Teach English Online To Korean Students For Profit

In Korea, the quest for English education is called English fever. English fever is what makes it possible for you to teach English online to Korean students.

This English fever is a result of a belief that the knowledge of the English language can boost their social status and as well increase their chances of getting into a prestigious university and also landing a good job

But, the current education system in Korea is focused on passive English learning which is not sufficient to stand out anywhere in the world especially since education is a common medium of communication.

This need drives Koreans to seek tutors who can teach English online to Korean students for profit. At least, if a Korean can pay to learn effective English, he’s at a great advantage in the future. 

This is where online tutors are sacrosanct. If anyone can do a regular job from any part of the world and still teach English online to Korean students, then the online classes are a side hustle that pays very well.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to land that Korean online ESL teaching job, including the best places to find them. A list of companies where you can sign up to get started is written below.


Why teach English online to Korean students

Earn good money.

Of course, earn cool money. If you can teach for five hours a day, imagine how much you would have made teaching in a week at an hourly rate of $15 or even more! That’s something. You may even have a regular job that you do and take this as a side hustle, multiple streams of income, is that not? Then you’re definitely on your way to financial goodness!

Some online platforms where you can teach English online to Korean students even offer you incentives and perks for joining. You don’t even need to struggle so much to get started. You just need a stable network connection, a laptop, a built-in or external webcam, a quiet environment, and your mind all made up.

Enjoy complete flexibility! Get full control of your schedule.

You are at a great advantage of the flexibility of schedule and time. If you choose to do just English-teaching online, or even if you chose to do it alongside another online job like YouTubing, content creation, or anything at all, you can set your timetable and work with it.

You set your time and work when you want as long as you meet up with your classes with your students. So, sit back, plan your life, enjoy! Whatever floats your boat, enjoy!

Work from home (or from anywhere, really!)

You don’t need to work from an office compulsorily. As long as you have the comfort you need for your classes, you’re good to go. There’s no time lost in commuting to a particular place, wherever you are as at the time you need to work, as long as it works just fine for you to teach, just work.

You get to travel the world through teaching.

Gain valuable ESL teaching experience

It’s an addendum to the teacher’s experience. Teaching English online to Korean students is a good way to make a profit while still honing skills. You can easily break into the ESL industry with the teaching experience. Your resume will stand out in the future if eventually you apply for a part-time job in the future.

Getting started is easy!

You don’t need so many qualifications to get started. The needed requirements are a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certificate. Too much teaching experience is not needed. Companies that hold English-teaching classes make materials available for teachers. At the end of the training,

Meet people from different cultures. 

This is a great way to build lasting relationships and collaborations that work. You can interact with your students beyond just making sure they learn English you can diversify to tap from their wealth of experience. It’s usually fun meeting new people, exploring different cultures from yours.

Opens doors for you in the future. 

If you want to teach English online to Korean students for profit, you may also gain much more than the profit attached to your hours of labor if you play the cards well. It is an experience that may even open doors for you in greater places in the future.

You may get referrals from your employers if you have a good relationship, bigger companies may easily hire you when you apply for a job role because they can easily place confidence in you over someone who has not tried at anything at all. Teaching English opens doors and it looks awesome on your resume! 

Be your boss. 

You manage your time and choose who you work for and when you work too. The skills you’ll learn while at the job can build you personally and professionally. 

Make a positive impact. 

It is a good avenue to positively impact the world around you. You’re going to change someone’s life for the better. You’re helping people connect through a common language. Now, that’s amazing. 

Work with kids or adults. 

If you love kids, then this job may be for you. You can build a friendship with them through the class sessions. At least, their smiling faces are medicine to the soul. You can also meet adults who will be very likable if you don’t have any flair for children. 

No 9 – 5 rat-race

Working 9 -5 every day is no small feat for anyone at all. Especially if the job in question is not one that the employee is passionate about. Some people go in for that kind of job just because they want to make ends meet.

Teaching English online to Korean students for profit takes away the burden of rushing out of your house very early in the morning and then coming back again in the evening to rest for a while and then continuing in the same cycle every day. You can choose to be your boss, manage your time.

Requirements to teach English online to Korean students

Well, if you can speak English, I hope you know also that being able to speak English is not the same as teaching English too. You can work from any part of the world if you want to teach English online to Korean students for profit. However, some requirements that’ll enable you to qualify for this role. Some are below. 

Before you get on a job, you must meet certain criteria. It is same for you if you want to teach English online to Korean students. The needed requirements are thus:

Native or near-native level English

If you want to make money while teaching English online to Korean students, you may need to be a native English speaker.

For companies who hire teachers, there may be restrictions for some while there may not be for others. However, whatever the case may be, your English level may be at least CEFR level 2.

