Best 10 Free Online Parenting Classes

Are you an expectant mother or father? We have detailed information on the best free online parenting classes you can enroll in and get to be that awesome father or mother you’ve always wanted to be to your kids!

Parenthood! As simple as it may sound, it is one of the most difficult jobs in the world! You need all the help you can get to navigate you on a round-the-clock responsibility of taking care of your kids.

some parents have opted to learn about childcare online so as to make the journey easier for them.

According to a 2015 study by Zero to Three, 73% of parents call parenting their biggest challenge.

There is nothing about raising a child that prepares you for the task ahead whether the child you are raising is a baby, toddler, middle-schooler, or teenager.

As an expectant mother, you may need to arm yourself by enrolling in hypnobirthing classes online, and how to get fit for pregnancy. Also if you need something to do for fun, you can check out books to read during pregnancy.

Therefore if you are feeling massively unprepared for the journey ahead as a parent, and you are asking yourself what if things go wrong? What if I miss something? I want you to know that you aren’t alone.

There are millions of parents out there who are passing through the same thing as you and feeling nervous like you too.

But then, the good news is that you can take online parenting classes! Yes! I said it.

According to the National Parenting Education Network, “Loving may be instinctual, but skills are developed.

There’s no shame in getting some help to up your parenting game.

Parenting classes provide insight on how to raise your kids to be better and in a healthy environment.

Before we go further, I’ll love us to know who a parent is.

Who is a Parent?

When you hear the word “parent” what comes to mind? Let me tell you, Your biological father and mother come to mind, right? Speaking that is very correct.

There are numerous definitions of who a parent is to mention but a few.

A parent is a father or mother; one who begets or gives birth to or nurtures and raises a child. It can also be a relative who plays the role of guardian. A parent can also be any person who, although not a natural parent, takes care of a child or young person.

We’re all born to parents, and many of us also have stepparents, foster parents, or adoptive parents who parent us.

A female can also become a parent through surrogacy. Some parents may be adoptive parents, who nurture and raise an offspring but are not biologically related to the child.

Also, Orphans without adoptive parents can be raised by their grandparents or other family members.

All these are perfect descriptions of who parents are in our modern world today.

Requirements to Join Free Online Parenting Classes

There are no requirements to join a free online parenting class.

All you need is your mobile phone or preferably a laptop, a serene environment with a good internet connection and free from distractions.

You’ll also need a pen and jotter to write down tips if you are the writing type.

With all these, you can go ahead and learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.

How to Find Free Online Parenting Classes Near Me

You can go online and search for the free online parenting classes close to you depending on your location. You can also ask your friends and family for information too.

Benefits of Free Online Parenting Classes

Online classes have been the trend since 2020. Learning doesn’t have to be effective only in-person students benefit more from online or virtual lessons than physical lessons.

The following are the benefits of free online parenting classes:


Parenting is a very vulnerable journey and this has made parents take advantage of the privacy offered by online classes.

Students in online classes are mostly kept anonymous. This doesn’t mean that you don’t get to talk with your teacher though. It just means that the rate or level of live interaction is reduced drastically.

Flexible Scheduling

Parents are always busy and at the same time, they carry out around-the-clock responsibility to care for their kids. As a result, physical lessons may not suffice.

Online classes are mostly prerecorded and this allows the students to watch and learn at their own pace and schedule.

This helps parents prioritize their activities and put in their best in necessary areas while caring for their kids.


Online classes are accessible all around. You get to learn in the comfort of your home and at the same time, financial accessibility is top-notch.

Also, an online class accommodates different learning methods and all you need to do is to choose the style you prefer and start learning.


Online classes are very informative and updated. Updated parenting education gives you the most informed insight into optimal parenting.

The type of information given out on these online platforms is even much more than required. You now get to choose the ones that are the best fit for you.


Online classes are highly budget-friendly. Although not all courses cost the same, the price range is not up to the cost of a physical class.

Therefore if Saving money is one of your priorities then online classes are just for you!


Online parenting classes go a long way in providing support for the parents. During the classes, you get to meet other parents who have the same goal as you, and you receive encouraging words from them as well.

Through digital means like email support, Facebook groups, workroom group chats, etc, students and instructors can keep in touch with each other.

free online parenting classes

Free Online Parenting Classes

Below, We’ve provided a list of verified parenting courses to get you ready for motherhood, fatherhood, or both!

Here are 10 free online parenting classes to check out before your baby’s due date or while raising your toddlers and teenagers.

1.       Childbirth Class Videos

One of the most effective ways to learn is by watching videos. This class is Organised by Vice President of Consumer Experience and Global Editor in Chief at BabyCenter, Linda Murray.

