste any more time reading this and enroll in any of the best online dental assistant programs now!!!!

Online Dental Assistant Programs—FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is the Dental Assistant’s Salary?” answer-0=”According to the BLS, dental assistants countrywide made an average salary of $42,310 per year as of May 2020, with salaries ranging from around $34,470 to $49,810 or more. The hourly rate was roughly $20.34 on average. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What Does a Dental Assistant Do?” answer-1=”Some of the tasks done by dental assistants include helping with dental operations including extractions, crowns, and fillings, also taking dental impressions: taking and pouring (molds of the mouth), and preparing surgical patients. Monitoring and operating equipment. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”How long does it take to become a Dental Assistant?” answer-2=”It takes a minimum of one year to be a graduate of any of the online dental assistant programs.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]