A TEFL certificate or needed certification

A TEFL certificate is a basic criterion. Although not all companies are keen on that it is an essential part of the whole process. It is even important for you as the teacher to have a TEFL certificate because TEFL is where you get trained for the job ahead.

It gives a better understanding of English grammar, theories of learning, and teaching techniques also. If you want to teach English online to Korean students or students of other nationalities who need to learn, then get a TEFL certificate.

Of course, you need the one that is accredited and at least up to 120 hours. Putting it out there will even get you, students, faster.

A computer or a smartphone

Most jobs teaching English online require a computer. Some companies may allow you to teach with your Smartphone anyway but a computer is far better for you. It is more convenient and grants you all the access you may need.

You should also bear in mind that the computer needs to have a webcam, if it doesn’t have one, then you may need to get an external webcam.

An effective internet connection

You need a stable, fast, and reliable internet connection. You don’t want to be disturbed each time you try to make a salient point. While being interviewed, you may even be asked to check your internet connection. Most teaching companies look for teachers who have wired and not wireless connections to prevent any connectivity issues.

A headset

Ok, so, everyone knows how hard communication can be online, so this is just a way to go just to have optimal results. You can get by without a microphone or headphones and rely on those built into your personal computer but a headset always gives the best results. Headsets can even block out any external noise.

A Serene atmosphere

Get a place where you will be focused and not disturbed. All the efforts you put in may not even matter again if you don’t have a quiet place to teach effectively. Wherever you choose, make sure it’s as quiet as it’s convenient.

Props that will enable effectiveness

Yes, it is guaranteed you’ll be provided with a curriculum and teaching materials, but you will need props to make your lessons more engaging and super interesting. This could be a background or backdrop, realia, a whiteboard, flashcards, and/or puppets to make the environment around you serene and befitting for a class.

Motivation to teach

You need this one for yourself. You know what you want and hope to achieve, go all out for it. Nobody can motivate you better than you can motivate yourself.


Professionalism in online teaching shows that you are punctual to the time scheduled and you are very reliable. You may not necessarily knot a tie but your demeanor has a lot to say about you. So, professionalism helps in keeping your students with you. 

Teach English Online to Korean Students

  • Skybel
  • Global IT
  • Tutoring Go
  • Carrot Global
  • Global VCC
  • Boku Tutors
  • Nil English
  • Engliphone
  • Ziktalk
  • Nozlatalk
  • Ringle
  • Mentor Phone
  • English Aloud
  • Spicus

1. Skybel

Skybel is an online platform where you can teach English to Korean students online. It officially started in 2009. The platform uses Skype to help Koreans and people/students of other non-English speaking nationalities learn English for IELTS or other English proficiency examinations. The hourly rate is $15 to $20 and the class size is one-on-one. 

 To be regular in instructing Korean students on the English language, it is expected that you pass three rounds of screening. 

The first screening ensures that you met the requirements and are eligible for the role, the second screening tests for grammar, pronunciation assessment, intonation, teaching mannerisms, and passion.

The third screening which is the last checks for how the teacher can demonstrate teaching ability and corrective measures. When the teacher must have passed all these screening methods, he/she undergoes a month of training, then another month for observation before kicking off officially.

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2. Global IT

 Global IT helps students of different nationalities learn English for different purposes important to them. To qualify to teach the English language with Global IT, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree preferably in English language and literature or any other related course, and as well as 1-2 years of teaching experience. The pay rate of teachers at Global IT is an approximate value of $14 per hour.

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 3. Tutoring Go

Tutoring Go is a recognized Korean online teaching platform that is intent on seeing students earn audio-only. So many people have a great preference for this platform because it offers great convenience; tutors can work in their nightwear or house wear.

All that is needed is coordination and attention to detail. Most of the students are adults and the hourly rate is between a range of $1o and $14. The tutor is at a great advantage because there may not be any specific time. The tutor can log in and leave audio of the class. 

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4. Carrot Global

This is an online platform where you can teach English online to Korean students and earn good money. The focus of Carrot Global is on adult Korean students who need an improvement in their English language skills. 

The teaching formats available with the platform include video and audio lessons. Tutors start at a rate of $13 per hour, but as the months pass by and as the tutor stays longer with them the pay can increase to $17. It is expected that the teacher should be available five days a week. 

These five days a week should also be during their peak hours which are 6 am to 11 am from Mondays to Fridays and 5 pm to 9 pm from Sunday to Thursday Eastern Daylight time.

Provision of essential materials needed for the class are made available by the company, a monthly bonus is awarded to employees who are punctual and there’s paid holiday option for a full-time employee.

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5. Global VCC

Global VCC focuses more on teaching English to Korean teenagers and children. To stand a great chance at being hired by Global VCC, the teacher should have a North American accent amidst other qualifications like having a TEFL. 

