7 Best Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes

Are you looking for free online hypnobirthing classes that cover everything that a traditional class offers? I have made a comprehensive list of the best classes to equip your mind, body, and spirit for a positive birth experience.

If there is anything you should give yourself during pregnancy, it is the right tools and resources to help you achieve a calm and relaxed birth.

As you journey through your pregnancy, you are likely going to have mixed feelings about the whole experience. From worry, to fear, to doubt, and the list goes on. These feelings are completely normal. Giving birth is a whole big deal and it’s okay to feel the way that you feel.

With that in mind, I have put together this article, highlighting the best free online hypnobirthing classes to help you focus less on your negative feelings and work towards experiencing a calm and relaxed birth.

Before we delve into the main deets, let’s explain what hypnobirthing is and why and how it can transform your whole birthing experience.

What is hypnobirthing?

Tools, techniques, and exercises have been developed to reduce fear, pain, and anxiety during childbirth. Moms-to-be can manage these feelings using the power of hypnosis.

You’ve probably seen in the movies where a person swings a pendulum at someone, and how that someone is completely unaware of everything else around them but the pendulum swaying periodically in their face.

This is what we call hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a state in which a person seems to be asleep but can still see, hear, or respond to things around them. It describes a state of altered consciousness, in which you’re feeling deeply focused and attentive.

Hypnobirthing is a technique that moms-to-be use to ease themselves the pain of childbirth and the thoughts of it. It uses the power of mindfulness, visualization, and positive affirmations to keep them focused on the good things instead of the negatives.

With these techniques, you can sink into a state of deep relaxation before and during labor, helping you become less fearful of it. Once you free yourself of this fear, the anxiety goes, and your body will relax, making childbirth less painful.

Benefits of Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes

If you are still thinking about whether or not these free online hypnobirthing classes are ideal for you, I have discussed some benefits of taking them.

1. You will have direct access to your teacher

In the live classes, nobody gets lost in the crowd. You will be involved as much as everyone else. And your teacher will be able to answer any question you may have and will be there for any doubt or worry you may encounter through your journey.

2. Learn and Practice From the Comfort of your Home

These free online hypnobirthing classes allow you to relax at home while a class goes on. You get to be at rest and your mind at ease as you learn and practice all the techniques that will be covered in the class, be it Yoga, mindfulness, deep relaxation, etc.

3. Long or unlimited access to the class

You will have access to lots of audio and video material even after classes are over to help you practice during pregnancy.

4. Learn at your own pace

With class materials at your disposal, you can learn any time and from anywhere you want. There would be no cause for rush or deadlines to meet.

5. Always have all information at your fingertips

It is possible and so much easier to refer to your class materials should you forget anything or need a quick recap.

6. Easy-to-follow instructions

Instructions are made simple for effective training. You can take classes on your own without the need for an instructor to guide you through.

7. Start with or without a partner.

It is recommended that partners get involved in their wife’s pregnancy journey. Taking these free online hypnobirthing classes leaves two choices in your hand. You can decide to take the classes with your partner or have them catch up much later.

Nothing beats having someone by your side who knows what’s happening and is ready to step in at any moment to remind you to focus on your breathing or to give you a relaxation massage.

7 Best Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes

Every woman deserves the opportunity, tools, and resources that will help them experience a calm and relaxed birth. For this reason, I have classes for them to start with. These free online hypnobirthing classes have been curated with careful consideration for the one who can’t seem to find something to hold on to while their anxiety and every other negative feeling slip away.

  1. Channel Mum
  2. Steph McGee
  3. Hypnobirthing Hub
  4. Better Birth Stories
  5. Hypnobirthing International Australia
  6. Conquering Motherhood
  7. Pregnancy Yoga

1. Channel Mum

Channel Mum is a website that is committed to providing free resources and support to parents, carers, and families throughout their parenting journey.

To kickstart your hypnobirthing learning experience, this site has put together a series of youtube videos that you can binge on to get the most out of this technique.

Visit website

2. Steph McGee

Another website that has free online hypnobirthing classes is Steph McGee Hypnotherapy. These are live online classes taught by Stephanie herself. the class will cover a host of hypnobirthing tips for all the moms-to-be only.

In other words, in this class, you’ll be learning hypnobirthing tips, relaxations, affirmations, breathing for birth & more.  You should also look out for extra classes once you have signed up, and join a Free Hypnobirthing Facebook group for more.

This class is exclusively for pregnant people and holds every first Wednesday of each month of 2022 at 8 pm GMT on Zoom. By signing up, you are enrolling in this course and opting in for Stephanie’s weekly hypnobirthing tips to help you relax.

Sign up here

3. Hypnobirthing Hub

Kathryn Clark is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and has developed these free online hypnobirthing classes for mothers and their partners who are interested in a calm and natural birth.

Having had a first-hand experience with her own hypnobirth twins, and a solid background in hypnotherapy, birth and pregnancy counseling, you can rest assured her HypnoBirthing techniques and approach are highly effective.

In this class, you will learn techniques such as relaxation, birth & surge breathing, perfect pushing, light touch, and counter-pressure massage.

Start class here

4. Better Birth Stories

Better Birth Stories is a blog that is run by Melanie Bearne, a Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist, an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, and a hugely experienced Hypnobirthing teacher.

Melanie has some free resources – including a birth plan template, hypnobirthing recordings, and lots of videos from their YouTube channel, all of which you can download at no extra cost to you. Also, you don’t need to sign up to access these resources.

Visit website here

5. Hypnobirthing International Australia

HypnoBirthing International Australia may not have free online hypnobirthing classes but they sure have a free resource for pregnant people. This free resource offers proven tools and techniques to ensure both your body and mind are in the most relaxed, confident, and calm state when giving birth.

Visit website

6. Conquering Motherhood

Here comes another set of free online hypnobirthing classes by Conquering Motherhood. This FREE Introductory Course is a 2-weeks email course that will take you through all the benefits of Hypnobirthing, explaining how and why it works.

You will be introduced to all the different Hypnobirthing techniques, some practical exercises, and the importance of releasing any fear before giving birth.

For the duration of this class, you will receive a daily email till the 14th day. By the end of the course, you will have a clear understanding of how hypnobirthing would help you on your birthing journey.

Sign up here

7. Pregnancy Yoga

Jutta Wohlrab is an International Midwife, Hypnotherapist & Yoga Teacher based in Berlin. She has helped over 10000 women across the globe. She invites you to join her on a free biweekly pregnancy Yoga

For this class, Jutta Wohlrab developed practices including meditation, relaxation, and asanas that are specially adjusted for women in different life stages. Her long experience as a midwife and her profound knowledge of the female body help make these classes special.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a zoom link to attend your first live class at zero cost.

Sign up here


I hope this article has been useful up to this point. If you feel you need more than this, feel free to dig around some more, most of the websites I listed offer premium classes with wholesome curricula. You may buy any of their courses to empower yourself even more.

Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes – FAQs

Can you teach yourself hypnobirthing?

Yes, with the right tools and resources, you can learn hypnotherapy on your own.

Are hypnobirthing classes worth it?

It all depends on what you consider valuable or worthy. If you think you deserve to experience easy childbirth and believe these classes would do it for you, taking them will certainly be worth it. But then, if these are not important to you, you might not see any worth in them.

When should I start hypnobirthing classes?

It is recommended that you start hypnobirthing classes at 20 weeks gestation. The main benefit of learning hypnobirthing from this stage is that it lets you practice not just anytime but when you feel ready. Anyone in the late stages of their pregnancy is also welcome to start taking classes.