13 Free Online Aptitude Test Practice Websites

In this post, we have provided a list of the websites where you can take free online aptitude test practice to get you employment-ready and successfully pass both job and college interviews.

There are varieties you can do on the internet these days. You can earn a degree, certificate, or diploma online, you can learn industry-needed skills online, learn a language online, get a full-time paying job online, and so much more. All of these from the comfort of your own home, the revolution is just truly amazing.

There are websites where you can take English tests to prepare for English languages proficiency exams like IELTS or TOEFL. There are also websites where you can take aptitude test practice for free to prepare yourself for the real aptitude test that a company will give you before you can get employed for the position you are applying for.


What is Aptitude Test?

An aptitude test is an examination given to a person to determine their skill and measure their ability to succeed in a given activity and be capable of acquiring some specific skillset. There are different kinds of aptitude tests given to individuals depending on their fields but they are all for the same reason.

An aptitude test does not test knowledge or intelligence but your skills, ability, and potential. Therefore it is not something you can study for you just know it in you that you can either do it or not. It is usually used by HRs to select the best candidates for a specific job role or project to handle in an organization.

Why is Aptitude Test Needed for Jobs?

In order to get potential employees, many employers now use aptitude tests to assess their specific capabilities. It is also used as a method of screening to identify high-caliber candidates for a specific job position and pick the best among the best.

Can I Practice Aptitude Test Online?

Yes, you can practice aptitude test online which is offered by various websites. The services of these websites can either be free or paid but in this post, we have listed just the free websites here and attached links for you to take the aptitude tests.

How to Prepare for Aptitude Test Online Assessment Test for Jobs

Here are tips and guides to prepare you for an online aptitude test:

  • Look for free online aptitude test practice websites and use them to practice before the real one
  • There are different types of tests, know the type of test you are taking and familiarize yourself with the format. The first tip will help you well here.
  • Do it yourself and don’t ask your friends for help
  • Be alert and stay focused
  • Don’t waste too much time on a question
  • Block out distractions
  • Read and follow the instructions carefully.

These tips are self-explanatory, apply them as many times as you take the practice tests so that you can easily ace the real one.

How to Download Aptitude Test Sample Questions and Answers

Typically, the website where you are using to practice your aptitude test will display a visible download option to the test when you are done with it. The downloaded file will contain the questions you just attempted with their answers so that you can go through them and learn from your errors.

You can also provide your email address to have the aptitude test sample questions and answers sent to your email.

Free Online Aptitude Test Practice

In this section, we have listed and discussed the websites that offer free online aptitude test practice.

  • India Bix
  • Assessment Day
  • Practice Aptitude Tests
  • Aptitude-Test.com
  • Job Test Prep
  • Practice Reasoning
  • Graduates First
  • 123 Test
  • Freshers Live
  • Institute of Psychometric Coaching
  • Practice 4 Me
  • Psychometric Success
  • 12Min Prep

1.      India Bix

Our first list of websites that offer free online aptitude test practice is India Bix, a website where you can read aptitude questions and answers to prepare you for exams and entrance exams. You can practice general aptitude, verbal and reasoning, current affairs and general knowledge, interview, puzzles, engineering, technical MCQs, technical short answers, programming, and medical science.

These different categories of practice tests spread across a wide array of topics and are designed for students who are preparing for entrance exams or those looking for jobs. All tests are free and you don’t need to create an account to take the test.

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2.      Assessment Day

On Assessment Day, you can take free online aptitude test practices that employers use to screen candidates for job positions. The website has both free and paid tests on numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, inductive reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, logical reasoning, SHL Tests, critical thinking, in-tray exercises, situational judgment, assessment centers, mechanical reasoning, Capp tests, error checking, deductive reasoning, personality tests, CCAT-style tests, spatial reasoning, and employer tests.

The website is regularly updated with a large number of questions and answers that you can download in PDF format and practice on your own time.

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3.      Practice Aptitude Tests

This is one of the free online aptitude test practices where you can buy tests or take the free tests. The website features thousands of practice questions and answers written by industry professionals for aspiring job candidates. The tests are online which makes it convenient and flexible, meaning you can take it anywhere at your own time on a laptop, PC, or smartphone with an internet connection.

The free tests cover 16 categories which are numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgment, diagrammatic reasoning, abstract reasoning, logical reasoning, basic numeracy, analytical reasoning, cognitive ability tests, spatial reasoning, mechanical reasoning, basic comprehension, financial reasoning, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, and clerical aptitude.

The tests for each of the categories are designed to replicate real exams used by employers. Every test has a time limit, therefore you have to be fast in selecting the answers. At the end of the test, you can view your score, benchmark, and the complete answers to all the questions to help you do better next time. Practice Aptitude Tests is one of the websites for free online aptitude test practice and you may want to consider trying some of the questions here.

