7 Free Online Antenatal Classes

Couples who are expecting a baby should learn how it works before its arrival. To this effect, we have published free online antenatal classes to equip expectant mothers, as well as husbands, with the knowledge and techniques, and skills involved in taking care of a newborn.

Active preparation and practice are some of the keys to success and this is possible in almost everything it is applied to including childbirth. Childbirth can be a scary process for couples if they aren’t prepared and this singular emotion can put both mother and child at great risk.

I am no doctor nor midwife nor do I have any childbirth experience but with my research and writing experience, I am able to piece this post together to help you have a smooth childbirth experience. My approach is by directing you to authentic resources where you can learn all about childbirth and the processes involved in having a smooth, safe delivery.

This post isn’t just for the expectant mother but also for the husband, both couples have to be involved to have the optimal experience. Thanks to the internet and other digital devices, ways of communication and gaining knowledge have greatly advanced that just about anyone can partake in.

Right there in the comfort of your home, snuggled up on your bed or sofa you will learn from nurses, doctors, and midwives how to have a healthy birthing experience. These knowledge, skills, techniques, etc. are passed to couples through online platforms that have been discussed here.

These platforms or websites are free online antenatal classes where couples can proceed to and learn from experts in the business.


What is an Antenatal Class?

Antenatal classes are classes specially designed for women and their families to prepare them for pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood. The classes are sessions aimed at promoting the health of mothers, babies, and their families. Through these classes, you will gain confidence, eliminate fear, and gather information regarding childbirth.

The antenatal class will offer you useful pregnancy tips and life hacks to make your journey easier. Some of the commonly discussed topics are:

  • Exercises you should do during and after delivery
  • How you feel about birth
  • How to care for your baby
  • Feeding your baby
  • Coping with labor and the various pain relief
  • Your feelings about being a new mum or dad

All of these and more will be discussed during antenatal sessions to give you the confidence and assurance to deliver safely.

Traditionally, there are antenatal clinics around your area that you can walk to or drive to depending on the distance. While moving around may be good for your health you really don’t have to move around if you don’t want to. You can simply go through an online antenatal class and learn all you can about pregnancy preparation and childbirth right in anywhere that is comfortable for you.

An online antenatal class may either be free or paid to join but here, we have listed and discussed only the free online antenatal classes that you can join, gain the same amount of knowledge and a paid one but not pay a dime.

These free online antenatal classes are websites dedicated to offering antenatal services. The classes are taught by professionals. All you need to join the class is a PC, tablet, or smartphone that can connect to the internet and a stable Wi-Fi connection. The classes are not just for the expectant mother alone but also for every member of the family.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the free online antenatal classes.

Free Online Antenatal Classes

Here, the free online antenatal classes have all been listed and discussed with respective links provided to usher you straight to start learning about the childbirth process and care.

  • Baby Centre
  • Pampers
  • Newlife
  • Tummy Talks
  • Let’s Talk Birth & Baby
  • Birthzang
  • Core & Floor

1.     Baby Centre

Baby Centre is one of the free online antenatal classes that will prepare you for the arrival of your baby. The classes are in form of videos covering 8 important topics to guide and prepare you for birth and the early weeks with your baby. Through the videos, you will get to learn and try out activities for yourself and quick quizzes with your partner.

The website also hosts a friendly community where you can chat with other parents-to-be and get expert answers to your questions especially concerning labor and birth. You will need to sign up on the website to take classes and you can also track your due date using the website by entering the date, month, and year then click “track my baby”.

It is easy to use and free of charge with a community that you can regularly engage with.

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2.     Pampers

Pampers is a company known for producing quality baby diapers. The brand has further extended to providing online antenatal classes to expectant mothers and families. They offer one of the best free online antenatal classes which consist of a 9-part series taught by clinical childbirth experts. Joining the class will equip you with in-depth knowledge of all stages of childbirth.

The 9 classes are free and available for you to watch whenever you want. Other packages include getting expert answers from two childbirth educators and getting real-life experiences from 5 parents-to-be.

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3.     Newlife

Newlife offers one of the free online antenatal classes to expectant families to guide them through the journey of childbirth and after childbirth. The free antenatal class consists of seven lessons and each of the lessons has a number of videos that are no more than 5 minutes long making it easy to fit into your schedule.

In total, there are 42 videos alongside some free downloads and checklists that will prepare you for your baby’s arrival. You will learn to include a list of birth positions to practice, a birth plan template, and a birth bag packing list. You will need to create an account to enjoy the free classes and other packages.

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4.     Tummy Talks

Tummy Talks offers free online antenatal classes to bring you pregnancy information on all aspects of birth and breastfeeding to baby first aid and CPR. The classes are taught by childbirth experts and you can ask questions whenever you want to.

The platform also offers other pregnancy tools such as pregnancy due data calculator, birth plan template, pregnancy to-do list, essential nursery equipment checklist, and others to make sure you are prepared for the arrival of your baby.

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5.     Let’s Talk Birth & Baby

This website offers one of the best free online antenatal classes delivered by a team of highly qualified professionals who will prepare you for the emotional and physical journey into parenthood. The online class is in different topics such as labor and birth I-III, practical parenting, infant feeding, baby Buddha, child first aid, and more.

The platform also offers support to people who join the classes.

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6.     Birthzang

Birthzang is a website that offers free online antenatal classes to start getting you ready for birth. The classes offered are designed to help your birth to be easier, safer, more efficient, and less painful. One of the videos is a practical demonstration of how the baby and your body moves in labor and discover things to make your birthing experience a good one.

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7.     Core & Floor

Core & Floor offers a free 8-part online antenatal class series designed to guide expectant birth mothers and their partners through pregnancy, birth, & breastfeeding. Topics include early labor, active labor, hormones in labor, and pain management techniques.

To join the class, you simply need to put your full name and email and click send. The link to all 8 classes will be sent to your email.

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This wraps up the free online antenatal classes, unfortunately, there aren’t many of these free classes aside from the ones listed and discussed here. The free online antenatal classes were created due to the covid-19 pandemic to assist expectant mothers to learn about childbirth during the lockdown. A number of these classes are still being offered to date.