She is a mother and she will teach you from experience all you need to know about giving birth.

This may sound crazy but when you know what it takes to give birth, you will know what to expect during the process and this better prepares you as a parent.

This is the reason why this course is chosen as one of the best free online parenting classes.

In this video, Linda Murray answers some questions such as; Should I get a doctor or a midwife? What do most women do? How will I know when I’m experiencing contractions?

You’ll also learn about the stages of labor and how to manage labor pain. You will also get to read individual stories on how others have birth and get encouraged by it.

In order to expand your knowledge, we have a written article on hypnobirthing classes that you might find useful.

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2.       The Science of Parenting

If you are science-minded and want to raise your kids on sound scientific facts and research, then this class is the best for you.

This class is offered by Professor David Barner of the University of California San Diego. Professor Barner is passionate about cognitive development. He studies genetics, autism, lying, and spanking.

His classes are so unique that they are not only for expectant mothers and fathers but also for professionals who are in the health care field.

During the classes, you’ll learn about how infant sleep works, what their diet should be, how to discipline, vaccination information, and much more.

It is worthy of note that we have a written article on child psychology and I know it will go a long way in preparing you for parenthood.

It is one of the best free online parenting classes.

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3.       Mommybites

This is the next on the list of free online parenting classes. This class is specifically for mothers. The website has free parenting resources and tips for mothers.

It also includes presentations that they can watch or listen to as well as other articles featuring interviews, diet tips and more.

The website is user-friendly as well.

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4.       Infant Nutrition

This course is taught by Karen Campbell, a professor at the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition at Deakin University.

As the name implies, you get to learn all you need to know about your baby’s nutrition. You will get first-hand information on what to feed your child from birth till twelve months of age.

You will also get advice on weaning, fussy eaters, and how to move your baby from milk to blended foods.

This range of information makes it one of the best free online parenting classes available on the internet.

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5.       Parents Forever

This is an online course from the University of Minnesota. This course is specifically for those who are planning to raise their kids separately.

Maybe you are going through the process of divorce, separation, or change in custody, this class is useful for you.

During the class, you will learn all it takes to keep the parent-child relationship strong between both parents while maintaining a separate lifestyle.

This is the reason why it’s chosen as one of the best free online parenting classes.

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6.       Everyday Parenting

This is the next on the list of best free online parenting classes. It is offered by Yale University. And is taught by Alan E. Kazdin, Ph.D., ABPP.

This course focuses on behavioral changes and how to instill the behaviors you only want to see in your kids.

The teacher also emphasizes practice because that’s the only way it will be effective.

The course has Spanish and Chinese subtitles if needed.

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7.       Peace at Home Parenting Solutions

If you have questions regarding Parenting and you need solutions to those questions, then this course is for you.

The classes are available live and recorded. If you choose the live class, you can get to ask your questions directly and get immediate answers.

But if you choose the latter, you will get to playback the audio or video from time to time.

During the class, you will learn things like parent wellbeing, routines, and chores, sleep coaching for your kids, and stress management, all presented by the Peace at Homes team of licensed psychiatrists, educators, social workers, and psychologists.

All this information makes it one of the best free online parenting classes available on the internet.

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8.       The Unfrazzled Mom by Messy Motherhood

Do you feel like all your mommy friends are doing a great job at raising their kids and you suck at it? Then this course is just the right one for you.

Amanda Rueter, a child psychotherapist and the creator of Messy Motherhood, knows exactly the way you feel and that is why she created this online course that promises to help you rediscover the joy and positivity of parenting by finding balance, peace, and time out in your daily life.

This course is the best because it focuses on real hands-on tips on how to reduce fights with your kids, and it is rated as one of the best free online parenting classes.

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9.       Parenting Code: Talking to Toddlers

Toddlers are extremely difficult and hard to control. They are stubborn, strong-willed are are only able to learn the concept of yes or no, and right or wrong. This makes them difficult to control too.

All of these are very frustrating and if you find yourself in this shoe, then this class is for you.

You will learn how to properly talk to toddlers and get to understand why they do what they do and how to prevent future tantrums by knowing what causes their triggers and how to solve them.

It is another class on our list of free online parenting classes.

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10.   LifeMatters: Stressless Single Parenting Online Class

This class is strictly for mums who are either single, Widowed, Divorced or their partner is no longer in the picture.

This course will teach you all it takes to be a single mother and raise your child properly even without your partner.

It also gives you insight into how to manage the stress and responsibilities of raising a child alone.

It is one of the best free online parenting classes available on the internet today.

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In conclusion, we have come to the end of the list of free online parenting classes and we hope you found this article very useful and detailed.