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4.      Aptitude-Test.com

This is a website that offers free online aptitude test practice for aspiring employees to assess themselves before taking the real ones set by their future employers. There are also tests for students who are preparing for the school entrance exam.

The free tests on the website have various sub-categories in numerical aptitude, verbal aptitude, non-verbal aptitude, mechanical aptitude, another aptitude, personality test, mixed aptitude test, cognitive ability test, and by the test publisher. To take the test, simply click on any of the categories, e.g. non-verbal aptitude test which will open more sub-categories for you to choose from.

All tests have timers therefore you need to be fast and try to practice regularly to be better and easily ace any employment or school entrance test.

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5.       Job Test Prep

Job Test Prep is one of the websites for free online aptitude test practice dedicated to ensuring you get the most accurate and realistic test prep. The platform offers hundreds of aptitude tests on a wide range of topics ranging from Watson Glaser Test and Thomas GIA Tests to UCAT Tests and Reasoning Tests.

Each aptitude category has both a free and paid test. You don’t need to sign up for an account to take the free test. All tests have a time attached to them to make them as real as possible.

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6.      Practice Reasoning

Practice Reasoning is a website designed to help you pass any reasoning test with tips, training, and free practice tests. The free package consists of 12 practice aptitude tests and each test comes with answers and fully explained solutions to each question.

You can take free practice aptitude on the numerical test, verbal test, inductive test, abstract test, cognitive test, deductive test, logical test, mechanical test, situational judgment test, spatial awareness test, SHL test, Watson Glaser, Diagrammatic Reasoning test, critical thinking test, error checking test, an in-tray exercise. Some of these categories have other sub-categories for you to select from.

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7.      Graduates First

Graduates First is an online platform that offers free online aptitude test practice to candidates who are job-ready. The website features free aptitude tests on various categories including logic, verbal, personality, numerical, situational judgment, and SHL occupational personality.

The free aptitude tests are designed to look like the real ones to help you feel the real test environment experience.

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8.      123 Test

123 Test is a website that offers free online aptitude test practice. On the website, you can find psychological tests for every career question and personal development. From career choice and IQ tests to personality and job test assessment practice are offered on the website.

Follow the provided link below to get to the website then click on the “find test” icon to pick from the different test categories that meet your choice.

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9.      Freshers Live

Freshers Live is one of the free online aptitude test practice websites. On this website, you can take the free online quantitative aptitude test questions to prepare yourself for job assessment. There are also other online tests on programming, genera knowledge, computer science, English, verbal ability, logical reasoning, data interpretation, java, and networking.

These tests are free of charge and allow you to evaluate your aptitude skills from the comfort of your home or anywhere and at any time.

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10. Institute of Psychometric Coaching

The Institute of Psychometric Coaching is an Australian company designed to offer professional preparation solutions online and face to face for the aptitude and personality tests used in Australia for job seekers. The platform offers free aptitude tests on verbal, numerical reasoning, mechanical reasoning, logical reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, and deductive reasoning.

There are also personality-free tests to help you assess yourself before going for a job interview. The platform also offers other services like the job-interview guide.

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11. Practice 4 Me

Practice 4 Me is one of the websites that offer free online aptitude test practice to individuals who are ready for the workforce. Practicing with a free online aptitude test will get you ready for the real ones your future employers will set for you and other candidates. And you can head on to Practice 4 Me to start prepping yourself through the various assessment tests provided on the website.

The platform offers various categories of aptitude tests such as concentration tests, spatial reasoning, inductive reasoning, numerical reasoning, mathematical reasoning, mechanical reasoning, and analytical reasoning test. There are more of these tests but you will have to go to the website through the link below and select which of the tests you’d like to take. You don’t need to create an account to take the free online aptitude test practice on Practice 4 Me.

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12. Psychometric Success

Psychometric Success is a website that offers free online aptitude test practice on numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, spatial ability, mechanical reasoning, and other aptitude tests. The website is really easy to use and navigate. You can either use a smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet with an internet connection to visit the website and click on “take a free test” to get started or you can scroll down to select a particular aptitude test.

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13. 12Min Prep

12Min Prep is one of the free online aptitude test practice websites. The website offers free Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) for you to practice. The test consists of 30 questions and a score report that will analyze your performance. The time duration for the test is 9 minutes and is regularly updated to meet industry standards.

Practicing this test regularly will set you up for the real thing during the employment process and will make you stand out among your competitors.

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This wraps up the post on free online aptitude test practice websites and I hope they have been helpful. You ought to know by now that getting prepared and ready keeps you on the right path to success and that is where this post will help you get to if you keep practicing on these aptitude tests.