On starting a job with Global VCC, the teacher gets paid $15 per hour. Of course, it gets better with time. Global VCC is a good place to teach English to Korean students. Global VCC has been operating in the business for more than 10 years and accepts applications from students who can commit a minimum of six months period. 

The teacher is expected to be available during their peak period which is from 7 PM to 12 PM and 6 AM to 10 AM Korea Standard Time. Provision of needed materials for effective teaching is made available for the teacher. It is also good to note that the company’s interactive online class platform can run just on Windows.

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6. Boku Tutors

Boku Tutors is one of the English teaching companies where you can teach English online to Korean students. Korean students who intend to study abroad in countries that have the English language as their official language always take advantage of this English teaching company.

This is because the company has established the fact that Korean students who wish to learn English online should get the best experience. The students who take advantage of this company are mainly elementary and high school students who need conversational practice and guidance in English tests.

Preference is given to native English speakers or teachers with TEFL certificates over those who just ordinarily happen to know English. They pay up to $18 on an hourly basis.

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7. Nil English

Nil English gives preference to only North American teachers. If you’re not North American, you may be lucky anyway.

And if you want to teach English online to Korean students, you will need to commit a minimum of ten hours every day on an average of two hours on all the working days of the week. Lessons are conducted over Zoom or Skype meetings and teachers are paid between $12 and $17 hourly.

The company is focused more on teaching Korean children than adults. Pay raise occurs every three months and teachers are likely to get a 10% bonus once the students in her review. You can get a raise if you have awesome reviews.

This is a pointer to the fact that they need to teach effectively and comprehensively while using this platform is optimal.

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8. Engliphone

Engliphone offers English lessons for Korean students using audio and video to help students comprehend what is being taught. The company offers a base pay of $13.50 so even if the students don’t show up, the teacher still has his/her money. 

Before you can qualify to teach English online to Korean students, you must not necessarily a have TEFL qualification or certification. Teachers who teach with audio are paid $17 while those who teach with videos are paid $20.

It is preferred that you have an English- teaching experience at least. The booking rate at Engliphone is high and their client base so vast that you may not have a problem being booked. All you need is to pass the criteria and know what you ought to do well.

Although, you have to know that Engliphone is not Mac-compatible so you should have a Windows OS.

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9. Ziktalk

Ziktalk is an app-based platform for teaching English online to Korean students. It allows the convenience of working from your smartphone.

The app is not too stringent on rules binding certifications and teaching English online hence it allows both native and non-native speakers the opportunity to earn money while teaching English online to Korean students provided you have a neutral accent.

All you need is just your smartphone and convenience, provided you’re equal to the task. The pay is always $10 on starting and can go up to $15 overtime.

Tutors can upload educational videos, though short, on different topics. This enhances the teacher’s promotion and makes for more students to sign up under the teacher. If the videos are very helpful for Korean students who are professionals in areas like law, business, marketing, and other professional courses, it is an added advantage too.

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10. Nolzatalk

Nolzatalk is focused on adults and college students. It is a good company where you can earn money while you teach English online to Korean students. There’s emphasis while hiring on the need for the teacher to be either a college student or graduate with an education major, but work from home teachers are as well considered too. Teachers are paid $8-$10 on an hourly basis.

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11. Ringle

When you sign up to teach English online to Korean students with Ringle, you should bear in mind that Ringle expects you to teach optimally and help the students fully comprehend everything taught.

Ringle is an English teaching company where you can teach English online to Korean students and earn a decent living while at it. When you sign up for your first job, you may be paid $15 but as time progresses the pay can go up to $25. 

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12. Mentor Phone

Mentor Phone is ken on certifications. So, the first thing to do if you want to sign up with Mentor Phone to teach English online to Korean students is to make sure that all required credentials are ready. The required credentials needed to qualify you to teach English online to Korean students are; a university degree, TESL/CELTA certificate, and teaching experience. The company pays $18.  

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13. English Aloud 

English Aloud is an English-teaching company based in South Korea. It offers teachers and college graduates the opportunity to teach English online to Korean students while making their money and doing other things too by the side. It prefers a one-on-one session between students and teachers, and classes are usually held over Zoom or Skype meetings.  

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14. Spicus

Spicus prefers teachers from North America to teach their students. The English-teaching company is a good place to make money just teaching English online to Korean students.

The company has a wide range of students to teach: governments workers, college students, business professionals, and a whole lot of other classes of people who may need to learn English. The pay is always $2 for every 10-minute session. 

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How much can I make teaching English online to Korean students?

On a general note, teaching English online to Korean students can make you between $10 – $40 on an hourly basis depending on your qualification level. You may start with a lower price at first, but with time, it surely gets better.