10 MIT Free Online Courses with Certificates

MIT is offering a wide range of free online courses for anyone in any part of the world to enroll in and get a certification upon completion. In this post, I bring you 10 MIT free online courses to select from.

The MIT Free online courses are some of the finest single decisions that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has taken on the use of the internet as a tool in educating young minds to achieve their set goals in life.

The internet on the other hand has been a very versatile tool in the educational sector and has brought students to study in choice programs such as marketing, digital marketing, and civil engineering. With the help of the internet, students in the modern era are provided the opportunities to become certified graduates from several disciplines including child training, veterinary training, office safety training, and sales training.

The MIT free online courses are certificate issuing courses that grant participating students the opportunity of being certified authorities in the various fields of study. It is one of the more human-faced projects of MIT as they have realized that there is a lot of untapped potential that is lost to human societal development because some students do not have the financial backing to get the required training they so desperately need.

The MIT free online courses are—in some regard—in competition with some of the world’s finest online programs such as the Sanskrit online courses that are also free for interested students, online robotic courses, and the free Microsoft training courses that give participants the ability to be Microsoft certified individuals capable of working on any Microsoft platform of their choosing.

The offline programs offered by the MIT are regarded as some of the finest on the globe the MIT as an institution is held in very high regard in the same light as some of the best universities in the United States, and MIT offers students programs that are abreast with modern standards such as Engineering which is on par with the standards set by the best schools of engineering found on this planet.

 About MIT Free Online Courses

MIT which stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology is an institute of technology that is considered one of the best in the field of education, to boot, it was ranked as the second-best school in the world in the year 2021.

Despite the exclusivity that is associated with being the best, the MIT has made accessible its educational resources to a wide range of students originating from diverse financial backgrounds, this is even more true as the MIT free online courses present to students over 2000 courses which are accessed through the edX or MIT OpenCourseWare platforms.

One would feel with the location of the institute, coupled with the price of admission and study, plus an acceptance rate that is a meager 7.3%, MIT would be one of the least accessible institutions in the world. But on the contrary, MIT has been conscious about easing accessibility by students and prospective students in keeping true to its slogan “the soul of MIT is research” by digging up ways through which a larger range of people can get educated.

The university co-founded edX with Harvard University in the year 2012. EdX is an education non-profit platform that currently offers students more than 200+ courses that are free to audit. Added to this, MIT has formed the habit of publishing all of the educational materials from its undergraduate- and graduate-level courses on the internet for free since the year 2001.

The over 2,000 of these MIT free online courses are easily accessible to anyone on earth with an internet connection and internet-enabled devices through the MIT OpenCourseWare platform.

If you are interested in using the edX as a tool to study any of the MIT free online courses then you will be exposed to classes that immerse you in a more traditional classroom experience which includes video lectures, community engagement in discussion forums, and graded assignments (for those that are opting for the paid version) and a completion certificate which can be shared on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or more traditionally on your Curriculum Vitae.

But for those interested in the OpenCourseWare offering to study any of the available MIT free online courses, you should expect to be immersed in classes that have more course options but are scrappier and less intuitive. You will be left to your abilities on understanding aside from being granted access to course materials like readings and lecture notes.

Below, I have listed and presented to you some of the few—but highly popular—MIT free online courses that are certificate issuing. For those who are looking for more in-depth course content, I advise that you head to both the MIT OpenCourseWare or be awed by the over 200 courses which are offered through the edX that spans various fields from computer science to social policy.

MIT Free Online Courses

10 MIT Free Online Courses with Certificates

1.      Machine Learning with Python: from Linear Models to Deep Learning

The first on the list of MIT free online courses with certificates is machine learning with python which offers an in-depth introduction to the field of machine learning, offering to students wholesome coverage of topics from linear models to deep learning and reinforcement learning which are all taught through hands-on Python projects for 15 weeks.


2.      Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

Among the MIT free online courses is this 9 weeks course which focuses on the breadth rather than the depth of the introduction to computer science and programming. Here, you will be taught and will learn more about python, simple algorithms, testing and debugging, and data structures. You will also be introduced and get in tune with the informal introduction to algorithm complexity.


3.      Global Africa: Creative Cultures

Another of the MIT free online courses that can be accessed through the MIT OpenCourseWare platform is the Global Africa: Creative Cultures classes, which present to students an opportunity to learn more about Africa’s material and visual culture through the dynamic lenses of anthropology, history, and social theory.

Also, students are exposed to the opportunity to know more and examine how the continent’s literary, musical, and artistic productions intersect with global politics. This is one of the few MIT free online courses that are facilitated by a human and students are taught here by M. Amah Edoh who expounds how the course interweaves ideas from intellectuals such as the Princeton Professor Chika Okeke-Agulu, Stanford professor Paulla A. Ebron, and the universally acclaimed author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to contextualize African visual culture.


4.      Arts, Crafts, Science

Students interested in the MIT free online courses may also look at crafts — or artworks that are made to be utilized as well as admired — via historical, theoretical, and anthropological views through MIT OpenCourseWare.

Professor Heather Paxson studies the development, consumption, commercialization, and value of crafts in the past and present. Finally, students should be able to construct and explain their thoughts about crafts using the same techniques.


5.      Shaping Work of the Future

Research the link between new technology, work, and society to establish action plans for enhancing the workforce. Students will explore how civic institutions may leverage the benefits of new technologies to improve equality of opportunity, social inclusion, and shared prosperity by approaching class themes from a historical perspective of labor and employment policy in the United States and across the world.


6.      COVID-19 in Slums & Informal Settlements

What is occurring in self-built, urban impoverished communities during the COVID-19 epidemic, where principles like social isolation, social distance, and frequent hand washing are not feasible? What rules are genuinely applicable in informal settlements? Experts from a range of backgrounds (academics, community leaders, governmental officials, and so on) will attempt to address that issue in this course.


7.      Tools for Academic Engagement in Public Policy

Public policies are becoming more complicated and technological, and scientists and engineers must collaborate with policymakers to provide scientifically sound answers to public problems. However, only a small percentage of academics obtain the requisite training to affect public policy.

The goal of this course, taught by an MIT political science professor and the executive director of Harvard’s Scientific Citizenship Initiative, is to bridge the divide. This 3 weeks course is considered one of the MIT free online courses that have a short course content and work.


8.      The Iterative Innovation Process

This course teaches the iterative innovation process to businesses and people. Students will study how markets, implementation, and technology are interrelated and how to recognize possibilities in each. Students will construct an innovation process model using real-world examples and activities throughout the course.


9.      Evaluating Social Programs

Students will learn why randomized assessments are important and how to manage and evaluate their quality. They’ll learn about frequent evaluation design problems, fundamental components of a well-designed randomized assessment, methodologies for assessing and interpreting data, and more through lectures and case studies. A rudimentary understanding of statistical principles is beneficial but not needed.


10. Supply Chain Analytics

The last on the list of MIT free online courses with certificates is supply chain analytics which happens to be more than philosophical foundations, this hands-on business and management course focuses on the application of basic supply chain analytics approaches and modeling — including statistics, and regression, optimization, and probability.

Students will be equipped with the most prevalent supply chain methodologies and technologies they may face during their studies or work.



The MIT free online courses with certificates are some of the most sorted-after courses found on the internet as of today. The reason is that MIT has put considerable effort into making those courses have a real-world impact while being accessible to everyone who’s willing to participate, do not wait any longer.

MIT Free Online Courses—FAQs

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