Civil Service Exam: All You Need To Know

Are you considering a career in civil service? This article explains in detail all you need to know about the civil service exam, the topics from which questions are selected, the best way to prepare, etc.

Civil service entails those non-military and non-political jobs offered by the government such as secret services, social work, U.S customs, CIA, FBI, firefighter, postal services, government accountants, TSA, foreign service, and many others.

Now, if you desire to work in some of the government jobs that pay well, whether local, state, or federal, you may need to take an exam that shows your competency in such position you are applying for.

Well, some of the federal government jobs may not require a degree, but just a thorough check of your background, work experience, and skills. But for those ones that emphasize education, and even entrance exams, it is important you check carefully to know if you meet their requirements before applying so as not to dissipate unnecessary energy.

Civil service jobs offer good pay, career stability, and long-term benefits that can continue even when you retire. This is one of the reasons many people apply to take the exam, so as to land a job in the civil service.

You may have heard that the exam is difficult, and the jobs are very competitive to get. Well, those sayings may be true or false, but I have come to show you through this article all you need to know about the exam conducted by the civil service, including where you can get a free practice test.

I enjoin you to follow me closely as I take you on the ride. You can also look up our article on government jobs that pay college tuition fees if you are interested.


What Is The Civil Service Exam?

It is an exam used to test the eligibility of people applying for specific roles in civil service jobs. The exam helps to filter those who are not competent for the jobs.

The exam varies depending on the sector and the level of government offering the job. So, while applying to take it, bear in mind that it is to prove that you possess the required skills and experience to carry out the roles in the job you are applying for effectively.

How Long Is The Civil Service Exam?

Just like I said earlier, the exam conducted by the civil service differs according to the fields and levels of government. However, the duration of a typical civil service examination takes about two to three hours to complete.

Where You Can Find Free Civil Service Exam Practice Test

Using a civil service examination practice test while preparing for the exam is very important so as to get a preview of what the questions look like, the topics from which the questions are set, and to measure your level of preparedness for the exam.

Below are some of the places you can get civil service examination practice test freely;


Mometrix is a platform that gives you practice tests and study guides on how to pass the examination for a civil service job. you can check it out here


iprep is another platform that prepares you for the exam of civil service by providing over 2000 questions exploring the civil service test topics. The platform gives an insightful explanation and helps you measure your level of readiness for the examination.


Practice4me prepares you for civil service tests and provides practice test questions and answers.

Job Test Prep

Job test prep prepares one to pass the exam given by civil service with free exam practice tests and information.


Test-Guide provides writing practice tests, free practice tests, practice test questions, etc. which helps you to check your level of preparedness as regards the exam conducted by civil service.

Practice Test Bank

Practice test bank makes available free civil service practice test questions. It is regarded as the most extensive online collection of free civil service practice test questions.

Civil Service Study Guides

Civil service study guides contain free civil service sample test questions that you can use to prepare adequately for your exam.

Practice Test Geeks

Practice test geeks provide free practice test questions that you can use to prepare yourself for the exam you have to pass to get a civil service job.


Test questions contain free civil service examination practice test questions and answers that you can use to check your level of preparedness as regards the exam conducted by civil service.

Practice Aptitude Test

Practice aptitude test is also another platform that provides all free exam practice test questions and answers for you to prepare and pass the exam conducted by the civil service.

List Of Civil Service Jobs

Below is the list of civil service jobs you can apply for;

  • ATF Agent
  • Air traffic control agent
  • Transportation security administration worker
  • USPS worker
  • 911 dispatcher
  • FBI intelligence analyst
  • Customs and border patrol
  • CIA
  • Firefighter
  • Government accountant
  • Foreign service
  • IRS
  • Postal officers, and many others.


At this point, you have gotten all details necessary to take and pass the exam conducted by the civil service. You have also seen the various places where you can take free civil service examination practice test questions. I enjoin you to make the most out of the information provided.

I wish you luck with your exam.

Do take a look at the frequently asked questions below to gain more insights.

Civil Service Exam- FAQs

Here are some of the vital frequently asked questions about the subject we are discussing. I have selected and carefully answered them.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What Is A Good Score For The Civil Service Exam?” answer-0=”Getting a score of 70% or above is a very good one to pass the exam. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Is It Hard To Pass The Civil Service Exam?” answer-1=”Civil service exams are highly competitive, however, when you prepare adequately, you will surely come out in flying colors. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”How Do I Pass The Civil Service Exam?” answer-2=”You can pass the civil service exam by;

• Knowing the specific test, you are sitting for.

• Studying and preparing adequately, using the right materials, and practice questions.

• Constantly taking practice questions to access your level of preparedness for the real exam you are going to take. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”How Many Questions Are On The Civil Service Exam?” answer-3=”Civil service exam contains about 165 to 170 questions. ” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”How Many Times Can The Civil Service Exam Be Taken?” answer-4=”Depending on the position, one can take the test once or twice a year. ” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]