10 Free Online Sanskrit Course With Certificate

One thing most people don’t know is when you learn a free online Sanskrit course with certificate, you find it easier to learn other languages. 

In essence, Sanskrit is not an easy language to learn, especially when the letters are different from your normal kind of letters. That’s why I must say kudos to you for deciding to learn a new online foreign language, especially Sanskrit. The GOOD NEWS is, that there are lots of benefits that come with learning languages, especially when you travel abroad.

Whether you’re learning the Italian language online or you’re meticulous enough to learn the German language, you will be able to eliminate the language barrier. Which is one of the strongholds to traveling abroad or interacting with foreigners.

Free online Sanskrit course with certificate will not only give you access to a new language but you’ll be exposed to a new culture. Mastering the French language is another language that brings culture to their learning.

Shockingly, Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages in the world, and a lot of people have regarded it as a difficult and irrelevant language to learn. But the free online Sanskrit course with certificate we have provided will make this language easier and more fun to learn.

What is Sanskrit?

Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages in the world that belongs to the Indo-Aryan, and it originated as Vedic Sanskrit in 1700-1200 BCE. However, it’s spoken by a few Indians, in fact, only 1% of Indians speak this language.

Some villages in Karnataka still speak Sanskrit as one of their major languages. Most importantly, Hindu priests use Sanskrit during religious ceremonies.

Benefits of learning Sanskrit Online

Here are some benefits of studying a free online Sanskrit course with certificate.

Understand German and French

Some people don’t know that Sanskrit doesn’t only help you to understand India, but due to the structure and nature of it, you can understand German and French as well. Maybe that’s why the Indian Government wanted to change the German language taught in their schools with Sanskrit, years ago.

Easier to Learn Other Languages

Like I said earlier, learning Sanskrit can help you to easily learn other languages. The way the language is structured makes this possible.

One letter to one sound 

Unlike English, where a letter has different sounds, each written letter in Sanskrit corresponds to one sound. Sanskrit has 48 basic letters, and each of these letters has one unique sound.

That means, when you master these letters, you find it easier to learn the language.

How to find Sanskrit classes near me

Google Search Button

One of the best and easiest ways to find the nearest Sanskrit classes to you is using Google. Just type “Sanskrit Classes Near Me,” or you can just copy and paste it there.

Google Maps

Another way to search for the nearest Sanskrit class is to type “Sanskrit Classes,” and then choose your location.

free online Sanskrit course with certificate

Free Online Sanskrit Course with Certificate

1. Sanskrit Language Basics: Master One of the Oldest Languages

This is a free online Sanskrit course with a certificate where your instructor is a language enthusiast, he previously spent 4 years learning Japanese and he’s currently learning the German language. Your instructor, Prasad Hariharan, is open to questions, and he’s ready to respond as fast as he can.

This course is divided into 3 sections, the first section will teach you Sanskrit letters, short, and long vowels, consonants, consonants + vowels and conclude with a quiz. The second section will focus on simple Sanskrit sentences using pronouns, Nouns, and Pronouns as the Subject of Sanskrit Sentences.

The last section will focus on the basics of Sanskrit grammar and sentences, where you’ll be learning suffixes, how to combine Pronouns and Verbs into Complete Sanskrit Sentences, and many more.

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2. संस्कृतग्रामं गच्छाम – Introductory Level

In this free online Sanskrit course with certificate, your instructor speaks both English and Sanskrit, which helps you to understand the language. She starts by explaining what language is, and giving you the two types of languages (written and spoken).

And, as she is teaching she is using pictorial representation to help you understand, then she also writes her speech in both Devanagari and English. Moreover, her way of description is very simple and even a small kid can understand her language class.

She will also teach you the 48 basic letters in Sanskrit, 13 vowels, 2 special letters, and the 33 consonants. Unlike English, each written letter corresponds to one sound in Sanskrit, which makes it a special language to learn.

Therefore, if you can perfect the letters and their pronunciation, learning Sanskrit will be very easy for you, including spelling, which will come instinctively. That’s why your instructor will start by teaching you the letters in Devanagari.

In this free online Sanskrit course with certificate, your instructor, Dr. Pradnya Anjal, who has done her Ph.D. in Sanskrit, will teach you crude forms and variations, words with joint letters, variations of simple words, then she would end it with Sanskrit in daily use.

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3. Quick Ways to Learn Sanskrit Language

This free online Sanskrit course with certificate is offered by Udemy and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. In this course, you’ll learn a faster way to learn Sanskrit, in fact, the course is handled by a student who has used this same principle and he’s ready to expose the secret to you.

Your instructor will be using a few words and sentences to explain this easy concept, and he simplified his concept into easy-to-understand 10 different levels. The course will give you the best approach to learning Sanskrit.

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4. Spoken Sanskrit: Basic and Intermediate Levels

This free online Sanskrit course with certificate is a 12-week class, where you will go beyond the Sanskrit language and will have a touch of Indian culture and tradition. This course will help you to see Sanskrit as a living and reliable language, and you’ll be introduced to basic grammatical structures.

These grammatical structures you’ll learn will help you to understand simple texts, and use them in daily sentences. You’ll also start to appreciate this language, whether it’s the sound or the amazing content. 

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5. Sanskrit Sense: Free Online Sanskrit Course

In this free online Sanskrit course with certificate, you’ll learn the correct way to pronounce and sing the normal prayers and chants for ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). Your instructor, Nityananada Dasa, has been translating Sanskrit for more than 15 years and has worked at BBT as a translator and an editor.

The course is in MP3 format and downloadable PDFs.

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6. Sanskrit through stories

Acquiring a language through the contents we love is one of the best and most fun ways to learn a new language or even become a master of the language. That is what this free online Sanskrit course with certificate does, you will learn or master Sanskrit through stories.

The best part of it is this library of stories is for all ages, and levels, whether you’re a kid, an adult, a beginner, or a professional, there is a book for you here. Further, if you get confused about a word and want to know the meaning, all you have to do is click on the word and the meaning will come out quickly.

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7. Sandhi – Prerequisites

This free online Sanskrit course with certificate is an interactive course that will teach you the basics of Sandhi. Sandhi is a very important tool when learning Sanskrit because it is what happens at the junction of different sounds.

The course will teach you the basics of varnamala, and the classification of varnas, and it will help you to understand Pratyaharas. In addition, you will have access to course materials, which include, “12 modules of prerequisites and introduction,” audio information, images, and charts.

To enroll in this course, you have to understand the basics of the Devanagari script and be able to read both Devanagari and English.

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8. Sanskrit for Beginners – A simple and comprehensive guide

This is a written free online Sanskrit course with certificate, it contains all the things you need to learn about Sanskrit at your beginning stage. The best part is, that it has links that lead to useful Sanskrit resources, and you can download their guide in PDF.

In fact, their introduction has an interesting statement, “You can learn Sanskrit without studying grammar,” and they proved it in this guide.

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9. Sanskrit for Beginners | APNA COURSE

This free online Sanskrit course with certificate is delivered by Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation (VLL), a well-respected institute promoting Sanskrit. You’ll be learning the basics of Sanskrit such as writing, reading, vocabulary, and sentence construction. 

It will also teach you other basics of Sanskrit plus how to perfect your pronunciation, dependent letters, and all the alphabet including writing Varnamaalaa. Further, you’ll learn conjunct consonants, and developing sentences, conversations, and stories.

Their basic plan gives you 3 days of free access to 111 lecture topics and more than 13 hours of video lectures.

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10. Sanskrit for Beginners | Udemy

This free online Sanskrit course with certificate is offered by Udemy and more than 6k students have already enrolled in the course. More than 250 students that voted, said the course met beyond their expectations.

The course will start by teaching you various Sanskrit alphabets (Devanagari), which you and I know is the first and best way to start a new language. Then it goes on to teach you how to read and write Sanskrit, and it will progress to forming simple sentences.

This is the best way to start a new language, to learn a new language it’s like an adventure, you have to take it one step at a time, that’s what this online Sanskrit course with certificate will teach you. 

You’ve to practice over and over, especially when it’s a language that comes with an “alphabet” different from your usual kind of “alphabet.” For instance, it’s different from the English alphabet. 

There are 3 sections in this course, the first section will introduce you to the course. The second section consists of the Sanskrit alphabet and basic words. 

In this section you’ll be learning how to read, write and pronounce all the alphabets in Devanagari, then there will be corresponding words for these alphabets.

These corresponding words will help you to learn the alphabet faster, to speed up the process, they made a pictorial representation for each alphabet. 

If you’ve already learned the Devanagari alphabet earlier, they still got your back in section 3, where you’ll be learning an introduction to Sanskrit grammar. You’ll be diving deeper into basic sentence formation, Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, and Adjectives.

In this online Sanskrit course with certificate, you’ll be learning the 15 + 1 vowels in Sanskrit and 36 consonants. These consonants are divided into sets, in which the first 5 sets are called kaNthya, the next 5 sets are called taalavya, the next set, moordhanya, the next 5, dantya, and lastly, Sathya.

And these sets are named according to the way the consonants are pronounced.

This is the only course that requires little payment, but we added it because of how precise the course is for a little fee.

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Free Online Sanskrit Course with Certificate – FAQs

Is Sanskrit still a spoken language?

Yes, it’s still a spoken language, but by 1% of Indians, and only Uttarakhand, an Indian state has it as one of their official languages. In reality, approximately 2 million Indians are currently speaking Sanskrit, which is very low.

Who invented Sanskrit?

Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages that originated as Vedic Sanskrit, in 1700-1200 BCE, which was invented by the scholar Panini.

Is Sanskrit the mother of all languages?

Sanskrit is not the mother of all languages, as a matter of fact, Sanskrit didn’t give birth to any language. That is, no language came out of Sanskrit.

Can I learn Sanskrit in six months?

If you want to learn Sanskrit for the sake of using it in basic sentences, then 6 months can give you that result. But if you want to become a professional in it, you want to interact with it and understand it very well, 2 to 3 years should get you the result.

Is there any app to learn Sanskrit?

Here are some Apps to learn Sanskrit

  • Liberation Philology Sanskrit
  • Language Curry – Speak Indian
  • Learn Sanskrit Via Videos
  • Sanskrit Aide
  • Chimky Trace Sanskrit Alphabets